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on 8 June 2016
What a great camera, over 5 years old and still producing excellent footage.
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on 19 July 2010
Next to or better than the broadcast quality videos. Words can't explain how good the video shot at 1080/50p. Colours are very real. I have owned 3 camcorders in the past from Sony and Canon and I would say this at 100 times better. Seeing is believing, go for it.
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on 26 July 2010
The Panasonic SD600 is a brillant product. Full HD is really superb on a Panasonic TV. The lens is extremely sharp and the detail and colour reproduced is excellent. The camera is easy to operate although I am not a great fan of touch screens but I am getting used to it. This is probably the best and most satisfying product I have bought for a long time.
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on 16 September 2010
Well i have had this Camcorder for about 3 weeks; in that time it has covered a wedding and an exhaustive week in Lanzarote on holiday. I will split this review down into manageable chunks for ease of reading.

Price - I will admit that it was a last minute decision to purchase this camcorder having researched for a good few weeks all of the similar ones from both Panasonic and the other main competitors, my final choice was to be the very good SD60, however, it just didn't feel right in the hand when i tried one out, i found because of its smaller size that it was really uncomfortable to hold and manipulate the controls at the same time, so in the end i tried the SD600 despite its cost i had a really good feeling when i held it (not my only consideration of course).

What's in the box - Well of course the camera itself along with a remote control (not sure how much i would use this but its handy for self shots, it came with a battery charger, composite connectors and a battery. Since then i have purchased an additional battery and a mini hdmi to hdmi lead (this to me is a glaring omission from Panasonic and the most logical way of connecting to a HD TV). Would have been nice to see a little protective cloth sack included also.

Overall Feel - Well its been a good 12 years since my last camcorder purchase and to say things have moved on is an understatement, this thing is very light but not too light, now i know that sound weird to some but i do like to have a little bit of weight in my hand and in my personal opinion it helps with steadying the cam. The controls are reasonably well laid out although i find the power on/off switch a little bit fiddly as its tiny and recessed slightly. The touchscreen isn't too bad to get used to and the menu system is fairly easy to navigate without having to refer to the instructions.

Usability - Well its an absolute dream to use, open the viewfinder and it is ready to shoot almost instantaneously, all you need to press is the red record button (which is awkwardly placed to the right of the battery rather than the left which would suit pressing it with your thumb). There isn't much else to play with except the pretty impressive zoom and camera mode. Next to the zoom is a camera shot button, which means you can take a snapshot on the fly whilst recording video, the resolution is claimed at 14mb and in real terms its pretty impressive though the shot needs to be held slightly longer than a normal camera. During playback you can also take photos on the fly when you reach a scene that you like. Its an excellent feature and has meant that i dont carry my camera around with the camcorder, this really can do both.

Playback - As previously mentioned my preferred playback in via the mini HDMI to HDMI connection. When you first see your TV screen come to life your in for a big surprise. The quality is outstanding, it is like nothing i have ever seen from a camcorder in my life, everything is so clear and lifelike, i dont think i could ever go back to non HD recording again, and anyone who sees it will be amazed at how clear it is. You can whilst playing back on your big TV select parts to take a snapshot from using the supplied remote control, it works perfectly.

Memory - This is a break from DVD, HDD and mini DV that i have been used to. SD cards are very difficult to gauge to an amateur such as myself, the prices range from 25 to 115 pounds for a 16gb. In the end i paid 25 pounds for a transcend class 10 (apparently the better the class you can get the better it can record HD, having tested it out i decided to by a second card, each one gives me a good 90 minutes in full HD recording which mates well with the 2 battery life's.

Overall Opinion - As i said initially i was almost set on the SD60 but it didn't feel right when compared against the SD600, I really am glad that i decided to pay that bit (ok fair bit) extra and upgrade. I am completely happy with my purchase and i would recommend this camcorder 100 percent for its ease of use and breathtaking quality of playback.
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on 5 July 2010
Once again Amazon have excelled themselves.
Ordered Friday 2nd July delivered Monday 5th July using free delivery.

My initial thoughts on the Panasonic HDC-SD600 camcorder.

For a 'simplified' version of the SD700 it sure has a lot of features that I'll never use.

Using full auto (iA) produces an absolutely fabulous picture quality.
I won't use the top recording mode because I have no way of playing back the videos. I'm using the next setting down and I think the reproduction is superb, I can't praise it enough.
I thought the picture from my old Panasonic NV-S90(S-VHS-C) were good, but these are so much better.
I can't imagine how good it must be if you are able to use the full HD setting.

The only thing that I might miss is the viewfinder. I'm a bit of a Ludite in that respect.
I would never buy a still camera without a viewfinder, but I didn't think it worth paying the extra £120 or so for the SD700, just to get a viewfinder.
I know it has some other features too, but nothing that I'll ever use.
Friends tell me I won't miss the viewfinde once I get used to using a screen instead. We'll see.
I am finding the touch screen a bit of a chore, but that's probably because I've never used one before.

On the few occasions that I might want manual control, it seems to be available with this, once I learn what buttons to press.

At the moment I'm using the 4gb SDHC (2) card that I use in my stills camera.
It's working fine and I get 30 minutes recording at the setting that I'm using.
I will be buying something a bit bigger, but no bigger than 16gb and I'll be looking for SDHC (4 or 6) just to be sure it can cope. I'm a funny sort, I would sooner have several smaller cards than one big one. I always worry the the card will die and I'll loose everything. This way I only loose the contents of one card.

Unless you really need full manual control this will do everything that you want.

If my opinion changes when I've had longer to use it I will update this review. For now though, I'm a very happy 65-year-old bunny.
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on 18 August 2010
I purchased this camcorder from amazon and it arrived to me (Cyprus) 7 days after placing the order ( 1 day earlier than estimate). After a thorough test i am sure that i made the correct choice. This camcorder takes great videos and stills. And if you get it for a good price then it is great value for money.
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on 11 June 2010
I bought this camcorder after seeing the reviews on the internet (simplydv/trustedreviews)

Although a bit more expensive than usual, I wanted something that would be futureproof so I could record my son's sports day and play back when he's older.

Playing back on my Samsung HDTV, the picture is absolutely stunning and I found the camcorder not only small enough to fit in my pocket, but really easy to use.

Would definitely recommend to others.
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on 21 December 2010
I bought it to replace a Panasonic 3MOS DV tape camcorder which gave flawless heavy duty service for nearly 8 years. I finally took the plunge simply because I wanted to be able to record movies on SD and use the SD slot on my new Panasonic TV for playback. This is an absolutely phenomenal and near as possible future proof camcorder which gives eye opening results even if you have used Panasonic's older 3MOS technology as HD 1920x180p catapults it into an entirely different league. Just be aware even if you have a Panasonic TV you will still need a mini HDMI lead for TV playback if you want to maximise the full potential of the camcorder by using the HD 1920x180p (50p) setting.
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on 9 March 2011
I bought the SD600 from Amazon in January, it was a toss up between the SD60 and the SD600, and initially ordered the sd60, which is a fine camera, but I decided to return it and purchase the sd600 for it's extra high quality video and lower light capabilities. I was not disappointed, the video quality is the best I've seen, it really is superb.

The main reason why I changed from the SD60 was the fact that the SD600 comes with a remote control, while the SD60 like many other camcorders these days do not have a remote. It would have been nice to have mic inputs, but unfortunately you have to go upto the 700 series for that, and for me the extra expense is just not worth it. I also prefer the SD600's separate charger, which I think is preferable to on-camera charging. It means you can use your camcorder while your spare battery is being charged. The addition of the threaded lens mount may also be useful to some people, the camcorder comes with a small screw on 'lens hood' which I leave on all the time.

One of my main concerns was some comments I'd read about the SD600 fan noise (fitted to all 3mos cams) but, it's proved not to be an issue, yes, you can just about hear it, it is audible, but you really have to listen for it, for 95% of the time you simply don't hear it at all.

Many people use the free VLC player for playing back their HD movies, but I notice the latest Windows 7 media player also plays back the HD movie format 'M2TS' and others just fine, the replay quality both from the TV and PC is really excellent. BTW...another very good HD movie player is 'Splash Pro', but for most people Microsofts latest media player will give superb smooth high quality results.

I had a spare battery with my Amazon deal, and I've since bought a 3rd cheap non Panasonic battery which also works fine, battery life is around 80/90mins continual use, the times I've been out with it, I've not needed to use the spare battery yet, but no doubt in the summer it will get more use.

My only negative comment for Panasonic camcorders, would be the fact that the record start/stop button could have been placed in a more comfortable position, though this would likely mean re-designing the battery mount...lol.. I suspect this is the price we pay due to modern day camcorders being very small indeed.

So, in conclusion, I think this Amazon deal on the SD600 is quite good, you certainly won't be disappointed with the quality you get from this camcorder. One may ask.. is it worth the extra over the SD60?, well... if you want the best video quality you can get with the extra low light capabilities, then yes! I think it's worth paying the extra.
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on 28 August 2010
Just got the camera yesterday so far its been so easy to use and the quality is great. Just a little point overlooked by me the camera comes with no memory so you must buy memory card as well. Still pictures are lovely and when you connect to your tv ...well you gotta see for yourself you will not be dissappointed.
The camera is so light and easy to use a child could use it. I will buy a spare battery and memory for it.
The product arrived as promised on time and in perfect condition.
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