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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 13 November 2010
There were things to enjoy and things to regret about this latest series. Let's talk about the positive aspects first!Spooks was back in providing action packed, sitting on the edge of your seat episodes and that was a great relief considering how bored I had been watching season 8. I was never bored once this time. Maybe for the first time Richard Armitage came into his own and made an utterly convincing section chief with all the brooding charisma he is known for as an actor.In a few words his presence filled the screen and the always excellent Firth and Walker were as good as they had always been.( Maybe even more, Ruth played by the fantastic Nicola Walker has always been my favourite) The problem for me was the nail biting but somewhat confusing twists of the last episodes.It is going to be difficult to explain what I mean without saying too much but I suppose that people interested in buying the DVD have seen the series anyway. If you haven't, stop reading now!Well,as a viewer I couldn't reconcile myself to the fact that you know who proved to be someone else entirely, a ruthless killer and a man without any moral conscience. How could he then take his new identity and lead the life of this agent as an efficient, caring and self sacrificing officer. How could he care so much about saving lives for several years if he had been so carefree about killing before? How did his new conscience come about and why? It just doesn't make any kind of sense. And as for the Albany file, after all the fuss made about it, that it should get resolved in the way it was, was taking the audience somewhat for granted and was easy, not at all convincing and also slightly insulting towards all those who had watched waiting for an explosive denouement.
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on 31 March 2011
Recently a well respected motoring journalist wrote regarding the launch of a majour manufacturers replacement for a best selling model that was "not very good" that no matter what was written the faithful would still go out and buy and hey presto! another best seller..
..Forward to Spooks 9 ,this is also "not very good" but the faithful who must make up 99% of the target market will buy regardless - and that includes yours truly.

My overwhelming sensation of "9" is that the new writers wanted to make their mark by re-inventing the series paying little attention to what had gone before..
...The sinster organisation that has been the main story arc recently was hastily and ludicrously dumped in the opening scenes by claiming one of the series sympathetic characters was to blame,no evidence,and bumped off.They decided to ramp up the "love angle",make Sir Harry more "human" and error prone and then have us believe Lucas was a totally different person who would go completely off the rails over somebody he had a colledge fling with..beggars belief really.

The first half is lazy cliched plotting,2 bombs threats averted in the nick of time plus a "magic bomb" that saves the day,seemingly impossible situations solved by "hang on I have an idea!"everything micro controlled by a just out of uni' whizz kid (to appeal to a younger audience ?),countless times you hear "48 hours ! we need it now - hang on I can do it 2, I have an idea !",first heard I think uttered by Scotty in Star Trek,they also seem to have perfected Trek's matter transporter as they travel effortlessly from place to place in busy London ,to arrive usually in the nick of time,again.It also features in episode 1 what must be the worlds fastest submarines as they exceed the motorway speed limit up/under the Thames.The 2 newbies have had character bypasses especialy Dimitri who appears to have graduated from the school of wooden acting (Grade A pass) etc etc.

The second half dealing with the de constructon of Lucas ,if related back to previous episodes is complete nonsense,none of it makes any sense,the main reactions being "what""why"to the attempt to create an alternative reality to justify the plot.

All said and done it is not without its excitements and at least one truly shocking moment but should be viewed as an average stand alone drama.
Spooks 9 should carry a "Faithful Beware !" warning,on this performance I am dreading the next one,would I buy it ? Well I am of the Faithful,but maybe for not much longer......
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on 14 November 2014
It was certainly exciting and the story while being somewhat unbelievable did hold your attention and created the desire to view the next, but do we really need to have quite the huge amount of violence, and we do how can we possibly expect it not to spill over and onto our streets. I am a firm believer in, if you watch enough of something that is initially highly offensive in time your natural repulsion of it wrongness is replaced by a sterile ambivalence to its horror. And that applies to a great many aspects of life. TV and its influence has I believe much to answer for in forming many of the wrongs in our society today, and unfortunately a even decreasing influence for good.
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on 24 February 2011
As someone who has obsessively watched the Spooks boxed sets as well as the series on TV, I found series 9 to be a desacration of what went before. In the previous series' 1-8, whether I liked or loathed them, the characters were always well written and well rounded. I was never a great lover of Lucas North as I preferred Adam Carter, however, his character was well developed, he had a back story - could he be trusted or not following his years in Russian prison? All of this was just thrown away in series 9.

What happened to the man who loved his ex wife? Where did this ridiculous story line come from? What happened to the hero who always worried about people and saved lives? He wouldn't have deliberately left someone bleed out to cover his tracks and he certainly wasnt' the fake that they have made him out to be. Richard Armitage did the best that he could with a bad plot. The writers of Series 9 have a lot to answer for. I still am undecided as to whether I will purchase it - maybe when it is reduced in price. I hope that the Spooks series can recover from this, as I don't think I will watch it beyond the first episode of series 10 to determine whether the quality of writing improved. Deeply disappointed.
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on 6 February 2011
Throw out everything that was built up before in previous series of Spooks and start anew. Have actors play a character that may have the same name as a character in a previous series (and the same face too!) but in reality they're a completely different person who would not be capable of doing the things that the character in the previous series did.

Who are they trying to fool? It was clear that the writers in Series 7 and 8 were writing about someone else. But the writers in Series 9 decided to throw out all that was built up before, make up a bunch of rubbish out of whole cloth, and assumed we'd go for it. But guess what--we're not stupid and we have a memory! It was pitifully obvious, and too many things did not add up. I can suspend my disbelief only so far. I consider myself quite forgiving with shows which tweak the storyline in odd ways and will try to go along for the ride, but this was asking for way too much.

I love all the actors in this show and am so disappointed in what was done to the storylines and characters. At least Richard Armitage (who is a favorite of mine) has escaped this show and is going on to much bigger and better things. I hope that series 10 will return to some sense of sanity and that we all can forget the idiocy that was series 9.
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on 7 March 2011
As an avid fan of Spooks right from day one, I am now left quite cold from the last series. The constant plot weaving through every episode with Lucas North got to the point that I wasn't really bothered about the contents of the file.

It has lost its way and needs to get back to the strict structure and content of before. I can't see how they can go on anymore unless they seriously take stock.
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on 12 April 2011
It seems that Spooks is slowly coming to the end of its lify cycle as the stories keep focussing more and more on the lives and dramas of the protagonists than on cutting edge stories. Some episodes where really good, some okay and some confusing. However, my main misgiving about the series is the character of Lucas North. When he was first introduced I found him a strange addition to the cast: the man has spent 8 (!) years in a Russian prison, doesn't seem to be overly traumatized and is allowed to continue his old job without a proper assessment or treatment for post traumatic stress disorder. We know that Harry is very loyal to him but that would be a reckless decision. Seondly, Lucas' age doesn't work out: he is in his late 30s, spent 8 years in a Russian prison and was supposed to have been head of section D before that? So here in season 9 the character takes another hard to believe turn. We learn that he is in fact not the real Lucas North and has a very, very dark past as terrorist / assassin. Again, no one looked into him when they hired him and he functioned for 15 years or so before he finally turns back into that nasty piece of work he was before. That really is stretching it a bit in terms of character development. I get the overalll impression that the writers are simply running out of ideas.
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on 11 February 2014
You can't beat Spooks. This is part of the whole set we are collecting and addicted to. Series 9 takes you even further into the intrigue of MI5 that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. I would highly recommend this series and infact I would highly recommend all 10 series as they are brilliant. I wish they would make more - lets start a campaign to bring back Spooks series 11-20. Happy viewing and enjoy
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on 22 November 2010
Oh dear. Somebody said there were new writers for this season and it shows. Did they not do their homework and look at past shows or did they just decide to diss everything the audience had invested in?

Could not go with the Richard Armitage as traitor plot at all. It didn't gel, too many incredible plot twists that simply weren't believable, and the whole raison d'etre of the character was his passion and loyalty to his country. Now we had to say oh sucks to that, he's a baddy really. NO!

And the only thing that might have given such a silly plot the slightest bit of credibility, the love thing, was woeful. We had no investment in the female character, who came out of nowhere, and we couldn't establish any because of the terrible casting. Laila Rouass - ex, Footballer's Wife's and Strictly Come Dancing and not much else - excuse me. Who came up with that idea? She can't act and the only things we know her from are where she spent the whole time establishing herself as a spoiled brat. The woman can't act and although she is attractive, she is not Helen of Troy. I almost laughed out loud when in the last episode somebody said how they could understand Lucas falling for somebody so beautiful. What? Have they looked at Richard Armitage lately? And there was zero chemistry between them, poor do whichever production company made this series. You didn't put enough effort in to the casting.

Please get it right next episode. I love Spooks, it's terrific but don't let your writers play games with the viewers. Plot twists and turns are one thing, disbelief is another.

Oh, and unless you can establish Beth and Tariq, get rid of them. One has no confidence in them as M15 agents.
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on 9 November 2010
Spooks may lack the incisive political edge of earlier series, but it has not lost its ability to produce tense, entertaining thrillers which keep the viewer guessing. On the downside of series 9, the new spooks are a bit bland in comparison to previous characters and whilst Richard Armitage is good, I don't think he's strong enough to carry the show as Section Chief in the same way as Hermione Norris or Rupert Penry Jones. Also, a couple of the stories in the middle of the series, whilst pretty good and better than average television, are a little disposable by Spooks own standards.

On the positive side, Spooks still knows how to spin a good yarn and is willing to take risks, the story arc for this series is truly shocking (and finally brings the best out of Richard Armitage in the later episodes), and Peter Firth continues to be monumentally brilliant as Harry Pearce! The day they get rid of Harry may be the day I stop watching Spooks.

Not the very best its ever been, but still better than most of what's on television.
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