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3.3 out of 5 stars
3.3 out of 5 stars
Platform: PC|Change
Price:£3.49 - £30.00
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on 27 September 2010
It is interesting to read the various comments especially when some people have had problems with the game. I have a number of Windows live games so that was not a problem, I've got a decent steering wheel so handling is not a problem, I do have a problem that is seems to take ages to load. The game is very picky if you make any errors and this is annoying, few of the other drivers ever seem to make a mistake - which is unrealistic!

The weather is interesting but you can end up with too many wet races - and that takes a lot of fun out of a race as you can't see a thing!!

Graphics are Ok , not as good as Race Drive: Grid, and the other cars can't drive in a straight line (again unrealistic). Lack of a podium, is a good point someone made and I agree with that, can't see the point of the interviews as they add nothing to the game. The tracks do look amazing and I have played every racing game, Monaco to me looked fantastic and you really get the sense of being inches from the barriers!

However, for some reason, you can drive an entire race and seldom see another car - and if there is ever an accident and you are anywhere near it - you end up getting a time penalty as its your fault (again annoying).

I am sure this game will get a patch to fix some of the problems. I also agree this was yet another game that went to market too early - maybe another 6 months and it would have been much better. I am sure F1 2011 will be an improvement. Till then I am starting to enjoy the game more, as you learn to work around its quirks, and overall it is not a bad game - but once again - it could really have been so much better - had they taken a bit more time.
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on 11 November 2010
I think the buzz and hype set expectations very very high and perhap unrealistically high. The release failed to meet these expectations IMHO but that's really not either a surprise or a reason not to engage with this game.

I've played for two weeks now in order to get a sense of what then game has to offer.
It's got alot to offer and the career mode really does have merit. Well done CM.
The bugs are well documented on forums and Codemaster are already communicating status updates on a patch.


Personal gripe .... skip over if you prefer!

It's still apparently an accepted action to release a software solution with bugs. Consumers expect bugs anyways seems to be the rational. On the balance of evidence, CM did this with F1 2010. There's a disappointment right off the bat. On the balance of evidence, the consumer may be complaining some but overall appears to be accepting this also!

In fairness, CM have been clear about what functions the game will replicate and what it will not and these cannot be charged as bugs when they are design decisions. e.g. Pitlane control. Add to that the fact that the world is not perfect, there is hugh pressure to deliver 'yesterday' and market forces drive business decision when you boil it down.

None of that last bit should ever be used as even an explanation, much less a justification for releasing bad products ... software of hardware however.

It does appear that they kinda ran out of testing time however and another month would have been a worthwhile investment. The bean counters know best ... surely!


Back on topic ....

I've given this 3/5 above if you average the two scores. Subjective of course but just consider it another data point in your overall multi review reading. It would get another 1/2 point if the scoring system allowed but does not do enough to push to a 4/5 for me.

To be clear, F1 2010 is an arcade game and not a simulation game and anyone coming from the simulation racing solutions of rFactor and/or iRacing for example will soon notices what I mean.

I will concede that it knocks on the door of the the simulator category in many ways but I see this as serving to enhance the arcade game's overall experience only.

I make this point so as to be clear what my rating is based upon and compared to. I'm not comparing F1 2010 to rFactor or iRacing etc. That would be trying to compare a yellow apple with a tennis ball. They look similar [from a distance] but what is there to really compare? Shape ... colour .... that's about it. However, tennis balls resist when bitten and apples simply don't bounce at all.

The games seems pretty graphics intensive and also sound card dependant. A fast CPU is never going to hurt. The recommended system specs are certainly a minimum requirement and in reality, not going to offer the player anywhere near the potential this game has to offer.

Ever played DIRT2? F1 2010 borrows heavily in terms of presentation.

I use a GS9600 nvidia card and a 2.8GHz processor with 4GB ram playing at medium resolution and my frame rate sits in the low 20s. That's right on the edge of playable. Your better standard gaming PC should deliver better quality. I've turned down the detail option to med low across the board pretty much. The G25 works well now but on high resolution, the force feedback was kind strange. Wheel seemed to go open loop until I turned down 'the sliders'

The pit lane procedure basically takes away from the whole experience you've just built up coming into the pitlane entry. I don't likey!

That said, the graphics, engineers, pit lane designs and sense of immersion is huge!

Your race engineer talks too much and after the first hour or so of playing, he really doesn't have much to say of interest.

Car setup options are really good given this is an arcade category game and you can notice the changes and eek out those small improvements.

Navigation of menus and options is easy and fast and quick to learn too.

On track, particularly if you pick the longest career mode and most realistic settings [Not easiest], you will get punished for everything. My impression is that real F1 is pretty mistake intolerent and this aspect appears to have been brought into the game. It takes some getting used to and either annoys you to madness or bucks up your concentation levels! I experienced both reactions.

In practice for example, put a wheel over the line [run SLIGHTLY wide on an exit] and your lap is invalidated. This seems almost too harsh based on my TV viewing knowledge of real world F1. It may hose your time... but invalidate your lap? It's not the same a cutting a corner! Anyway do it a few more times on the same lap and the next lap will be canned also! Room for improvement there I'd suggest.

Of course you can avoid all that by running clean and repeatable laps :)

You WILL be flagged for causing a collision pretty much in every case also. Nose into another car for example is fair enough but getting clobbered by Sutil from behind earns you a penalty also .... every single time! This is an arcade game so perhaps this is an area for review.

This game is certainly a mixed bag on the playing side but the +s outweight the -s in my opinion. It's not the holy grail for F1 racing games but it IS on the top of the list in the arcade category and offers alot.

Weather is worth a mention as CM is out front and alone in this parameter with F1 2010. Only seperate add ons for flight simulator provide a competition and racing cars rarely fly unless Webber or Brundle is driving one of course.

I've referenced handling and feedback control and the need to improve it overall. The patch will be eagerly awaited and there'll be probably as much expectation for this patch by game owners as there was for the game itself. CM need to ensure the patch does the job.

I'm of the opinion that F1 2010 may struggle to find it place with the more simulator minded players as there is such a difference in the force feedback and feeling when driving this game. For me the attraction was the true career mode and the replication of a complete season. The game bases much of it's sales pitch on this and it delivers too.

Will it go into my "Must keep for all time" game stach ...... in fairness probably not. F1 2011 or F1 2012 have a much better opportunity of that.

I will however play this game out to the full and enjoy the many great attributes this game brings to the PC gaming racing fans out there.
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VINE VOICEon 28 September 2010
A colleague at work is taking flying lessons; when he`s not working or racking up flying time, he uses Microsoft flight simulator. He once told me that this program is so accurate that if you can fly the plane on MSFS, you can fly it in real life.
This then is the definition of a simulation.
Codemasters claim F1 2010 is a simulation. It isn`t by any means. Switch off all the aids and you can still hammer the throttle down and then slam on the brakes at a corner with impunity. I suspect if I did that in a McLaren Mercedes I`d be dead within a few seconds.
The tyres are so good there`s no chance of you spinning out at a corner. Except...Except that you will randomly spin out at one or two corners, or not, depending how the game feels like treating you at the time.
Oddly, despite dire warnings from your crew about overheating engines, there don`t appear to be any mechanical failures. I even wasted 5 minutes spinning doughnuts in reverse on one track and neither my tyres nor my engine were any the worse for wear. Same goes if you run off the track; You`ll get a nice graphic effect of gravel on your tyres and a warning from your crew to slow down. However, in effect it makes no difference at all; Just boot it and go, you`ll be fine. The game apparently simulates everything , from the track getting grippier as it gets more use, to the track being more difficult to drive on if you stray off the racing line. you can fiddle with the car settings if you wish and all the usual adjustments are possible, although it`s all done on easy-to-understand sliding numerical scales, rather than the more complicated setup options in, say, GTR.
There are other omissions which are presumably being saved up for F1 2011; Safety cars would be the main one, although I`m sure there are others people can come up with.
Also, the game takes forever to load and the front end presentation is typical of Codemasters in the last couple of years; Very similar to Grid 2 and Dirt2. It`s somewhat clumsy and awkward to navigate, but could be worse I suppose.
OK, that`s the moaning out of the way, now the good stuff:
As a driving game it`s great fun once you get over it`s deficiencies; Time trial is a great diversion, and it`s highly enjoyable racing your own personal best ghost car round the tracks. TT is very unforgiving though; Stray off the track and you`ll invalidate your lap time, do it again and you`ll invalidate your next lap time. Ouch.
You can run custom GPs, racing as a driver in any of the teams, or you can start a career of up to seven seasons, initially racing for one of the lesser teams and then gradually working your way up to the dizzy heights of Red Bull or Ferarri.
This is all great fun as long as you understand that this is really just another console driving game, rather than the full-blown F1 simulation it professes to be.
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on 26 September 2010
Firstly I'll get the bad out of the way. Quality control and testing of this game is non-existant. I have encountered so many issues getting things working. Random crashes, signing up to Windows live when I have no interest in online play and doesn't detect the wheel when it feels like it. Fix is basically to reboot every time before you lauch the game. Even then though it has still managed to crash once on me whilst loading. There are also various bugs within the gameplay but nothing serious.

The reason I'm baffled is that once in to the game and playing, I think this game is a belter. I have a driving force GT wheel and have immediately gone for expert mode. The car handling is a little too forgiving but the feel from the wheel is good and enjoyable. Certainly giving me some upper body muscle tweaks after extended play. Crashes are wrong in that I still haven't managed to do any more damage than a broken wing and a puncture after some fairly big impacts. Having said that the rest of the game play is fun and challenging.

From a big F1 fan, this ticks a lot of boxes. F1 Teams aren't going to be running out to buy a copy to replace their simulators, but come on all you negative reviewers. Market place? It never was going to challenge Lewis Hamilton as it has to appeal to the wider market. I think Codemasters have struck a good balance and it will take up way too much of my spare time over the next year.

Overall, shocking testing, but good game. Worth a buy but do make sure your PC spec is reasonable. I tick all the recommended spec boxes but I have to run on low detail settings to get the frame rate.
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on 24 October 2010
It could have been great except it's bugged. I'm not going to list to many of them here as the list is long.

Codemasters say they have a patch in the works to fix most of the bigger problems and that will help but the game was rushed out and devs that do this really should not be rewarded.

Graphically the game is stellar, it looks the part. The wet race graphics are very cool but unless it's very heavy the car handles pretty much how it does in the dry so no real difference. If the rain is very heavy then yes, you will notice the loss of traction.

AI cars will slow down on corners for no reason, they just can't seem to corner on a select few corners on each track as fast as you,this is on the hardest setting.There seems to be no reason for it that I can see, just another minor bug I suppose.

I've stopped playing until the patch and will not buy the 2011 version until I'm sure it's not released as a bug fest.

If you're a big fan you will still get some fun from this but it's Sim 'light' as opposed to a real F1 simulation but the tracks look great and are realistic enough, there is a serious lack of bumps though and that's a major mistake as it's small details like this that add to the immersion.

It could have been great (instead of just OK) and it's a crying shame. Codies have the license though and we're stuck with them.
This is an ongoing series for them so I hope they step it up next year.
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on 1 January 2011
I am a big Codemasters fan, but I have to say that I am most surprised that they released this before it was ready.
On the PC version at least there are too many bugs to list fully. But the game crashes through the menus and menus stop working.
The settings for the wheel are not as easy as previous versions. I am still playing Race Driver 2 until they fix this mess.
When, or if they fix it, it will be good.
I hate the interviews and all the rubbish myself but some people might like the "realism".
Have to be connected to live ID to be able to save!! even if not playing online! (Microsoft spyware?)
Still looking forward to next effort though, but I wouldn't rush to buy this.
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on 17 January 2011
My first impression was it's quite good... but that didn't last long though.

Visually, the "game" (it's not good enough to be a simulation) is fairly impressive.

But the bugs, oh those bugs. There are just SO many of them. Just as you get used to one bug another will appear, and it just continues getting worse the longer you "play". Even AFTER installing the recommended patch. In fact, I believe the official patch has CREATED a few new bugs of its own that weren't there before, and failed to cure a couple it was supposed to have rectified!

Initially the software loaded and the game ran as intended. It was a lengthy installation though, and I've got a fast high spec PC. Later it wasn't so easy... I've never had to (try to) reinstall a new programme quite so many times, AND even the install/repair/uninstall software has bugs all of its own. I kid you not. The error reports ran into double figures as the process caused numerous "not responding" errors.

Why was this released into the public domain with SO little Beta testing? Are Codemasters really SO greedy that they will risk upsetting a loyal customer base in this way. Well, yes, it appears they are.

Wait until the mountain of unsold DVDs are selling for £5 each before buying this, or accept it warts and all, and pray Codemaster eventually come up with some better patches - sooner rather than later.

P.S. IF you DO buy this game.... be prepared to be upset.
I had spent a LONG time building up my career points and status etc; only to have them totally lost and everything back to zero, square one. This is "a known issue that was fixed by the patch". Oh NO it isn't! It has happened since I installed the patch as well.
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on 31 January 2011
im not going to say that the inability to see your wing mirrors from the in car view making it impossible to see if anyone is behind you and that the lack of telemetry making it impossible to tweak your car settings make this more like an arcade game than the best racing sim that could have been but its good fun in time trial mode.
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on 22 October 2010
A good F1 racing game was long overdue, expectations were high. The track graphics are nice, the handling of the cars is good. So far so good...
I played with some mates on-line.We did experience a few issues, players cars periodically ghost out, but still it was fun.
Unfortunately the game has some bugs, No 3rd sector times, AI cars don't pit,Too much grip in the wet,Too many punctures.
A patch to address many of these issues is in development.
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on 17 October 2010
My Second season and I'm stuck on Malaysia. I get pole, Finish 1st and game won't load up to paddock after the win. Pretty crap to try this three times after 30 laps just for it to fail. If this was a household product I would take it back because It is defect.What ever happened to games being complete before they are shipped. What happened to Codemasters thinking about the people who buy their products. They shipped it early just to pull in the money, now we are all sat with a game that is full of bugs. Check other forums before you buy, read the lists of errors.
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