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on 27 October 2016
It has been more than 10 years since I read any of the Harry Bosch stories and more than twenty years since this book was first published. In that time the world of police detection has changed immensely, partly as a result of developments in technology and the forensic sciences. However, this story stands the test of time well.
The story hooks you virtually from the start and is a real 'page-turner', in part due to the crisp, taut writing which makes it very easy to read. There are lots of twists and turns as the story unfolds and the ending caught me totally by surprise.
These early Harry Bosch novels are a real delight to re-visit. If you haven't read any yet, I would recommend you read them in order starting with The Black Echo, as then you will see how well Michael Connelly develops the character of Harry Bosch in this gripping second novel, The Black Ice.
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on 30 April 2015
The Black Ice is the second Harry Bosch book and in my opinion shows a marked improvement over the first in terms of style and substance. Starting with the apparent suicide of a cop the narrative quickly becomes convoluted and engrossing, eventually leading to a twist that isn't exactly telegraphed but which I have to admit I did see coming quite early.

Whereas The Black Echo gave a sizeable chunk of the narrative over to introducing and establishing the protagonist to the reader (sometimes to it's detriment), this one seems to have less exposition and more action. This keeps the story flowing and made it a much more enjoyable read, and as a result this makes it feel like much more happens in this book. It also helps that three seemingly separate plot lines all converge into a single conclusion, and the reader is fairly dragged along by Harry's investigation as he uncovers more evidence to build his case.

My only real criticism at this point is the apparent development of something of a formula. Okay, this is only the second book I've read in the series, but in both cases the protagonist manages to end up in bed with the supporting female characters. On top of this, we're also given a portrayal of Harry as the only good cop fighting against a fraternity of politically motivated superiors who seem hell bent on holding him back. While this isn't necessarily a bad thing I would hope that this formula doesn't become the norm throughout the rest of the series.

That said, this is still a fun read and one I'd gladly recommend.
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on 8 June 2017
Follows the normal format but this now feels rather out of date as Harry doesn't have a mobile phone etc so can duck and dive in ways that is now not possible. In my head I was denying the storyline because of facts like this which are now so integral to our lives. Obviously were it an historical book your mind set is different, but this falls into a modern mindset without the modern accoutrements we expect.
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on 22 June 2016
This is the second novel in the detective Harry Bosch series and it really doesn't disappoint. For me its even better than The Black Echo!! We start with a faceless corpse in a motel room that other detectives believe is an open and shut case, Bosch thinks otherwise and sets about investigating even though he's been told to stay away from the case. Added with his attraction to a widow it makes for a really good storyline and you cant help but root for Bosch. Well researched, believable plot and I'll certainly be working my way through the Bosch series!!
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on 2 March 2015
This is the second Harry Bosch thriller and quickly picks up on the themes from the 1st, Harry is still a loner with an almost religious obsession with getting the job of homicide detective done. The rest of the department see him causing trouble with his questions and digging so he has to go out on his own and use his wits to find the truth.
All of the classic noir elements are there, seedy dive bars, seedy motels, cigarettes, bourbon, a dame in distress, and the chief not cutting any slack from behind his desk.
I enjoyed this book but felt the impact a little less than the 1st, the mystery however is handled well and did keep me guessing until the last part of the book.
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on 29 July 2012
Having read and largely enjoyed the first Michael Connelly book "The Black Echo" I was looking forward to continuing the Harry Bosh series and had very high hopes for this book. The Black Ice begins with Harry attending a motel in which it turns out that a detective he knows has committed suicide. Harry is told that the case is been dealt with by his superiors and that he is to stay out of it. Harry is also told by his boss that the department is desperate to improve its crime statistics and is given an assignment to get to the bottom of an unsolved murder. These two cases form the main backbone of this book. Overall I found this entry in the Bosch series to be very enjoyable. Harry himself grows and shows more of his personality; In fact I would say that after this book I "get" Bosh more than I did at the end of the previous book which is a key part of a detective series for me. The only real criticism I have is that I personally found it very difficult to get into. The middle and the end of the book I found gripping and could not put down however I really struggled during the first quarter. Overall this was a very enjoyable book to read and I would recommend it to a friend. My advice to anyone that has a similar experience to me during the early stages would be to push through because when this book gets going it is an excellent read.
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on 21 April 2015
I would recommend skipping this book as it is weakly written. As it was his second book I am certain he has improved his craft as I also just read The Burning Room and The Black Echo and these are much better written and really recommended. There is a point late in this story where our hero happens to find himself in the one particular part of a 6,000 acre farm facing the prize bull which he has to deal with before going after the baddy. The story had been getting weaker and more far fetched and at this point I stopped reading for the enjoyment and just finished the book quickly I was wondering whether anything interesting happened. It didn't get any less far fetched and I was glad to get it finished. So I would skip this one book and enjoy one of his other really good books. In my opinion he is an excellent author and this one is a blip.
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on 25 June 2017
I've pretty quickly got hooked on the Bosch story. This second book is a page turner and just when you think you've figured something out the plot moves on with another twist that leaves your powers of deduction behind. I expected a final twist at the end and was mildly disappointed when I didn't get it so I'll have to read the third title which might reveal why.
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on 2 July 2015
This second Harry Bosch takes off more or less where the first one left off so for those that have read the first book this will go down well. The plot is interesting and well laid out and very believable. There are twists and turns all the way through and Connelly has created a main character that we all can relate to - hated by his bosses, yet liked by his equals yet still gets the job done. This is a very good book that you just hate to put down and the real villains only become known during the final chapters. Well worth a read and I look forward to reading the next adventure of Harry Bosch.
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on 26 February 2015
Like many of your other reviewers I thoroughly enjoyed the construction of the plot, and the twists and turns as the novel progressed. I understand that a film is to be made with Harry Bosch as the lead character. If the film portrayal follows the books description of the lead character I doubt its success since a heavy smoker who is portrayed as having no real concern as to the people with whom he deals, socially and at work. Is not going to appeal to most people. A decent film based on a Jack Reacher character, with a real actor portraying Reacher (not Tom Cruise) would carry much more appeal. Sorry the book I liked, the lead character I would have no time for.
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