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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 30 March 2004
The stuff is an alien substance of sorts, found bubbling out of the ground in small towns across the United States. It looks like ice-cream, tastes great and, once it takes hold of you it becomes addictive and deadly. But what is its secret ingredient?

Enter Michael Moriarty (A Return to Salem's Lot), who is hired as an industrial saboteur by representatives of a food company to find out just what makes the stuff so addictive. As the stuff becomes more readily available, the people selling it are no longer content to merchandise it through through the smaller outlets. They begin to advertise it nationwide.

David 'Mo' Rutherford (Moriarty)tracks the stuff across country, with Nicole (Andrea Marcovicci) and a young boy, Jason (Scott Bloom), witnessing its effects on the population. During their efforts they are assisted by Col. Malcolm Grommett Spears (Paul Sorvino) and the wacky cookie entrepreneur, Chocolate Chip Charlie (Garrett Morris, Saturday Night Live). As the film progresses, it becomes impossible to know just who to trust, and resisting the stuff becomes increasingly difficult. The more you consume, the harder it becomes to resist.

Larry Cohen has become a hero to those whose intersts are in cult horror/sci-fi films, having turned out classics like 'A Return to Salem's Lot', 'The Ambulance', and 'Q: The Winged Serpent'. This is his fourth collaboration with actor Michael Moriarty, and it is well worth the money. 'The Stuff' contains comedy, action, science fiction, and horror - a combination of 'The Blob' and 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers', with Cohen's crazy sense of humour thrown in for good measure.

Bonus features on this edition include an informative audio commentary with director, Larry Cohen, TV spots, theatrical trailer, and widescreen presentation.

Buy it! You'll be addicted

Ghost Writer
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on 25 July 2013
in 1985 was the year of horror comical scares like
tom hollands vampire masterpiece fright night with
chris sarandon and william ragsdale that landmarked
film history with its groundbreaking fx also in that year
comes larry cohens consumer shocker comedy that followed
the examples of george romero's dawn of the dead where
a band of survivors had to battle zombie hoards and consumer greed
in an abandon shopping centre but this film about consumer greed
in the form of a frozen dessert show that what can happen if a product
that people see on tv like in the real world of consumer products that
draws them in to buying them just like a tube of pringles once you pop
you don't stop and this great classic excelled in we devour the product
and the product devours us back this film is like dawn of the dead if we
are not careful consumer products has a habbit of bitting back and a lesson
learned to us all.

movie tagline: are you eating it or is it eating you.

frankie smales

(frankie smales tv and movie review uk)
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Another brilliant release from Arrow.

The Blu-ray transfer is very good nice, so well worth the upgrade 5/5 from me.

You get two discs, and a nice booklet with information about the film.

Plus you have a nice revisable sleeve which looks great.

The aspect ratio is in 1.85:1, Audio 1.0 Mono.

Subtitles English SDH.
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on 30 September 2010
Everybody is going mad for 'The Stuff', the nations' favourite taste. Discovered bubbling out of the ground by a miner, it soon becomes a hugely popular dessert, hogging supermarket shelves and earning itself a chain of eateries. The Ice Cream lobby, afraid of the popularity of this new product, hire industrial spy, and one time F.B.I Agent David 'Mo' Rutherford to investigate and discredit the popular pud. Things take a sinister turn however when Mo discovers that their is a web of secrecy surrounding the ingredients and the production of The Stuff, and soon he realises there are those who would wish to silence him. Meanwhile, very strange things start to happen to those who over indulge in the irresistable goo.
If you can get over the fact that the menacing 'creature' in the film resembles a lake of Ice Cream, then you should find this hilarious film to be great fun. It's a sort of cross between Invasion Of The Body Snatchers and a sharp satire on consumerism and fast food. The factory scenes are very reminiscant of the superb BBC/Hammer adaptation of Quatermass II.
The fact is, although it does borrow liberally from the past, it has a style all of its own. It may be a mixing of genres but above all it's a comedy. A very funny one at that. One major reason for the films' success is another great performance from Cohen regular Michael Moriarty. He plays Mo with a southern drawl and a goofy, slightly volatile temperament. Paul Sorvino also deserves a mention, as he's quite brilliant as militia man Colonel Spears.
Whilst it might not be the cast iron classic that Cohen's other features such as 'Q- The Winged Serpent' and 'God Told Me To' are, but for me it's probably the most enjoyable of all Cohen's films. Just to mention the special effects that were painstakingly ctreated by Jim Dankforth. As Cohen comments himself in the commentary, now we live in a digital age the day of the stop motion animator is numbered.
A highly enjoyable film.. 5 out of 5. I'd also recommending talking to whichever seller you buy this from, as my copy at least was All Regions, unlike the Region 1 label Amazon's product info gives it
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on 9 June 2010
I remember watching the stuff when i was a teenager many yrs ago when it came out on video and loving it. I usually like this sort of film still to this day so re-watched it the other day. Watching it now it's horribly dated and frankly quite camp too. The stuff was never scary but there's many ridiculous scenes in the movie you'll laugh at ! Both Michael moriarty and especially paul sorvino are very good actors but both realise the script here is complete rubbish and camp/ham up there performances something rotten ! This sin't good enough to be remembered as a classic and isn't quite bad enough to be remembered too so i can't really see the stuff latching onto a new generation in 2010. that said its dirt cheap so you might wanna check it out.
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on 1 August 2015
Old School 60's Style B'movie Horror that has its tongue firmly in its Cheek.This is like A cross between Invasion of The Body Snatchers and The Blob.Decent effects for such a small budget and a Story that while Patchy and Cheesy, Moves at such A Whack that You barely notice.
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on 9 February 2014
Five stars for the delivery and price, quick delivery I ordered it on a Saturday evening and had it by the Tuesday, I remember watching this as a teenager thinking it was awful and I'd never watch it again, fast forward twenty something years and it's still awful but brilliant at the same time.
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on 11 May 2013
Overall, you need to go into a film like this not expecting too much, and you won't be disappointed. Actually, the storyline is really quite good, and with some great wooden acting at times, the film grows on you tothe extent that some of the inconsistencies don't matter. I gave it 4 stars for entertainment value - and so will you, if you know what a good B-movie should be like.
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on 9 August 2014
Great little B-movie feature that harks back to 50s/60s sci-fi films (it's a combination of Invaders From Mars and The Blob) and is a cool satire on consumerism that's extremely smart and witty. Michael Moriaty is so funny as Dave Mo Rutherford and really has a great time hamming it up with a great Southern accent which sends up a lot of stereotypes. Garrett Morris, Danny Aiello and Paul Sorvino all turn up in small roles and all lend black humour to Larry Cohen's witty and telling script. The FX are dated but are hilarious and there are some really unexpected little scenes that will have you laughing, like when Mo meets up with some company types and ends up knocking out one of them! Enjoyable Stuff indeed!! The overnight sensation of the highly addictive desert "The Stuff" ("One lick is never enough!") has ice cream companies panicking, especially after the company buys out the "Chocolate Chip Charlie's" chain which has its owner steamed. The competitors hire industrial spy Mo Rutherford, an Industrial spy that apparently isn't as dumb as he looks, sounds, or acts (Michael Moriarty) to discover the formula of "The Stuff" so that they can "improve" it, but it defies chemical analysis apart from containing a "benign bacteria". Rutherford discovers that all of the FDA employees who approved the product are either dead or out of the country with the exception of retired Vickers (Danny Aiello) whose leftover paperwork leads him to a dying Southern town and proof that "The Stuff" is more than addictive; it's actually alive and influencing the behavior of its consumers. Admittedly some of the fx do look a bit weak which is probably due to the low budget but this actually gives the movie some kitschy value. Horror fans will definitely appreciate this as it was a blast, just as long as you don't take it seriously though. Highly recommended.
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on 6 April 2014
The Stuff is Larry Cohen's satire on consumerism and how poison is sold to the masses as a desirable object. It's become more and more prescient over time too. The film itself is part of the family of sci-fi completed by They Live and Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Like the latter this is a great effects driven sci-fi/horror with inventive visuals. Perhaps not the head melting stuff, but the scenes that depict the Stuff as a sentient being, they are up there with the greatest moments of 80s genre cinema. Similarly, when the film visits places under the control of the Stuff it hits on the paranoid goldmine that Body Snatchers perfected 7 years earlier.

The Stuff can be summed up with one word, abrupt, as the film closes and opens the escalation jumps from 100 to 0 and vice versa - it's simply too sudden. One minute the Alien gloop is discovered in the very next scene it’s a nationwide success; there is no escalation. Likewise one anti-stuff campaign at a local radio station completely defeats something which appears to have taken over large swathes of the country. The instant jumps from pole to pole damages immersion.

Colourful, campy and far more intelligent than a film about alien yogurt has any right being. The Stuff is great fun, and I didn't even mention Chocolate Chip Charlie.
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