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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 2 October 2011
I love all the songs on this album, like all albums there are ones that you like more and ones you can happily skip. I enjoyed this album so much I have purchased their first album and pre-ordered their third.

My personal favourite on this album is 'When you got a good thing' and of course 'Need you now' I like these songs so much, when I get married I want these songs on my wedding playlist!

They are a fab country band and honestly we need more of this kind of music around, instead of all the tosh you have in the UK top 40 charts.

I would definitely recommend, I cannot wait to hear their latest material!
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on 11 February 2010
There's not a track on this album I don't like. Definitely worth checking out.
Look out especially for track 4 ""Hello World", track 3, "American Honey" and track 7 "When you got a good thing".
One of the best contemporary country bands to come out of Nashville in recent years.
Go buy!
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on 5 May 2010
Typical: this UK edition of Lady Antebellum's wonderful 2nd album is a scam/sham! All the songs have had their wonderful country sound removed, with this I mean that none of the songs contain that wonderful steel guitar sound & those twangs that typify good country songs. Everything on the album sounds bland now, like substandard pop/rock songs, there to satisfy undemanding rock & pop lovers. Absolutely dreadful! Thank god I had already purchased the original US version of the album, which is one of the best country albums of the year. So try to avoid at all costs the bastardized, "country drained" UK version! Accept no substitute(s)!
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on 26 January 2010
Do these people produce a bad track? The answer your looking for is "No". I bought the previous Album "Lady Antebellum" and was immediately hooked. If MP3 players could wear out, I would have worn mine out as I have listened to nothing else since. I thought that album would be as good as it could possibly get but I was wrong. This surpasses it (if that is at all possible). May you continue to reign supreme. If you haven't heard Lady A before, nip over to Youtube, Take a listen and I gaurantee you will be back to buy everything you can! Thank you Lady A for giving us more of you....
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on 22 May 2011
Great album, not normally into this genre but my wife dragged me to a concert recently. Had a ball. So we got the album. Good crossover between country and rock ish....
And they are fantastic live !!
Will get the next album when its out.
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on 21 November 2015
No, I'm sorry - after having had a couple of Lady Antebellum tracks in my Country collection for a few years ("Love Don't Live Here" and "Just Looking For a Good Time" from their first 2008 CD) which I have always really liked, I held off getting hold of any more of their music until I reached a black spot in terms of newness, therefore wanting to finally give their extended catalogue a try. I ordered both "Need You Now" and "Own the Night" from Amazon's marketplace concurrently, and have to say that both CDs just leave me utterly flat.

I have now tried to play both several times in my car, but always struggle to land on anything that piques the interest of my ear, and the best I can describe these as is simply un-challenging background music. I was hoping (and reading through other such positive reviews) that their style was a revolutionary approach to country, bringing some of the tired and cliched formulas of recent years kicking and screaming right up to the modern moment. This is NOT the case at all.

The Title track of "Need You Now" is about as good as that album gets, and my main beef is that neither Hillary Scott nor Charles Kelley seem to give any of the lead vocal tracks any real exertion. They are just not there, neither emotionally nor energetically. This may be different on later releases, which I am yet to hear, but it seems they just turned up to the studio, laid these tracks down over a couple of coffees/Budweisers and then popped back home again. These are flat renditions of easy-on-the-ear country and radio-friendly tracks which bore far more than they excite.

As an example - after track #1 on "Need You Now" winds down, I was expecting track #2 "Our Kind of Love" to really lift off and drive the tempo on, as second tracks on albums which follows ballad openers often do. The track actually does start out that way, with a catchy piano melody and with Charles yelling "Here we go!", but then it all goes soft again - weak vocal parts, cheesy lyrics, radio-friendly jangles and a naff chorus. This is the formula for the rest of the CD.

The lack of tempo in both "American Honey" and in "Hello World" left me bored rigid before the CD was even half over. "Perfect Day" then delivers about the most cheesy melodies and lyrics imaginable, so by this point the CD was rapidly ejected from my player.

It is a shame you can't return music due to copyrighting laws, but based on customer DIS-satisfaction, if that option were available to us I would be making full use of my consumer rights after having wasted time and money in the case of "Need You Now". However, if you have minimum musical requirements, don't really require anything challenging, are happy to add yet another bunch of tracks to your collection that sound like anything that have gone before them, and for some reason love country that borders on soul-less pop, then go right ahead and get yourself a copy of "Need You Now".
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on 10 May 2010
Why do they do this? Is it so hard to believe that people in the UK wont appreciate the more country sound? If you're thinking of buying this, DO!!! but do yourself a favour and buy it from and get the US release which is better in my opinion. I love this album, hence the 5 stars by why do the record companies think they have to butcher it before it's released over here?
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on 26 August 2011
This album "Need You Now" is superb. If you like Fleetwood Mac and Country Rock - this is for you. with two hit tracks which are very popular with line-dancers too. The female voice is so melodic and captivating, can't stop playing this one. Will definately be buying their new album next month.Need You Now
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on 2 August 2015
I only brought the CD for the one track: Need You Now. I've listened to this particular track over-and-over again. It's a great track which I can't seem to get enough of. Other tracks on the album simply don't have the same appeal for me. I'm led to believe that Lady Antebellum are country musicians. Oh dear, I must like country music now! Rated the CD as 'it's okay' because of the ONE track. If this track was not on the album then I'd probably adopt the rating 'I don't like it' because the other tracks did nothing for me. Needless to say the track 'Need You Now' was a hit worldwide. Listen to it a few times and you'll soon find yourself enjoying it too.
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on 28 March 2010
Lady Antebellum have become one of the biggest acts in country music right now and from this fantastic album it's easy to see why!
Need You Know is the follow up to their hugely successful dedut CD and they're getting stronger and stronger.
They begin with their massive Pop Crossover number 1 hit and title track Need You Know and the current hit American Honey which has a nice summer time feel to it.Hillary gets to really show off her strong voice on these two tracks.
There's also lots of other catchy uptempos like Perfect Day,Stars Tonight and Something 'Bout A Woman.But the real stand out song is easily the beautiful Hello World.This has future Song of the Year written all over it!
Produced by Paul Worley (Martina McBride) and Lady Antebellum with writing credits from Lady A also, this is pure polished Pop/Country at it's very best.
Need You Know has already become their most successful album to date so you simply can't go wrong with this gem.

Prime cuts: Need You Now, American Honey, Hello World, Stars Tonight.
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