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on 20 June 2013
...and these men (and women - and women dressed as men) make for a great evening's entertainment. This is not one of Shakespeare's meatiest plots; nor, frankly, one of his funniest comedies - but it is hard to imagine any production doing better than the Globe players.

Rosalind holds this play together, and Naomi Frederick does a splendid job, with a light comic touch. For most of the play she is dressed (rather fetchingly, I thought...) as a boy, but scrubs up nicely for the final scene. Jack Laskey plays Orlando as a naive and callow youth, which is fair enough, as he has to be fairly dense not to see through Roslaind's disguise in eight seconds flat. The only problem with this is you wonder why Rosalind doesn't dump him for his elder brother the second Jamie Parker walks on stage.

Touchstone hams it up nicely, the Duke-in-the-forest is handled sympathetically, and minor characters such as Audrey, Phebe and (in particular) Silvius are faultlessly portrayed; but Jacques steals every scene he's in. Tim McMullan (looking and sounding like a young Terry Jones) is wonderfully lugubrious, world-weary, and aloof to all the excitement the other characters feel. He pops up in all sorts of strange parts of the theatre, and deals with the over-familiar Seven Ages speech wonderfully well.

One minus - the music. Usually the Globe's musicians do a splendid job; but not so here. It's not bad, as much as inappropriate. Dixieland jazz in the Forest of Arden doesn't cut it for me.

That tiny quibble aside, this is an excellent production, and is heartily reccommended.
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If, like me, you are rather fed up by "films of plays" that are actually plays turned into films, then this is for you. As You Like It played in the Globe, and sympathetically filmed as a production - you can feel - and see! - the audience's excitement and involvement.

Naomi Frederick makes for a very exciting Rosalind, almost believable as a male (Ganymede) - amusingly (and fittingly!) almost more male than her Orlando (Jack Laskey).

Thea Sharrock's production was rightfully acclaimed at the Globe, and this DVD is a great way to experience the performance.

And if you're a student studying the play - or a teacher looking for an easy couple of lessons - look no further, and buy this!
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on 25 July 2012
This is an excellant DVD The production is a very good one and the camera angles make you feel as you are right there in The Globe Theatre. Not a thing is missed. The director has picked up well on the comedy in this play without resorting to slapstick. Enjoyed it a lot.
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on 16 August 2017
best version so far - really funny and well acted
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on 23 March 2018
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on 27 July 2015
Really enjoyed watching this adaptation if As you like it , the globe does a brilliant job with every Shakespeare show , although DVDs can be a bit over priced , probably easier to rent on the globe player.
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on 25 October 2017
Superb production. Had to watch it on my computer however, as it would not play in my DVD player.
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on 9 February 2016
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on 30 June 2016
fast service, good product
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HALL OF FAMETOP 50 REVIEWERon 11 November 2011
The precise nature of this unique setting enhances the audience participation to a marked degree, an element that is utilised at every suitable opportunity by the actors. The lines are delivered with a knowing fluency that nicely bridges the gap between the Elizabethan use of the language and modern comprehension of that usage.

Music and song is effortlessly woven into the production, and the naturalness of the non-professional singing also adds to the veracity and charm of the event.

I use the word 'event' to describe this production and recording as an 'event' is the over-riding feeling of this very vibrant production/performance which sets it apart from all other versions that I have previously seen.

The actors and acting are both of a high standard throughout, and whatever minor quibbles one may have about either of those two considerations, one is constantly reminded throughout that ';the play's the thing' and on this occasion the play is made to come alive most successfully and enjoyably.

The recording does full justice to this with all words and actions clearly caught.

I would suggest that this disc in either format, Blu-ray or DVD, deserves serious consideration as a potential purchase.
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