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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 27 September 2011
Frankie Boyle is my favourite stand up comedian ,his unique brand of coruscating gallows humour make me HOWL with laughter and tickle my tonsils, his sometimes cruel observations, witty one liners pull no punches and I love him for his honesty ,brilliant self deprecation and Ginger hair.Only the closeted racists, misogynists, homophobes ,anti-disability brigade would find his humour offensive. Political Correctness has destroyed Freedom of speech and expression, offering the kind of bland fare that might be TV friendly but paradoxically doesn't speak on behalf of those excluded from the mainstream media. Being Gay, Black or Disabled doesn't remove one's sense of humour, as often laughter, especially a raucous cackle in the dark can help make a difficult Life more bearable and mitigate the feelings of injustice and disempowerment. To make assumptions about what minorities find hilarious/acceptable is both patronising, condescending and missing the point; one's situation might be dire and tragic, but laughter is a balm that will ease many aches through the darkest times. Don't bristle with self righteousness because you feel offended, the jokes are ultimately on YOU not us.
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on 17 November 2010
Frankie Boyle's new DVD is much his first, a constant onslaught of hellish, brilliant jokes. Normally in reviews like these I could post a snippet, an example of the material on offer; that's not going to happen. The gags are so near the knuckle, they're punching you in the face. Needless to say, this ain't a christmas present for your mum, or indeed ANYONE who can be even vaguely offended. It's flawless stuff as expected, even if it's his last stand-up for now, he's going out with a hell of a bang. Also, Frankie manages to pack an awful lot in material into the seventy-five minutes, without once losing his pace or energy. And for anyone who was wondering, this is nearly all new material, he only recycles jokes a few times and even then they're still good to hear.

I will say one thing though, Boyle's act feels a bit disjointed this time around, it doesn't have the easier, chatty fluidity that the first DVD had. For the first ten of fifteen minutes, he literally picks audience members at random and screams insults at them. This isn't necessarily a criticism though, and could easily be a result of editing, either way he settles down after this into his usual demeanour. And one thing he has dramatically improved is his ability to reference his own jokes and build on them later in the show, something that he has never showed us in the past.
The extras are fantastic, especially the footage from his joke test warm-ups. It's great to see him trying out fresh material and the interviews with him about writing experience.

Definately worth buying for any fan of Boyle or dark comedy in general, and you will remember what you miss about Mock The Week.
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on 17 November 2010
Firstly let me say that I am a big fan of Frankie Boyle and have seen him film Tramadol Nights live aswell as read the book and watched pretty much everything he has ever appeared in...which is why I found this DVD somewhat disappointing. The observations are brilliant, the put downs hilarious, the anecdotes are also very funny...the first time I heard them. For me this is the main problem, I have heard (or read) at least 70% of the material before, whether in his book, or on Mock the Week, or in the audience watching him film Tramadol Nights. You will see what I mean when the series is aired at the end of this month. So, I think the DVD will appeal more to those who haven't followed him like a manic obsessive over the last few years or so and especially to those who are less familiar to his material. For those people who are offended, you really should know by now that his material can be considered as offensive by some people, some who are obviously more sensitive to this type of humor than others, so my advice would be if you're the `easily offended' type then best to watch something else, rather than watching it knowing you'll be offended then having a boring dull moan about it afterwards.
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VINE VOICEon 14 December 2010
Frankie Boyle's new DVD is what you'd expect from him, rude, crude and about as politically correct as a far right extremist - he doesn't hold back, and yes, this used to be OK on Mock The Week, but now it's getting old. Boyle rattles out his jokes which he's using on his Channel 4 show anyway, so there's nothing new. Expect jokes about Jade Goody, Susan Boyle and other things.

What disappoints me is the fact Boyle is recycling his jokes, I can imagine him reading this review and laughing at me and saying "you cannie take a joke wee man" but really he's having a laugh at our expense, he knows he will bring in the MTW punters - who he now absolutely hates, and even rips a chunk out of Russell Howard's arm too.

The stuff isn't classy, it's even on the verge of being Bernard Manning - I used to like Frankie, but I think success has made him even worse, his distinctive lack of taste and jokes about child abuse really is quite over the top - and maybe he should think about edgy comedy that wouldn't be so off hand, he'd be excellent then.

There are some extras, like an interview he did with some MySpace blogger, which was OK, but his attitude towards MTW is sad really, as he's biting the hand that feeds.

I'd recommend this to people who like him, and his extreme crudeness, otherwise don't buy this on a whim for a friend, as you could end up regretting it.

Come on Frankie, we know you can do better than this man!
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on 17 December 2010
I've been a fan of Frankie since he appeared on the Live Floor Show waaaay back in the day but I'll be honest, this new DVD is just terrible. Not only is his appearance brief, with no encore, he has quite clearly gone the same way Family Guy has. By this I mean that he used to be a hilarious, articulate and witty comedian with fun material and the occasional joke that made you gasp and then laugh at the cheek of it, but now he's just desperate to shock.

The whole act wears pretty thin about 10 minutes in when you realise that most of his audience now aren't comedy fans, just idiots who turn up to be insulted by a painfully unfunny comedian. The problem with this kind of "humour" is that Boyle can hide behind the premise of folks "not being able to take a joke" if they don't find this tour funny. As a former fan I can honestly say that his material on this DVD is basically made up of shock one liners and jokes that he's recycled from MTW and his own tv show, these could be hilarious if placed in a proper comedy act sparingly but fall short as his whole act relies entirely on pre-written bile with no originality or grace to hold it together.

This DVD is honestly a waste of your money - if you're set on buying this 80 minute drivel, yes its only an hour and a half long, then watch some segments of it online first and see if you honestly find it funny or you're just so desperate to find his "edgy humor" funny that you failed to see where he stopped being a acerbic wit and started being a lazy shock artist.
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on 9 August 2013
If you're like me and like the darker side of comedy, then you're going to love this.

Frankie Boyle is one of them comedians that makes you laugh and think dam thats disgusting at the same time, but will have you coming back for more.

If you don't like taking thing's to the limit and then braking right threw it don't get this.
But if you want to P*** yourself Laughing then go buy it now
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on 4 July 2010
I saw Frankie on this tour and he was brilliant. Superb one liners with his usual quick wit and cruel jokes. If you liked his previous DVD then you will love this and If you didnt then this wont win you over.
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on 3 April 2012
This is Frankie Boyle at his best: full contact comedy. It's probably not even worth mentioning that you should not watch him if you are easily offended, because everyone knows he can be offensive, but if you are tired of censor-approved, bland, sterile comedy, then this is the show for you. What most people here seem to have forgotten is that they are not supposed to review the show, but the product, only part of which is the show. A DVD really should have more extras, and even if they were not that eager to shoot more stuff for this DVD, they could easily have gathered some of his brilliant material from Mock the Week and included that in a featurette. Also, an interview would be good. That said, it is still the best comedy DVD in years.
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on 26 December 2010
I first became aware of Mr. Boyle a long time ago on Mock The Week. I have since realised how tedious and contrived Mock The Week is.

I have also realised however, that this is where Boyle was at his strongest. His near-the-knuckle gags in that environment stood out so much that they were effective and funny. But when you take a few hundred of them and list them one after the other they quickly become diluted and lose their stand-out quality.

But this is only part of the problem. I saw this show live and was massively disappointed. The show felt thrown together and Boyle himself seemed bored, disinterested and keen to get away. It was is if he knew he was taking the proverbial and couldn't barely believe he was getting away with it He couldn't even be bothered with an encore.

There are a few very good and also close to the mark jokes and in isolation, these would work well. But as I say, lumped together with shocker after shocker they become lost. Jimmy Carr successfully breaks up his shows with slide-shows and/or presentations etc, but here it's just shocker after shocker with no let up, which does become a tad boring. Jimmy's famous for some 'edgy' material but the key here is they're not all like that.

A lot of the jokes are also old and not only have we heard them before, but they were clearly topical at the time and therefore aren't funny now. I don't really want to hear jokes about Shannon Matthews' Mother and Jordan and Peter Andre's divorce now!

A day after I'd seen this show, I was watching Dave and saw a number of the jokes I'd just seen in this 'new' show on a very old Mock The Week! Very old, one of the ones where Rory Bremner was a regular! I then watched an old epsiode of Comedy Roadshow presented by Dara and I again witnessed more of these 'new' jokes!

I'm not going to go into Tramadol Nights much here as this is a review of the tour DVD. That said, almost all the jokes from this show are on Tramadol nights so if you've watched all of those - you're not only brave - you won't need to see this.

So overall all I think this DVD does is highlight Frankie's flaws, rather than showcase his talents. The jokes are largely old and he quite clearly has one thought in his mind now - "What can I say that will be controversial?" which is so wrong.

Controverisal and offensive does not automatically mean funny. This DVD is proof of that.
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on 9 November 2010
I went to the DVD record at Hammersmith Apollo and the show was awesome - we were crying with laughter! There's no doubt he's controversial - his comedy is edgy, no-holds-barred and often un-pc but he's hilarious - the best in the business in my opinion and apparently won;t be touring after this year! :-(
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