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on 8 December 2010
Having chosen this phone as an upgrade on my existing plan, before reading any of the reviews, my heart sank, when I did read them, particularly with regard to battery life. When I recieved this phone & charged it up, I carefully took the charger out with me, just in case. I have to say though, that battery life is as good as you can possibly expect from the smartphone - I've had the android 2.1 update & with that the phone will last 3 days between charges, switched off overnight for about 7 hours. That's with fairly heavy music player use, medium video & data transfer & light phone / messaging. It's certainly more than I was expecting & quite a relief.
As to the phone itself, I can understand the gripes with android 1.6, it really isn't up to the job, but 2.1 is great. But it wouldn't update for some reason when linked to my Windows XP computer, it had to be my Windows 7 for a successful update. Having said that I'd like the latest 2.2 version with flash - I'm sure the processor in the phone could cope with it.
The screen on the phone is excellent, clear, bright & responisve to touch.
Camera quality is great, but the "phone light" is dire - the only thing you're likely to get a picture of is someone squinting into the dazzle! A true flash would be MUCH better.
Quality of the sony headphones is excellent, though my son says there's too much bass! The built in speaker is OK, but rather tinny & cheap sounding.
The range of apps is amazing, & you can get plenty of really useful ones. I highly recommend Akdiko, weatherbug & arcmedia amongst others. I have the Kindle app. and it is good, but I can't figure out how to add books that I haven't bought directly from Amazon though (e.g. titles from the Black Library)
All in all I think it's great - the best phone I've ever owned!!!
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on 14 February 2017
no good
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on 4 October 2010
Wasn't sure whether to get this phone after reading all the bad reviews about battery life, but i got it anyway and maybe Sony have addressed the issue as mine works great and the battery is fine.

I've had it on all day, used the camera to take about 10 pics, uploaded them to internet with phone, i've played poker, made half a dozen calls, and generally used it more than i would a normal phone. Used 9% of battery life so far, so got more than 90% left. Its charges really quickly too.

Wifi only comes on if i want to connect to a wireless network. And its no bother to switch it on and off as you please.

Really pleased with the phone, have spent hours playing with it since getting it last week and not had any battery issues
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on 15 August 2010
Have had a Blackberry Storm for just under 2 years and last week would you believe it, whilst doing an update, my pc "blue screened" and trashed the thing.
What to do? new blackberry, iphone or go for one of these "android" thingies? My middle daughter's boyfriend is a software developer for Orange [or some such thing] and has raved about android, so I went for an X10 and so far am not dissappointed. Admittedly have only had it a couple of days, and would agree with other reviewers that battery life is not great [though in the system menu, you can see exactly what is eating battery life and adjust your phone accordingly - I increased battery life significantly by reducing screen brightness only marginally], but that is where the gripes end for me.
Having got used to the Storm, I thought I would have problems with android, but it took less than a day to get used to - android blows the Blackberry os out of the water for speed and functionality.
The screen is very large, the phone has a nice quality "feel" about it, and getting used to the touch screen presented few problems.
The camera is magnificent for a mobile phone [remember it is a phone and not a camera]
Software wise, bundled "apps" - address book, media player, facebook etc all work fine. [I Had no problems at all doing a sync with my address book even if it was a bit long winded - upload address book to google and then sync, but easy enough]. Adding and removing apps is a sinch using the "marketplace" with oodles of free apps.
cannot fault the phone really - would recommend buying a case, but otherwise a smashing little number.
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on 19 July 2010
I have been using the X10 for the last 2-3 months now.

My previous phone was the solid Blackberry Bold 9000. An alround good phone and the only issue I had with the phone was it was more business orientated.

My criteria for my next phone was something a little more rounded. It had to be decent for work and entertainment. I had considered an iPhone but was never kean on the idea of a closed O/S. So I decided to look at the Android phones. Having previously use SE phones in the past (mainly the now defunct K series) I decided to give them a go again.

The Xperia X10 is SEs flagship product with the Android operating system. It comes with a custom built front end which is built around the mediascape and timescape system. Mediscape searchs your phone and stores all media in one handy front end. Timescape connects to your email, text message, facebook and twitter account (others can be added I believe). Again you can see all you recent messages, tweets and so on in one place. Both systmes look nice and work well. But there is a major downside to this, it was created around the somewhat outdated Android O/S 1.6 (more on this later).

The display itself has a nice large screen but it's a shame that it isn't the latest Amoled displays available on the market. Another problem is the touchscreen. In general everyday use it's fine. Dialling numbers or activating icons on the screen all work with out a problem. The problem is in the precision side of things. The touchscreen around the edges of the display can require several touchs before it can register. Also the default keyboard is awful. It doesn't always register a key press, even though it has indicated what key has been pressed, this can result in some frustration.

Another big issue is the battery life. A few of the other reviews have touched on this. Before I made some tweaks and added a couple of apps the battery would barely last 12 hours on standby (with minor use) and 6 hours if used more seriously. The biggest problem is that after you have used and closed many apps, they remain open in the background. Even worse there is an app installed that can not be removed called Moxio. Everytime you check your mail it opens as well. Additionally a big feature I miss from the Bold is an auto on/off. I had my Blackberry set to switch off at 10 in the evening and come on at 6 in the morning. This saved a lot of energy. I have yet to find this feature.

All of the above sounds extremely negative. And in many ways it is. Yet there is something I love about this phone. Many of the above problems I have actually managed to fix in one way or another. My battery now lasts between 12-24 hours through the use of an app killer program and a power monitor app. SE are about to start rolling out Android 2.1 (not the most up to date one I know but better than nothing) and SE have been issuing updates to the phone. For me, with these little apps and the upcoming OS update I would definately give it a 4 out of 5.
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on 6 December 2010
Got this phone in May 2010 after reading mostly good reviews. All my previous phones were Nokias and I decided I would like something abit different as im not really impressed with Nokias recent smartphones so after some research decided to go for this. Now 7 months later here is what i think of it -

Good Points -

1) Great screen, nice large display, very bright and very sharp
2) Your typical good build quality and construction from Sony
3) Compares well to other smart phones in similar price range
4) Uses Google Android platform

Bad Points -

1) Battery life is not that great and will need fully charged overnight to get you through the next day with medium use.
Heavy usuage will require a futher recharge in the late afternoon.
2) Speaker volume is very poor on full. Quite often I would miss calls and text messages when phone is in one room and im in the other. Loud speaker is just a complete joke - u have to hold the phone to your ear to hear anything in this mode - kind of deats the purpose. And my hearing is fine thanks!
3) Phone vibration is a little week certainly compared to Nokias.
4) Doesnt have a file manager, an essential facility for accessing all you files in one location.
5) NO CAMERA FLASH! A fantastic lens but no flash, only a photo light which is rubbish. Will take great outdoor pics on a nice day but all indoor shots are rubbish. Major letdown should have had a flash...
6) Dreadfully long wait to get Android 2.1 update to this phone while all other makes are enjoyning 2.2 something that x10 users may never see or if we are lucky maybe this time next year. This is needed for Adobe Flasher player which i so badly want :( and so still have to live without.

In addition to that Timescape and Mediascape are rubbish in my opinion yet Sony market these features as being special features of this phone, Nothing more than a gimmick.

Overall this is a decent phone, not perfect but then tell me one that is. I think if SE could bring Android 2.2 to the x10 quite soon and do a software upgrade to boost the speaker volume I would be inclined to give this phone 4 stars.
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on 2 August 2010
This is Brill Mobile beats iphone by miles this is a very beautiful piece of kit,this mobile is great for taking photos and making videos of your family or friends,or listening to music mp3 is great too as loads of space,like someone as already commented flash player should be updated and made avaliable soon so dont be put off sure you will find this mobile great too ignore comments by people saying this mobile is crap judge it for yourself first, htc and iphone will never come close to this mobile as brill apps perfect for everyone
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on 17 May 2011
I have now owned my Xperia x10 for 3 months. Overall it has been a great phone. The good points are:

The screen is beautiful, large and clear.
The camera is excellent (8 mb!)
The battery lasts for 3-4 days (see notes below)
The phonebook, call / message history and contact management is excellent.
Uploading music etc to your phone is very easy with the experia software.
I like Sony's timescape and mediascape apps which help show you a history of your phone - photo's taken, messages, calls and many others you can configure.
It has an excellent Data Traffic disable/enable function which allows you to block all data transfers unless you are on WIFI
Its android so there are millions of great apps to make your phone better.

The bad points:

Occasional lack of response on the touchscreen especially nearer the top or bottom of the screen. (Not sure if the screen protector I use affects this tho)
Inbuild keyboard software isn't great and the predictive text is useless.
Volume in calls or on speaker does not go very loud. It is fine for general use but I always have it at max.
Its android so there are millions of bad apps to make your phone worse.

It must be said that a lot of people who review Android phones forget that the faults they cite are actually faults of software (and often how they have abused it) rather than the phone hardware. The x10 in terms of hardware is stunning. Fast processor, high resolution screen and a lovely design.

However having an android phone is like using using Windows on your laptop. How well it runs and how long it lasts on battery will very much depend on how you use the device and what you install. It is easy to ruin a windows installation by installing a ton of garbage applications and Andriod is no different. This will just kill your battery in under a day and ironically battery widgets can do this also! So be careful and only have the applications you want on and remember even simple widgets or applications can run in the background eating your battery. I run a finite amount and my phone lasts 3 days easy with taking calls and listening to music. I recommend getting SwiftKey to replace the inbuilt touchscreen keyboard, Dolphin HD Browser to replace the inbuilt browser and a simple task killer (such as TasKiller). I also use PowerAmp instead of the inbuild music player. One of the more significant things I do which helps the battery is by default my screen is dimmed and I disable data traffic (still works on WIFI though). I can still use the phone fine and there is an inbuilt widget which lets you configure screen brightness. This is great as mostly no lighting is fine but for more intense phone use (such as gaming, browsing) you can turn up the screen. Data traffic can easily be re-enabled when I need also if I am not in a WIFI zone.
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on 13 May 2010
I have had my Xperia X10 for a day and a half and have already completely forgotten about the iPhone that I cherished for 18 months. Sony-Ericsson have created a piece of technology that has both style and substance, combining user-friendly functionality, an excellent camera, super-fast internet and a sleek case. There are myriad reasons why this phone is brilliant and if I were to list all of them you would be reading a thirty page review so I will restrict myself to listing just a few:

1) The internet on it is amazing! Super fast, very easy to use with an excellent zoom function. The standard browser that is already on the phone is more than adequate but you can also download others such as Ocean which is, supposedly, even faster and Dolphin with which one can download videos from Youtube.
2) The camera is better than my digital camera and, at very least, is the best that I have seen on a phone. The quality of both photos and video is breathtaking and knocks anything the iPhone has to offer into a cocked hat. I spit on your 3 mega-pixels!
3) The media centre is excellent and looks great. More importantly, it makes it ridiculously easy to put new music etc. onto the phone. It is just a matter of dragging and dropping items from your computer into the music folder on the phone. I'm a bit of a technophobe and even I found this easy and certainly a great deal more intuitive than the circuitous and laborious way it was done on the iPhone. Items can also be deleted or selected as ringtones on the actual phone and music can be listened to while other applications are in use.
4) The screen is a thing of beauty. It is absolutely massive, dwarfing the iPhone's, and is clear as crystal at all times.
5) There is an extensive list of 'Apps' to choose from, a lot of which are free, and they are growing in number every day.

Of course there are some miner niggles such as the absence of flashplayer (I understand that this is being rectified by an update in June) but these are all very small and will, no doubt, be sorted out by forthcoming updates.
In conclusion, throughout this review I have compared the X10 with the iPhone, the reason being that I previously owned one and, as they are both smartphones, there are obvious parallels. I loved the iPhone and thought it a great piece of technology but the X10 is just better in almost every way. The X10 has ironed out a number of the flaws that I found in it's rival and for that reason it gets 5 stars.
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on 27 August 2010
When i bought this phone, i didn't really know what i was getting, i sort of picked it out from a list of various phones, when i recieved it i was actually excited, as soon as i opened the box and saw the phone sitting there all shiny, big and new i was happy! the phone is a piece of technological beauty, both physically and feature-wise, I love its large 4" bright touchscreen, which is incredibly responsive and fast. The X10 has an amazing 8 megapixel built in camera which takes great quality snaps and very good videos ( i was quite surprised at the quality of this camera, especially being on a phone, the pictures could rival my digital camera!) everything from the unique timescape feature to the thousands of apps available on the android market make this with no doubt the best phone i have ever had!
What prevents me from giving it the full 5 stars is the fact that the phone lacks a few features you would find on many top of the market phones, including: Multi-touch screen(bit disappointing), lack of android 2.2 or even 2.1!, No flash on the camera! only a photo light, and a rather poor battery life.
To conclude, if your looking for a phone to have never ending fun with, to take great pictures wherever you are, and ease of use, then this is the phone for you! all of the standard features are there including Media player to listen to music, views photos and watch videos, alarm clock, calendar, calculator etc. plus the ability to watch youtube, have your facebook and twitter feeds right there on the home screen, satellite navigation, Great quality internet browser, email and the ability to download thousands of amazing apps which make this phone one of the top phones on the market today.
Buy this phone and you won't be disappointed, buy this phone and you will never be bored!!!
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