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on 1 October 2017
I am a huge fan of the God of war games and to have the first 2 games on 1 disk is amazing nothing much has changed from the original series excellent storyline and cut scene are epic and gory with quick time events with the combat as the orignal the graphics have been given a little polish I love playing them all and Kratos is such a badass well worth it different modes and unlockables to collect and hidden extras
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on 29 January 2015
I have recently discovered this series, and WOW!
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on 19 May 2017
Great working order and good communication with fixing an error on my end!
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on 27 July 2017
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on 17 September 2013
What can I say seamless gameplay very good graphics. Hours of mindless slashing and killing what more can you ask for in a game. This is coming from a mildmannered forty something woman.
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on 9 July 2011
God of War Collection

When you first assume control in the game, the first thing you will notice is that both games look great. The graphics still hold up well by today's standards (more so for GoWII) and the frame rate, being run on the much more powerful PS3, is phenomenally smooth. The environment not only looks good but also manages to establish the sense of scale that it is trying to convey: making you feel like you truly are traversing and exploring vast different areas of an even larger world.

God of War I

The plot of the game tells the tale of the pissed-off power-house Spartan Kratos, who is on a journey to stop Ares, the God of War, from destroying Athens. The way the story chooses to tell its tale is interesting and done well: you start the game not knowing much about Kratos but more and more pieces of information on his history are revealed via cutscenes as you progress through the game. The story, original and entertaining from start to finish, is easily the strongest point of the game.

Of course a strong story is not the only good thing in God of War which also boasts a simple, but highly satisfying, combat system and a multitude of clever puzzles. Combat revolves around combining the triangle (heavy attack) and square (fast attack) buttons to form a variety of different combos. As simple as it sounds, the combos themselves are satisfying and does a really good job of making you feel like a badass Spartan. This is true especially in the later parts of the game when you have fully upgraded Kratos' weapons.

God of War has a lot of strong points but it is not without flaws. The game controls well most of the time: movement and combat is fluid, responsive and accurate. However the aiming of the grab function is poor during larger battles and when coupled with some design issues can make the combat frustrating at certain scenarios. While the checkpointing in the game is fine for the most part, they do fall short during the harder platforming sequences in the game, forcing you to undergo the hellish sequences that made you die in the first place from scratch.

While most of the challenges in the game are challenging in a gratifying way, there are unfortunately several challenges which are just downright frustrating and off-putting. These challenges are not unfair per se but they do feel VERY cheap. One trial had you try to kill off a ridiculously large number of enemies to unlock the exit in hope that you can escape before a battering ram kills everything on screen. In another instance the game sends a group of really strong enemies (which you would normally need a rather spacious area to combat just one of these enemy types) for you to face in a cramped environment (which you can fall off from and die). Little things like these just kill the mood a player might have for enjoying the game. Sadly these issues occur more frequently than ideal.

God of War is not a bad game; it sports good graphics, frame rate and an epic story combined with satisfying combat and clever puzzles. However it is a shame that the amount of frustration players may encounter in this game can easily overshadow the good things the game offers. Going through this game again now, it is easy to see how far the God of War series has improved since its beginning.

Rating: 3/5

God of War II

God of War II does not feature a ton of improvement over its predecessor but the few improvements that it makes lead to a much more fun and better experience. This game has lost most of the frustrating elements found in the first game and further refines all that was already good.

While the first God of War featured a simple, but fun and satisfying combat system, God of War II takes this to the next level. The removal of the R1 button as an attack command results in controls that feel cleaner while minor changes to the skills Kratos executes make combos feel more fluid and chain together much more satisfyingly. Of course this does not mean that the combat is completely different: most of the combat is largely the same. The rage meter now recharges much faster, getting rid of the `save it for later' syndrome experienced in the first game and can also be toggled on and off as long as the meter is not empty giving an extra layer of strategy to the combat. Overall players who played the first game will find a combat system that is undoubtedly better that is both familiar and new.

The biggest improvement in God of War II has to be the difficulty balance. The first God of War was no doubt fun to play however it was ultimately more frustrating than fun due to the high (occasionally super cheap) level of difficulty in most of its challenges. God of War II manages to find the right balance between being fun and challenging. While not an easy game, the level of difficulty and frustration a player gets from this game feels fair. Anytime I lost, it never felt like it was due to the way the game was designed. This motivates players to find out what they did wrong and to try again which ultimately makes the game just a ton of fun to play.

The story of God of War II is epic, even more so than the first one. The plot has the player as Kratos travel across a wide variety of locales in an attempt to change his fate and exact his revenge on the Gods of Olympus. The story is told in glorious HD cutscenes and the game does a good job of making the many locations players will visit feel unique and appropriate to what they are supposed to be. Throughout the game players will feel like they really are on this crazy huge adventure.

Of course the game has its share of flaws. While the game actually makes a good effort to inform you where your next objective lies, there are certain points in the game where it is not immediately clear what you need to do next. Just like the first God of War, the occasional awkward camera positioning can lead to some frustration during platforming or even large fight sequences. Fortunately these issues are quite rare in the game, popping up only once or twice in each `chapter', if even at all.

God of War II has everything you cared about from the original game. It has that same satisfying combat, even better graphics and a crazy larger-than-life plot. It is simply a very fun game to play and will entertain you from start to finish.

Rating: 5/5

God of War Collection Bonus Features

The bonus content of the God of War Collection includes a series of behind the scenes videos on the development process of the games. The videos are entertaining to watch and give viewers an idea of what the process of making a video game is like for SCE Santa Monica.

Overall this bundle is a bargain for any PS3 owners who have not yet played God of War I and/or II. Definitely check this out if you are a fan of a great M-rated action-heavy adventure.

Overall: 4/5
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on 10 January 2011
Having recently gotten around to playing God of War 3 I finally realised what I had been missing all these years. I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience playing as Kratos and decided to give the originals a go to see how it all started. I am glad that I did. These games a prime example of how much fun gaming can be. The games come in at about 8 hours each to play through, depending on your skill level. The high def revamp apparently has made these look the best they ever have - I never played the PS2 version so I can't offer a comparison. If you are a fan of hack n slash games and never experienced the God of War games this compilation offers great value for money. Some players may think that they can be a bit repetitive as they are primarily button mashers but I never tired of carving my way through hordes of minotaurs, sirens and soldiers. If you fancy a couple of solid games at a great price, God of War Collection delivers.
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on 14 September 2010
These 2 games are everything you remember and more. They're pretty much the same versions as the PS2 ones but graphically spruced up nicely.

Plenty has been made that the cut scenes have not been updated but to be honest I still found them impressive.

I played GoW 1 on the PS2 and it was a pleasure to revisit it and it still held up exceptionally well. I never got round to playing 2 until now though this is also a great game.

Personally I'm not a massive fan of these types of brawlers but in these games the combat is straightforward so you can look like a demon even with button mashing though when you get the hang of it the combos are satisfying to pull off.

The puzzle elements are fun too and generally never too frustrating. At the end of the day these are 2 of the best games for the PS2 updated with very polished graphics that still stand up to scrutiny a few years into the next generation. If you enjoy a good yarn, games that feature epic scale, brawlers or games full stop get this in as you won't regret it.

Now when are sony going to do the same for Shadow of the Colossus and Ico. They're even (arguably) better!
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on 23 June 2010
Having skipped the PS2 generation, I missed out on the original GOW series and after reading some excellent reviews on Amazon, I thought the collection was worth a try.

For the uninitiated you play the role of Kratos, the Greek Spartan chosen by the Gods to right some wrongs. You'll find much more information on the story on this very page but in order to keep this review relatively brief, I'll concentrate on my experience of the game.

Having only played PS3 games, I did indeed notice some graphical inferiorities. However, they are smooth, glitch-free and polished enough to be worthy of a PS3 release. Only allow this to put you off if you limit yourself to watching pretty games rather than experiencing a game.

Whilst the hack and slash elements of the game are incredibly satisfying, I was delighted when I found out there were puzzles in the form of Greek mythical (or actual, it's not for me to influence your faith) Gods challenges. To me these are pitched perfectly; any harder and I'd be pulling my hair out in frustration, any easier and I'd be wondering what the point is. The end result of each puzzle is that I am satisfied (and kind of proud of myself!).

To expand on that, Greek mythology also provides a rich, deep and attention-grabbing story line and from that perspective, it's done the developers jobs for them. The Gods you'll encounter (some providing a helping hand, others doing their best to dismember Kratos) are all there from the watery Poseidon to the dark lord himself, Mr "I like a sacrifice" Hades.

That leaves the fantastic, most atmospheric, beautifully mastered soundtrack that accompanies Kratos on his travels. It's also varied, so you'll never get bored and if you appreciate a powerful classical score as I do, then you may just take a moment to smash some defenceless pots and boxes just so you can absorb each perfect moment of this game.
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on 6 December 2010
As someone who dislikes beat em ups, button mashers - at first i didnt like it, yawn press buttons to pucnh etc.. but the epic story and character development overrides any tedious button mashes. I have played GOW1 3-4 times through - getting the trophies, and will go back to GOW2 befroe getting GOW3 - A must buy with amazing value for money - also a must buy - Half Life 2 - The Orange Box.
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