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Customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 30 July 2017
I love all her stuff
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on 5 December 2016
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on 13 June 2010
After a length wait and much hype over the last few months Christina finally delivers her new album,a change of direction into lady gaga territory had people wondering if this was too radical a change or a stroke of genius?..well to be honest it's neither really. Bionic is a very 2010 sounding record..lots of programming,heavy synths and atitude and the Lady GaGa comparisons were inevitable but Christina's tracks unfortunately don't have the melody and good songwriting Miss gaga's tracks do. Tracks like Bionic,WooHoo,Vanity etc arent bad tracks at all,but compared to similar sounding songs like Bad romance,poker face etc by GaGa they come off as poor seconds. One of the major disappointments for me was the dropping of the Goldfrapp produced track which knowing their high standards would have been great..it didnt even make the bonus CD! If you get the album then pick up the deluxe CD as it does have 2 very good tracks in Monday Morning and Birds of prey. I would have preferred they put these on the main CD at the expense of a couple of weaker songs,the other 3 bonus tracks are just ok but these 2 are good songs.

There are definitely some good songs on here. Monday morning is especially good and catchy,Sex for breakfast is a brillant slinky down-tempo number which reminded me very much of a janet jackson type sounding track..the single Not myself tonight is good if not outstanding,Vanity is probably the best of the electronic sounding tracks.

Neither the disaster some are saying nor the brilliance some others are making it out to be either. In reality it falls somewhere firmly in the middle.

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on 1 July 2010
First of all alot say she is trying to be like "Lady Gaga" I wouldn't say so, I think that she has chosen this Style to be Erotica, Her Image Reminds me of Madonna mostly.

I will admit that the Album takes quite abit of listening to, to grow on you, well it did me, i'm a huge fan of Xtina but this Album I needed to give a listen a few times. I think the sound is very strange for Xtina everybody has been use to the great Pop sounds from her, but this one is more different.

If you are going to get the Album I reccomend the "Deluxe Edition" for the Extra 5 songs, plus the Cd cover is great, comes with a "Hologram picture" Showing Xtina with no Robot face, then if you turn to side abit the Robot side appears.

If you are a Xtina fan you will deffinatly Buy this.

I can say I actually like the Album now.
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on 12 November 2016
this has got to be her best album shes ever done. shes got an amazing voice 😍
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on 7 June 2010
The styled and polished vocal gymnastics that the general public would normally expect from Christina Aguilera are, in my opinion missing from this album. That is not to say that i wouldn't recommend you purchase Bionic, however if you're expecting something sleek like Back to Basics - you will have a big shock.

I would be lying if i said i wasn't a little disappointed when having a full listen to the tracks the first time round. This is simply because, some of the tracks seem to be lacking any emotion and could have been produced and performed by any girl who can hold a tune. 'Elastic Love' is a good example being one of the weaker tracks. 'Glam' again is not a great song for Christina to showcase her abilities, however it is quite a fun song for all those girls out there who identify with the glamorous lifestyle!

Stand out tracks are 'Bionic' which packs quite a punch. It's different, but it's catchy. The single 'Not Myself Tonight' which as we already know is a good pop song. Slightly more on the dancey side of things. 'Woohoo' took a couple of listens before i could appriciate the song as a whole, but this is a definate grower. We won't go into the subject of the song though! 'Vanity' is a really fun - if explicit - song. I found myself listening to this half in shock and half in hysterics. I'm still not sure exacly how i feel about this song, but i do know that it's just a bit of fun.

Christina goes back to her spanish roots with Desnudate. A good little dancey track with traces of spanish language throughout. I can't help but feel that 'Bobblehead' is a direct swipe at Britney Spears, simply because it sounds like 'Toy Soliders' and refers to girls acting dumb to get what they want.. remind you of anyone?? Maybe that's just my perception!

The ballards on this album are good. 'You Lost Me' is the big ballard of the album and is a really emotional story of heartbreak and lose. 'Stronger Than Ever' is a little more gritty, but is just as punchy. 'Lift Me Up' was the first song to be heard from Bionic, as it was one of the songs for Haiti's chairty event. I think this is one of the ballards which least suits Christina's previous style. 'All I Need' is a song dedicated to Christina's son. Any fans of Zero 7 and Sia will recognise the musical arrangements of this song. Very Sia-esque! But very beautiful.

As the title of this review states, i truly believe this album will not knock you out on the first listen, or even the second or third - but give it a chance and realise that Christina is a very talented creature. It would be too easy to stick to a tried and tested formula and by know we should know that with a new album comes a brand new Christina. This album has only been available for one day and already i like it much more that this morning. As i said - it's a grower
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on 3 August 2010
I was amazed by this CD from the first listen. I think motherhood and change of life priorities are doing Xtina the greatest kind of good. This album is different from any of her previous work although you can still find plenty of moving balads we are used to from Xtina. I would recommend this CD to everyone. It's the right mix of Electro/Dance/Pop and something spicy on the top of it. X
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on 3 October 2010
Four years since the release of her last album `Back to Basics' Christina Aguilera returns with a sharp album that blends pop with electro and strong vibes that diversifies the singer's talents more than ever before.

Through various mediums the album has been heavily praised yet heavily criticized.

Comparing to her other albums this is the biggest step into the electric pop vibe, which has advantages and disadvantages. For one the last track on this 2010 album `Vanity' has a very good heavy beating backing but opens with this sentence "I'm not cocky, I just love myself" which from a serious artist such as Christina does not sound right.

This consistent blunt honesty is apparent in many tracks and whilst the artist has never been afraid to push boundaries even this time it seems too eccentric. Songs such as `Sex for breakfast' and `I hate boys' don't feel right, the lyrics mixed with the hefty dance rift doesn't mix.

There are however many positives from this album. Her second single "You lost me" is one of her best ever songs, and that is no exaggeration. The slow moving back track mixed with her passionate singing feels so genuine you may get caught up in the moment and personally, I think it is her best ever ballad. The ballads are all very strong `Life me up' is also very powerful and `All I need' is perfectly soft and gentle for the lyrics

The tracks are mostly dance tracks and have the right attitude that reminds us all of the `Fighter'. Songs that stick with you are the bouncy abrupt `Elastic love' and the openly idealistic first single `Not myself tonight' which came with a very strong video that many launched criticisms for her comparison to Lady Gaga.

The argument that Christina was mimicking anyone were ridiculous considering Christina has been doing this stuff for years, but is disappointing being in Gaga's shadow.

However with this album there is great hope for the future. The meaningful ballads are still strong and this merge more away from pop into dance should prove interesting and hopefully Christina can prove all doubters wrong.

This is an album worth checking out.

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on 11 June 2010
A great Christina follower since the smash hit 'Dirty' I was very excited to purchase this album on the day of release. I must admit I agree with the above comment I was slightly dissapointed when I first listened to the cd after waiting so long for the album. However after listening through it a few times in the car I am thrilled to say that I have been converted.

The album has a great mix of electro pop/dance tracks mixed with slow soulful ballards. Its great for listening too whether your in a mellow, chilled out mood or about to go on a girls night out.

The best tracks have to be the ones at the beginning and the end of disk 1. 'Bionic' is a great kick start to the album and is quite far off from anything Christina has ever done before. 'Not myself tonight' is a fab first single and I can't wait to hear it in the clubs. Towards the end of the first disk is ''I hate boys' a VERY catchy pop tune that I simply can't get out my head, if I had to buy only one song it would be this one. Then the album finishes with 'Vanity' which you really have to listen to too to be both shocked and entertained.

For those that like slower songs and want to apprechiate the beautiful vocals that make Christina who she is then tracks 11-15 are for you, 'Lift me up' probably being my personal favourite.

In conclusion make sure you listen to this album a few times and I'm pretty sure that you will be hooked. This album is comparable with Stripped only with a modern day twist. You will not be dissapointed!
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on 15 August 2010
The Voice Is Back With Her First Studio Album In 4 Years, And During Her Absence Lady Gaga Has Conquered The Charts Whilst Music Itself Has Moved On, Thus So Has Christina With Her Most Diverse, And Population Splitting Album To Date.

Bionic - Catchy As Anything Gone Before, With A Great Futuristic Feel - 5/5
Not Myself Tonight - Not The Best, Shouldn't Have Been A Single But Still Good - 4/5
WooHoo - A Fun Track With Rising Star Nicki, Creating A Light Hearted Piece Of Pop - 4/5
Elastic Love - One Of The Most Unique Tracks, With A Great Chorus - 5/5
Desnudate - With Spanish Influences, This Track Is Catchy With A Great Hook - 5/5
Glam - A Rumoured Homage To 'Vogue', A Track That Isn't That Good And Seems Slightly Immature - 3/5
Prima Donna - A Great Track For The Disco With A Sing-Alongable Chorus - Awesome - 5/5
Morning Dessert/Sex For Breakfast - A Gorgeous Ballad With Another Great Hook - 5/5
Lift Me Up - Inspirational Masterpiece - 5/5
All I Need - A Weak Ballad In Comparison To The Others, But Still A Lovely Song - 4/5
I Am - With Hints Of Futuristic Style Thrown Into A Gorgeous Ballad Resulting In A Top Class Ballad - 5/5
You Lost Me - The Best Track On The Standard Edition - Truly Beautiful - 5/5
I Hate Boys - Immature Track, Not The Best - 3/5
My Girls - I Don't Like This One Too Much But Still Above Average - 3/5
Vanity - Very Tongue In Cheek And Out There But Truly Memorable - Love It As A Guilty Pleasure - 5/5
Monday Morning - Funky And Original Track Which Is Actually Quite Memorable - 5/5
Bobblehead - A Whole Lotta Noise - Worst Track On Whole Album - 2/5
Birds Of Prey - Different And Anthemic - 5/5
Stronger Than Ever - Best Song On Whole Album - This Is One Of Her Best Tracks Ever - 5/5

Overall, Apart From A Few Duds That Are Found On Most Albums Nowadays This Is A Great Collection, A Colletion Sadly Overlooked By Many, A Great Shame As It Really Is A Great Album
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