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Customer Reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 1 July 2010
First of all alot say she is trying to be like "Lady Gaga" I wouldn't say so, I think that she has chosen this Style to be Erotica, Her Image Reminds me of Madonna mostly.

I will admit that the Album takes quite abit of listening to, to grow on you, well it did me, i'm a huge fan of Xtina but this Album I needed to give a listen a few times. I think the sound is very strange for Xtina everybody has been use to the great Pop sounds from her, but this one is more different.

If you are going to get the Album I reccomend the "Deluxe Edition" for the Extra 5 songs, plus the Cd cover is great, comes with a "Hologram picture" Showing Xtina with no Robot face, then if you turn to side abit the Robot side appears.

If you are a Xtina fan you will deffinatly Buy this.

I can say I actually like the Album now.
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on 3 August 2010
I was amazed by this CD from the first listen. I think motherhood and change of life priorities are doing Xtina the greatest kind of good. This album is different from any of her previous work although you can still find plenty of moving balads we are used to from Xtina. I would recommend this CD to everyone. It's the right mix of Electro/Dance/Pop and something spicy on the top of it. X
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on 1 June 2010
As a taxi driver, I am writing this review at 4.30am having spent the entire night listening to CD1 of Bionic. It's awesome!

Gone are the often over-sung power-ballads from Stripped and Back to Basics. There are a few slow numbers but they are sung with much less ferocity than we are used to from Christina (more like "Save Me From Myself")

It's the faster numbers however, where this album catapults itself immediately into a contender for CD of the year. It can only be described as lyrically naughty but nice, addictive, GaGa-ish in places, with a little touch of Katy Perry and the Pussycats on a couple of numbers. The upbeat numbers are awesome and saucy and the direction Christina has taken with this album is absolutely perfect and you would be a fool not to buy it.

My album of the year so far........and it could turn out to be as good as The Fame....
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on 13 August 2016
This is not a grower I expected so much more from Christina-its dated derivative and just plain boring half way thru till end. So where it it go wrong-possibly trying to ape Brittany Spears and Lady Ga Ga too much didn't help they do this type of sound so much better. Okay ,first 3-4 tracks are single possibles but then it all goes downhill fast -zzzzz sub-standard ballads etc Oh not forgetting in the song Elastic she rhymes this with spastic -mmmm not pc me thinks played it twice to be fair but just shelved it away possibly never to be played again
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on 21 February 2013
Xtina didn't have a good time while releasing this album and I still don't get why it flopped on the market. It's a wonderful experiment when she works with a more electric pop, never letting go of her voice-blended ballads. "Lift Me Up" and "I Am" just make me chill every single time I hear it.
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on 22 June 2010
Xtina's highly anticipated fourth album misses a lot more than it hits.

'Bionic' promises futuristic pop but ironically sounds dated, four years ago it might have been futuristic, Lady GaGa and the Black Eyed Peas have dominated and developed the electronic pop direction that Xtina now stumbles warily through. Her incredible four octaves often reduced to an over-produced monotone, while she belts awkwardly over her own backing vocals (see 'Glam' and 'I Hate Boys')

The first five songs are catchy and strong, hinting at some great singles and videos, but the album soon gets tired as it continues, picking up with a few ballads, then dipping back to mediocrity.

Despite all this it doesn't take a fan to realise that this is a woman with one of the most distinctive voices in music (the ballads 'I Am' and 'You Lost Me' stand out).

Christina is an artist who is growing, experimenting and taking more control over her work. There are some genuine moments of tenderness and sensuality that her contemporaries can't touch her on. If she can lock onto this and use it for her next album then she can actually call herself 'Bionic'.

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on 23 February 2015
Listened to the CD on Spotify first and loved it so bought it to put it on my USB stick for the car. However, I later realised that there are only 15 tracks on the CD and at least 22 on Spotify. Will look out for this in the future if I need to.
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on 7 June 2010
The styled and polished vocal gymnastics that the general public would normally expect from Christina Aguilera are, in my opinion missing from this album. That is not to say that i wouldn't recommend you purchase Bionic, however if you're expecting something sleek like Back to Basics - you will have a big shock.

I would be lying if i said i wasn't a little disappointed when having a full listen to the tracks the first time round. This is simply because, some of the tracks seem to be lacking any emotion and could have been produced and performed by any girl who can hold a tune. 'Elastic Love' is a good example being one of the weaker tracks. 'Glam' again is not a great song for Christina to showcase her abilities, however it is quite a fun song for all those girls out there who identify with the glamorous lifestyle!

Stand out tracks are 'Bionic' which packs quite a punch. It's different, but it's catchy. The single 'Not Myself Tonight' which as we already know is a good pop song. Slightly more on the dancey side of things. 'Woohoo' took a couple of listens before i could appriciate the song as a whole, but this is a definate grower. We won't go into the subject of the song though! 'Vanity' is a really fun - if explicit - song. I found myself listening to this half in shock and half in hysterics. I'm still not sure exacly how i feel about this song, but i do know that it's just a bit of fun.

Christina goes back to her spanish roots with Desnudate. A good little dancey track with traces of spanish language throughout. I can't help but feel that 'Bobblehead' is a direct swipe at Britney Spears, simply because it sounds like 'Toy Soliders' and refers to girls acting dumb to get what they want.. remind you of anyone?? Maybe that's just my perception!

The ballards on this album are good. 'You Lost Me' is the big ballard of the album and is a really emotional story of heartbreak and lose. 'Stronger Than Ever' is a little more gritty, but is just as punchy. 'Lift Me Up' was the first song to be heard from Bionic, as it was one of the songs for Haiti's chairty event. I think this is one of the ballards which least suits Christina's previous style. 'All I Need' is a song dedicated to Christina's son. Any fans of Zero 7 and Sia will recognise the musical arrangements of this song. Very Sia-esque! But very beautiful.

As the title of this review states, i truly believe this album will not knock you out on the first listen, or even the second or third - but give it a chance and realise that Christina is a very talented creature. It would be too easy to stick to a tried and tested formula and by know we should know that with a new album comes a brand new Christina. This album has only been available for one day and already i like it much more that this morning. As i said - it's a grower
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Bionic is Christina Aguilera's fourth album (not counting her Greatest Hits album), that was recorded during 2008 - 2010.

She changes her musical direction every album, so this time she's gone down the popular electronica with R&B tinged lyrical content route, causing widespread comparisons to Lady GaGa.
I don't think she sat down and thought "Right, this time I'm going to be GaGa", but I do think she was 'inspired' by her currently hot musical style.

Christina has writing credits for an impressive 13 out of the 18 album tracks, as well as all 5 of the deluxe edition's bonus tracks. There is anoher bonus available on Itunes, which she has again wrote. Other notable writer's include Cathy Dennis, Linda Perry (she wrote the infamous 'Beautiful'), Ladytron, Sia and Peaches.

Despite such big name writers, I think 'Bionic' has the weakest lyrics out of all of Christina's albums, to be completly honest. Most of the songs are about sex, and the lyrics are amusing, rather then sensual. For example; "Let's do the dance, get naked" [Des Nudate], and my personal favourite; "You don't need a plate to taste my woohoo, licky licky yum yum" [WooHoo].

The list of producers is as impressive as her song-writing credits; Christina herself, along with the likes ofPolow da Don, Focus..., Sia Furler, Switch, Samuel Dixon, Ladytron, Linda Perry, Tricky Stewart and Le Tigre.
The track 'WooHoo' contains a sample from 'Add Már, Uram As Ezöt', while 'I Hate Boys' contains a sample from 'Jungle Juice.

My favourite track on the main album is the amusing Vanity. With the lyrics including such gems as "Mirror mirror on the wall who's the flyest bitch of them all? Never mind, I am", "Mirror mirror on the wall Hear the prince charming, tell him give me a call, Never mind screw him cause I found somebody better, never mind screw him, I make myself so much wetter" and "[humming wedding march] And now I take myself to be my lawfully wedded bitch" it's a fun, tongue-in-cheek number.
Her love letter to high fashion Glam is another stand-out. The slower, piano driven Sex For Breakfast actually is sensual. The single-girls party anthem My Girls [featuring Peaches] is a great sing-along number, though it is similar to Can't Hold Us Down. I also like Prima Donna, though the lyrics are similar to My Girls.
The singles Not Myself Tonight and WooHoo are also above average, but not as good as the forementioned tracks.
Fan's of classic Christina will love while I Am - a classic 'Stripped' era number and the big vocal number, You Lost Me, Bionic's sole ballad.

The rest of the tracks don't strike me as bad, but they're forgettable fillers.

Overall I think that Bionic is actually Christina's strongest album, she just needs weaning of the 'more tracks is better' school of thought.
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on 30 May 2010
Since Christina was last in the foreground, pop music has evolved. Now mainstream pop seems to be leaning towards a more electronic, even experimental sound, and production is in danger of smothering talent. This should be a concern for Christina Aguilera who's singing talent is unquestionable, but whose back catalogue couldn't compete to the new sounds of Lady Gaga, with whom comparisons will unfortunately but inevitably be made. Luckily, it doesn't have to because Christina's music was a product of it's day. However the gauntlet has been thrown down in today's music world and the question is whether Christina will pick it up and take things further, or stick with what she has done to date, and risk being drowned out in a market where image and production means more than singing well.

Bionic not only picks up the gauntlet, it hurls it at whoever wants to take this artist on, and definitely raises the bar. The album is diverse but the familiar Aguilera trademarks are there, from her confident almost aggressive sexuality, to the transcendent ballads courtesy of Linda Perry (who penned 'Beautiful'), to the peerless singing talent and, yes, the modern production sounds.

Where this album succeeds greatest is that no one element is allowed to dominate. The bells and whistles of a Gaga production are present and correct, but they're not allowed to compensate for pure singing ability; the glamorous sexy imagery is also here, but Aguilera doesn't allow that to define her - at the end of Bionic you have a good understanding of who you've listened to, a criticism it would be fair to level at those who attempt to emulate what she does.

Fans of different artists will of course make comparisons, but there is room for all sounds and let's hope that reviews don't descend into childish bickering because ultimately it's the artist who loses out, as nobody is able then to get a sense of perspective on their product. Bionic is a well-crafted, immaculately produced collection of incredibly well sung, largey up-tempo pop tunes. It's a solid album, perhaps never quite reaching the heights of times gone by, but which holds its own easily in today's marketplace. It's an album that sees it's competition, and raises them something special.
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