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5.0 out of 5 stars
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on 24 September 2013
OK just to be clear I am a massive Butch Walker fan and he can do little wrong in my eyes!

This is one of his older CDs and his second solo CD after the Marvelous 3 disbanded. He may have written lots of tunes for others but really his talents shine on his own recordings. Letters was somewhat of a transition out of the Marvelous 3 sound (particularly evident on Ready Sex Go) which he largely retained on his first solo CD Left of Self Centered. This was a little bit of a 'downer' sounding album but it has some of the best songs he has ever written (Joan and Best Thing for example). This is also the CD which was newest when I first saw him play in the UK in London at the Barfly which was an awesome gig that really set me up as a long term fan(Lets Go Out Tonights was soon to follow).

There are no 'bad' songs on this so for me the stand out tracks are the one's he tended to play live: Mixtape, Best Thing, Don't Move, Lights Out and Joan. The version that I have on my iphone also has a song called Last Flight Out (from the Heartwork EP) and All Falls Apart which he streamed on his website years ago and these are also superb and not sure why they were never on the standard retail CD version.

I think this is about the only place selling this CD as itunes for some reason does not have it though it does have the Heartwork EP which also worth getting if you like this CD.

Anyway you won't go far wrong if you buy this for this price as it is very well worth it!

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on 13 September 2004
It is rare that I write reviews on CDs I've bought (and I buy A LOT), but I got this CD in the post yesterday and it is quite simply the best album I've heard in a long time. I absolutely love all the Marvelous 3 albums, and Left of The Self-Centred (Butch's first solo effort) was a good album but it was lacking something. It felt experimental and isn't half as good as Letters. The main appeal of Letters and the M3 albums is they are like whole albums of stand-out tracks- and nothing else. No fillers whatsoever- how many albums can you say that about!
"Letters" splits into two different types of song- firstly, there is the extremely catchy, kickass, play-me-loud rockier songs with really quirky tongue-in-cheek lyrics, as Marvelous 3 fans will be familiar with. These tracks are Maybe It's Just Me, #1 Summer Jam, Uncomfortalbly Numb, Don't Move, and Lights Out.
However, the other half of the album is something a bit different for Butch- these songs are heartwrenchingly sad, absolutely gorgeous ballads which we have never seen before from Butch, apart from the amazing "Cigarette Lighter Love Song" which is on M3's ReadySexGo album. These new songs are almost emo-ish (several are just Butch's voice and a piano). And you won't really realise until you listen to these songs, actually how good his voice is. It is beautiful, almost whispering at times, and will make you feel all shivery. These songs are So At Last, Joan, Best Thing You Never Had, Mixtape, Promise and Thank-You Note.
The wonderful thing is that Butch succeeds on doing both very different types of song, extremely well.
Here are my thoughts on the individual tracks-
1.) Sunny Day Real Estate- This is only an intro-type song which only lasts about 30 seconds, very pretty nonetheless. 9/10
2.) Maybe It's Just Me- This song is one of the damn catchy, upbeat ones on the album which sounds familiar instantly even though you've probably never heard it before. Great way to kick the album off. 10/10
3.) Mixtape- The first single. Brilliant!! It is really sad although not as raw-sounding as some of the other ballads. Great tune and lyrics. If you like this song, you will definitely love the rest of the album. My enhanced CD has the video for this and "Don't Move" on it too. 10/10.
4.) #1 Summer Jam- V catchy and uplifting- really cheers you up. Classic Marvelous 3-type song. 10/10.
5.) So At Last- haunting ballad.. absolutely beautiful 10/10
6.) Uncomfortably Numb- This song screams out "PLAY ME LOUD! PLAY ME LOUD!!" Again, it is dangerously catchy and makes you feel happy. It is seriously damn good. One of my faves on the album. 10/10.
7.) Joan- Very sad song about a girl who's had a really bad life. Butch's voice is amazing on this one. 10/10.
8.) Don't Move- this is the second single from the album. It quite slow but loud and rocky too. (hard to explain, but it's really cool). I love the lyrics of the chorus, "So baby don't move at all 'cause you're about to break my fall. Stay where you are, staring at the stars." 10/10
7.) Lights Out- the rockiest song on the album. Has a hell of a punch. Reminds me a bit of American Hi Fi. 10/10.
8.) Best Thing You Never Had- pretty ballad, catchy tune. Emoish lyrics, such as "Somehow my heart got lost on the way to my head and my brain cells are dead." 10/10.
9.) Race Cars and Goth Rock- This one is a bit different to the other tracks on the album- it is a bit country-and-western ish. Very catchy (I know I keep writing that, but ALL the songs are!), and has funny cheeky lyrics, like "And now you're in his house that's the size of a mall, I've never seen a grand piano look so f***ing small, you know it's probably one of many things that are small about him too." Hehe, I like that one. 10/10.
10.) Promise- This is my favourite acousticy ballad on the album. It is hopelessly romantic without being cheesy. It is simple but honest and Butch's voice is stunning. Wow. 10/10.
11.) Thank-You Note- Quite similar to Promise, this one's gorgeous too. 10/10.
There's also a hidden track but I don't know what it's called. It's very good though. 9/10.
I know I have given virtually all the songs 10/10 but that is honestly what they deserve. Butch Walker is an songwriting genius (he's also written songs for American Hi Fi, SR-71, Donnas, Bowling For Soup and Avril Lavigne) and Letters is the best work he has ever done. He just gets better and better- I can hardly wait for a third solo album already. If you love Marvelous 3 then you WILL adore this album. If you like alternative pop-rock with an edge (and Butch really does stand out amongst the others), such as Eve 6 and American Hi Fi, and sad songs such as Dashboard Confessional and Damien Rice, then you must get this album too. If you don't know anything about Marvelous 3, then get this album anyway. And then get ReadySexGo, Math And Other Problems, Hey! Album and Left of The Self-Centred.
If you love Butch, please do spread the word. Brilliant American music is so underrated especially here in the UK. He deserves to be heard.
Caz xxx
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on 18 August 2006
Butch Walker seems to be something of a non-entity in England and the UK, something which is totally incomprehensible to me. How can people not have heard of him, we have so much access to American music these days... and yet who knows the Butch? Select few, that's who. Anyway, Letters is generally regarded as his best album, and I would uphold that although Left of Self Centred is my favourite to listen to. This album has such a variety of songs, ones to make you lovey, ones to make you laugh, make you cry (and believe me, 'Joan' makes me cry a LOT) and it even includes Butch's self proclaimed favourite of his songs, 'Best Thing You Never Had'. I seriously cannot sing this album's praises well enough to do it justice, so let Butch do it himself and buy the album! And then fall in love with him and go see him on his next UK visit (I'm going in 3 days :O))
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on 7 September 2004
I have been listening to BW for about 5 years now, right back to his days with the Marvelous 3. This record is a bit of a departure from the debut solo effort 'left of self centred' but is a stunning piece of work from an insanely talented artist.
Tracks like 'mixtape', 'Joan' and the awesome 'Don't move' show a songwriter at the height of his powers. The influences on this record range from Jellyfish / Pet sounds era Beach Boys to Elvis Costello. Eclectic and brilliant.
A record to cherish.
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on 30 January 2012
I just love his music and him. Songs have great lyrics and amazing tunes that work together brilliantly. Some are catchy some are very subtle and delicate. It was random purchase that I'm really glad with as his music makes me want to sing along.
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on 29 August 2009
There are so many great things i could say about this CD. I would say it was Butch Walker at his best if he didnt have three solo albums after this that are as amazing: He is always at his best.

It is a blend of genres and you wouldnt find it hard to find loads of songs to love.
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