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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 29 January 2014
Don't answer then....

After the death of her friend Shelley, Leann receives a voice mail of the date and time when she would die.

On the day, Leann sees things and in the informed hour, Leann is attacked by a supernatural force while talking to her friend Beth.

When her roommate receives a call, Beth befriends Det. Jack Andrews, who tells her that his sister was the first victim of the phone call.

They decide to investigate the connections of Jack's sister and find the name of Marie Layton, who apparently abused of her daughters.

So according to another site, this is the worst reviewed film of the last ten years. While its a poor show, I'm sure there have been poorer film released in the same time span, say Babylon A.D?

But there are so many flaws in the film, that you cannot help but laugh at the audacity of the plot points.

Such as, why on earth is this group of people being targeted by an asthmatic ghost when they have nothing to do with anything? Who are these weird creatures stalking the teenagers.

And the most fundamental question of all, why keep your phone, if you knew friends were getting calls from themselves, hearing themselves dying?

Sossaman is okay, given the poor script, and Burns looks like he's still reeling from A sound of thunder.

Moments make the film worthwhile though, Ray Wise turns up as a TV evangelist who gets some one to try and exorcise a phone (really, it's hilarious).

And of course, the revaluation when Sossaman finds a corpse, and it gets a little bit too close to her and the timing of this makes if look like to corpse is getting fresh with her.

It's bad, but bad in the sense that you can laugh at the film, and realise it wasn't that terrible, thanks to some dodgy direction, poor effects and a hilarious script.

Don't watch to get scare, watch to get happy.
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on 3 November 2013
When Chakushin Ari was released, its impact was immediate: a TV show soon spawned, and two sequels, released in 2005 and 2006, and now, it has been remade.
All I can say is: WHY?
The original One Missed Call was a movie that needed improvement. A good idea, with some interesting content, but it needed more development that unfortunately, the sequels did not bring (although they were so-so, they looked more like spin-offs, with different curses, that were simply set in the same universe as the first installment), and an english remake could have worked and turned the original into a horror masterpiece, it just needed the right director, the right writer, and the right cast. Unfortunately, this remake is an outright trainwreck. It made me laugh harder than most comedies from the same period.
The acting is awful, the directing is uninteresting, the plot changes are dumb and uninspired, not only did OMC nothing to improve upon the original, it wasn't capable to match, even if slightly, Chakushin Ari. And Chakushin Ari is far from perfect, and has a lot of flaws. This movie yells "rushed" at you loud and frequently, and honestly, being released in January in the US, it doesn't surprise me. Great job, Hollywood. Let's see the next film to butcher next.

P.S.: Granted there IS a scene I thought was well done, although it relied on cheap jump scares, which is the very first death. Plus the ringtone is catchy. Other than that, blergh to everything.
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on 27 August 2014
Mixed bag this.
The Blu-Ray sound and picture is really good, and sadly better than this film probably deserves.

Basically the premise sounds good, the acting is reasonable and it's pretty fast paced.
The problem is I've seen it all before, and done better.
Maybe I'm just a little jaded after seeing so many films like this but basically it left me a little bit bored.

I can't put my finger on exactly what didn't work, but it just felt a little bit lacking, just an okay film, purchased at a reasonable price to pass a couple of hours.
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on 27 September 2015
Cheesy. Not much thought put into the story line. Would not recommend unless you like films that are crap.
That's an hour and half of my time wasted, that I could of used mindlessly scrolling through facebook!
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on 18 May 2015
Enjoyable despite being obvious where the story was going. Good atmosphere. I did laugh out loud when cat disappeared so I was then expecting a comedy. I have seen this concept before and I liked this version as much as that one.
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on 25 May 2013
The premise for the film is a person receives a voice mail on their phone from a recently deceased friend and it dates to a time in the near future. On listening to the voice mail they hear their own death, talking, screaming etc. When they die one of their friends receives similar and so on. Although a remake of a Japanese film, it's very different in tone and feels more like one of the Final Destination movies. The film has a strong cast and moves along at a quick pace. There are a few twists and turns towards the end which do not feel forced. It's not scary or gory and is probably aimed at being a horror film for people who don't like horror films but it's a nice tale and a worthwhile watch.
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on 7 February 2011
The Ringu-like premise is promising: Someone dies; you get a call from them after they have died; you are going to die next; you need to stop yourself dying. The execution is more feardotcom-like: Utterly dire.
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on 2 May 2012
Another American adaptation of a Japanese Novel/Movie like The Ring. It's about a college student called Beth played by Shannon Sossamon who witnesses the deaths of a couple of her friends within a few days, which she discovers is something to do with the voicemails left on their phones from themselves moments before the time of their deaths but left a few days before they actually die. Sounds confusing right, but it is really easy to follow. There are a few creepy moments and should keep you amused for at least one watch. If you are into the American adaptations of Japanese films then this should be right up your street.

The film runs for 87 Minutes and there are no special features on this Blu-Ray. The picture quality and sound aren't too bad, It also comes with subtitles and Audio in English, French and Latin Spanish.
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on 20 December 2011
This movie is quite simply horrible. It has nothing going for it. For a horror movie to work you have to get at least itsy-bitsy teeny-weenie bit scared. No such thing with this disaster. People die in ordinary accidents (mostly), quickly and fairly humanly. Big deal. An evil spirit uses mobilephones to wreak it's vengeance. So? After a while you catch yourself hoping peopele will be bumped of at a higher rate so that the movie can finish. In "The Ring" the victims look so horrible that your imagination freaks out at the thought at what could have caused it. In "The Grudge" the sheer hopelessness of the situation mixed with excellent craftsmanship creates a truly terrifying mood. This movie is just bland.

Please note that the japanese original is supposed to be much better. I haven't seen it, but I would recommend anyone enjoying this genre to skip this movie and see the original instead
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on 12 November 2011
It's an interesting concept - get a voicemail message containing the sound of your own death. The originality from that point forward is alas not as interesting. The current horror trend is to make death as gruesome and gory as possible. A fair amount of the movie's impact is based on how these people meet their ends. Investigation leads to the evil spirit of an abused / abusive child who haunts the cellular ether.
Somewhat predictable but nonetheless enjoyable; the film contains enough shocks in its own right and builds a good psychological suspense as it goes along. Fans of the The Ring will not be able to stop themselves from drawing similarities, especially with the closing scene.
Worth a watch though
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