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on 17 July 2010
This is another Auran makeover of their Trainz programme (which dates from 2001) and in fact was originally meant to be released as an add-on to TS2009-WBE. However somewhere along the line the Auran (or rather Neverfail who run things these days) marketing people couldn't avoid the temptation to re-release the whole thing as a full product.

Good news is TS2010 does incorporate a significant amount of new content, though most of this has been harvested from third party contributions to the (in)famous Download Station. Highlight for UK users is the ECML, a massive undertaking that runs not only from Kings Cross to York but many of the sidelines out into Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and East Yorkshire too. There's a fair smattering of new motive power and rolling stock too.

Bad news is the hardware specs for this version have shot through the roof. Gone are the days when you could run Trainz on a modest laptop, Auran themselves are recommending a 64bit high end system (this is for software that still has its core in 2001, not much younger than MSTS). A crude attempt has been made to improve the look of the routes by licensing the use of Speedtrees, possibly as a counter to the detailed trees found in Railworks, but these look decidedly odd shaking in the wind and bare in winter defy description. They're also a performance hog. There's almost daily debates on the Auran forums about the performance issues but you have to wonder what has happened to the optimisation when my poor old laptop, which ran TRS2006 like a hot knife through butter and copes with Railworks very well, chokes on TS2010.

Not much has changed on the operational side. Despite the prototype style routes, Trainz is still essentially the virtual model railway where the driver also has to act as the signaller/despatcher changing points and setting routes as you go. Running to a disciplined timetable is still pretty much an alien concept in Trainz. Some of the routes do come with a number of player sessions but others (such as the aforementioned ECML) have only one. Those familiar with the software will be able to set up their own fairly quickly in the Surveyor editor, but it's hardly a good shop window for the new content. All the older content from earlier versions is still present though some of this has compatability and display issues with the changes bolted on to the graphics engine.

The powerhouse of TS2010 is still the Surveyor editor, of course. This is by far the best route building tool of any of the current train sims particularly when combined with some of the third party utilities available that allow importation of accurate DEM terrain data and mapping overlays. Just a shame it's not really possible to drive the resultant routes in an entirely prototypical manner.

Auran recently announced they are scaling down support for the many older versions of Trainz with effect from September 2010 so you either need to buy this version or TS2009 to continue to access the Download Station or upload new content. Personally I find the patched version of TS2009 works better at least on my development laptop. I'm also more than a little sceptical (cynical) that in a few months or a years time the cycle will repeat itself and Auran will put out another reissue at a high end retail price and declare TS2010 an obsolete version for luddites only!

Just make sure if you decide to buy this version you check and double check your hardware can run it.
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on 29 September 2011
an average game, with some nice features. Good selection of trains. Some glitches and the graphics are starting to look dated
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on 29 August 2013
Dont buy this if you think Auran has fixed layouts going missing overnight, because after 8 years since 2004 issue , they haven't done a thing to safeguard your layout. Mine, last night, was saved as normal, only to open it up this morning, and find nothing on the board apart from textures, everything else had gone.

Dont even think of Buying any Trainz products, they suck programming wise, big time.

A waste of paying for A DL ticket and the product. Sending this back, as not fit for purpose...
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on 31 December 2010
This is my first purchase from the Trainz saga and I am most impressed by the effort and the detail that has gone into this simulator.

In addition to the stunning routes and detailed rolling stock that you can drive at different levels of realism, there is the ability to create your own rail world with the Surveyor tools supplied.

It is a great purchase for anyone that loves the world of Trains.
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on 8 April 2011
I bought this having previously purchased (and enjoyed) Trainz 2009. The promise of improved graphics and the East Coast Main Line persuaded me to try this.

Things did not start well. I took about an hour to install, then when I tried to save a session the system hung. A little research revealed that a patch was necessary to fix this saving problem. Be aware that the patch takes at least two hours to download and install. Even with this, it can take more than five minutes to save, I'm guessing a consequence of the massive route. Another annoyance were the menus, which have changed since the 2009 version. The 'quick drive' placed me in what looked like a housing estate with no railway line in sight. You have to pan out, choose a train and choose a driver. Not very friendly for a first time user, perhaps.

Anyway, once up and running things looked up. The graphics are markedly improved from previous versions, although decent hardware is needed to make the most of it. As an example, my system is:

AMD Athlon II X2 250 3GHz, 4GB DDR2 RAM, Radeon HD5770 graphics card and Windows 7 64 bit Home Premium.

I could use a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080, x2 AA and all settings on medium. In comparison, with Trainz 2009 everything could be maxxed out. Frames per second averaged roughly >35.

For me, this was worth getting for the East Coast route. I generally like just making up my own consists and pootling about at leisure. I think anyone interested in trains, particularly if familiar with the ECML will enjoy this game.

If you have not tried the Trainz series before, perhaps consider the 2009 version first at it is now at least half the price of 2010 and the system specs are not so punishing.

Edit: This software seems highly dependent on the processor. I have upgraded to a Phenom II X6 1090T and performance has improved a lot. All settings to max and frame rates are at least 20 fps (when 'under the wires' a mile out of King's Cross, multiple tracks). Out in the sticks beyond Peterborough, never less than 35. I'd still like to improve things when the screen gets busy, so plan on a new graphics card, HD6870 which are coming down in price now.
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on 15 May 2013
Unsure what British Trainz Simulator fans make of this version being called an Engineers Edition, as an Engineer is North American for train driver, and I can't understand why this is therefore known as a train drivers edition, what's new, it's always been a train driving simulator anyway.

I can't personally give this version 5 stars as having obtained all the previous versions of the game, N3V, the developers, have now decided that in this edition of the simulator you have the infamous Speedtreez on every route, irrespective of the region you're driving on, so, Scandinavian routes for example, have Australian Gum trees and African Baobabs in situ, how very odd !!!
These trees have also taken over from the much more graphics friendly and more pleasurable to the eye European and Russian models that were made freely available to past users, indeed many of those creations have now been obsoleted in the game, so, won't show up in your editor even if you acquire them from a 3rd party website, which to me takes away the fun and enjoyment of personally deciding how to 'tart' up my routes in a way that pleases me, not, Auran, a very poor financial and political move in my mind that has now alienated many fans, I don't want to be bullied into having what they want to give me instead of being able to make my own decisions, of course, there is no obligation to buy this edition, but, I'd rather they had made the Speedtrees a separate package to purchase as an add on extra instead of 'you have to have them' policy even if you don't want them, not good business ethics and a shame to have to resort to such a practice just to make a fast buck, you have been warned.
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on 16 June 2010
I was so excited to get this game i am so dissapointed. The map is rubbish and the stuff is so confusing. I find it really boring. I just have one question: should i get rail simulator or railworks because i really want to replace this. The graphics are ok but boring. And another bad thing is the doors don't even open at stops and sometimes the red light gets stuck and it terminates your session. So I reccomend not getting it but it is your choice.
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on 28 January 2013
First of all, I have to say that I'm a fan of Trainz. In my opinion it's always been far better than its clunky, cumbersome Microsoft counterpart; easy and intuitive for the beginner with enough complexity for the more advanced
enthusiast. Over the years, I've idled away more happy hours than I care to think, first on the original version and then the vastly-improved TRS2006.

I kept looking at TRS2010, but the price and mixed reviews put me off. Finally the price came down to the point where my resistance crumbled. Then I wished it hadn't.

To give them their due, I think the Trainz people simply under-estimated the processing power needed to run this software - or maybe 'bloatware' is a more accurate term? My PC and graphics card - though not in the first flush of youth - well-exceed the recommended specification, yet even with every single setting turned down to minimum, the graphics judder and hang as if I were using an ancient, low-end machine with native graphics and Windows 95.

I'm hoping that the next time I come to upgrade my PC, I'll be able to experience TRS2010 in all its intended smooth, high-res wonder, but until then it's a tenner I won't get back and the box is gathering dust on the shelf. In the meantime TRS2006 continues to keep me quite happy.
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on 9 June 2011
I bought Trainz 2010 - Engineers Edition, based on stuff I had read about Trainz products on the web. I have found it to be pretty poor. A number of the scenarios were clearly produced for earlier versions of Trainz and don't work in Trainz 2010, Finding your way around the product is clumsy and seems to be mainly based on trying to get users to buy something else (but why anyone would really escapes me!). I will make the best of what I have (it is certainly miles better than Hornby HVR - but that's not saying much!) but am unlikely to buy anything else associated with this product or company.
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on 18 November 2012
I have bought every edition of the Trainz series since TRS2004. TRS2010 EE is the most stable edition since TRS2004 when all the Service packs are installed. This edition is the second copy of the game I have bought so I was fully aware of what the similation is all about. The reson for buying a second copy was purely to obtain a later build number than the original one I bought as it is reasonably priced. As far as railway simulations go TRS2010 EE is the best one on the market. Once registered you have access to thousands of additional free assets via the download station. Also with access to the forums you can get advice, hints and tips from other members of a world wide community.
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