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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 7 January 2013
I grew up with the A-Team. Well not literally, I'd still be on the run if I had. So it's fair to say that I might have some bias. However, I was excited by the idea of a re-interpretation, and was fully aware that with a different cast this was just not going to be comparable. I'm sure that if I were to watch old episodes of the A-Team with more mature eyes I'd think it was pretty rubbish now!
So, as unbiased as I can be, what is this film like on it's own independent merits? A bit rubbish - sorry! Action packed certainly, but the dialogue and plot really weren't up to much. If it were on TV on a Sunday afternoon and you were really bored I'd say give it a go, but can't do the same for a DVD purchase. Makes a good drinks coaster...
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on 5 August 2016
Action packed film that pushes the imagination, but is deliberately directed to do so. The entire cast work well together, and the storyline is enjoyable, although the pace drops a lot towards the end. This is a great film full of funny action-packed moments. I'd recommend this movie to a friend, just so long as they are willing to let go of reality (& physics) for a while to take the film for what it is - a MOVIE (i.e. motion video of what would/could probably NEVER happen in reality).
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on 26 July 2016
I felt this was a suitable tribute to the tv show. All character were true to the show but added their own twist. BA was a little weak. The storyline can sometimes dart around but all the elements are there. Waiting for number 2?
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on 14 October 2011
I was very pleasantly surprised by this. Taking its time to introduce us one by one to its stars, sometimes in very funny ways, it makes sure you like them before the main plot even begins. Sharlto Copley's Murdoch is very funny, and Bradley Cooper's 'Face' gets a brilliant introduction that kept me chuckling.
Liam Neeson is noweher near as offputting as a white-haired 'Hannibal Smith' as I feared, actually coming across as solidly commanding and giving the film a nice firm central character to revolve around. And 'Rampage' Jackson is excellent as 'BA' adding layers of depth to the character that I don't recall the series ever revealing.
It's a plot that's rich with action and events, taking us from the formation of the team to their disgrace and attempts at redemption, and the bad guys are enjoyably slimy and despicable. Twists (some obvious) abound, and although Jesica Biel is charismatic as the army Captain chasing them down, she actually serves little purpose in the plot.
Carnahan, director of the stupendously daft 'Smokin' Aces' has already shown he can handle an ensemble cast, but better still he can handle action. Here he proves it's no fluke, with multiple action sequences. While they rarely dip into brilliance, they're always excellent, and some moments really get the pulse pounding. The script is also creative with its mayhem and there are many moments that you're unlikely to have seen before in an action pic.
The casting is perfect. As a group the leads couldn't be more likeable, or feel like a more enjoyably varied bunch, and as someone who watched a vast amount of the A-Team as a kid I didn't mind their re-invention one bit. (I got tired of the series once I was old enough to realise it was absurd that almost nobody ever got shot with THAT amount of bullets flying around).
People do get killed in this, and there are moments that amusingly toy with the series history that some die-hard fans may rebel against, but it's always a huge amount of fun, and never anything less than a greatly amusing thrill ride.
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on 10 April 2013
Having seen the cast interviewed and seeing how much fun they had making this.... I had hoped for more. It was a bit dull in places depsite the explosions - and I didn't feel the characters jelled the way they displayed in the tv series. What a shame.
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on 15 February 2013
Trust me when I say I rarely give really bad reviews but this film was truly awful.

If I could un-see this film and erase it from my mind I would.

I wanted to like it, but it just left me either cold or hating it.

It would have been better as a comedy send up of the original, if someone had added a few jokes...sadly, they didnt.

Watch it if you must, but don't say I didn't warn you.

Go get the orignal series, there are some cracking deals on Amazon for the DVDs
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on 1 August 2013
Well I think the DVD of the 2010 film of the A-Team is a good purchase to own because it has action adventure and also a level of
suspension. First of all I think that the Irish actor of Liam Neeson does a firm job on handling the role of Colonel John
'Hannibal' Smith'. Secondly the Hangover actor of Bradley Cooper does a good job of tackling the role of Lieutenant Templeton "Face" Peck. Thirdly the American actor of Quinton "Rampage" Jackson has done a brilliant role of handling "B.A." (Bad Attitude) Baracus and lastly the actor of Sharlto Copley as Captain H.M. "Howling Mad" Murdock is brilliant.
So overall I have no complaints about the film or the DVD. However I would recommend it to any fan who likes action or adventure
films. Thank you Four stars all round!
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on 30 June 2013
An incomprehensible plot, bizarre characters and a lot of in-house gags only cultish fans can decipher. No wonder the critics panned "The A-Team". But then, what did we expect? As I just said, it's The A-Team, not an epic poem by John Milton, LOL.

In this re-imagined version of the TV series, Colonel Hannibal and his kooky crew of crazies fly with a tank, go on an original vacation trip to a German lakeshore, and in general make the world unsafe for democracy. Oh, they also destroy most of the LA harbour.

Personally, I found this flick tedious, so I'll only give it two stars. But sure, if you are a hopeless fan of the world's strangest soldiers of fortune, or just hopeless, I'm sure "The A-Team" might just make your day...

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together?
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on 20 August 2014
I Used to love watching The A-Team as a kid. This, however, is a film version many years after the original series. Plenty of action, a few good laughs, and lots of neat plans (some a tad overboard, but it's a film!!) I didn't really want to watch it as i expected it would ruin my thoughts of Liam Neeson as a top actor, gladly I was wrong. He played Hannibal perfectly, and none of the other main characters harmed their respective roles. Would love to see a sequel but maybe there won't be one.
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on 29 May 2016
It's pretty much what you'd expect: lots of action with a very basic story line and dialogues written for a 2 years old when you understand what they are saying as they mumble through their teeth to appear cooler!
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