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3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on 23 August 2011
They were came quickly (within the week) and was well packaged, there were no dents are cracks. The earphones worked and it came with 3 different budd sizes for different size ears.

The sound quility was good and crisp, I good here things from movies I'd never heard before with my laptop speakers on.

I was very happy with but unfortunatly, after 2 months te sound just cut out from both earphones. I've had skullcandy earphones before and they did the same thing.

Skullcandy look good, give excellent sound quilaty, but they do not last long. I won't be buying skullcandy again.

Thanks, hope I helped.
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on 14 July 2012
My review is about a purple pair that I bought here on Amazon, although I have a red pair too that I bought elsewhere, they are the best earphones I have used so far, I do not have a lot of luck with earphones, I have had many, many pair of Creative EP 830 which break within a month usually so anything that lasts longer than that is a hit with me. My earphones are in constant use, they are frequently wrapped around my iPod or mobile and shoved into a bag or a pocket, I am not easy-going on them. I have found Ink'd earphones to be perfect (so far).

I am sure there are many excellent alternatives out there (somewhere) but I have such terrible luck with them that I now refuse to pay more than £25 since I know I'm looking at buying at least 4 pairs a year!

It must be noted that they are noise isolating earphones, ie. They go IN the EAR. They come with medium size buds or an alternative small bud which may not be suitable for everybody. I can ONLY wear In-Ear Buds but my daughter can only wear the other type (not certain what they would be called) and having read some of the reviews on here I think this is an important point to note. My best description for you would be to avoid buying this type of Ear Bud if you LIKE the earphones that come with iPods and Blackberry or Sony mobiles as Ink'd will most likely not be of any use to you. If, like me, you cannot wear iPod/Blackberry/Sony earphones then Ink'd will probably be a good bet for you.
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on 28 September 2011
these headphones are great, you get great sound quilty,they are really loud and thay block out all the noise from out side when your in the mood for listening to music. iv had mine for 5 months now and only one ear peice is slightly faulty and the plug in bit need to be adjusted befor it will work but thats my fault because i droped my mp3 while they were plugged in and it damaged them.i would recomed bying these if you are a serious music listener if not get them anyway cos they are amazing
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on 20 November 2012
I've been using these particular earbuds for a few years now, the sound quality is fantastic in my opinion, clear bass with no awful dull muffled sound (obviously depending on the EQ settings on your device). They are by far the best quality buds I have tried, and I have tried a LOT and the price is just fantastic, even at full RRP. I also love the huge variety of colours/themes! The only snag is how easily they break. Depending on how often I use them the sound in one bud dies after about 4 months, regardless of how careful I am. I always keep the wire as flat and straight as possible and never drop/stretch them but one bud crackles and dies every time. Despite this I ALWAYS re-purchase these buds, they're my favourite. Fast postage and came in perfect condition.

I've not tried the new ink'd buds but I'm happy with these. Don't hesitate, find a colour you like and BUY THEM!
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on 29 January 2012
Skull Candy is a brand that makes products related to music and video (headphones,earphones etc).
To be honest it depends on your daily use, if you use them everyday and are a music lover then personally, theses are not the headphones for you, you should go for more expensive and higher quality headphones, it also depends on you. If you prefer classical,jazz,soothing etc you should go for the BOSE headphones range however if you prefer hip-hop,rock,pop,rnb, then you should go for the dr dre range.
If you frequently listen to music on the treadmill or household uses etc then these are the ones to buy. And if you just want cheap,loud headphones you should also buy this. Overall, skull candys do have some good base and are very loud, they also have a ear friendly plugs, they just cannot compete with bose or dr dre etc because these companies have headphones with 100% quality,isolation,extremely loud and amazing base. So really it is up to you.

i Conclude this review by asking you a question, "do you really want to spend your money on this and are these the right choice of you?

Regards, and i hope you make a decision
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on 8 May 2012
I've had several pairs of sennheiser in-ear sound-isolating headphones and while i love the cx550, they seemed to be going up in price wildly so I tried some sennheiser cx880 as a more reasonably priced alternative and they were AWFUL. Terrible fit, low volume - so low in fact that they were unusable in all but the quietest of places. Even a busy road would override them to the point that they were put back into my pocket.

So I bought a pair of these from a high-street store. They lasted almost as long as the cx550s, the quality and volume was very good, the fit was excellent and they cost 1/4 of the price. When my first pair finally broke, I found these ones for half the price again (making them 1/8th the price of the cx550)!

tldr: great sound quality and good volume for about a tenner - what's not to like?
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on 4 April 2015
from Richard Shillam on 04 April 2015

Catchy Monkey

In my younger days (or should that be daze! Lol!) I was something of a rake, a gay blade, if you will (or even if you won't), a bounder, a Casanova, a Playboy, a ladies man, a swinger, a man of the world/about town, a back door man, a vacuum salesman, an ice cream man, a raging bull, a roaring monstrance, a flying buttress, a drying mattress, a Cliff Thorburn/Willie Thorne wannabe with a bee in my bonnet and a sting in my tail and a penchant for pickled onions second only to my love for stale sausage rolls and toad in the hole sarnies, but alas, nay more. These days I'm reduced rather to nibbling on Penguin biscuits and the odd glass of Tizer, while watching my beloved videos of 'Softly, Softly' or 'Rosie' (or even 'Juliet Bravo' if I'm feeling that way out) on the box and occasionally treating my ageing mum to a day out at the seaside (Brid. or even Redcar if I'm feeling that way out). She's a wonderful woman with all her own teeth, a marvellous pair of bosoms and almost total control of her bodily functions, but she does tend to go on a bit (whereas I've always been relatively taciturn), espec. on the way there and back in the Viva. Thus, these little sons of gnus have been a proper god send and no mistake. She's free to gripe on about whatever, say her bowels or how many fellers she's 'known', whilst I can listen, in blissful ignorance, to a Cleo Laine or Leo Sayer (or even an Afrika Bambaata or an Alien Sex Fiend if I'm feeling that way out). That way.
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on 20 February 2012
There is a clarity of sound with these ear-buds that I haven't heard with any other 'phones (including a pair of Sennheisers!)The bass goes low, and the trebles are clean and clear.
I'm now having fun listening to my hundreds of favourite albums, picking out new sounds, it really is like having a new music collection.
Some have mentioned poor build quality, but they seem OK so far, I use the larger rubbers (there are two pairs, large and small) and really plug them in, so I'm quite hard on them when I remove them.
I've knocked off one star because I can't easily tell the left one from the right; instead of a dopey 'skull' logo on each end-cap, what's wrong with an 'L' and an 'R'?

Excellent 'phones for the price - highly recommended...
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on 28 January 2012
really good sound no sound leaks, and the price is very good (on the skullcandy site there £20).i would definitely recommend this product.
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on 6 January 2012
I bought these headphones after breaking a pair of Bose £160 'in ear speakers'. I picked the skullcandy ones as they too have a 11mm driver which my old ones had... And being honest, I am happier with the skullcandy ones over the bose ones. Sound is awesome, deep base and clear notes... Sounds like your in a club! For all the people who have said they break after a week... lies! I cycle to work everyday and have also used them whilst climbing. I have snagged them and yanked them by accident and the work fine... and if they break I will certainly purchase a new pair straigt away. Best headphones I've ever owned!
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