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on 16 November 2011
I am a professional product photographer and bought this card to use with my Nikon DSLR and send the images to my iPad. This allows me to see the quality of the shot immediately and either move on or make some corrections. It could also allow me to show the Client the images if I was on location which would make them more involved in the process. Simply put it does not work!

Since it's arrival in August 2011, I have now responded to my 26th email today from Eye-Fi customer services who cannot identify the issue and keep asking me to uninstall and re-install the supporting software. Some may put this down to an error on my part.... except I have an MSc in Computing so am fairly competent with technology and networks. So save your self the pain and move on, as this product is not worth the time and effort I have given it. I would have sent it back to Amazon.co.uk except I am well past the 28 days!
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on 10 February 2017
This product has been rendered useless since there is no support for this product.
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on 13 August 2015
Memory works but the wifi did not work with my samsung camera wb680 x16optical
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on 4 January 2015
Dead slow even at short range on fast wifi and drains the battery rally fast.
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on 28 July 2011
It's all very well when it works - but mine froze and I had to reset it. Again, when you're not on your home network, it's utterly USELESS as a standard SD card.
YOU CANNOT DROP AND DRAG FILES FROM THIS CARD ONTO YOUR PC OR MAC. It has to be wireless or you're stuffed.
On 3 computers, in different environments, it refuses to copy more than 6-8 photos, before freezing and crashing a computer.
It's a great idea, and fantastic to see it working. But the time saved is more than eradicated by having to reset or painfully pull the pictures one by one off the card. (And even then that's not safe and I#m in constant fear of it wiping my photos.)
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on 15 October 2013
On paper this little device is a real game changer. However after days of reading various instructions, updating firmware/software, following forum threads, this card still does not connect to any devices rendering it absolutely useless, even as a standard backup memory card as 4gb holds virtually nothing when shooting in RAW.
This is a fad, stay away, easier and quicker to take your card out of the camera and stick it into your computer.
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on 21 April 2011
We could not get this card to work with our Imac, the customer advice department response was poor, they seemed unable to grasp exactly what the issue was even though we explained clearly, as they did not resolve the problem we returned the card to the vendor and used a simple plug in card reader for less than half the cost.
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on 22 November 2015
Annoying software, auto transfers all files.
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on 4 October 2013
On the face of it the idea is great. Take a shot and transfer it wirelessly to your ipad to view in seconds. The reality is however a series of frustrations and hold ups.
I use a 5d mkiii and the above scenario is exactly what I bough this for. First thing you need to understand is you need at least half an hour of initial set up time to pair this with your home computer, your Ipad and your camera. And you have to download an app. (free).
The main problem is control panel for the wifi card resides upon your pc, not your camera. So if you are out in the field and want to alter a value or property, forget it. Wait till you get home, connect it to your pc and you can start customizing the settings. My advice is thoroughly play with it at home to establish you best settings for how you shoot.

For instance, you can have it send ALL shots to an ipad and ALL shots to the Eye Fi cloud. Or Only selected shots to your Ipad and the cloud. Or only selected shots to your ipad. Get this set before you go to the studio !!!

I had this set on the first scenario, big mistake. It's reasonably quick to send to the ipad but woefully slow to send to the cloud. So by the time I was done and bagged up it hadn't finished. So next shoot I pair it up and nothing transfers, cause it's still working on the back log !

I seriously suggest you limit the device to selected shots to ipad only as the transfer setting and use it sparingly. Don't rattle off 50 frames and wonder why the whole thing slows down.

And don't, as I habitually do, turn your camera off during a breather. For it halts the transfer and when you power back up the wifi connection is lost and your Ipad will find the first dominant hotspot or it's mobile server, which won't be this card. So you have to remember to go to wifi settings in the Ipad and re-connect. Then marvel as it starts to transfer the shots you stopped it doing when you powered down !

Doesn't look very professional to the client if you shoot commercially !

And that's the rub, it's trickiness makes you look a bit amateurish. If the 'concept' was camera based like in the 6d it would be so much smoother.

So ultimately when it works as you wish it's a great tool. I use it to check lighting in the studio as a camera's rear screen is no substitute for a more accurate view on a larger monitor. But limit what it does for you. Take a shot, select it using the 5d's 'protect' button as a target image to send. Check it. Adjust lighting. Repeat. Happy with the results ? Stop using it till you need to check the lighting again.

In a couple of years an in body configurable version of wireless transfer will no doubt be available on most DSLR's and it will be smooth and glitch-less. Till then there's this.

And don't turn your camera off !! You will be chasing your tail when you should be shooting.
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on 21 September 2014
Perfect for what I needed it for
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