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on 28 February 2018
In this day and age, you would have to be a hermit to have not heard of Warren Buffet.
Anyone in the field of investing, or personal development will be naturally drawn to this book, as I was. But it is also a fine story of life in business and in the public eye from the Great Depression to the 2008/9 Global financial meltdown, which will appeal to everybody. Warren’s personal life and philosophy is examined in just as much detail as his business life.
I was initially taken aback by the size of this tome and wondered whether, or not I would have the stamina to get through it. I needn’t have worried though. It drew me in from the very first chapter and throughout the book I often found myself laughing out loud and insisting on reading segments of it back to my (very patient) partner.
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on 15 June 2018
It is a long read, the author is clearly intelligent, some clever words used. it jumps sections of Warrens life, i like his childhood the best,

overall it seems warren makes money for the thrill and challenge of it to see if he is clever enough to beat the market.

he doesnt invest so he can spend it.

its not a book about how to invest it is more a cse of warren came froma middle classs background with a stockbroker father, in which he had no debt, lived at home or college for years, saved and saved and started as a broker, so made his money via a cut as all fund managers do.

but he wanted to pick stocks and businesses, not just place them into folks portfolios for them.he had heartache in his life, deaths , seperation and his kids never really seen him as a suportive dad, nor did his wife see him as a manly husband, they thought in todays analysis, he had OCD when it coems to saving, scrimping and making money.nothing else mattered, he neglected his family and gave them money to make up for it imo.
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on 26 March 2018
This is a great audiobook; I have tried to read the paperback edition many times but the sheer size overfaced me. The option to listen to it appealed to me greatly and allowed me to whizz through. The book is filled with life lessons of Buffett and allows you to learn from his wise words. Would fully recommend.
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on 15 December 2013
Without having inherited very much in the way of wealth Warren Buffett employed an approach to investment that resulted in his becoming one of the world's richest men. This is quite a subject for a biography and this book tackles it well. At all times the book provides the context so that we are also provided with a history of post-war developments in the financial industry. Its view of Buffett is generally favorable but his inconsistencies and his quirks as well as his limitations are well documented. It is never tedious and it is always well-written. Not a book for those seeking a speedy way to a fortune because as the book makes clear the circumstances that enabled Buffett to make his fortune are no longer there.
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on 18 December 2015
Great book, must read for all value investors.
This book deals with Warren's life from earliest days (actually his previous family history as well) to the present time.
It is honest to the point of being hard to read- and all the better for it.
I have read the book a few times and still find myself returning to it. As usual with material from Warren Buffer- many of the lessons are apparently obvious, but in real life really hard to consistently apply. Warren is a special person and the book really brings this to light.
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on 7 January 2018
Warren Buffett, best sentence in the book, even if somebody would make a video of him taking the purse from an old lady, people would think the video is fake. Many things in this book could be thought in schools so kids would have an easy but valuable knowledge of how to save for the long run. It is a thick book but worth reading it. Done it so far 2 times and in future I would love to read it even many more times.
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HALL OF FAMEon 8 May 2010
`The Snowball' is an in-depth and comprehensive biography of Warren Buffett and made for fascinating reading throughout. This book focuses on many aspects of his life and virtually no stone is left unturned in recounting the events that have shaped him. This look at his personal relationships, interests, his business/investing philosophies and the various business deals he has been involved with over the years. It also has additional chapters that look at the credit crunch and how Buffett felt and invested during this time of great uncertainty. Whilst this doesn't try to teach you about how to invest like Buffett, a great deal can be gleaned by reading about his life and the way he investing in various businesses and stocks. This has two sections with photos of Buffett and those mentioned in the text. It also has a detailed notes section that add to the overall depth of knowledge in the book if you take a little time to read them. This is very well written and accessible and whilst it will be of more interest to those fascinated with business and investing, it will also interest those who wish to learn about this astute, independent and unique businessman. All in all this was a thoroughly enjoyable read and although very long (at over 700 pages) it will pay back your investment of time richly.

Feel free to check out my blog which can be found on my profile page.
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on 6 August 2017
Exellent book into the live of Warran B. Learn a lot over their passion and his undying momentum. A good read after watching the wolf of wall street. Totally opposite style of investing. It took 3 months to read 30% on my train journey to work.
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on 31 March 2010
If you are not that interested in Buffett this is not the book for you. It is a very detailed analysis and insight into a self made man.
Will I learn enough to emulate the man -or do I want to ? Probably not! but it is a fascinating story into the psycology of such individuals. For example his aversion to spending money as once spent it cant be invested and benefit from the SNOWBALL effect -ie the benefit of compounding gains over a period of years.
Can you learn much? Well it does illustrate the importance of self discipline and sticking to your inner scorecard -I think this is the lesson I will take to heart - i.e is it better that everyone thinks you are the best lover in the world [ but are not] or that everyone thinks you are the worst lover [but are the best]. It encapsulates his philosophy to ignore the buzz of the ignorant because he is certain in himself that he has done a more thorough job of researching and analysis and knows better.
A classic example of this would be his ignoring the interent boom where others leapt on the bandwaggon and in some cases lost everything.Buffett ignored all those who implied he had "lost it" by not leaping into the bubble -he had the last laugh though!
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on 22 August 2017
Interesting account - no real tips on investing

As others have said a bit hung up on tiny details and could easily be halved in size getting rid of waffle that should have been edited out already. OK book if cheap.
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