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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 8 February 2011
I'm getting on a bit now. 36 this year. I've heard lots of music in my time - spent the last 20 years doing nothing but listening to music, going to see gigs, concerts, festivals etc. This is the best debut album I've ever heard. So assured, sounds amazin, great catchy melodies and riffs - i really can't fault it. Lazy wannabe journos describe it as a mix of pink floyd / cream / hendrix / beatles but its truly their own sounds - they make their music their own, every last note.
Can't recommend these guys enough!!! BUY BUY!!!
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on 30 October 2010
I fiirst heard these by chance a couple of months ago and they have taken over my life. They describe the music themselves better than I can. - 'Tame Impala make psychedelic hypno-groove melodic rock music. It's intended for moving one's body to, and it's intended for keeping still and observing other forms of movement. It's bombastic but it's swirling, think of the shoulder bones of a giant striding feline creature through some kind of tunnel. If Tame Impala's music reminds you of what you'd want to put on when you next visit your mind's engine room then they're happy. If not, whatever, it's just music. Put it on when the sun next shines. Basically it's all about the feeling'

If that vaguely intrigues you go out and buy this album. It is music that fills your head and takes you far, far away from the mundane underpinned with monstrous grooves. In 25 years watching bands live these 4 kids who look like they'd struggle to get served in a pub are one of the very best bands I've ever seen live.

They are psychedelic, they are heavy, they are pop, they are groovy, they are stoner, call them what you will, sometimes they are the band Kasabian would love to be but can't, they have the spirit of Lennon, Harrison, Hendrix, Morrison, Krieger, Lee, so while strictly speaking there is nothing totally new they are so good it doesn't matter.This is music that isn't made any more and they can live in any company.

The production is spot on as it harnesses the wild beast lurking and gives the great subtleties and complexities in the music space to breathe and work their way into the darkest recesses of your mind and body. There is brutal power and pop hooks perfectly combined. If they wanted to they could write hit singles, but instead they just play music that is lyrically and sonically a million miles from anything else around today.

Oh, and their self titled EP is immense as well. And they are mindmeltingly jawdropping live.

Tame Impala are simply the best new rock band in a long, long time and deserve your attention.
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on 4 August 2010
Brilliant! Got introduced to this a bit early by a friend from Oz, completely blown away by this- they've somehow made 60's-Garage-Noisy-Psychedelic rock sound cool, fresh and 'new'. Which doesn't make sense, but believe me when you listen to this you will feel the same. My fav has got to be 'Solitude is Bliss'- lovely John Lennon-stylee-grunge rock that the aussies seem to be so good at right now. A definite 5 out of 5!
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on 3 February 2011
Up until last Christmas I'd only heard bits of Tame Impala's music on BBC 6 Music, but what I did hear was enough to want their album, due to their superb sound. So, my girlfriend got me it as a Chrismas present.

There are a lot of new bands about, so to say Tame Impala are one of the best is no overstatement. While the sound is somewhat unique for an album released in 2010, it is very much like some of the multi-layered vibes of the 1967 psychedelic era. The guitar and bass sound often echoes, roars, and rumbles like the exhaust of a Harley-Davidson, and the vocals are somewhat Lennon-esque (in the manner of Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds) but most importantly, all of the songs are good, especially the single 'Solitude Is Bliss'. There's not one bad track on the album, hence my 5 star rating.

I certainly hope they do a UK tour this year!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 28 July 2011
Innerspeaker is Tame Impala's first album. Listening to this you wonder about how good they could be. It starts off quite lazily with the slow build of the opening track but by the end of the eleven tracks you have travelled a journey of guitar driven psychedelic rock that never veers too far into experimental and is always tuneful. Its best listened to as a whole piece, which is another bonus in a time when the skip button is used so liberally. I've mentioned the guitars already but the rhythm section is the foundation of most of the album. Listen to Why Won't You Make Up Your Mind and it shows this to great effect. Building on the opening drums and bass before layering in the guitars and finally the vocals it really is the underlying rhythm that delivers the whole track. This is very far removed from traditional Australian rock music. The vocals are light and dreamy.

Highlights are many here and tend to change on each listen. Desire Be Desire Go is now very familiar to those aware of the band but Solitude Is Bliss, Alter Ego and almost every other track on here is equally deserving of praise. Yes they remind you of Cream and other similar bands. They also sound of themselves and seem confident enough to play with the conventions a little - without being too experimental as I mentioned above.

The choice of producer is also an astute one as Fridmann has given this a sheen which is a little similar to his main producing task with the Flaming Lips. Yes the production is a little fuzzy - but it works with the material. Overall this is a piece of work that deserves high praise for its ability to produce a dreamy, psych rock experience that delivers from start to finish. Highly recommended
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TOP 50 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 19 September 2010
There is a bike shop called Cycledealia in a quiet Hertfordshire
town which I have cause to visit from time to time (its name second
only in sillyness to the one-time Sheffield fish and chip shop
Battersea Cod's Home - sadly now changed to Wok This Way!).
Things like that make me laugh. I can be a bit daft that way!

Australian band Tame Impala's debut album 'Innerspeaker' made me
smile too but for different reasons. This little Antipodean ensemble
have captured something of the spirit of "the summer of love" with
clarity and good grace. There are eleven tracks in the collection and
I found them all appealing to my inner-hippie (the outer manifestation
of my 60's self has far less hair and far more wrinkles unfortunately!)

This is rich and dreamy music. Music of considerable imagination and
compositional artistry. I like this music very, very much ("man!")

Kevin Parker plays lots of instruments and sings; Dom Simper plays
bass and guitar on various tracks and Jay Watson manages the drums
here and there and throws in a bit of guitar too for good measure.
Mr Parker is our main-man however and he is largely responsible
for bringing everything that we hear to life in the listening world.
He has a fragile but very effective voice given the density and
complexity of much of the material. His ability to design fragrant
harmonies of luminescent beauty is evident in many of the songs.
The vocal arrangements on 'Alter Ego' are particularly stunning!

I especially enjoyed 'Jeremy's Storm', a striking instrumental
which eventually melts down into the kind of raucous jam which
might have drifted up (together with the heady aroma of Nag Champa
insence sticks) from many a Portobello Road basement in the early
70's. The sound and ambience of that time is touchingly recreated.

'The Bold Arrow Of Time' is a powerful, grinding little confection
full of delighfully wayward Hendrix-like riffs and guitar licks. It is
so rough and raw it could have been recorded in their Dad's garage!

The spirit of Sgt. Pepper is alive and well and very sprightly on
'Lucidity'. The sky is still full of Diamonds for Lucy to admire!

'Innerspeaker' would appear to have wormed its
way into an Old Wolf's heart and found a home!
Not quite Nirvana but near enough to cherish.

Highly Recommended.
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on 21 January 2013
A first listen provides lots of reference points to other led Zeppellin riffed ,guitar psychadelia with full on sonic workouts combined with delicate ,quiet passages emphasising specific guitar effects. Nothing new in the format, but a satisfying new take on a familiar well trodden path
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on 5 January 2013
With comparisons to Pink Floyd, The Beatles & Cream, this band is still so unique. This is possibly the best album I have listened to from the 00's to present time. Tracks like "Alter Ego" have the energy to give you the goosebumps upon every single listen! The Deluxe Edition includes a few tracks from their 2008 EP and also a few new tracks plus remixes...worth every penny. So, do yourself a favour and buy this record.
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on 25 March 2013
I find nothing to dislike about this record. I listen to a lot of different music and Tame Impala make albums that I keep coming back to again and again. It's dreamlike qualities, the melodies and the understated pop hooks all combine to make a mesmerising piece of art. I highly recommended it to all lovers of music, as well as the new Tame Impala record 'Lonerism' :)
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on 18 April 2012
Such a great, GREAT album. Along with Deerhunter & Crystal Stilts, 2 other recently emerged psychedelia-inspired bands, Innerspeaker is definitely one of my favourite LPs of the last year or so, & shares with both Deerhunter & C.Stilts a sound that, though at times knowingly retrospective, never lapses into pointless homage. Comparing Innerspeaker to The Flaming Lips' last few, messy & unfocussed releases, I can't help but wonder (i) when/why Wayne & co lost the plot, & (ii) how different a world this might be if they'd released something similarly stunning instead of the deeply flawed Embryonic or that awful Dark Side Of The Moon monstrosity? Innerspeaker reminds me of The Lips' early creative highwater mark, the dizzying/dazzling Transmissions From The Satellite Heart, 1 of the 90s finest long players, a virtually flawless suit of sugar-laced, sun-dappled melodies & ceiling-bending, acidic guitar solos. It's quite a trip.

n.b. My copy has the limited edition Extraspeaker compilation attached, & it's well worth tracking down. A selection of non-LP singles & (surprisingly decent) remixes, it's as long as the album & worth obtaining just for the awesome "Sundown Syndrome" 45.
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