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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 4 September 2015
Very silly and entertaining. You'll hardly recognise Clooney, though!
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on 2 July 2016
Full discloser: I was one of the composers for the film. And, no, I don't get any royalties.

It's been a while since I saw the film front to back. As a composer we get scenes to work on and don't see the whole thing until the cast party.
But I have to say this was a very enjoyable project. John was a great director to work with and went along with many of our crazy ideas.
Of course, you'd expect that from a director/writer of a movie series like this.

Fun film. And so is the sequel to the sequel, "The Killer Tomatoes Strike Back."
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on 4 July 2017
What can I see about this movie, no work of art, that hasn't already been said. We all know it's up there with the greats such as the shawshank redemption, the godfather trilogy, Star Wars, sharknado, birdemic and all other magnificent movies. This utterly fantastic movie changed my life, after watching it on repeat 783 times I sat down and thought to myself, tomatoes are the enemy, but then it dawned on me, we eat the tomatoes, murder them and dip our French fries in their corpses, so were the tomatoes just getting revenge. Also, this is a blu-ray and DVD combo pack which means that I can watch this work of art anywhere as long as I take my portable DVD player with me wherever I go, although I don't even need that as I own it on iTunes, google play, Amazon instant video, PlayStation store, Xbox store as well as my 17 blu-ray copies and 34 DVD copies
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on 21 July 2007
Basic plot.Return of killer tomatoes. Evil prof has brought back the tomatoes in human form and is planning to replace world leaders with them.Return to horror high. Police investigate murders of a film crew that were filming at the school where years before teens were murdered. Both film have george clooney in parts. Return of the killer tomatoes is dire, the most painfull film ive ever had to sit through. Theres a sense of fun there (the directors and actors) going for but the jokes are so forced its unbearable to sit through and the constant looking at the camera , slapping the legs and cheeky winks style tom foolery gets boring pretty quick. Return to horror high on the other hand is a quite enjoyable and thought out horror film with numerous plot lines running throughout and a clever ending which takes the mick out the genre long before scream did but does not cheapen the movie with its silly but fun attittude. Worth it for horror high alone.
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on 29 April 2003
ask george clooney about this movie & he will cringe, but it is the finest example of a comedy sequel ever.
a follow up to the supreme low budget "attack of the killer tomatoes" this film pulls out every cliche in the book & is funny with it.
my favorite moment is where the movie runs out of budget 1/4 of the way through & the crew & cast from there on in are seen sporting corporate logos every goddam place possible (including the evil doctors mansion entrance gates with a giant pepsi logo addorning them) - this film is even worth watching right through to the very end of the credits (if you get up to turn off as the credits roll an old lady on screen -the directors mom- tells you to sit back down as her son worked hard for this film) at the end of which is a teaser for the follow up film which involves killer-carrots no less! (the follow ups are not meant to be much cop & only ever released in the usa, there were in total 5 'tomato' films - i've only seen the first 2 though.)
this film is a stupid comedy that is best watched with maybe a few beers & a giant pizza & friends on a sunday afternoon.
it's stupid in the vein of the early steve martin or an eddie murphy comedy film - it is essentially a no-brainer but damn fine comedy. (i'd recomend highly to anyone who liked the Elvira film too - a superb accompanyment for a double bill.)
mr clooney - dont be ashamed, to have been i this film is a supreme achievement in comedic history. personally i think you shoulda' done more of these!
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on 21 July 2016
Part Two of the infamous comedy horror series is the best one insofar as it’s the least bad. It was made in 1988, ten years after the ultra-low budget original.

Anthony Starke is very game in the role of Chad Finletter, nephew of Wilbur (Steve Peace), hero of the Great Tomato War of ’78. Chad works in his uncle’s pizzeria – where tomato coverings are now outlawed because they’re evil – along with his buddy Matt (a magnificently mulleted George Clooney).

Meanwhile, gene-splicing Professor Gangreen (John Astin) is creating an army of tomato people, hoping to conquer the world. One day one of his creations, Tara (Karen Mistal), escapes and seeks sanctuary in the arms of Chad. Gangreen sends his henchman Igor (Steve Lundquist) to retrieve her. Chad and Tara fall hopelessly in love, but Gangreen will stop at nothing to retrieve his test tube babe. Chad, Tara, and Matt must band together, along with Chad’s uncle and his troop of weirdos, to defeat Gangreen and save the world from the “red menace”.

You might as well skip the dreadful first movie because we get a full recap here. Return is far more watchable thanks to a vaguely coherent script and less of a chaotic sketch show structure. Most of the best stuff happens early on, where there’s a ton of fun in Tara’s fish-out-of-water flailing bumping up against Chad’s bumbling charm. And there’s great bro-chemistry between Starke and Clooney.

The film is pure spoof, falling somewhere between the Mel Brooks and Zucker brothers camps: the fourth wall-breaking elements of the former and the cringeworthy puns of the latter. (At one point a character opens a China closet… and finds the Great Wall of China inside.) It’s not upper Zucker by any means, but somewhere around the Top Secret range in terms of gag hit rate.

There are also countless references to horror film contemporaries. We get a bit of Weird Science; the mad lab of Reanimator; the gene-mashing horror of The Fly; and the dead-eyed hottie-on-the-loose of Frankenhooker. It’s all powered by some fantastic synth-rock music which doubles down on the echo-snare. Plus a Bacharach-styled ballad as the lovers prance on the beach whilst being bothered by a creepy mime.

Eminently good natured and low on gore, Return emphasises the comedy over the horror, making it more accessible than its title suggests. There really isn’t much killing at all. The problem is that, beyond the first act, it’s not consistently funny either, so as far as cultdom goes it is niche. Set expectations to moderate though and it’s a fun, screwy ride.
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on 22 July 2014
perhaps not the classic of eralier instalments but still a winner.

Miss mistal (was that her name?) the tomato that turned in to a woman, is always easy on the eye. her acting was good (that's not being charitable), The lead hero was good enough looking and acted well enough. I dont recall seeing him in much else but I could be wrong.
the story, as always is ridiculous but holds it together enough to give a point to the film.
The addams family guy was good as the lead baddy and there were some rather subtle jibes i found delightful. yest its not just pie in the face and pratfalls. Although to be fair it not shakespear either - but then I find Mr S grossly overrated.
If your jaded/tired/drunk/down whatever, pop this on. It's easy to watch, easy to follow, innoffensive, amusing and will cheer you up.
What? the elephant in the room? well george is no great actor and no great acting was required. All that was required was for someone good looking to patrnise his friend, be smug, be a smarypants and generally exude an aire of 'arent I great. Like I said no acting required.
ACID TEST: would i buy i again? yes
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on 6 October 2015
I was ready to watch this and rip it apart,ready to say "Oh George Clooney!! What were you thinking when You made this?!!!!" but BOY!!! was I surprised,this is quite Frankly A Brilliantly Funny Comedy with some laugh out loud moments,it makes the most of it's limited budget and is clever as well as Witty.John Austin is Great in everything He does and is Wonderfully Evil in this.In a nutshell (Or Tomato Skin,if you will) This is A Blindly Funny Comedy that with A title like that you know from Minute One it aint gonna take itself Seriously.Give it A go and you'll be blown away by itself Silliness and Charm.
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on 24 July 2016
This is a killer tomatoe must have in the Arrow Video catalogue. This one is so hilarious. So funny. And there is love. A guy falls in love with a woman (SPOILER ALERT) which is actually a tomato. And most important of all George Clooney way back then had a mullet. His hair is typical 1980ies style. Short along the ears, long in the neck : a mullet. We call it a "nektapijt" (carpet for the neck) in the Lowlands. I do hope Arrow Video will be able to release the first movie. This is highest possible tomato killer must have !
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on 30 March 2003
Those mischievous but lovable tomatoes make a triumphant return in the 1988 comedy sequel RETURN OF THE KILLER TOMATOES which includes tons of belly laughs, hilarious acting and one sexy tomato woman(PLAYED BY KAREN MISTEL.)
Set 20 years after the great tomato war, we see professor Gangrene(JOHN ASTIN) turn harmless tomatoes into human beings!
Look out for a young but funny George Clooney team up with Anthony(REPOSSESSED)Starke to try and stop Gangrenes evil scheme.
Although RETURN OF THE KILLER TOMATOES lacks the tomato mayhem we saw in the original movie, it is still a great spoof that everybody should have in their collection.
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