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on 9 April 2016
Okay so I just wanted to say / type that this action movie is one that you (I) can rewatch over and over again and never have it get old or boring or less of an entertaining thrill ride. Need a shot of pure action adrenaline? Then this is the film for you. It may, and in fact didn't, never win any awards for any category but the chemistry between the actors makes up for any possible shortcomings. Plus you got guns and explosions which is always a good time. Jeffrey Dean Morgan (John Winchester from TVs Supernatural) is a great leader and one you can truly root for. Zoe Saldana is beautiful and a kick ass heroine. Chris Evans, as ever, is a hoot and a half. Idris Elba does a completely convincing American accent and here is as good as any Luther. Jason Patric makes for an excellent bad guy and does some of his finest work here for ages. But it's really all about the two supporting players, Columbus Short, and, my own personal favourite, Oscar Jaenda, who give good action man heroics. If you have not yet seen this film then you must make it your mission to. A thoroughly entertaining wham bam actioner. The steel book is just frosting on an already divine cake.
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on 22 August 2014
This looks at first like a boring, bland action film, and in some respects it is. But it's self-aware, moving and funny.

The premise is that a group of American agents are set up by the faceless figure known only as Max, and the film opens with a truly disturbing scene that might put you off the rest of the film. Don't let it, though, because you'd be missing out on a real treat.
The Losers knows what it is, and it knows how to avoid action movie clichés, in part by mocking them and in part by being an actually engaging movie. It has the typical setup for an action movie, but its execution is tremendous.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is great as the team's leader, Zoe Saldana is a strong character as the vengeful mercenary aid, but the real show-stealer here is Chris Evans (now known for being Captain America). He is brilliant in every sense of the word - he's hilarious, he's strong and he just seems to be having a great time, which is something that gets reflected in the viewer. One particular sequence is one of the most pleasant, enjoyable, fun scenes from any action movie.

All in all, a good action romp that's more than what you think it is.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 8 August 2013
The Losers is about a team of elite soldiers, double-crossed and left for dead on foreign soil. Don't you just hate it when that happens? Therefore, they must hunt down and blow up everything. Well, the probably refine it to those responsible for their situation, but they pretty much blow up everything in their path.

The plot is certainly not original. Everything in the big-budget version of the A-team does it better. However, that's not to say that The Losers doesn't have its merits.

Yes, it's a B-movie, but it has enough decent actors to give it just that little bit more appeal than your average `filler' movie. None of the cast are given enough screen time to really develop their characters, as the movie is quite short, but if you're in the mood for plenty of explosions, shoot-outs and punch-ups - all of which are filmed in a very cool `slow-mo' way, then give this a go.

Trust me, there are plenty of worse action B-movies out there!

Probably a 3/5 out of 5.
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on 5 October 2016
This film was just what I needed. I really enjoyed it. If you crossed the Mission Impossible series with Oceans Eleven then this is the film you'd get. The actors were well cast and gelled together well in the style of Oceans Eleven. There's none stop action and great comedy moments. The script was clever, sharp and witty including several tongue in cheek moments. The plot was pretty standard fare for this genre of film but it didn't matter cos the action sequences carried the film along in a satisfactory way. I would happily recommend this if you just want 90 minutes of light hearted fun.
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on 22 May 2016
I do enjoy this movie a great deal.. a great deal more than i probably should.

Morgan shines in a bad-ass role as the leader of a misfit troop of mercenaries who are killers with a conscious. When they are terribly wronged they seek revenge of their betrayer and cartoonish violence and mayhem ensures. It's joyful and tense with wisecracks and a silly villain.
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on 14 July 2017
Had to give it 1 star for the cast. Modern day A team. Predictable and boring, jokes are as bad as those at Christmas time.
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on 14 February 2017
An action film following a well worn formula without offering anything new. The characters are two dimensional and the script hackneyed with no memorable lines. Second rate stunts and fights punctuate the plot as it lumbers from one predictable scene to another. Rewatch The Expendables instead.
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on 6 February 2015
This is a great film and who ever decided not to endorse parts 2 & 3 and more made a bad mistakes!!
It's what the expendables should have, but couldn't even come close.
Nevermind life is full of other people's bad decision.
Why wasn't this film promoted more or better?

Note to producers, spend some money on advertising and promotional stuff and your money would have been returned ten fold!!!
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VINE VOICEon 10 December 2017
One of the better comic book adaptions that I've seen. It takes its lead from the comic books. Yes it seems unreal at times because it follows the spirit of the source material well.
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on 20 May 2017
Arrived in prompt time which was superb. Seen trailers of this which looked promising as it's a good well known cast with great action and usual wise cracks humour.
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