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on 28 May 2010
I recommend this to all fans of Porcupine Tree and rock music alike, in fact anyone into musical genre's losely linked to rock. Porcupine Tree are generaly put into the prog/psychedelic rock category, but for me they just have their own genre entirely. This is first class music, production and quite literally a flawless performance from my favourite band, and one of the UK's finest.

Lasse Hoile (the danish film director) has done a fine job and also noticeably tried something else in style to the 'Deadwing'-esque filming of the 'Arriving Somewhere...' Dvd. You really get a great look at how these musicians are performing their music.

I also must point out the reason that this Dvd is entitled 'Anesthetize'.... you just have to watch this track here to realise it really is one of the bands greatest tracks and here it is in all its glory, all 17+minutes of it or however long it is! It leaves me speechless every time live at a concert and its great to just be able to click repeat and watch it at leisure as many times as you like!

Other fantastic live tracks here include 'Sever', 'Sleep of no dreaming', the beautiful 'half-light', and also some real treats with the tracks here off 'In Absentia'.

All in all a must have if you are into the band, if youre new, prepare to have your minds blown.
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on 26 May 2010
It might seem a bit over the top to the casual customer or a person even slightly tempted to buy this, that i would label the British rock group "Porcupine tree - as gods" But as a dedicated fan since the early 2000's after finding out about the "Stupid dream" album I quickly found out about the high quality of this bands past discography. That said a tremendous DVD was all that was missing in the bands releases. I know there was the excellent issue Live "coma divine" and the great "Arriving somewhere" and possibly few other live obscure nugget transmissions issues further back down the line, But a major Live high definition release to push the boundaries of live and challenge the likes of Rush's - Snakes and arrows DVD (for ex.) I have been waiting patiently for a really long while now! Generally speaking i have found the standard of live DVD's is on the up, even after the now widely used introduction of high definition cameras and more careful choice in live filming these days at concerts.

"Anesthetize" therefore arrives in a very timely fashion indeed, and as i expected easily comes in at one of my top 5 all-time favourite live DVD experiences i have ever seen! The main concert is in Tilberg - Netherlands in October 2008, played over a period of two days. And is a wonderful choice for the concert- At the start you are greeted by the enthusiasm and energetic Porcupine tree audience. And from there the concert goes into overdrive and kicks off with an entire and complete performance of 2007's "Fear of a blank planet" album. And being that was released 3 years ago it may give some indication of the time length this has been in the making, Of course being filmed in 2008 nothing from the latest double epic "The incident" is included in the set. The second half of the live material features odd classics from Signify and the like such as "Sleep of no dreaming and Dark matter" amongst a variety of others which make the set.

In a nutshell this is the clearest, most well performed and energetic release since Rush's Snakes and arrows DVD - (In my humble opinion) Tilberg 013 hall proves in more than a handful of ways how intimacy and atmosphere can't always be replicated by huge outdoor festivals and grand halls. The audience really do deserve some credit for their contribution to the concert, they do make the band feel very welcome upon their visit to the stage and it is also beyond clear everyone is having a really good time. The cheers and energy from the concert is electric and this is well evident on a single viewing from the family room, The impact it has on you is fantastic and will probably result in a good few many repeated watchings. Although it's easy to see the strength of the concert lies in the complete play of "Fear of a blank planet" the extra songs do not seem out of place, but add to the range and diversity which i personally see as a positive.

The only disappointment may lie in the shortage of "extras" But personally I am quite happy with a fantastically well executed 130 minute performance! A high definition concert featuring everything that makes a live DVD great is enriched onto the disc generously, for me the main concern is the Graphics, atmosphere, overall viewing and musical effort. And with Anesthetize that is what a got with spades. So, if you are looking for similar qualities in a DVD and have at least a passing interest in Porcupine tree and their brand of soft/hard rock, and occasional flashes of metal, then why not pick this up? Fans will probably have this already as i have. But i am still going of offer a high recommendation and a 5 star rating of this DVD in any case.
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on 5 June 2010
Anesthetised is the second live DVD from porcupine tree recorded on the fear of the blank planet tour 2008. When I first got this DVD my porcupine tree knowledge was just the album fear of the blank planet and the single for time flies from the incident so I didn't know allot of their music but got the DVD for the basic reason it had the whole of fear and songs from there back catalogue.

The song selection for anesthetised contains
the whole fear of the blank planet and nil recurring bar one track.
it also spans there career with songs from in absentia and deadwing plus b-sided.
It also has 3 tracks from the album signify so from there 3rd release 2nd if you count on the Sunday of life a compilation album.

The film quality for the normal DVD edition is very good and the sound is superb. Film contains 17 songs and lasts 2 hours 15. The band don't move around allot compared to many other bands I have seen. But the show is very good with videos (and perfect timing between them playing and the video). They use equipment to enhance the mood as for Half-light (B-side from deadwing) Steven uses a guitar with built in LEDs and low stage lighting.
The artwork is in keeping with Fear of the blank planet with the kid and the syringe + band photos.

The film is amazing. A good length containing a lot of cracking songs and all amazing quality. One small thing with the standard edition which is only small is the lack of any special features. The blu-ray disk has extras but not the standard.
This DVD is amazing in my eyes even when I only listened to 1 album by the. This DVD encouraged me to get more from porcupine tree.
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on 14 June 2010
It's not often we can call a release "perfect" nowadays.... Lost in the mainstream market, Porcupine Tree looks like an UFO for most people. Somewhere between Pink Floyd, King Crimson, and something else difficult to define, they deliver their technical works each year for prog/Metal fans greatest pleasure.
This long-awaited live dvd release from a two-night stand at 013 hall, Tilburg, Holland shows how a live still can be recorded today. I was at night #2 and can tell what we find on this dvd is the true reflection of what I've seen/heard back in october 2008. Those who already saw the band live know Mr Wilson aims high quality performances in terms of sound and playing. You'll find all that in "Anesthetize". Indeed, the 5.1 DTS Mix is the best since Rush's "Snakes & Arrows", especially Gavin Harrison's drums : clear, powerful, each cymbal or drum is clearly heard.
013 hall fits perfectly for this kind of performance : intimate but big enough to set a nice light show.
Setlist is quite unique as they specially performed the full "Fear" album both nights for the dvd, with some rarities added each night as second set. Everything is played with power, grace, technique, and passion.
No compromise, this is THE prog dvd of the year! From start to end, image & sound quality are at their peak.
For the die-hard fans, a ltd ed. of the dvd has been released on PT own site, presented in a wonderful book, with the audio version of the show on 2cd's, along with dvd and Blu-Ray.
Thanx you Mr Wilson for delivering such great music and quality releases!
So don't waste anymore time, buy this piece of work, put the volume up to eleven, and enjoy!
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on 13 June 2010
This is one of the greatest things I have ever put in my dvd player. I was a huge fan of the "Arriving Somewhere.." dvd and thought it easily rated as one of the finest music dvds out there. This dvd actually feels more intmate (largely due to the camera work I think and the audience), and almost cinematic.

I have to hand it to PT, I don't think there are any songs repeated from their last dvd. A lot of interesting choices, including the brilliant b-side "Drown with Me" from the In Absentia bonus tracks.

Highlights for me included "My Ashes" which is just heartbreaking, as well as "Anaesthetize" and "Dark Matter" (which for me is brought to life even more).

I went to see them during their Incident tour just passed, and I have to say this dvd captures pretty well actually seeing them live... not many dvds do that! Buy it, you will not regret it... I'm recommending it to everyone who is even remotely interested in music.
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on 20 June 2010
As per usual Steven Wilson and Co deliver a quality concert from start to finish. I was lucky to get a ticket for Fear of a blank planet tour this was filmed on, and this DVD is a great reminder.If you are new to Porcupine Tree (where have you been) this is agreat start, an introduction to a superb tight band with quality musicians. Go on treat your ears to what they have been missing....
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on 24 June 2010
Although it's timing may be a liitle late as PT have just toured with the incident album. This previous album tour shows just what a class act this band are.
First class production, fantastic musicians and absolutely haunting music.

FOABP was a step up in tempo and musicianship I thought but all the songs play so well live and the live raw egde brings something extra to the mix. The album is played in its entirty with then a dip into the back catalogue with an unsual but very effectice song choice - Half life and Dark matter not what you expect but produced so well.
This band really are the real deal and testament to what prog rock music is all about. Everything I pick up from this band is just awesome and although I got into PT after this tour it brings it home what I missed. I have since bought back catalogue seen them twice on the incident tour and have my tickets for the royal Albert Hall in October.

I thought the previous arriving somewhere could not be bettered - and possibly can't but this is just as good yet equally different.

This band cannot be praised enough - superb.In time no doubt the Bands stature will become as big as their playing but in the mean time I'll just enjoy them out of the mainstream in the concert halls where everything works for both the band , audience and the home DVD viewer so, so well as shown on this DVD.

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on 16 July 2010
What can I say that gives enough credit to an amazing band? As you listen to the many PT albums you Astarte to realise that these guys are really on the money. This show is quite different to arriving somewhere with a different atmosphere and new and creative camera work. The band continue to impress me and Lasse Hoile is a great choice. This is PT at their best.
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on 9 December 2011
I recently wrote a review for the DVD of ASBNH and was a little critical of the grainy quality and poor camera work. However, I also made mention of this Blu Ray.
This is just brilliant. The concert is incredible and the Blu Ray and sound quality only serve to enhance the experience.
PT are starting to receive the critical acclaim that they deserve and their musicianship is evident throughout. Some of the apparent 'throw away' guitar riffs and bass lines, not to mention Gavin Harrison's drumming left me speechless. There are no real stage effects just a video back drop to some of the tracks. Whilst they are good, I found myself so engrossed in one or other of the musicians that they really are a back drop.
I have watched this repeatedly and still marvel at the whole experience and you may catch the wry smiles on all the group member's faces at various stages in the concert, which indicates how much they are enjoying it and know that they are creating something special.
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on 10 November 2010
I have only recently 'discovered' Porcupine Tree and bought this DVD/Blu-Ray on an impulse buy, and have been plesantly surprised by the material, performance and recording of this live set. I have a large number of live blu-ray concerts and find them to be a mixed bag, with either the video, audio, set material or the performance not up to scratch, but not this disk. A great set of songs with a nice live edge, an accurate recording (the 24 bit LPCM track is better than the DTS-HD surround track), video quality is reasonable although not razor sharp or colourful, all make for an enjoyable disk that has you sitting through all the songs without skipping and has great replay value.

If you are a fan of modern progressive rock but don't know about PT, this DVD/Blu-ray would be a safe blind buy to get introduced. For fans of PT, this is a must buy!
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