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on 3 September 2016
This is a really nice radio. I use it in the garden during the summer months, and it keeps agreeably charged in the sunlight. But I keep the charger handy, and sometimes have to top up once in a while. The sound quality is excellent, and is very rich in the base, which I think is the reason why the battery cover vibrates when I have the volume any higher than modest-to-medium. A bit of a nuisance when I want to listen at higher volumes, such as when I am in the kitchen, and the radio must compete against the sounds of boiling kettle and microwave fan. When I press my thumb against the battery cover, the vibrating ceases, so I am looking out for a very thin bit of foam, which if positioned tightly under the cover, will stop the buzzing noises.

UPDATE. I used a piece of folded tissue paper to jam between the batteries and the flap/door thing. This is only somewhat successful, but does reduce the buzzing and vibrations that otherwise would occur, but does not suppress them for loud volumes. This is sufficiently annoying for me to get another radio for when I want louder volumes. Not a Roberts, though.
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on 8 September 2017
Excellent little portable radio. I use it as a bedside radio. It's small and perfect for quieter listening, and I've used it 2 years in a row on my camping trips. The solar panel works extremely well, and the radio holds it charge for a very long period between charges. If I fully charge the radio on the mains then unplug it and move it around the house, it just keeps going (I think it's around 30 hours play between charges). Perfect little radio for my purposes. Clearly if you want better sound quality, then the size of the radio would need to be larger. I've got a large Roberts radio in the kitchen, which you can really crank up, and the bass on that set is brilliant (clearly on this small radio, bass and volume are limited). So over all I would recommend this if you want a mobile little radio which is solar powered. If you want something with more power, then you will need to go for one of Roberts (or alternative makers) larger radios.
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on 24 July 2015
Im giving this radio 5 stars based only on my early impression of it, its of good construction and has a surprisingly good tone, let me comment at this point on some of the faults others have mentioned, some have said the batteries would not hold a charge, so when mine arrived i fitted it with my own 3200ah AAs, its been running on these for a few hours so far ok, i have put the ones that came with it into my charger, and will test them later. The aerial, it has been reported its prone to breakage, on examining it I can see why it may be a problem if used in a heavy handed manner as it is thin on the top and has a thick base with a swivel, pulling up from the tip is in my mind not recommended. It has a unique system call the dynamic range control or DRC, that make quieter sounds easier to hear in a noisy environment.its the first time i have seen this. So far im impressed, but only time will tell on durability. it looks great in White.
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on 3 November 2017
Dreadful sound quality, particularly at low volume. No possibility of changing the deep bassy muffled sound from the single tiny speaker. Impossible to differentiate words at low volume. I sent an Email to Roberts technical support but not even an acknowledgement. Very disappointed in this product.
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on 19 March 2016
I like it, a great little radio. I mainly listen to speech on it, so I couldn't really comment about its musical performance, but it has a single 2 ish inch speaker, so its a trade off for weight, size cost and portability! But great for me for speech radio. To me it sounds fine, not boxy or tinny at all.
Good points:
A matter of opinion but it looks nice, better than in the picture, it appears and feels well made. The press buttons also feel good quality (I'm fussy!).
It has a proper volume DIAL no stupid pressy buttons for the volume.
On DAB it takes a very acceptable 3 seconds to start up.
In the pics the solar panel seems to dominate the design, it almost put me off, but again it looks absolutely fine in reality.
Reception in my poor recception area is excellent, previous radios failed dismally in the very same spots in my house where this beast works just fine, I occasionally have to pull the aerial out a bit but that is no problem at all.
The display is large, bright and clear, it illuminates for a few seconds when you turn the thing on and when you change the stations, a good idea.
I use it 10 - 30 minutes a day on speech radio mainly, set fairly loud (its a big room) its never going to deafen anyone but it can go well beyond more than loud enough for me without the sound deteriorating. I put it in the window facing south,and despite the winter daylight it charges from the available daylight just fine, I got it around december, use it everyday, and in mid March I have never had to charge it with the mains charger, the daylight it gets has charged it just fine! Obviously I don't know if I'm using 10% or 99% of the available charge.
The sound is nice and clear, some have said its a little bassy, but I haven't noticed that, there is no adjustment for bass and treble but I don't think its necessary on a unit like this.
I like the dial you can turn through the available channels on DAB and just press to select, and the autotune setup worked so well I don't even remember pressing it.
i PARTICULARLY like the "favourite" button, I have it set to a DAB channel and it always goes to the correct station even if it is on FM and not DAB. - nice touch.
I like the addition of the low battery LED. It hasn't gone flat yet but I appreciate the warning!
The display shows the station you are listening to and the time and date which i like, or a bit of blurb about the radio station.
Its small, light and portable, and I never need to charge it!
One major plus with Roberts radios in particular, it might not sound like much but on DAB the 4 I have dotted around the house are all in sync, that is, the audio does not have the irritating few second difference I used to get with other radios in the past.

Not so good but not really that bad points:
I'm being picky, but the "preset" took a little getting used to, but ok once I got used to it, with preset "off" the tuning dial goes through all the DAB channels, and with preset "on" (A big heart symbol on the display) the tuning dial goes through the stored presets only. After getting used to it it works well, and I suppose you can more easily have lot of presets stored (I don't know how many it can hold, but I have 6 set and thats all I need) and maybe its better than it brisling with preset buttons.
Thanks to probably clumsiness occasionally when I pick it up to wander around with it I hit the power button. Always at a crucial moment! Aaagh!
I wish they had said more clearly on the amazon writeup it has batteries in the box, on the amazon page it says "Batteries 3 Lithium ion batteries required" so I ordered them separately, and further down the page it said "Uses 3 x LR6 (AA size) batteries or rechargeable equivalent (included)" which I didn't read. Something like "Yes, it comes with batteries, stupid" at the top would have been handy for me.

Also if you use rechargeable batteries which I guess almost all will, make sure the switch inside the battery cover is set to the correct type. Not sure exactly what it does but what I know about batteries its important to charge them correctly.

I had a black model but wish now I'd been a bit more imaginative and got a brightly coloured red or green one! Oh well, i could always buy another one...
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on 3 June 2015
UPDATE: Having bought this unit in June and fitted the full recharged batteries I have just (1st December) had to recharge them on the USB lead.

So thats 6 months use on just one charge. Pretty impressive!

I bought this for use in the bathroom and it is working extremely well.

I bought a good set of rechargeable batteries (Duracell) and gave them the initial charge.

Since then the radio has been charging itself through the solar panel as the radio sits on the window ledge and gets the PM sun.

No problems with reception, the full range of stations being available, and the unit has not suffered from being in a steamy room.

All told very pleased as my previous bathroom DAB radio used 6 x C batteries (no power outlet in there) which had to be replaced every six weeks so this unit is a money saver as well.
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on 29 July 2016
On mains power this is a good radio with a nice sound and easy to operate. However I purchased a "solar" radio because I wanted to be able to take it out into the garden knowing it would always be charged due to the combination of rechargeable batteries and the solar panel. The first problem was the rechargeable batteries wouldn't charge when the radio was plugged in, this turned out to be due to flimsy metal contacts rather than the usual springs. We got past that and managed to get the batteries fully charged then proceeded to leave the radio in a sunny conservatory for several days before attempting to go off grid. The solar panel lasted less than a few seconds before the radio gave up. It's a shame because I like Roberts but this one just wasn't up to the job and had to send it back.
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on 20 August 2017
This is my 4th Roberts radio (the first bought in the 1960s). They seem to last pretty well. It's smaller than the others but produces decent sound despite the plastic rather than wooden cabinet. I keep it in the window of my bedroom where it gets daylight all day, albeit through double glazing. I had expected this to be sufficient to keep it charged despite around 4 hours a day of use on DAB. However the recharging light only comes on when very strong sunlight is beating directly on the top of the radio. A disappointment in our cantankerous climate.
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on 1 August 2014
I wanted to buy a Roberts Solar Radio for a couple of years and have waited for the technology to evolve before going for it. Based on the Amazon reviews I bought one a couple of months ago. Firstly the radio - all good, a great little radio with both DAB and FM options. The DAB reception is great indoors and out and the sound, although a little bass biased for some is good. All of my concerns are based on the solar charging capability. It takes the charge on well, but only in good sunlight. Right now, in the height of summer, it charges because I take it outside and allow it to sunbathe for a few hours every couple of days. BUT, the charge runs out very fast and I would estimate that at around 2-3 hours of listening on low volumes - this is very poor. Perhaps the batteries supplied are bad, I may try some branded, high capacity ones to see if that helps. But right now the solar functionality lets the unit down considerably. No issues with Amazon, but Roberts really needs to improve its solar charging technology. The sudden presentation of a red, low battery light is not good enough, why not a sliding scale battery charge indicator on the LCD display?
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on 29 April 2015
Absolutely love it. Really nice to look at and carry around. The sound quality is much better than my last Roberts Radio which died a few weeks ago. It's easy to carry round. Haven't plugged it in yet. Just keep it on the windowsill. The solar panels work well and look attractive. Yes the rechargeable batteries that come supplied are poor quality and I'm surprised that Roberts are using them, but I don't care. I had some rechargeable AA batteries ready and waiting and popped them in today. Other than the batteries the radio looks and feels like a much more expensive item, and sounds even better.
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