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on 31 January 2013
What's Good About It

This is not the sort of book I usually read. I'm all for a bit of romance, but romance as a genre doesn't generally do it for me. I like story and great characters. If those characters happen to take a momentary break from the narrative to have a bit of sex, that's fine, but it has to be in the very least not detrimental to the plot, and not the entire puropse of the story. Paranormal romance, or romance of any sort usually has it the other way round. Sex with characters and story tacked on as an afterthough. Usually stereotyped and overdone characters and storylines. But maybe I'm generalising - it's been a while since I read any romance novels, and Slave to Sensation certainly wasn't that way at all.

First, the concept. The whole idea of the Psy and Changeling races living alongside humans, their polar opposite natures - Psys cold and emotionless, Changeling's ruled by their animal instincts, passionate and physical - was fascinating. It was a world I was ready to believe in, exist in for the novel. It was well constructed, well thought out and incredibly original. Three big plusses for me.

Then there were the characters. While the whole romance/attraction thing has to happen fairly fast for the sake of their being plenty of passionate scenes in the novel, the whole idea of Sascha discovering her sexuality, and Lucas' passionate, dominant nature made it believable. Their interactions were great and while things did get pretty steamy pretty quickly, Singh cleverly drew it out in a way that gave the relationship space to develop realistically without skimping on the sexual content.

The story was okay, too, with the romance happening around a grisly murder mystery. Which may not seem the most fertile ground for passionate attraction, but it works. The intrigue and subterfuge used by both the Psy and Changelings kept Sascha in a precarious position throughout the novel, and kept me reading at a fairly rapid pace.

What's Not So Good

The whole murder thing was wrapped up a little quickly, with everything resolving very neatly at the end. There was some fall out, but mostly to peripheral characters I didn't really know or care about, and even there was the promise that everything would be alright fairly rapidly. I know it's not really the sort of book that's meant to make you think long after the pages are shut, but it could only really escape out of the four-star band, for me, if it did.

Rating: 4/5
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on 12 October 2011
"Slave to Sensation" is the first book in Nalini Singh's `Psy-Changeling' series. I was very much looking forward to starting this series, although I will admit I was a little cautious, worrying if it would meet my expectations having read and absolutely loved her `Guild Hunter' series.

Of course there was really no need for any apprehension. I was hooked from the first page. Singh's vibrant writing shines and I was so happy to be off to a fantastic start.

And to be honest, "Slave to Sensation" just didn't let up, from the scorching scenes between Sascha and Lucus, to the thrilling underlying story of the psy-changeling world. There's also a little mystery thrown in for good measure, with the murders of several Changeling women, which just adds to the excitement and intricacy of these two races.

Sascha Duncan is a cardinal Psy, living in a society that doesn't feel any emotions and are plugged into a central Internet system. Since she was a child she has felt very different from the other Psy as she can feel emotions that should have been removed by conditioning when she was young. She thinks she is broken and has to put in place many psychic shields to prevent any other Psy from finding out her secret. It doesn't help that one of the most powerful Psy is her mother.

I liked Sascha. I enjoyed seeing her open up like a butterfly to different sensations and stimuli after hiding behind her shields for so long, to act like the unemotional Psy around her. But when she meets Lucus Hunter, she finds it increasingly difficult to keep her emotions in check.

Lucus is a Changeling and Alpha of one of the most powerful Leopard packs. However, he is a panther, strong and powerful. Lucus is just gorgeous. Typically an Alpha and wanting to take control, but it was lovely to see Sascha fighting back and Lucus liking his feisty mate, enjoying when Sascha took control and challenged him.

The supporting cast of characters are just as vividly drawn, each with a history that gives them depth and makes them interesting to read. I'm looking forward to meeting some of the characters again in their own book further along in the series.

The emotions that emulate between Sascha and Lucas is just magical. I loved it when these to joined together as mates. It was a very happy and satisfying ending and I just wished I could continue reading and living in their world. I wasn't ready for it to end.


Another fantastic read from Singh. I loved the characters, the complex world building and the tender but steamy romance. It's obvious I just can't go wrong with reading Nalini Singh - she's without doubt my favourite author of paranormal romance.
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on 7 August 2011
What a cracking start to a futuristic fantasy romance series. NS has created a world peopled by 3 very different species; humans, Changelings (shape shifters) and Psy (those with psychic abilities conditioned to feel no emotion).

Sascha Duncan is a Cardinal. A high ranking Psy, she has managed to hide her defect all of her life; fearing her ability to feel emotion could see her "rehabilitated" into nothing more than a mindless drone. Sascha has no outlet for the emotions she suppresses and no one she can trust, until she conducts business with a panther clan. Alpha male Lucas Hunter senses Sascha is unlike other Psy, yet this does not deter him from his plan; to worm his way beneath Sascha's barriers and find out anything she may know about the Psy serial killer targeting vibrant young Changeling women. A female has been snatched from the local wolf pack, and if Lucas doesn't find her soon, a full out war is likely between Shape shifters and Psy.

Drama, action, passion and unexpected emotional depth, "Slave to Sensation" had me hooked from the first page. The concept of the Psy hive mind; although something I've come across before in other books in this genre, was interesting, as were some of the undercover methods Sascha used to extract knowledge from it discreetly when every move can be monitored.

I love Sascha and Lucas as a couple. He really brings out the humanity Sascha has suppressed throughout her life, a caring and nurturing nature that she accidentally reveals during brief, very touching moments throughout the storyline. The romance is hot, the leading lovers developed well enough for some of their actions and thoughts to make quite an emotional impact on me and the action is kept to a steady pace until it gears up during the final climatic events. On par with the likes of Sherrilyn Kenyon and Kresley Cole, I have no complaints to make of this author and will be immediately diving into the rest of this series.
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on 26 June 2012
Let me start by saying that I did enjoy this book. Though perhaps a little slow at the start, the story definitely picks up and I did find myself really interested to see how the main plot issue would be resolved. The main idea of the book centres around two races The psy, a race of psychic beings all connected telepathically who have rid themselves of the ability to feel any emotion and the changelings. Essentially shapeshifters they in contrast are constantly emotionally charged as they must constantly keep the animal within i.e. their other form, under control. Now the two races must work together in a race against time to solve a series of changeling murders.

My main issue with this book is that sometimes the writing is really quite poor, almost childish and this does take away from the overall reading experience. Whilst this is not always the case, it does cause some inconsistency for the reader and made me cringe sometimes with how cliche some of the descriptions were.

But like I said, in general I enjoyed the book and will give the second one a go. If you are a fan of a mix between scifi and supernatural with some romance thrown in then you will enjoy this, but do not expect amazing writing.
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on 8 August 2016
Thanks to net galley and publisher for this book to review
Nalini Singh was a new author to me and this is the first book in the Psy-Changeling series, how lucky am I to have lots more books to read in this great series
Others have written much better synopsis than I so I will just say this is a cracking story, so imaginative and well written with likeable characters.
A complete change from the usual Vampire/Werewolf angle, a definite winner
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on 27 May 2008
It is the year 2079 and the world is populated by three races, Human, Psy and Changelings. It is the Psy that dominate with their cold, calculated ways but even in their emotionless world darkness can still hide.

The DarkRiver pack has formed an alliance with the SnowDancer pack to gain more strength so they can make a fist to the Psy and the influence they have on the world in general. Now the Psy Sascha, as a member of the Duncan family, will co-operate in a business venture with the DarkRiver pack and their Alpha, Lucas Hunter.

They both have ulterior motives but as the panther in Lucas notices the difference in Sascha from the other Psy it is intrigued and Sascha cannot hide what she considers to be a flaw in her design. Much is stirred to life as the hunt for a murderer continues...

SLAVE TO SENSATION is the first entry in to the Psy-Changeling series of Nalini Singh and it nails you to the couch with a sheer enthralling read of this new world. It is where I got to meet this group of characters that only made me instantly hunger for each and every story. I was a compass needle spinning out of control for the pack members whom each growled with a past that needs further exploring.

Still, as I got drawn in to the tale of SLAVE TO SENSATION it is Lucas and Sascha that give me glimpses of both their worlds. It speaks of calculated reasoning versus vibrant feelings and the duality of it delivers a spine tingling story that demands your attention from first till last word. Sascha is at a loss with herself, she knows she is flawed and doesn't know how much longer she can hold her shields up. Then there is Lucas with his scarred past. He triggers all that is forbidden for Sascha and quickens the moment that her flaws are exposed to the Psy-Net where each Psy is linked to.

The dynamics between Lucas and Sascha are both scorching as they are endearing. Sascha is in conflict with herself and as she is raised Psy deals with this in logic and reason. But the answers do not lie in logic and reason and this fact creates a compelling heroine! You will encourage her in every step on her journey as you root for her boldness regarding Lucas. Lucas on the other hand is all emotion, he is the Alpha and there is no mistake about it. He is sure of his qualities which of course give him the arrogance to match but in the end he will lay his life down for the pack. The cubs and females are to be treasured above all and the bond with a life-mate is sacred.

Though there is an aggressive animalistic side to him, there is also a soul rendering moment of Lucas in the forest where he honors his parents that speaks more than a thousand words. This is something that Nalini Singh superbly envisioned, the merge of human and beast. The combination of skin privilege, pack structure or even their playful natures, everything is integrated but still they also have human like qualities.

It all portrays such a life-like changeling race that it makes me devour each aspect of it. And not only the changeling race was shaped and envisioned with aspects any reader can emphasize with. It is the cold and aloof ways of the Psy world that counters with the Changeling and Human world. Never can one truly master or dominate the other and a battle has begun that only makes me very eager, awaiting for the next installment in this series that will arrive by mail.

With, SLAVE TO SENSATION, Nalini Singh has given the reader a story with plot wise many layers that makes you want to unravel it all. An electrifying love between Lucas and Sascha that makes the heart sigh in content and an secondary cast of family and friends that make you more than eager to find out what this author holds in store for us next!

If you want to try out a new paranormal series, let your choice be Nalini Singh with her first entry in her Psy-Changeling series: SLAVE TO SENSATION!

Reviewed by Leontine
Courtesy of Realms On Our Bookshelves
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on 21 November 2012
I was a little apprehensive about reading this book a first because it seemed a little more sci-fi than I am used to, however what a surprise I had once I and I for once could not put this book down!

Sascha is Psy brought up in a world void of all emotion, and Lucas is a changeling, both human and animal who's animal craves the emotion that Sascha lacks. Thrown together in the middle of a battle of the two species they both realize they are not what they expected at all. Explosive love and heat from the pair. This this the first step in what i'm sure will be a fantastic and exciting new world. If you were in any doubt, just give the first couple of chapters a go, I guarantee you will be hooked!! :)
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on 19 March 2010
WOW - I was really impressed by this book - the story line and the author Nalini Singh. It was one of those books that I just could not put down. This was an epic romance between the Alpha changeling Lucas and a cardinal psy named Sascha. Although you maybe unfamiliar about the history between the two races, the author leads you in gently providing the background between heated dialogue and passion. It is so well written you actually believe that you are there in the story. This is a book about love, passion, friendship and loyalty with a good dose of suspence thrown in.

I read it and enjoyed it so much I decided to order all the other books in the series. A romance that you can smile about and say "Yeah that was good".
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on 6 April 2008
I bought this book after reading the other reviews. I am a fan of JR Ward and thought that there could'nt be another author out there with such flair for a story that is within a story. I was wrong and stand in awe of Nalini Singh. I now not only own this one but have hurriedly purchased the others in the series. My husband and dog are having to fend for themselves, because as soon as I finished one I picked up the next. Well done to all those other reviewers without whom this author would have been missed by me.
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VINE VOICEon 17 October 2011
I was disappointed in this book. I thought the Psy concept was really good and original but the rest of the book was a let down.

I don't think the story developed enough for this being the first book in a series. The relationship between Sacha and Lucas was just too easy in my opinion and it wasn't really questioned by Sacha at all and was instantly accepted by other werewolves where they previously hated psy.

I had hoped that the psy way of living would have fell to pieces and they would have begun feeling again - maybe this could happen in future books - but it was all left a bit too nice and neat.
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