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on 4 February 2013
Its seems pretty sturdy and well made. Fabulously they include a spare plate - that is just SO good and handy

At this price point it would be unfair to expect 'fluid head' type performance (like my £2.5k Libec tripod) so don't go expecting too much. I would never use it for follow action with a video camera but its great for as locked off shot.

>update May 2013< Tripod holding up well. The plate clamp screw is annoying as it hits the bottom of the camera when tightening - its always a hassle as you need to have it 'just biting' as you slide the plate in. Other than that happy with purchase.
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on 6 May 2017
I'm very sad about the head. Its not as fluid as they said. The stand is super strong so I have to find a different head to replace the head. I Dont know if its with the unit I got.
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on 25 February 2015
good product prompt delivery .many thanks .5 star
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on 25 September 2013
The tripod was working really well and provided a good support for my 7D. I also had a short slider attached, which worked really nicely. All was going smoothly with the product until the fasten for the base plate sheered a chunk of the head right out when I was tightening it. I can't say I was using excessive force or anything so it's clearly a manufacturers error. Not great really. I contacted them for spares but they haven't replied yet. Will probably just get a different tripod from somewhere else.
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on 4 April 2013
I've been using this tripod for a year and a half making videos of various kinds. I shoot with a panasonic GH2 which is a small camera so weight is not an issue. I have also connected a Lilliput 7 inch monitor, clamped to one of the tripod arms and that works well as a shooting set up. If you are thinking of buying to use for filming bear in mind that the quality of the clamps and wing nuts holding things together are not great, I have mine set up so it is ready to go with one twist of the main locking nut to level the camera platform. It is very heavy! so carrying it is not fun, but I prefer a solid camera platform for any form of filming. I try to avoid quick panning with a DSLR due to rolling shutter issues, so the fluid head is fine for small slow movements and I am only shooting interviews and gen shots of people not sports or fast action when I go for hand held anyway, so all in all for the price, I'd get one and if it breaks I'd get another. If I need some really professional legs and camera mount with rails, I budget to hire a set up for a one off job. For the rest of the time, this tripod has served me well. I wont give it five stars due to the overall build quality but use it carefully and it should be OK.
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on 3 October 2013
This is my first review on Amazon but as I was so disappointed with how long the tripod lasted, I have come here to leave this feedback.
I purchased this tripod for it to arrive on my birthday (April 17) and it arrived swiftly. I was over the moon with it for quite sometime as it was impressively heavy for the price.
But as I used my CamSmart DSLR Shoulder Rig for the large proportion of time I have been filming, I would say that I have only used this tripod a total of 4 times.

I began a job, only 3 weeks ago, after graduating University and decided that I will film with my own equipment as it is what I am accustomed to. Unfortunately as I was tightening the plate down onto the tripod, the screw that used to tighten the thing ripped itself off of the head. Now I am left with a plate that slides side to side and cannot be locked into place thus making this tripod completely useless. I was shocked as it happened because all I merely did was tighten the screw to stop the plate from moving. The build of the metal on this section of the tripod was poor and the force of tightening the screw tore the housing surrounding it, therefore it fell off.

As I have said, I have only used this tripod a handful of times (owned for a total of 5 and a half months) and the build of the tightening mechanism is poor.
I expected better durability and feel like I have been robbed of my money for the amount of use I received out of this tripod.
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on 25 November 2012
I love this tripod its excellent value for money. Quiet heavy but I like that because it give a nice stable platform for my DSLR. I also bought a dolly which makes moving this around very easy. I would definitely recommend this for anyone on a budget. 5 Stars from me.Camlink TPVIDEO1 Professional Video Tripod with Free Carry Case and Fluid Pro Video Head
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on 6 September 2013
Having returned a disappointing Konig tripod...I bought this Camlink version from Amazon...this version is everything the Konig was not...it looks the same but is black...it also has two handles...the "fake" fluid head works fine...set at just the right amount of control...there are no labels to fall off.... as with the Konig it comes with a spare camera plate...and some reviews say the tightening screw is in the wrong place...I would agree with that...a good feature is that the head sits on a ball and is independent to the legs...so the legs can be on uneven ground...and by using the level bubble set the head perfectly level....I am very happy with this unit.

This order was fulfilled by Amazon...The delivery was not great and the packaging was pathetic...sent in the manufactures carton with no protective packaging...whoever sent out the delivery either didn't know what they were doing or they were a complete incompetent...as a result when the delivery arrived the carton was falling apart...in transit Yodel the courier had applied some tape to try to hold the carton together....again by another incompetent...because it was still falling apart...The tripod appears to be ok but the carrying bag was covered in dirt....For me this tripod was a lot of money and the head has to be protected...I still cannot believe that Amazon sent such a delicate item out in a carton without a protective box....Having said that...this is the first time I have been very disappointed with the packaging from Amazon...I still have the carton and six photographs....but I love the tripod even if there is dirt on the carrying bag.
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on 20 April 2014
Where to begin? I was utterly gobsmacked when this item was delivered. It arrived with no protective packaging or wrapping of any sort, but rather just in its manufacturer's box, which was ripped, torn and crumpled with massive impact compressions in each corner. All of these misadventures had been patched, taped and re-taped in different colours in the most ramshackle fashion. It was immediately obvious that this item had been posted to - and returned by - a number of recipients; shame on you Amazon! Naturally, it followed that I did not hold out much hope for the condition of the tripod inside; however, very surprisingly, apart from an abrasion on the hold-all carry case inside, the tripod itself was undamaged.

I own a lighter - more transportable - Camlink carbon fibre tripod, bought through a reputable photographic supplier, which I use for still photography, and for the price, I am very happy with it. This was why I was prepared to buy a much heavier Camlink tripod from Amazon without first seeing and / or handling the item.

I am pretty disappointed all-round with this purchase, notwithstanding the shoddy packaging. To be fair, the tripod itself, once extended, stands firm and is stable enough, but, be advised, the spreader straps between the legs are very flimsy, so if push came to shove (an apposite cliché here, I suspect) these would be very likely to bow.

Surprisingly, the panning action is all right with little evidence of `whip' when either starting or finishing; however, the friction nut that tightens off the movement, when loosened, allows for some slight play in whole mounting gimbal of the head itself; not a great deal, but this could be annoyingly apparent and show up in an unwanted tilt action if your camera's C of G just happened to be near-centre at that particular moment.

Would I recommend buying this tripod ? Well, for the price, it is just about acceptable, although what I suspect were fairly good original design tolerances clearly have not manifested themselves in the manufacturing process and therefore in the end product. If you are a keen amateur, or a young photographer starting out, and you have a good eye for detail and your expectations are high, then you will be disappointed.

Further to the above. . . after careful consideration and further inspection of this tripod, I am now returning it to Amazon for a refund. The build quality is too poor for me to ever want to risk using this tripod with a good camera. The most frustrating aspect of this product is the way in which the plastic tightening handles on all movements barely engage with their respective locking nuts. It takes a number of attempts to get these dinky, toy-like handles to gain a proper purchase on the mechanisms they control, and I suspect that with so much slipping over the metal tightening nuts they sit over, the insides of these handles would soon wear away and become useless. Furthermore, the tightening handle beneath the camera base plate is ridiculously difficult to get to and then subsequently turn. The whole thing is so maddeningly awkward, I just ended up packing it away. I am returning the tripod to Amazon today.

I hope other readers will find this review helpful.
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on 21 September 2014
I've now had this tripod over a year (bought May 2013) and some might say a tripod is supposed to last through and through. Well! This one doesn't! I've used it on many a jobs and after last night, have to replace it! Tightening the baseplate to the fluid head and what would happen but the tightening screw SNAPS OFF! Leaving me with a baseplate that moved forward/backwards on every movement and this is NOT good!

I've had some issues with the legs in the past, but they've never been bad enough that I couldn't use the thing, but having to completely replace the fluid head now isn't what I wanted so close to having other shoots lined up! DON'T TRUST this product.

ALSO the bag is VERY weak. It broke within a couple of uses and is a waste of time.
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