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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 14 October 2010
What a revelation!
I'd previously been using a Linux transmitter ( I bought about 8 years ago, and, despite its infuriating nature, I'd never really found anything else that fit the bill for use at home, wanting to transmit music from my laptop to the big stereo speakers in the lounge. When I last trawled through the internet, all I could see was iPod ones that run off a car cigarette lighter... Then I found this. Why-oh-why did I persevere for so long with the old stuff?
While the software's user interface looks a little dated, it's perfectly easy to understand, and took about 30 seconds to install and start transmitting!
And all through something as small as my USB mouse receiver.
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on 5 April 2011
I found this very easy to set up - despite the poor instructions and misleading interface! However, the supplied usb cable (which acts as the FM antenna) would only give reception in half our house. The solution - I bought a 1 metre USB cable (from Amazon, of course) and now reception is brilliant in the entire house and garden.

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on 1 October 2010
I was particularly interested in this transmitter because I have a Bose radio that is AM and FM only, so when the FM signal is switched off this radio will be rendered useless.
Well at first I had a few problems with my transmitter which I now feel was down to a faulty lead that Keene supplied and recommended using for improved results, but I now find I,am better off without it, and the performance I find very pleasing, this devise as turned my FM radio into an internet radio of some quality, with the help of my laptop.
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on 28 August 2010
So far I have been very pleased but I'm only giving it 4 stars due to the fact that the supplied extension cable introduced a tone on the fm receiver. However it will work well without the extension cable, the signal is just reduced a bit. You just plug the dongle, which is only just over 4cm long, into a spare usb socket, so no batteries or power source required. However I had another usb extension cable which works fine no tone. The main reason I bought this was to listen to the BBC iplayer radio programmes on my kitchen radio which is in the same room as the laptop, without having to plug in speakers to the laptop. The signal streams fine and is received well. The fm transmitter when plugged in streams whatever the sound card is playing and mutes the laptops speakers. The software works well from the supplied disc and has caused no problems with Windows xp, however the documentation is limited but it is pretty self explanatory. You select an empty frequency between 87.5 mhz and 108 mhz from which to broadcast on. The signal is strong enough to be received to my loft aerial which is a Ron Smith Galaxie 14, from downstairs in my house although the signal is a bit reduced, 5 decibels down from my normal fm stations, it is perfectly listenable for speech radio but a little bit of hiss for music. It would no doubt be stronger from upstairs but I have not tried this yet. So overall I feel a good buy and it was received quickly and well packaged, which included the catalogue for Keene electronics.
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on 15 July 2011
I purchased this FM transmitter for an ex-pat friend who wanted to be able to listen to BBC internet radio anywhere in his house or garden (he's a cricket fan and wanted to relive his youthful days of sitting in the garden with some Pimms and the sound of leather and willow on the radio). I can safely say that he is over the moon with this.

Installation is very simple; run the installer from the CD which adds the driver and the software, then plug in the key.

Usage is simple too. The software allows you to pick any FM frequency you like (best to pick one that is in a "quiet" section of the band to avoid any risk of interference) and you can increase the broadcast power if needed. Once you have set the frequency you hit the "play" button and the key transmits all the PC sound via the key. No need to fiddle about changing default audio cards in Windows, it does it all for you.

The quality is fine and the range appears to be at least as good as specified.

Well worth the money.
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on 11 March 2013
I love this little gizmo!!!! It's far better than those useless FM transmitters that are used for iPods. The audio quality and stereo separation sounds as good as any BBC or Commercial FM radio station.

The signal from the USB transmitter is much stronger and cleaner (no hum on the carrier) than any of the iPod transmitters that I have consigned to the rubbish bin in the past.

I was amazed at just how good the signal was, that is so long as you use the supplied USB lead. The USB lead is in fact the aerial as well as the power and audio source for the transmitter.

It's just a simple matter of installing the software and plugging in the USB lead with the transmitter. Then on Windows 7, you go to your audio mixer on your computer and click the icon below "Applications" - then select the "Playback" tab - highlight "B-LINK USB Audio" and click "Set Default" and click OK - now you are up and running.

Click the USB Audio short cut that should be on your desktop or in your Start Menu and your USB transmitter control appears. Start by making sure the PA - Value slider is up full to the right. Click the settings wheel and make sure the settings are set correct for your location and set the TX-Gain to 2 to start with, (note: the tx-gain should really read as modulation or audio level). Also note that where is says De-emphasis it should really read as Pre-emphasis (on FM you have Pre-emphasis in a transmitter and De-emphasis in the receiver).

Ok you're almost there, click the Stop/Start button to switch the transmitter on - find a clear frequency on your FM radio and set the transmitter to the frequency - now open your audio player and anything played will be heard on your radio or Hi-Fi with BBC quality audio.

A couple of tips:

Note: Switch on the Loudness Equalization in the Volume Mixer Applications Properties, but make sure you tick the Loudness Equalization when "B-LINK USB Audio" is set as the default, this will then keep the audio constant on your USB transmitter and stop the transmitter from over deviating which can lead to distortion. There is an option to play around with the recovery time of the Loudness Equalization, a quick recovery time will give a little punch to the audio.

Ok, so you want to get a little more range out of the USB transmitter, well try a crocodile clip with about 70cm of wire clipped to the top metal strip as you look at the front of the transmitter, this should increase the range slightly. You can also use this arrangement if you want to plug the transmitter directly into a USB socket - a longer wire won't make the signal stronger, use 80cm for around 88MHz, 70cm for 98MHz and 60cm for 108MHz.

Have fun with your little transmitter.
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on 10 January 2012
For someone like myself with approx 50GB of music on my PC I wanted a way of playing it throughout my flat and this relatively cheap little USB transmitter allows me to tune all my radios into a changeable FM frequency and play my PC's music collection through this and to listen to it in multiple rooms. The USB lead they give with it is tiny and didn't work for me, it introduced a buzz and was too short to act as a good aerial, I bought a nice 2M USB cable and found a spot on my wall where the reception is clear and stuck it there, this is plenty long enough to produce a nice clear and strong signal for your radios to tune into and your music to be heard without distortion. Once you've got a new USB lead and had a play to find the best spot and frequency to play over it works a treat :)
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on 23 March 2011
It does work very well after a little tweaking and selecting of a clear FM frequency. I use it to send News 24 tv to my radio in the kitchen, about 25 feet away through 3 walls. I was very disappointed to find out on arrival that it doesn't work from my 64bit laptop -surely a driver update is needed! Having said that it's not bad, it is a little flaky on Win XP, sometimes needing a pc restart to work again once it's shut down, but early days yet. Advice: Raising the height makes a massive difference to the range, and turn back the transmission power for more complex music signals to avoid distortion. Audio quality is basically ok. Certainly a driver update is needed or warning about lack of Win 64 bit function.
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on 2 September 2012
I bought one of these a couple of years ago and have just discovered it now is reported to work on Windows 7 64 bit and have just tried it. It auto installed the driver and works fine and I have just installed the software from the original supplied disk in order to have the option of changing the frequency it transmits on. No problems. I used to use it a lot on Vista and now also recommend on Windows 7.
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on 23 April 2011
I have bought many mp3 FM transmitters and often felt disappointed with the overall signal strength and iffy audio quality BUT this little beauty works very well.It's easy to install the software and "set up" in no time at all. With good positioning and a bit of adjustment the signal is rock solid and covers a greater distance than many that I have used before. Both music and speech sound pleasing either through a good system or a portable radio. The little background whine heard when used with the supplied USB lead is quickly resolved by using another longer lead. Recommended. This device makes life really simple when it comes to listening to your PC/Laptop around the house on any FM receiver!

This device is so good that I have ordered a second one! .... and "Keene" post these out very quickly too in decent packaging.
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