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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 1 August 2016
Underappreciated. Ahead of its time. Simly masterpiece. Christina's most experimental and best record to date.
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on 6 June 2010
Firstly I must say that I think Christina is possibly the best female singer in pop music, she has an outstanding voice, versatile, emotional, expressive, soulful wide-ranging and impeccably beautiful, that virtually no-one can compete with. I must add that her previous album "Back to Basics" is my favourite album by any female singer ever, and probably my most-listened-to cd out of hundreds. And I also love "Stripped".

I have therefore been anticipating this release for a long time. I didn't mind when I heard it was going to be a futuristic album in contrast with the great Back To Basics as I realize artists have to change and grow if they are to continue in the music business. The problem is that I became a fan of Christina's on the basis of the magnificent power ballads like "Beautiful", "The Voice Within", "Hurt" etc; and that by comparison, so many of the songs seem like throwaway pop. Now I don't mind sensual lyrics, even highly suggestive, but I don't like explicit ones; besides which, making sex the theme for virtually every song is less shocking and daring than just rather boring. I want a lyric that says something; that I can connect with emotionally; now of course, there is a place for some fun; and songs like "Glam" and "Vanity" are fun; while "Sex for breakfast" is sweet, enticing and sensual; but there are just too many songs with pointlessly explicit lyrics.

I was really disappointed with the first part of the album. I'm a fan of beautiful voices with real instruments; Christina is almost unbeatable here, so why does the opening track feature robotic, emotionless vocals and endless electronic beats and synths? Ok it's called "Bionic" but I expected robotic background noises but soaring Christina vocals in the foreground. The second track, however, is excellent; "Not Myself Tonight" is a fantastic first single; no complaints there. Sadly one of the few tracks in which Christina makes the full use of her vocal abilities. It's edgy, catchy, making good use of electronics but with the latter not overpowering the song. Although I'd be more likely to think Christina wasn't herself if she wanted a quiet night in! The next few songs, I have to say, I find dull. "Woohoo" is repetitive and drags on; "Elastic Love" is catchy but uninspiring; "Desnudate" is ok, but you just feel someone far less talented could just as easily have sung it.

"Glam" and "Prima Donna" are better, and I would say, enjoyable, but I'm still not massively excited. After that it improves again; "Morning Dessert" and "Sex For Breakfast" are surprisingly good, with sweeter, softer vocals; very sensual. I'm beginning to like it at last. "Lift Me Up" is a massive standout; captivating, brilliant, exhilerating vocals; finally I remember why I got so excited about this album; finally I realize why I rate her so highly. The next two songs, "All I Need" and "I Am" are pretty; sensitively sung, the former being a moving lullably, but just somehow not outstanding. "You Lost Me" is a haunting song; once more the old Christina shines through. On the final three songs, however, she sounds more like a cheerleader; and while that might be quite fun, it still isn't the Christina I became a fan of.

This album is supposedly influenced by Lady Gaga and I am not a fan of her; I listened to one half of the first track of "The Fame" on Spotify and that was all I could bear; this Gaga-influenced album is not unbearable because Christina is a 10 000x better singer than Gaga. But while there are some enjoyable and funky beats, some melliflous vocals on this album, there are only about three or four songs that I can really latch onto; really relate to; which is ok, but just a little disappointing to me when I think there were so many timeless and almost epic songs on Back to Basics; "Make Me Wanna Pray", "Ain't No Other Man", "Slow Down Bably", "Understand", "Hurt", "Lord Have Mercy On Me", "Save Me From Myself" and "The Right Man" - and there were more! Now I realize that Christina is very open and very comfortable with her sexuality and was looking to show her naughty-but-nice personality in this album; but I felt she did that on Fighter and Back To Basics without ramming her sexiness down our throats and without resorting to swearing and obscene lyrics. Has she heard the phrase "less is more"? This applies to songs as well as fashion. Olivia Newton-John on the "Physical" album sang sexy songs without being graphic.

I'm glad I bought the special edition as "Monday Morning" is one of the better songs; a little bit different. So too "Birds Of Prey" although that type of indie pop is more what I'd have expected from an indie band like Keane or Coldplay; or to feature on Katie Melua's "The House" album. The worst song on the whole album, however, is for me "Bobblehead". It's not a bad concept, but musically this song is just horrible. "Stronger Than Ever" is a haunting, epic ballad; it shows what Christina is truly capable of. If the album's balance had been more tipped towards songs like this I'd certainly have given it 5-stars.

Christina is still brilliant; still amazing and that still shows on this album. People have said she doesn't need to "oversing" but for me using what you have and what makes you stand out is not oversinging. For me on previous albums almost every song (though I hate "Dirrty") demonstrated that she was a completely extraordinary talent. On this album you have to search for signs of that rare genius she possesses.
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Bionic is Christina Aguilera's fourth album (not counting her Greatest Hits album), that was recorded during 2008 - 2010.

She changes her musical direction every album, so this time she's gone down the popular electronica with R&B tinged lyrical content route, causing widespread comparisons to Lady GaGa.
I don't think she sat down and thought "Right, this time I'm going to be GaGa", but I do think she was 'inspired' by her currently hot musical style.

Christina has writing credits for an impressive 13 out of the 18 album tracks, as well as all 5 of the deluxe edition's bonus tracks. There is anoher bonus available on Itunes, which she has again wrote. Other notable writer's include Cathy Dennis, Linda Perry (she wrote the infamous 'Beautiful'), Ladytron, Sia and Peaches.

Despite such big name writers, I think 'Bionic' has the weakest lyrics out of all of Christina's albums, to be completly honest. Most of the songs are about sex, and the lyrics are amusing, rather then sensual. For example; "Let's do the dance, get naked" [Des Nudate], and my personal favourite; "You don't need a plate to taste my woohoo, licky licky yum yum" [WooHoo].

The list of producers is as impressive as her song-writing credits; Christina herself, along with the likes ofPolow da Don, Focus..., Sia Furler, Switch, Samuel Dixon, Ladytron, Linda Perry, Tricky Stewart and Le Tigre.
The track 'WooHoo' contains a sample from 'Add Már, Uram As Ezöt', while 'I Hate Boys' contains a sample from 'Jungle Juice.

My favourite track on the main album is the amusing Vanity. With the lyrics including such gems as "Mirror mirror on the wall who's the flyest bitch of them all? Never mind, I am", "Mirror mirror on the wall Hear the prince charming, tell him give me a call, Never mind screw him cause I found somebody better, never mind screw him, I make myself so much wetter" and "[humming wedding march] And now I take myself to be my lawfully wedded bitch" it's a fun, tongue-in-cheek number.
Her love letter to high fashion Glam is another stand-out. The slower, piano driven Sex For Breakfast actually is sensual. The single-girls party anthem My Girls [featuring Peaches] is a great sing-along number, though it is similar to Can't Hold Us Down. I also like Prima Donna, though the lyrics are similar to My Girls.
The singles Not Myself Tonight and WooHoo are also above average, but not as good as the forementioned tracks.
Fan's of classic Christina will love while I Am - a classic 'Stripped' era number and the big vocal number, You Lost Me, Bionic's sole ballad.

The rest of the tracks don't strike me as bad, but they're forgettable fillers.

The Deluxe version has a bonus disc which contains 5 extra songs. Itunes has a 6th song available [Little Dreamer].

The bonus tracks all great and show more different styles then the main album tracks; Monday morning is a retro, Ace-Of-Base sounding slice of alternate pop. Bobblehead is one of my personal favourite's here, but it is very similar to Ke$ha's Blah Blah Blah, so I understand why it didn't make the main cut. Bird's Of Pray is a haunting, Asian-pop piece, it's another favourite of mine. Fan's of Christina's 'Stripped' album and the single's of that era will love the standing on my own two feet lyrics in Stronger Than Ever, while I Am [Stripped] is good, but the main album's cut is better.

Overall I think that Bionic is actually Christina's strongest album, she just needs weaning of the 'more tracks is better' school of thought.
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on 16 April 2015
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on 8 June 2010
This album is already on release in the US, and I think it's fair to say I've heard all the tracks.

Overall I think it's disappointing, but if you're a diehard Christina fan you'll probably love it anyway.

I don't want to say too much, except that Christina should carry on doing her own thing instead of copying Lady Gaga.
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on 29 June 2010
She plays the Queen(Prima Donna^^) in this album,very vain and kinda self-indulgent
But it's just christina's style,like always,and that's why i love her so much
no gloss,no hype,no pretence,this album is kinda mellow and not as strong as Stripped
but I think if you like Stripped,you would still like it,a very pop and playful album
I give it five stars coz she really deserves our respect,she's been working on this project for 2 whole years
with so many top producers
and ends up like "Oh,She's copying Gaga",is that fair for her?
if you're not messed with the mass media
you SHOULD know Christina HAD SAID IN 2006,after the release of Back to Basics that she wanted to try electronic in next album
OK,so let's go back to Bionic.
Although some of the reviews are quite critical,I want to say the whole album is just Wonderful
the euphoric Elastic Love,Birds Of Prey,the powerful upbeat songs like Prima Donna,Bionic,Not Myseft Tonight
and breathtaking You Lost Me & Lift Me Up and
playful and catchy tunes from I Hate Boys,My Girls and many more for the listeners to explore
so I really like it,it's a masterpiece of Electronic with R&B,Soul & Hip Hop,She's so Bionic!!
and plz stop the comparision of her with Gaga
anyone who has ears won't say it's The Fame 2nd,nothing alike,expect the voice,is it her fault?
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on 8 July 2010
while its been a while since xtina has been on the scene her music has grown in a new direction, highlights of the album are bionic, not myself tonight, elastic love, lift me up, all i need, i am, i hate boys, my girls and vanity which btw is an awsome song that will have you singing along to the outragous lyrics. You know when i look at how much xtina has contributed to the music industry over the past 11 years and touched millions of peoples lives with all her previous music it still amazes me that this is only her fourth album, i have grown up with xtinas music ever since i fell in love with genie and a bottle while i was still in school and being blown away with her stripped album and back to basics alike!! i admit this album is less like her previous ones and i believe thats because she outsourced a more varied input including sia, m.i.a and ladytron. so while this album is fun and current... i hope she retains full creative control on her next album as im sure it will be a masterpiece like her previous ones. thumbs up christina and thank you for your music over the past decade im sure i will be enjoying it for many years to come!
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on 24 May 2015
Ok I only git this for one track with Nicki minaj in it but it's ok
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on 26 November 2015
Best Christina's record , sound so good <3
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on 7 June 2010
Don't listen to the bad reviews; if you love Christina you'll love this album. This album just highlights the natural progression of a true artist.

I especially like Desnudate, Lift me up, You lost me, vanity, Monday Morning, Bobblehead and stronger than ever.
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