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on 3 September 2010
This review is posted after 5 days of use with the Kindle lighted cover(brown).

1) Good quality leather.
2) Swinging lock mechanism works very well and holds kindle in place securely.
3) The cover has been designed so the front cover extends fully backwards so as to overlap the back cover. At first I thought the increased thickness that results would be uncomfortable but I was pleasantly surprised how little you notice the cover when reading in this position.
4) The light (when reading only). Yes it is not evenly distributed over the entire screen but is perfectly adequate for reading at night. The difference in light from the top right hand side of the screen to the bottom left of the screen in my opinion is negligible.(However please see point 2 below for using the keyboard at night)

1) The fastening mechanism - which comprises of what I can only describe as a thick elasticated string. I cannot help but wonder how long this string will last after repeated pulling and releasing. Yes it does the job but surely the designers could have come up with a better fastening mechanism. I hope to be proved wrong and like to think Amazon had some sort of robotic arm which was continually opening and releasing the kindle cover to test its longevity.
2) The light (when using the keyboard only). Although the light is perfectly usable when reading on screen I have found it to be lacking when using the keyboard at night. I have found myself having to strain to distinguish between the keys.
3) Muffled sound from speakers. Ok the text to speech option is at present not very good and as Amazon say it is experimental, but I thought I would mention that because the kindle speakers are located at the back of the unit, any sound that is played is muffled. Yes it sounds obvious and there is probably not much you can do about it (apart from turn up the volume) but I thought I would mention it.
4) Price. There is a niggling doubt in the back of my mind that the sum of the components does not reflect the overall price. In my opinion a price tag of around £35 is more realistic.
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on 10 September 2010
The new Kindle itself is an absolute joy. I love it. And the lighted case? A bit of a let-down, sadly.
It looks and feels great, I grant you, and there's no denying that the built-in retractable light is an inspired innovation. My problem is that the uneven spread of light really does become an issue when I'm reading in the dark for any significant length of time. I know it's something many users have already picked up on, and that some find it less of a problem than others, but to me it ends up spoiling what's otherwise a very pleasurable reading experience.
As others have mentioned, it's the lower part of the screen that's the real problem. It's lit, but with nowhere near the clarity and brightness of the top right-hand corner. After a few pages, this really does become quite annoying. And should you ever want to check a definiton, which appears in small print at the very foot of the screen, the words are nigh on impossible to read. The same goes for the percentage reading symbol in the bottom left, if that concerns you. And as for the keyboard (personally, I don't use it much, but I know others do), you're pretty much reduced to guesswork and fumbling.
It's such a shame, because the idea of a case with a built-in light seemed the answer to a Kindle user's prayers - neat, convenient and practical. But although it's a step in the right direction, I'm sorry to say it's not the solution I'd hoped for.
For bedtime reading I've gone back to using the excellent clip-on Mighty Bright, which has served me so well up to now. It'll never be as handy and cool as a light that I can simply slip back inside the case, but its flexibilty - and ability to give a nice, even spread of light across the page - make it by far the best option in this situation.
The retractable light in the case will no doubt still come in handy as a stand-by option, for reading in dim / semi-dark situations, especially when travelling or out and about, so it's not entirely without its uses. But when reading in bed at night, I'm afraid it's just not the answer.
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on 31 August 2010
I've had this cover for a few days now and while its very good, a strong thick leather case and funky built in light I can't get past its bulk and weight.
It weighs about the same as the Kindle and adds at least twice to its bulk when closed and a lot more when folded back.
Reading for any duration I find myself having to use both hands or swap hands quite frequently due to the added weight and not using the light that often really doesn't justify its cost and weight.
The light works by simply grabbing the corner and giving it a yank out and the light flickers into life only when the kindle is powered on, it feels quite a clunky and plastic but it works well. The light spread is very one sided unsurprisingly, top right is very bright as well as most of the outer case and anything behind it, bottom right is lit just not that well.
The kindle just simply clips into the case via two metal clips, they look quite thin and the first few times of opening I did try and force the kindle up as well, just makes me wonder what will break first the clips or the kindle on a accidental yank.
Overall a good case which will protect well just I think it needs some work to get the light more evenly spread and reduce the weight.
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on 29 November 2010
I am very pleased with my Kindle, brought to take on hols this year, and as I was flying abroad I thought I would treat myself to the lighted leather cover. It was very smart and useful in protecting my kindle, but on the down side, more cover around the edges would be good, as things got inserted when it was carried in my flightbag such as my passport, tickets etc. Plus side means that open sides did mean that you could plug the kindle into recharge without opening the cover. I thought it was quite expensive for what is was and I am getting concerned that the elastic strap is beginning to stretch already, only had the cover for a month but it has had quite a bit of use while I was away. On the whole pleased I got the cover but it should be cheaper.
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on 19 November 2010
Good - works well, simple to use, effective, doesn't add too much bulk to the Kindle
Bad - expensive item, cheap-looking leather, non-zip closure

This Kindle lighted cover is easy to use, and the light is so useful for night-time (so I don't disturb my sleeping husband) and for reading in the car when it's dark, which means I get more use out of my Kindle as I can also read on the way to and from work (as a passenger!).

However, the downside is the price - you expect to pay a bit more for leather but you can barely tell or smell that it's leather - so to be honest a cheaper man-made one would have done and I would have happily purchased it at half the price. For £50 it's nowhere near as classy looking as I would have liked!

Also I agree with another reviewer who was disappointed about the elastic strap - for me it works fine and is quick to open and start reading, however, to make the maximum use of my Kindle it goes in my handbag as well as on my bedside table. Therefore I feel a zip would protect it more from tissue dust, my daughter's raisons and cereal bars and general handbag clutter! The soft felt-type material inside will no doubt prevent scratches but not necessarily dampness or dust in the way that a fully enclosed case might.

Still, full marks for the simple in-built light innovation - and it doesn't seem to wear the battery down quickly, which is good.

The light shines less brightly at the bottom left of the screen but is fine to read by. (and I'm sure the angle of the light could be altered a touch to rectify this in future models!)

Despite feeling a bit let down by the strap and the leather and the price, it does do the job ie I can read in the dark, and this is much easier and more comfortable now than lying on my side with a torch or fiddling with a different clip-on light! So in that respect I am really glad I bought it - i'm just a bit disappointed that it's not perfect, considering the cost!
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on 29 August 2010
A note on the lighted cover. It's really nice physically. (I got the burgundy, very pretty.) And the light is very good for the small size and the small battery usage (LED lights). And it's a good solution if you like to read, but others in the room want it dark.
But the light, obviously, is quite uneven, and I find the lower third of the page much harder to read than the top. This is a result of simple math, since light dims with the square of the distance. So I wouldn't use it if I have good light available.
(Many other people are not bothered at all by this unevenness, however. And increasing the text size helps a bit, even if I'd like finer steps in this.)

I would say though, that if you're getting the case anyway, consider the one with the light. OK, it's rather more money, but hardly more bulk or weight, and if you need it occasionally, it's great.

These leather cases though, double the size and weight of the tiny Kindle, so if you appreciate super-light-weight use and travel... maybe make a cover out of bubble wrap. :-)
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on 4 September 2010
The cover, will probably protect the kindle in the event of major earthquake or disaster, it feels substantial, and when i have been using it travelling it has been very reassuring. The light is BRIGHT, very bright, it is angled to focus in on the screen but it does have enough of a nimbus around to light the rest of the room, so careful angling of the book should be had to avoid blinding anybody else sleeping in the same room as you reading.

It is heavy, but, I find simply removing the cover at home solves this problem for me, the connections seem to be easy to use and cause no problems so far
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on 7 January 2011
We bought these covers for the Kindles we gave our two daughters for Christmas. Given how hard teenagers are on electronic devices, it seemed a good idea to protect the Kindles. Unsurprisingly, the covers fit well, protect the Kindles from scuffs, liquid splashes, dirt and most acts of teenage carelessness. The Kindle is held firmly in place, and draws power from the device for the small LED in the top right-hand corner. There is an elastic cord that holds the front cover down when not in use, adding greater protection. The light built in to the cover is quite hard to pull out, since the ridge you use to get hold of it is very shallow. Amazon should revise that and put on a ridge that you can get hold of to ease the light out of the case without having to dig your fingernail into the gap and pulling very hard. The fingers of the young and elderly will struggle to use that light at all, for this very reason. The quality is pretty good, but I feel these covers are over-priced at nearly fifty quid. How annoying will it be in the months after Christmas when these covers are sold for around half that price, as they almost certainly will be?! Amazon - take note!
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on 27 August 2010
This cover is the most elegant cover out there for Kindle. It's classic and the colour burnt orange (which is more like tan) is perfect.

The charcoal kindle looks amazing in it.

However, it is very heavy. I usually take my Kindle out of the cover to read it, as the weight doubles (or perhaps more than doubles) when it's attached to the cover.

Not comfortable to hold, but pretty to look at!
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on 10 June 2015
The brass contacts for interfacing with the Kindle's battery are really flimsy and can bend or break far too easily. Illumination isn't really even and it's especially bad in the corner opposite the lamp. It does a reasonable job protecting the Kindle, but the sides are left exposed. I do miss the elastic string in the case for the Paperwhite model though, it does a good job keeping the case closed when the Kindle isn't in use, and in keeping the flap out of the way when it is.
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