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Customer reviews

3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
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on 22 June 2011
Never in my life have I met a game that so frustrated and bored me as "The Force Unleashed II." On so many levels it fails as both a piece of the Star Wars story and as a game and sequel.

For starters, the story is ridiculously one note and undoes all the good work done by the nicely tied-up story of its predecessor in which Starkiller nobly sacrificed himself for the good of the rebellion. Force Unleashed II begins with Starkiller having been cloned by Vader to provide a more controllable apprentice. Needless to say this doesn't work out.

I'm going to begin here by saying that cloning Starkiller is one of the laziest ways to resurrect a character there is, especially when it just desecrates all the good work done in the first game. Yes, cloning is part of the Star Wars universe, but it shouldn't be abused as a way of bringing people back from the dead (that was already done to death with the Emperor in the Dark Empire series of comics.) And if we assume that Rahm Kota is correct and Starkiller isn't a clone, that's perhaps worse because it's even lazier writing.

So the story blows, perhaps it's still a fun game I hear you say, well you'd be wrong, so very very wrong. The gameplay is a carbon copy of the first game but now you wield two lightsabers. That's it. They also seem to have completely ruined the hit detection as often you will jump to slash a walker's cockpit only to flail ineffectually because you jump higher than it's head/ are a few inches too far away. The worst part is in doing so you won't even avoid the leg attacks of the walkers by jumping, somehow hitting their knee will send you to the floor even though it was moving away from you.

This is perhaps my biggest complaint with TFUII: ALL the enemies seem designed with frustration in mind, despite being easy to dispatch. You have enemies immune to lightsabers, enemies immune to force, often the two are unleashed on you at the same time. THEN you get cloaked, teleporting enemies who are immune to everything but lightning and then enemies which are only affected by the grapple technique (which has exactly the same animation for all but one of the enemy types). Oh. and THEN there are the droids... the terror droids with their latch on, wiggle the analogue stick to break free attack who would be relatively ok if they weren't generally paired with the aforementioned cloakers. Then there's the carbonite droid which freezes you in place and often once you've broken free, you are immediately frozen again. The bosses only up the frustration in even more ways which I haven't the energy to go into.

On top of all this there are only 9 levels of which there are 4 locations visited, of which one is just for a Yoda cutscene cameo and has zero enemies and another of which was so samey I didn't even realise it as a separate level. Each level seems like they only had enough resources to build half a level and so just repeated it to fill in the gaps, it's so relentlessly dull I couldn't wait to stop playing for some rather pretty cutscenes. That is perhaps the one good think about the game, the visuals, but even that is marred by frequent slowdown. This occurs most frequently when using force repulse, which you need to spam to get rid of the damn terror droids.

The Force Unleashed II is a vicious cycle of rage, frustration and boredom. It's only legacy is to ruin the good done by what came before and add another lightsaber to your repertoire. Do yourself a favour and buy Jedi Academy instead.
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on 29 June 2011
The Original game is one of my favourites of the last few years, and certainly one of the best Star Wars video games ever. So was very eager to play the second instalment. Initial impressions were good, as the quality of the intro movie was of the same outstanding quality as the First game. It wasn't long though, before a few doubts began to creep in. The levels, though beautifully detailed, are repetitive. it almost feels as if someone told the developers that the levels should be longer, so they did a bit of cut and pasting with the level design. the rooms, and corridors all start to look the same, and it's not just occasional levels, it's almost every single one. The enemies too, are a disappointment. Lots of generic robots, and unimaginative button press sequences to finish off some fairly irritating larger enemies.
The Jedi boss battles from the first game, are decidedly absent in this game, which is a pity, in fact boss battles in general are either dull and half hearted, or in a couple of cases, too big for their own good. Especially the battle against a colossal beast in an arena. It never really felt to me like I had the control I needed to efficiently perform each step of the battle. I stumbled through it, and was basically sick of the battle by the time it's 5 or 6 different stages FINALLY ended. The final battle is a similar affair, except without the difficulty. Just a laborious trek up a tower, to do the same thing about 8 times. Lame.
It's such a shame they didn't follow up the original game with a slightly more polished product. The Story was genuinely interesting, if a little ham fisted. The voice acting seemed a little less impressive than the last game, but was still more than adequate. Essentially all the pieces were there, it just never had the same rush of gameplay that it's predecessor had. IF you love the original, and can get this cheap, it's worth a play, just for the story. but if you weren't a huge fan, then it's probably best avoided. Such a Shame.
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on 10 January 2012
I'll be honest, After watching 'Revenge Of The Sith' and completing Sw:Battlefront 2 a few years back, i kinda left Star Wars behind. I'd always heard about Force Unleashed but never went out and bought it, well recently i have purchased both games and i think they are fantastic. The Original is brilliant because of its classic gaming feel, as you scour planets in search of Jedi, killing and collecting as you go. However, i believe the second to be the stronger output in this story-line. The graphics and visuals are stunning, not to mention the completely destructible environment. The combat is alot more simplified which compliments the flow of the fighting system. The plot isn't as good as the first, showing weakness in several areas but thats always the case 8 out of 10 times with sequels. You will end up ranking up the difficulty and playing through again, if your into 'Achievements' Then a good amount of gamer-score is coming your way. The challenge mode is a great fun add on, really testing your knowledge of the force. Another great thing is the costumes and attention to detail within every character, it has the feel of a movie and you generally cannot wait for the next cutscene. Also the DLC is quite cheap in comparison too the originals 800-400 points per pack. With this one its more like 80 points per pack.

All in all i think its a great game, not to be taken too seriously and i would definitely recommend the two titles too any Star Wars Fan.
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on 1 November 2010
I had so many high hopes for this game. Force Unleashed 1 was amazing, a little glitchy, but still fun, with loads of amazing DLC.
Force Unleashed 2 starts off so well, it basically plays like the original, just with improved graphics, and fewer glitches. The level designs are amazing. The developers have done a great job recreating Kamino, and imagining a rebel frigate and Cato Nemoidia.

But why the hell is it so short???????

It took 5 hours to finish this game on my first play through. That's just not good enough. It is a fun game, but this is just such a let down to finish it so quickly. And there will no doubt be extra DLC, but quite frankly, it feels as though they have made a 12 hour game, and thought, right, let's remove the second half from the disc and make people pay extra for it.

In conclusion, if you want an amazing star wars game to take up your time, but the force unleashed 1, and wait for this to cost £20, then it will be worth it, that way when you buy the inevitable £20 worth of DLC, you'll be buying a full game for £40.

Dont let yourself be ripped off the same way i was.
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on 14 January 2013
A great pity. This game looks wonderful. If you liked the graphics in the original, this one will blow you away. Sadly, that's where the love for this game has to end. I played this game from start to finish in one session of about 4 hours, that's how small a game it is. HAving said that, the story is a great bridge between the films, filling in some missing details, but the frustration of bosses that don't take dammage (except for in pre-cut moments) can be really annoying, and worst of all, the game turns into a Mario-Style leaping from platform to platform in the final level.

If your a Star Wars fan, this is a great distraction, if you're wanting a game marathon, well... this isn't for you.
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on 17 February 2011
Reviewing The Force Unleashed 2 breaks my heart. As a rabid Star Wars fan who's gone so far as to tattoo symbols of the franchise on my body, I wanted to jump into another epic story that better fleshes out Starkiller's story. It's disappointing that The Force Unleashed 2 not only fails to tell an interesting yarn, but also somehow manages to make the cool combat mechanics feel relatively pedestrian by failing to have enough variation in combat, or enough outside of combat to break up the pacing. Hardcore Star Wars fans should still check this out, but, as Master Yoda might say, "a good game The Force Unleashed 2 is not."
7.0 Presentation
TFU2 initially does a great job at engaging Star Wars fans, complete with the franchise's iconic scrolling introduction text. The menus and other general UI feel pretty generic, though.
9.0 Graphics
It looks gorgeous. Starkiller and the other characters are very realistically animated, and the weather effects in are some of the best I've ever seen.
8.5 Sound
Drawing from a wealth of iconic Star Wars music and sound effects, is it any surprise it's wonderful to hear over your speakers? The voice acting is also great in general.
6.5 Gameplay
It's far too redundant, too short, and doesn't have an interesting story. And that's coming from a mega Star Wars nerd.
6.0 Lasting Appeal
It's super short, and would make more of a decent rental for fans than a day-one purchase. Even the challenge levels and alternate difficulties don't add much replayability.
(out of 10)
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on 7 January 2017
This was waiting for me when I got home from work yesterday and I put in about two hours on it before going to bed. Got up this morning, played for another couple of hours and just when I was thinking "I guess I'm about halfway through now, I wonder where this plot twist will go...?" ENDING. ROLL CREDITS. I literally thought I was on the third level.

Speaking of levels, the level design is bland as hell. No running around inside the Death Star's super laser, or touring the inside of a sarlacc's guts in this one folks; you get a quick tutorial mission on the cloning facility on Kamino, a stint on Cato Neimoidia (home of the borderline offensive Chinese stereotype trade federation guys from the prequels), a quick jog through a rebel ship to fight off imperial boarding parties, and then it's right back to the cloning facility with you, all of which is remarkably samey looking and repetitive. There's a very brief (like a couple of minutes) run on Dagobah that has no enemies and only serves to initiate a cut-scene with a cameo by Yoda. The whole level may just as well have been incorporated into the cut-scene and to be honest I can't even remember how it fits into the story which goes to say something about how memorable it was given that I only did it last night.

As a huge Boba Fett fan I was massively excited to hear that Fett would be in the main story this time. He was in the marketing campaign and they even released a tie-in comic that predominantly featured him, so I assumed he'd be playing a major role. He doesn't. You don't even get to fight him. He's in one cut-scene, which goes nowhere. That and the final shot of the ending give me the impression that they were setting up the story for a third game in which he would've been the main antagonist, but since Lucas Arts was shut down some time ago I guess we'll never know.

The boss fights are laborious and repetitive as hell, particularly the one with the Gorog (the huge thing that you might have seen eat a Rancor in the TV ad) and with Vader himself, the latter being fun at first but quickly becoming monotonous by about the fourth time the two of you are playing catch with parts of the scenery.

I'm giving it two stars only because whirring through legions of stormtroopers with your lightsabers and finding new and inventive ways to kill people with the force IS still fun, but no more fun than the first game, which was vastly superior in every aspect.
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on 13 November 2010
To start of wiv I'm a bit of a sci-fi geek. And I've owned pretty much every star wars game at some point or another. The first force unleashed blew me away. Fair enough it took me under 3 days to complete it. But it was still fun to go bck and play the levels. Now for the hard part. This game I Bought after work Friday night I had completed it Saturday morning after only 4 hours. And I really don't feel the need to go back over it like I did the first.

Let's start with the good points:
Light saber combat has been vastly improved. It's incredible fun. It no longer feels like ur a thug wielding a baseball bat. It now feels like you are a true swordsman and that is what lightsaber combat is all about.
Force powers have been improved. I might be a little sadistic but it is quite funny using the mind trick then watching enemies fight eachother. And the force lightening has been given steroids. So you can fry everyone in a room when u reach level 3.
The war droids are incredible fun to fight.
You now get two lightsabers and you can upgrade them individually. So you can now have two different colours and different effects. So it now looks really cool.

Now for the bad points:
Let's start with the story, I won't spoil it. But given a longer game it couldn't been an excellent addition to the star wars universe. But now it just feels rushed. Also Jedi general rahm kota who I think is extremely cool and a worthy addition to the star wars universe now only seems to pop up only when the devolpers feel line adding him to a cut scene. And the much hyped addition of yoda only last about 20 seconds.
Length of game. Let's take another Sci-fi game on the market. Playing around my work and social life it took me 3 weeks to complete mass effect 2. I don't want to buy a game and find I've completed by lunchtime. On my one day off a week. I like my games to last at least a week.
Enemies. I thought in the game you are meant to be some sought of super Jedi. But enemies just swarm you and its extremely irritating when you have to fight an extremely cool war droid. Only 2 keep being taken out by a couple of deuche sith apprentices. Also the scout troopers are back and you cannot block there shots so if you are in the middle of a group of storm trooper about to unleash a wave of force lightening and suddenly a shot comes put of no where that knock you off your stride. You are automatically swarmed till you can recover your mojo. Now matter how good the Jedi 50 enemies using swarm warfare will always
win. Also it seems like the masses of different enemies in number 1 have been scaled back to about 10 different enemies. Now going back to attacking the sith apprentices. 1 blocks all your force powers and the other your lighsaber attacks meaning when you are fighting them you can easily be taken out. Cause they just bounce about and are extremly hard to catch and the same goes for the terror troopers who be excellent enemies if they were used right and not just used for swarm warfare.
Replay value. Well it's none existant. If you are like me you buy your games to keep then you will be extremely disapointed. Because I really don't feel the need to play the game again. So it's gonna now just sit on my shelf till I feel the need to trade it in.

In my opinion rent it for 3 day you will have completed it in two and the third can be used to go back and get rewards. Keep your money and either get the force unleashed 1 or mass effect. I'm really disappointed with this game. I'm now wishing I had got the Fallout New Vegas or waited for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. Lucasarts should have scrapped this and brought us knights of the old republic 3. I'm still playing 1 & 2 of that after 5 years. Or they should have released the force unleashed 2 as downloadable content. I'm hoping they make another one so I can see what happens. But I will be renting it not buying it
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on 11 November 2010
For those of you who are familiar with the first game, this follows suit in almost every way. the usual little unlockables along the way to increase your 'force'.

As other people have mentioned - its not the biggest game ever but you'd do well to remember that theres alot going on... its not grand theft auto or 100 levels of mario world.
Also increasing the amount of levels through the game would only aid any feelings of a dragged out story line and repetitive gameplay.

If i could compare it to anything i'd probably say its a 21st century 'Final Fight' or 'Double Dragon' - linear gameplay, repetitive enemys, predictable bosses and over in a few short hours but good enough to want to play it again and up the difficulty.

gameplay asides - the graphics are stunning.. i don't think i could ever tire of watching slick light saber combos tearing through waves of storm troopers.

overall - if you like beat em ups of the 90's such as streets of rage or turtles in time and newer titles like battlefront then your bound to enjoy this game - if your after a new red dead redemption or a head scratcher you'd probably want to avoid this game.
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on 4 November 2010
This Game i rushed to get after the first amazing game. This was as fun to play as the first but then it suddenly ended! It was so short i was gob-smacked! It also did not answer any of the questions from the first game and if anything just made me ask even more!!! I dont now how they plan to finish this saga and they must be running out of time in the timeline. the double ending was a good idea like the first but it made it very confusing, and opened a can of worms so to speak!
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