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on 16 June 2011
Fantastic player.

This replaced my "old" BDPS-350 - it's much slimmer, cooler, quieter.

Does everything you can imagine - 3D, DLNA, divx, internet streaming.

With the Sony VAT refund promotion this was an excellent buy.
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on 26 August 2014
Great would recommend.
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on 6 July 2010
I've taken a gamble and an investment on the future that 3D tech will take off as currently I do not own anything larger than a 22inch monitor.

The unit itself comes fairly standard, the power cable is connected to the base, it comes with a remote and batteries and some instructions. Assembly is straight forward, however, if your TV / monitor's native resolution is not able to cope with 1080p you may end up with a black screen like I did.

The instructions are very clear and in this instance were able to help straight away in telling me how to adjust the setting manually without a display to follow. It's working at 720p via an HDMI to DVI cable perfectly happily on my monitor and bluray looks stunning. I cant say there's a vast improvement on DVD's but maybe the DVD software on my PC has upscaling too. I've tested some other formats and it seems to cope well with the usual XVid / DivX type avi.

The interface is easy to navigate, it can be a bit slow to respond at times though there seems to be a method to speed it up in the menus at the expense of extra fan usage. It's quiet the unit is closer to me than my speakers and I can't hear it when a movie is playing. The I/O options are varied and useful for people like myself who have filled up virtually every slot this thing uses my last coax connection.

The build quality is a little flimsy and the remote is quite bulky but aesthetics don't bother me so much as it's hidden away.

BUT the big big issue for me is not so much a blemish on the device and more on Sony's tactics. The unit comes prepared with an ethernet port for you to connect to a router with a cable, however, I would guess not many people are close enough to their routers to warrant a cable connection for their entertainment centres. At nearly £80 you can buy a wireless adapter purpose built for this machine, it's a huge price and personally I will be using a shared internet connection with my laptop to get the online functionality without having to shell out that much for a USB wireless dongle.
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on 13 July 2010
Right off the bat I'm going to tell you this Blu Ray player is superb. I've owned a PS3 since launch day, and, up until now, have used that for my HD movie experience. Lately, the noise of the onboard fan has been annoying me. With also using the PS3 as my media server and for occasional gaming, I thought it was time to lessen the load and opt for a standalone HD player. After a lot of to and fro, I finally decided to opt for this player here. I have to admit, access to iPlayer HD and LoveFilm (as I have an unlimited account there already) was a factor.

Ok, there's no in-built Wi-Fi, contrary to what another reviewer has stated. There's a Lan port which you can plug a cable into or a USB slot you can use to upgrade the player with a seperate Sony dongle to turn it Wi-Fi. Since I already have a cable running all the way into the living room, spending an extra £50 for the next model up just for wi-fi seemed a bit silly.

As soon as the player's connected you're prompted to update. Once that's done (all automatically) the player can stream most types of media files from a PC or laptop. It's outstanding at this. A lot of people find MKV's don't stream. I found this as well, despite them being encoded in H264, a codec this blu ray does support. I found that if I changed an H264 encoded MKV to an .mpg extension, suddenly the player could see and stream it, smooth as silk.

Internet streaming is flawless, and gaining access to your LoveFilm account couldn't be easier. With over 3,000 films to watch online as part of an unlimited subscription package, opting for this player becomes a no-brainer. YouTube is also a lot of fun. On top of iPlayer, there's also support for channel 5's catch-up service. Quality is as good as the over air transmission.

The Blu Ray player itself is a step up from the PS3. RGB support doesn't offer the kind of black-crush associated with PS3 playback. Images are rendered a little sharper. Where you will notice a difference, however, is in audio. Audio is much more open than the PS3. And, finally, I have HD audio playback via Bitstream (note, to get Bitstream playback enabled you have to go into the BD Audio Mix setting and set to 'off'). DVD upscaling is incredible. Previously I owned a fairly highly regarded Philips dvd upscaler. Trust me, it has nothing on this. I couldn't believe what I was looking at. Almost HD quality, Sony claim. They're not joking.

Multi-region dvd playback is possible. Simply Google 'Sony bpd-s370 multi region' and you'll immediately find out how to do it. The 370 model is cheaper and more popular, so Googling that gets a quicker result -- both models are the same, except the 370 doesn't have 3D support. When you've found out how to multi-region the 370, you've found out how to do the 470 (it involves buying a One for all remote with a magic button). I performed the unlock and everything works sweet, with all my multi-region films now upscaled to near perfection.

I have one SACD disc which I've given a spin. It sounds incredible. So, if you have a large collection ...

Oh, and 3D. I don't have a 3D TV as yet, so I can't tell you what it's like. I opted for this model to be that little bit more future-proof, should I decide to go down that road.

Hopefully I've answered all the questions I had running around my brain before buying this player. It's utterly superb, and a steal at the price (I was fortunate enough to get it with the 10% discount promotion). If you have no need for 3D and have a wired internet Lan connection close by, opt for the £99 Sony BDP-S370. It's exactly the same player, and the steal of the year.
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VINE VOICEon 19 April 2011
Very easy to set up - my 14 year old son had it set up and working within 5 minutes, without bothering with the manual.

Very good picture and fantastic sound thru our 6 year old Yamaha 5.1 surround sound system.

Cannot comment on the 3D aspect 'cause we don't yet have a 3D telly.

The upscaling of DVDs does seem to work though probably its not a huge improvement over the original.

Very quick to load and pretty quiet, especially once the film starts. Very slim and classy looking - very Sony in fact.

I've hard wired it to my home broadband using a Solwise Homeplug Adapter (a twin Pack from
PixelHeaven Price costs about £40) which is cheaper than the Wi Fi dongle Sony wants to sell you and can be used for other kit too.

Connecting this way gives full - and quick - access to all the on line content, including You Tube and the BBC i player. It also allows you to do a software update.

I've even downloaded the remote app for my HTC Desire android mobile, allowing it to control the player.

All in all its really easy to install all the features. Its small and good looking. Picture and sound are great!

100% recomended!
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on 11 December 2010
Okay, haven't tried a Blue-Ray Disc yet, (still in the post), so I'm looking at the non disc side of things here, although it plays my DVD's brilliantly and with better clarity the machine says it can do. But you've heard that all before.

My currant set-up means I have three bits of equipment that require HDMI and Optical Leads, Both my Panny TV and Amp can only support two of the respected type only, between my PVR, DVD and WD-Media player something had to give as I was getting tired of switching cables around. When I saw this player could handle AVI's and DIVX whilst checking out for a Blu-Ray Players I took the plunge on this one and boy, I wasn't disappointed.

I quickly learnt it also handles MVK's, MPEG4's and something called M2TS. Whilst the WD-Media player could handle most things thrown at it, occasionally it would throw a wobbly, play sound with no picture or vice versa. But this Sony player so far plays everything, even WMA files, although I believe it re-labels the file type to one previously mentioned. Connection could either be via the front or rear USB slot, once connection has been made an extra menu option item will appear to select.

As for the playback on a standard Avi file you would generally download, a simple "WOW", explains my surprise at the the picture clarity up scaled nearer an MVK hi-res file, (generally an MVK file plays back in Hi-Def with 5.1 surround and three to four times larger in file size). Having tried several AVI's, (from my weekly dose of currant downloaded US TV shows), most average around 350meg, in two channel stereo and are usually sourced from HD, the Sony seems to revert the picture closer to the original transmitted quality, in darker scenes or in fades, the usual blocking in transitions is still apparent but not as bad, but in general I find the results incredible. If played through an Amplifier, (using a pseudo surround setting), the two channel stereo normally found gets boosted to a near 5.1 surround, this obviously can't be right, but the effect is very convincing and the player does something inside to improve the sound for the amplifier to decode better and create an even better pseudo surround sound. It's quite pleasing to hear a character speaking off screen to the side of you and then their voice coming from the front speakers when in frame - This from a two channel stereo AVI file? Amazing.

I'm no longer switching cables around, my WD- Media Player and old DVD player have now been retired, (I'll find good homes them has they have provided me with several years of media enjoyment). For me this Sony player has excelled in providing a better viewing experience already just as a Media Player and this with me yet to enjoy an actual Blu-Ray film!
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on 26 August 2010
I was looking for a 3D Blu Ray Player! Because of the low price I found on the Sony BDP-S470. The description is that it is capable of 3D for a software update! Nowhere could I find information about when this update will be provided! I bought anyway, and lo and behold: The update already exists and works great! Super 3D images with a super price!

I can recommend this unit highly!

I use this with the Samsung LE40C750.
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on 22 September 2010
I brought this unit to replace my old Samsung, and what a diffrence this player is it loads the disc much quicker than the samsung picture quality is excellent and the online features are a bonus, the unit look great very sleek, as I am a person who likes to find out how to use new things without reading the manual first the unit is easy to setup and easy to understand what the diffrent buttons do, the unit is excellent value for what the player delivers, I would recommend this to my family if they were in the market of one.
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on 31 July 2010
Sony BDPS470B 3D Ready Blu-ray Disc Player with Full HD 1080P

This item is so easy to set-up and once it is the results are fantastic. I was looking for a Blue Ray player to work with my 50" LG Plasma TV and this one fits the bill in all sections. Other reviews will give more technical information, but I just wanted a device that needs no technical ability to get it work and this is the one.
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on 13 November 2011
This player is in a class of its own ,good sound ,good picture ,very slim ,and to finish off with part of the Internet just great .
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