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on 9 February 2015
Very disappointed - put the new BLACK ink cartridge of this combo in today and the printer would not print, aligned and all the rest of what you are supposed to do - and still no joy. Put the colour one in some time ago - no problems, but because I was using the XL black cartridge did not need to change at the same time. It is not the printer as I put the old XL black back in and had no problems.

Although I bought the pack some time ago - as far as I know there is no 'best before' notice and as the Black was still in sealed envelope should have worked properly.
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I have so much trouble with "compatible" and "re-filled" cartridges in any printer I use that now I only buy genuine. Given that these are genuine cartridges, I get the print quality and consistency that I expect. There's not much more to say than that, really. My only reason for not giving 5 stars is that HP cartridges, wherever you buy them, are so darn expensive. It'd also be nice if they lasted a little longer, but then again, these last so much longer than the cartridges did in any of my old Epson printers... so in the long run these might actually represent value for money.
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on 20 March 2013
I bought a cheap £50 scanner printer all in one. If I had bought one with seperate colour ink refills I would have been wiser and maybe the black would last longer as well.

This is original ink, at a lot less than bricks and mortar cost.

I am happy it works but sad I have to pay a fortune for refills at all! Should, ought to be open stopper and buy a little bottle and pour in refill ink, you'd think?

Such is design in the modern age - cars, cheap Fords and the like, last longer than three years more like 10 years but other consummables...

So I am very happy with seller and their service but grumbling cuz I am that way inclined lol where's my guitar I feel a tune coming on?

I recommend this seller and would happily buy from them again.

It is ink, it does what it is supposed to when asked.
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on 28 October 2010
The Cartridge that I bought from Cartridge Point was original and new and was slightly more expensive than the non-original ones, but a lot less than if you buy it from a high-street store.

I have purchased a non-original one in the past, but I've learnt my lesson the hard way, when the very first time I bought a non-original long life one, my printer wasn't happy and I did the tricks suggested by the merchant, it finally worked on my printer but it didn't print 1000 pages, no, not even 100 pages, it was more like around less than 50 pages. I was really disappointed, as I thought I was being smart and saved a bit of money.

The only negative of buying from Cartridge Point is that they don't have any sense of urgency, as they took their time in delivering the item. Yes, they were sent within the estimated delivery time. However with a £4 delivery fee they could've sent it by first class delivery. Nevertheless I still recommend them if your printer only likes the original.
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on 23 September 2012
The quality of printing obtained when using this ink is as expected for a genuine HP product, but you don't get many pages out of a cartridge (about 60-70% of the figure quoted by HP in my experience) and the ink has a tendency to dry up if you don't print very often, so overall I feel that they don't really offer good value for money.

However, having tried several so-called "compatible" cartridges and having nothing but problems (they either don't fit at all, aren't recognised by the printer, dispense ink so unevenly as to be useless for printing anything important, or even leak so badly that they practically ruin your printer), I shall be sticking with the genuine products in future, albeit somewhat reluctantly.
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on 15 September 2011
Further to my comment below, I have now received the correct items and they seem OK. I would support other reviewers that this seems good value for money but, from the feedback, I am not expecting them to last long. Will pay more for better products next time. Still a bit worried that Amazon partner (indigostarfish) put wrong item in original packing. If I had not installed them immediately I would not have known.

Original comment - I ordered 2 of these these for a spare printer because they were cheap. It is not my regular printer so output was not important. Goods delivered quickly but, although the packaging was correct, the sealed boxes actually contained one HP351 cartridge and one HP21. I have arranged a free return and have been assured that the replacements will be correct but I don't know how they can promise this if they are wrongly boxed. You get what you pay for.
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on 14 July 2013
bought this ink for my printer
it worked at first, but after I have printed few documents, the next day I wanted to print something it didn't work
However, I have had contacted the supplier and they were excellent to help me out, after few days of deal with it they agreed to send them back for an exchange (I still need to send the cartridges). love the service and the way they are dealing with any matter
so: 5* for service and courtesy
3* for the product which was faulty (again, we can fund faulty product, everywhere)
5* for delivery
thank you
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on 20 September 2010
The product is good, arrived on time, is actually the XL version and my computer recognized the XL make. What makes this cartridge XL is the fact that it is actually about twice as big as the original cartridge however being concealed this is not actually an issue. If you can find two normal cartridges for cheaper then buy that than an XL. I thought that the XL meant more efficient ink which i don't believe it it simply means a larger cartridge.

The reason for only 4 stars is that I haven't yet used up the ink due to very infrequent use. I would like to think, and it does appear so, from my use so far, that this is actually worth the extra money.

P.s. i have a hp C4480 printer and this its recommended cartridge.
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on 26 October 2013
Being the Original Equipment manufactured product, it is a good quality inkjet cartridge - but at a big price. A clone product will cost you half of the HP inkjet price. BUT, be careful using a clone product because, on some models, a message comes up "This cartridge is not compatible for this printer" (sometimes works for a few weeks and then you get the message) and you have wasted your money. I think that HP should be taken to task over this bazaar action which curtails a buyers choice. It has certainly put me against buying a HP printer again.
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on 6 February 2017
It was just the job and a reasonable price
Have learnt that it does not pay to buy refills from cartridge filling shops.
Every time I have they have flooded the printer and I have had to buy another one.
Be wary about how much you pay for your cartridge it could be just as cheap to buy another printer.
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