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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 16 May 2016
"It's All Gone Pete Tong" is amongst my all-time favourite films ... so this is not a 'neutral' review. I think it's a brilliant film - with a good story, a fantastic cast (and superb acting), great direction, and amazing music. Everything comes together to form a wonderful whole ... and the standout aspect of this film is its humour. I was smiling, cringing and laughing throughout. It's a bittersweet comedy, highly poignant, and ultimately uplifting.

This is Paul Kaye's best film, and he's perfectly cast as world-renowned club DJ Frankie Wilde - who's into drugs, casual sex, having a good time on the beach, and generally living a hedonistic lifestyle. He lives with his sexy wife and (is it his?) child in a large, comfortable property on the island of Ibiza - and everyone is happy. Unfortunately, Frankie's hearing starts to rapidly deteriorate ... and he seeks solace in a combination of ignorance and cocaine. But, after he becomes totally deaf, he can no longer pretend all is right with the world. His club dumps him, his wife leaves him, his manager abandons him ... Frankie is alone, hoping that his ears will miraculously heal. A year or so later, realising that he's a deaf man, Frankie decides to re-join society. He meets an attractive sign-language teacher (and the two of them start a relationship). And, feeling good about himself, he tries to mix music ... realising that he can "feel" the sound (the vibrations) and, as such, is able to work as a DJ. He records an album, which is highly successful, and suddenly everyone wants to be friends with the infamous deaf DJ! Only Frankie has grown up, and now only wants to settle down with his new lover and live a 'quiet' life.

I cannot recommend this movie too highly. It's a joy to watch. But I do understand that it's not for everyone ... this is a particular brand of humour, and some people just won't like it. But it's worth giving a try. You may end up loving this film!

This is a review of the Blu-ray (imported from the USA). While it's a region 1 disc, it plays on my European Blu-ray player. I also own this film on DVD. The Blu-ray version provides for a much more vibrant and clear image. However, the Blu-ray has no special features - whereas the DVD has lots!
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on 1 June 2017
Good Movie
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on 7 March 2017
Awesome in so many ways.
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on 4 March 2017
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on 14 May 2015
brilliant film now glad to have it on DVD. Tried the DVD works great and good price
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on 15 May 2012
A must see DVD for any clubber who loves the scene and Ibiza. Most people will be able to relate to everything that happens in this movie. Great movie to watch on a Saturday night when you decide not to go out. Heaps of laughs
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on 12 November 2011
Despite being a Dennis Pennis fan, the first half was typical 'Paul Kaye as Yob #1' style gurning and swearing, also typically not unwatchable and perhaps mildly entertaining, but nothing particularly original. And, as so often happens, falling into the usual trap of having not a single character you could feel any kind of empathy for; except perhaps Pete Tong himself I suppose, in the scene having to interview this idiot played by Kaye.

It all comes right by the end though, and Kaye and his new slightly-not-enough-questions-answered girlfriend make it all seem worthwhile watching. I think this latter half is littered with just enough rewarding dramatic touches, and handled with some surprising degree of tact (considering the subject matter of the film) and considering the kind of 'dance, drugs and puke' comedy featured in the first half. I hate to say it but this is where the films Canadian and British sensibilities shine through, perhaps?

In all maybe one for a Sunday morning after a night out?
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VINE VOICEon 22 August 2006
As a DJ myself this film really struck a chord with me. Pete Kaye does an amazing job as the famed DJ 'Frankie Wilde' who is at the top of his game. Obssesed with drugs and partying, with no cares to the consequences of his actions, ends up hitting rock bottom when he loses his hearing. The story itself works fascinatingly well in a number of different areas.

The scenes showing Frankie mixing are, in my opinion, a true indication to how frustrating it can be sometimes to beatmatch. The biggest fear any DJ has becomes reality shortly after Frankie loses his ability to hear when the crowd literally boo him for the stage and Frankie has a mental breakdown, throwing the decks around and being forcefuly dragged out the club. This is indeed a fightening thought for any DJ!

Another interesting angle i found was Frankie's addiction to cocaine. The disgusting giant badger is done frighteningly well and really does show the horrific outcome of cocaine addiction.

This film's moral, in my opinion, is that no matter how bad things get, you can always pick yourself up and turn things around. This film portrays that surprisingly well. I had heard beaming reviews from this film and wasnt sure when I first watched it but this really is a truly inspiring film. I strongly recommend enthusiastic DJs to watch this film as I believe this is one of the key target audiences this film aims for. However, thats not to say it's only for this group. Anyone could watch this and leave with a a warm fuzzy feeling. A fantastic film that I can't stress more how much I like it! One of the best I've seen in a long time that truly shows the life and times of the highs and low of DJing.

This film also shows that if DJs have a manager...it should be someone whos close to you and not obsessed with making money and actually want to help your career :-)
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on 9 February 2013
I had to have this film as it was one i watched years ago, i really liked it and had to get it
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on 27 October 2014
My ex boyfriend wanted to show it to me. I only knew it will be about house music - which I can tolerate but deffo far from liking it. He loves it! So I was ready for something horrible. WOW I was wrong! First of all the main guy is epic! He is so funny and plays this so well! Silly and idiotic first then charming in the end. I watched it twice now :))
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