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on 15 June 2014
Another good read from Chris Dean, who combines crime and humour to produce an excellent gripping read, looking forward to the next book.
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VINE VOICEon 19 July 2010
This is the third in the Good Thief series, the previous ones being Good Thief's Guide to Amsterdam and the Good Thief's Guide to Paris and feature, Charlie Howard, a thief who has turned to writing crime novels. He is on vacation at Las Vegas with his literary agent, Victoria, who has finally tracked him down and met him face to face only to find that the face on his book jackets and those of Charlie, don't match at all. The reader can easily pick up on the frisson between the two of them and the attraction, unless I am imagining it, and it is not long before she too reveals an unexpected side when they are involved in a murder mystery and a scam at a casino owned by two twin brothers who don't take kindly to this and who have Charlie and Victoria down as the culprits. They have 24 hours to prove their innocence, repay the missing money and to track down a vanishing magician who holds the key to the mystery.

I love these books - they are great fun and are witty with cracking and amusing dialogue. And what I appreciate about this is that there is no self conscious 'oh my god I'm sooo cool, I'm sooo funny' coming off the page. I have read a few so called fun thrillers recently and my main gripe about them is that after a while the wit wears thin, it has been arrived at with enormous effort and it shows. Chris Ewan is just naturally funny and I find this series sparkling and engaging with a a pacy narrative which takes the reader along for a great ride.

I gather the next one is set in Venice and I can't wait for that one. He had better be careful there though else he might find Inspettore Brunetti hot on his tail...
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on 26 October 2010
TGTGT Vegas is the third in the series featuring Charlie Howard the thief / mystery novelist whose petulant act of petty larceny soon spirals out of control in sin city. Charlie is a great character - skilful and resourceful, yet compromised, limited and bungling. The light tone and witty asides make for a fast read, but this is no frivolous work. The plot twists are intelligently constructed, the cast of supporting characters, whilst verging on the comic, are finely drawn and Vegas is rendered in all its gaudy glory. This is a single sitting book. Only a 'complete idiot' (to quote Charlie) would finish it without a smile on their face.
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on 26 July 2011
Please don`t think badly of me because a lot of what I`m writing here , has already been said about the Amsterdam and Paris books in this `Good Thief` series. This is because the same criteria applies to all of these books, and I don`t wish to spoil the `whodunnit` plot element by saying more than I need to about each. Anyway, what I particularly like about this series is the clever link between the main character being an author of crime novels, at the same time as being a burglar himself, and these 2 `streams` linking up in the books (and Chris Ewan is actually writing about Charlie Howard being a crime novelist, so a sort of `novel within a novel` type thing). Also, this so definitely ISN`T a deadly serious piece of scary writing but is written with tongue firmly in cheek , very easy to read, very enjoyable, with Charlie coming across as a very likeable. And again, you definitely get the feel of being in the place where the action is set, this time Las Vegas.

If anything, I feel that this is the BEST book in the Good Thief series I have read so far (yet to read Venice) as the writing seems more confident, even more sarcastic than usual, and even more "readable"

There`s all sorts of twists and turns to make it a compelling read right to the end, and there are clues all along the way to help guide you to the real murderer/ thief. At times I felt a bit lost trying to sort out who was who, and what was true and what wasn`t , but overall a very good read
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on 28 May 2010
Funny, fast-moving and unpredictable. I simply found myself unable to put down this book. There are some brilliant characters in here that really completed the Vegas scene. A real joy to read from beginning to end.
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on 29 October 2013
This will be more of a review for the whole series. I have read each book, and together this must be one of my favourite ever series to read. I just hope in the future there'll be more written!!

All the books are highly amusing additionally making me laugh out loud sometimes! I love the 'whodunit' aspect, if you enjoy death in paradise on the BBC, you'll enjoy this too.

All the cities are described in wonderful detail and the characters are very well and deeply developed. The locations are interesting, as are all the people the 'good thief' meets.

The plot is fast paced, and not once did I feel bored. Many surprises on the way kept the intrigue and mystery high.

Not once did I guess who had dunnit before the end.

I can't praise this book, or the entire series, enough. I completely recommend to anyone and everyone!
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on 16 May 2010
The third book in Chris Ewan's "Good Thief" Series is another engaging and humorous read. It becomes difficult to put the book down, each twist and turn encouraging you to move onto the next chapter. The lead character, Charlie, is a lovable rogue and his scrapes are both entertaining and gripping. There are several incidents throughout the story where you find yourself holding your breath in anticipation of Charlie's fate.
The characters intertwine brilliantly and the author gives a fascinating insight into the world of Vegas.
A highly recommended read, certainly looking forward to Charlie's next escapade!
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on 28 April 2013
The third installment in 'The Good Thief's Guide' and once again the main character continues to create chaos and mayhem at the drop of a hat.
The author Chris Ewan has obviously studied the seedier side of Vegas and built a good story line around it with once again some clever and unexpected twists along with a decent sprinkling of humour.
A decent series of books so far and it's all aboard your gondolas as Charlie heads for Venice.
Overall, a worth while serial for light mystery and the inevitable bungling burglar's blunders.
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on 18 March 2011
Crime-writing thief Charlie Howard is having a not entirely enjoyable holiday in Las Vegas. He's lost at poker, and Victoria - his literary agent - is under the spell of the Fifty-Fifty Casino's superstar magician and illusionist, Josh Masters. Charlie's a bit miffed, not to mention a tad jealous. So he decides to pick Josh Masters' pocket and steal his wallet. And then use his keycard to break into his room. Which turns out to be an unwise move - mostly due to the nasty surprise he finds in the bathroom. This series just gets better and better with each book. It's funny, entertaining, exceedingly well-plotted and full of fascinating atmosphere. Charlie is a great character - Raffles meets Cary Grant meets The Saint meets Raymond Chandler. He's disarming, has his own - slightly offbeat - moral code, and is definitely someone you would want on your side. Of course, he's just as liable to get you into trouble as out of it - but he's so charming you wouldn't care. In fact, you'd relish the fact.
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on 23 March 2014
This book contains one of most fun characters in crime fiction today. Set in Vegas (obviously), it sees our protagonist steal someone's wallet out of jealousy really. A roller coast of misfortune follows him as he gets deeper and deeper in trouble with some casino owners. Great description of a place I love and some cracking dialogue, prose and plotting
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