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on 24 February 2013
These pills contain caffeine so i'd advise you not to consume these with a heavy coffee/tea intake. however, they do seem to give you a little bit of a weight loss/energy boost. I'd say that you should drink more water with them as they tended to make me feel a bit shakey if i got dehydrated.
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on 9 September 2013
I took these to see how well they would work for me. I noticed these are quite strong and do provide you with the weight loss enough to make your trousers feel baggy.

I would not advise individuals taking it if your on prescribed drugs as it can make you feel nausea and upset your stomache to the point you feel sick, but don't actually become sick.

It has made me feel light headed and I have had to sit down as it makes you feel weaker in your knees. Not the ideal thing to help you lose weight.

I still prefer some form of strength in me.

I like the shake it has a more gentle approach and is much better than the capsules being sold.
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on 10 April 2015
on day 3 now... definitely going to buy more! I take usually only two per day.. one after I wake up with my vitamin supplements and then one before lunch time at work. It does feel a bit like taking speed lol but its great in boosting your metabolism. I feel like running around and do stuff!
it gives me soo much energy - have to mention I m not a coffee drinker so it is probably quite a shock for my system. I didn't have a pumped up heart rate which is good as I experienced that with other diet pills before. this really gives you a lot energy without feeling side effects at least for me.
I have 2 shakes a day too... got the strawberry one which I have when I get to work early and then one for dinner. I always prepare my meals for lunch the day before... lots of healthy stuff... lean meat like chicken turkey or a lot of fish like fillets and also tuna with Quinoa or brown rice. As a starter I always have a self made Greek salad or a small portion of peppered cucumbers and tomatoes...

I have been exercising too and did take green coffee bean extract before but lost already about 5kg. these pills and shakes will help me to loose further weight.
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on 6 March 2013
I do a lot of swimming so I thought that these might compliment my routine. I struggle with my weight no matter what I eat and these definitely give me more energy to do exercise. Don't take them too late at night because it can then be difficult to get to sleep, but overall a good product.
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on 18 April 2014
The brand is well known hence why I chose these supplements.
Reviews had said they were jittery... I found that they didn't make a huge difference!!
They advised not to take in evenings due to high caffeine content, but I found i could nap after taking the product easily... I didn't feel anymore energetic in the gym when exercising, but did notice a tiny improvement on spending longer on cardio (although couldn't work out if it was from the tablet or a placebo of me thinking they would work?!)
Overall, I'm sure they are great for some customers and will help improve their workouts, but I am only giving 3 stars as it's an expensive product for not having much of an effect.
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on 5 February 2014
i use sculptress and one a day is fine for me. i once did an 8km jog after having one tablet. the down sides of it is i can't sleep.. and once it wears out i am solo tired. it has helped a lot with my weightless and i can't complain. it makes working out so much easier. i don't really notice what it does for my appetite, i needed something for energy and it works for me.
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on 23 August 2012
I found that the Sculptress Maxitone weight loss capsule range are fabulous! In conjucntion with a balanced diet, lots of fruit and veg, combined with plenty of water I have lost a stone in weight. I am very happy. I would recommend the product, in my opinion. All I will say to anyone who wishes to take them, is to ensure that you read and research all dieting products before you buy so you know what you will get. It seems a lot of people have given this product bad reviews for having a lot of caffeine in (which isn't a hidden fact, it clearly is stated in the ingredients). If this isn't for you - don;t take them!
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on 18 October 2013
was good but each packet i reordered the content changed from pill to capsule and back - reason y i stopped ordering
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on 8 November 2017
I was wary of buying these as I had never used them before, They made me very alert and awake, I'm not sure how much they affected my weight loss but I would recommend them for alertness. I wouldn't recommend taking these in the evening time as I would assume it would make it very difficult to sleep.
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on 2 October 2012
I know most people tell you that none of these diet pills work, and until I tried these, I would have agreed with them! Yes, at first I felt the side effects too. The caffeine in these definitely made me feel jittery. I worked off the nervous tension by exercising. It gave me energy and reduced my appetite. It did what it said on the box. That is all I asked for and it did it. I've lost more than a dress size and I'm still using them. My only complaint is the odd 21 pill box. I would have preferred 30.
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