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on 27 June 2015
In past trips to the USA, I've always relied on maps & sign posts which are all OK but getting lost & trying to find your way or trying to find a specific building on a long street of various buildings has been a chore. For this year, we were going to Orlando to do the Disney bit & we were staying in Davenport which is a few miles away from Disney. After Disney, we were going south to Naples on the west coast of Florida so I wanted to be able to find my way to the places we wanted to visit in the easiest way. I decided to take my Garmin Nuvi satnav & get a USA map for it.
The Garmin City Navigator is a preprogrammed micro SD card that slots in the appropriate port on the side of the Garmin. On switching on the unit once we got to Florida, the satnav asked me to confirm that I wanted to use its USA maps and all I then had to do was enter the destination & press Go!
The required destination data to be entered was the Zip code, the building or house number & the street name. For restaurants etc., we looked up their web sites on our laptop to get the full address & then entered this information into the Garmin. The satnav took us directly to our destination each time - it was so easy!
I would highly recommend buying this satnav mapping card & it easily paid for itself in being far cheaper than hiring a satnav with the rental car & it saved time, fuel & aggravation in trying to get around. Future trips to the USA will certainly include my satnav with this card.
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on 23 November 2017
This SD card for our Garmin was simply fantastic. We were on a month trip to the Rockies starting in Vancouver then Whistler, Kamloops, Jasper, Banff, Lake Louise, Salmon Arm, Kelowna then back to Vancouver. We had booked all our hotels with booking.com and I loaded al the co-ordinates into our Garmin at home. Arrived in Vancouver to pick up hire car and try to find hotels in the dark after long flight. Got straight to the hotel with no problem and the same was true of every place we visited. Also when we wanted to find a place just used the places of interest on our machine. Beauty of using our own Garmin was that we knew how it works and MUCH cheaper than hiring one with the car. Would strongly recommend.
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VINE VOICEon 21 September 2014
We bought this to use in our Garmin Nuvi 2598 satnav on a trip to Western US (Montana, Wyoming etc) - it performed very well with accurate mapping, turn indications and plenty of points of interest. The maps also covered a number of remote and rough roads. The version we received was map update 2015.10 - so it was more recent than quoted on this page. Installation was simply a question of pushing the Micro SD card into the SD slot on the satnav unit and, my suggestion is, you restart the unit.

We had considered hiring or renting a satnav but this solution seemed less hassle. With the extra effort of driving in another country on the other side of the road and in a comparatively massive car (a GMC Yukon SUV) there's enough to contend with without the addition of a unfamiliar satnav. The US map display and functions are to the most extent largely familiar - the only real difference being the way the search function works - using zip codes was not as straightforward, for example, as using UK postcodes, hence it drops a star but otherwise it was good. I suggest you rehearse using the search function before you use the US maps otherwise it's home from home - a familiar interface with accurate mapping and plenty of points of interest.
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on 29 December 2015
Have just returned from the USA. Used the Satnav 20 plus times and it was spot on each time. Glad I purchased this before we went. Proved invaluable well worth the money.
No problems with SD card installed it in my Garmin Satnav and ready to go.
The SD card provided all the usual things found in the UK maps but with extras, such as speed warnings of school areas.(Only at school times amazing)
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on 8 November 2015
I bought this because it was significantly cheaper than renting a sat nav from the car rental companies (over $200 for 2 weeks) at Miami International Airport. It was pretty good for getting around generally but I've marked it down to 3 stars for the following reasons.
The packaging on mine carries a 2013 copywright so it is an already outdated map, and there is a LOT of road construction work going on on the outskirts of Miami.
I also encountered situations where the device was telling me to turn left, and when I looked at the screen, the pink line clearly showed a right turn. I've had this in Central London also so maybe it's a problem with the Nuvi rather than the actual mapping.
On one occasion, the highway ahead of me branched off into 3 directions. The device gave me plenty of warning to be in 'the 2 left hand lanes' - great!. When we got closer to the junction and could read the overhead signs, I realised that we should be in the right hand lanes. At this point the device issued a new instruction but I had no space to change lanes at 70mph on a busy highyway.
So for me it was Ok, it got us from Miami, down to Key West and all the way up to Orlando and the Kennedy Space Centre, but you need to keep your wits about you, as they say.
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on 1 September 2011
I bought this as it had good reviews on Amazon and they were right! You get the SD card from Amazon, you slot it in, you switch your Garmin on in the US and... it works!! Two pieces of advice:
- it will take quite a while (2 minutes or so) for the unit to locate the satellites
- you may need to help your unit find the map, in the Settings menu

Don't travel without one; it saved our holiday sanity on numerous occasions.
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on 12 March 2017
I bought this because I was renting out a Satnav when hiring a car in the USA, This turned out to be an excellent choice as it has already paid for itself many times over. It also enables you to programme your destinations before you make the trip. The Satnav switches between its installed UK and European Maps to US maps seamlessly. I havn't found any problems with roads or locations as yet but be aware that it has no facility for updates.
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on 17 August 2011
I'll start by saying I'm a Tom-Tom fan, that said, I did use my wifes Garmin on our last holiday to Hungary because the Tom-Tom makes me download my western europe map and then upload my eastern europe map as it doesn't have a card slot or enought internal memory space for both.
I swapped over sat-navs in Austria and the card fired up straight away. It knew where to go (something I was checking as I know the route well) until we hit Budapest proper. It tried to take me on what I can only presume it thought was the traffic free route. I ignored it and eventually it agreed that the route I was taking would get me to my cousins place.
I had an ex-pat (my father) with me on nearly every journey and he was being navigator so I only looked at the Garmin to confirm his directions.
There has been a lot of recent (well signed) major roads built around Hungary which did throw this out of date version off but I would have been happy to use it for in town as I find motorway signage adequate but central Budapest like central London a bit of a nightmare for a foreign visitor.
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on 22 April 2015
Bought this for a trip to North Carolina to see family and a four day break on the South Carolina coast. Fitted into my UK bought Garmin and worked perfectly when switched on. You just choose the country and input your destination, then away you go with your usual voice and setup.

Navigated with no issues and the 2012 edition was more up to date that some hire car GPS systems I've had before. All in all, great!

On return to the UK I noticed it wouldn't update on my PC but given others comments, that was expected.
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on 24 December 2016
Don't waste your money - it works, but was useless on US roads in Florida, attempting to take us off of real roads all the time and it took us on a route 4x the length in time from Orlando Airport to our hotel.

We used this in a top of the range, 2016 model Garmin satnav (which is great in Europe) and which was allegedly compatible with this mini SD card.

Instead, simply head to any Walmart Superstore on arrival in the USA (they are everywhere) and buy yourself great value Garmin satnavs at just €105 for use on North American roads.
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