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on 23 July 2012
Fantastic little piece of kit.
If you can get a new one at a good price its really worth it.
Easy to set up, easy to get the radio settings which is lovely and clear and surprising stable with the signal considering in our area the internet isnt always constant.
Being its small you can take it with you anywhere and its range is pretty good.
If your missing stations you login to a website where they can be added without having to connect the radio to your computer.

Only thing is when you put your password into the system for your wifi make sure to press and hold the enter key on the very last letter or number you put in to accept it the whole password. If you just press the enter button it will add an extra space and then not log you in. Other than that I cant fault it.
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This little Internet radio, sold here under the View Quest brand, is a very mixed bag indeed. A bit of Google research shows it to be a product of the Hong Kong based Brilliant Peak Company, and manufactured at their factory in Guangdong. The clever bits are designed by UK company CSR Plc - Cambridge Silicon Radio - and through them connectivity to the vTuner Internet portal. The radio is sold under a number of brand names around the world, some brands provide an additional FM band, and some come with international power adaptors.

This View Quest branded model is just the basic Internet radio only and is supplied by Hampshire based Pyramid Ltd, but is customised for the UK market. The menu brings up the UK as the default location and it has a pre-programmed list of BBC stations. I had no trouble connecting to my BT Home Hub 1.5 - it just needed the 10 digit WEP code to be entered - however I had to use a magnifying glass as the display digits are so small!

Once connected the range from the router is very good - I got a good signal all over the house and even a useable signal at the far end of my garden. The sound quality from the small mono speaker is not too bad, but stereo through headphones is really good. Quite a bit of thought has gone into the design of this radio and it actually won the German IF design award earlier this year.

What lets this radio down is the unreliable or non-connectivity to stations in the vTuner database. I have used vTuner on another WiFi radio and it works much better than it does on this View Quest. Another reviewer mentions no RTE stations and that is still the case, some BBC stations stream unreliably or not at all, and my local Kent stations from KMFM do not work at all. All these stations work fine on my other vTuner radio and also on Reciva based radios so the streaming is OK although this radio says not.

This rather spoils what is otherwise a very innovative radio - it all depends on which stations you want to listen to! Many stations work really well, fortunately including most of the ones I want to listen to. I would love to be able to recommend this radio as I am really quite pleased with it, but just in case your favourite station doesn't work it with it I won't; four stars for what it does well for me.
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on 22 June 2011
I've had this radio for about a year, and was very happy with it until about 2 weeks ago, when BBC Radio 4 disappeared. The preset stopped working so I deleted it and retuned, in case the URL had changed or something, but still nothing, the display reports a 'server error'. Other stations (well BBC 5 Live, which is the only other station we listen to) still work, it's just Radio 4 that's broken.
Checked for a firmware upgrade, says it's up to date.
If anyone can tell me how to get Radio 4 back I'll edit this review to give the radio the 4 or 5 stars it deserves.

Edit: Radio 4 is now back, after a month's absence. Unfortunately in fixing R4 they broke 5 Live, but an email to vTuner support got that fixed in a couple of days, so all is now well again, and back to 4 stars.

Further edit, 5th Sept 2011: BBC 5 Live is now consistently unreliable, Radio 4 and others are fine, it's just 5 Live that's broken, so it's back to one star for me since that's what I bought it for.
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on 23 October 2010
I have been willing myself to like this radio. It's size is amazing - much smaller than I thought from the photos; and the sound quality (especially spoken word) is excellent. It has a smart minimalist, almost Apple like feel about it. But, over the few days I have been trying it out, it just does not live up to expectations in performance. I am not new to internet radio - I have a quite old Logik mains wi-fi radio from Dixons, which was only £35 when on sale, but needed a home made hardware upgrade in the shape of a new wi-fi adapter to improve range and stability (plus re-fitting the speaker through 180 degrees to rid it of mains hum (so a pretty lousy piece of hardware until my DIY!)).

I got the View Quest to connect to my home wi-fi without problem; it remembers the connection key fine and the range is adequate throughout most of my house and into the garden. The radio is charged via mini USB; a cable is supplied, but not a mains charger, so unless you have a USB mains charger, you will need to charge via via your PC. All this is fine.

The problem is with performance and stability. Keep in mind that all internet radios are linked to an online internet radio service provider. For the View Quest it is VTuner; for my Logik it is Reciva (for Pure radios it is its own front end service called Lounge, but which probably uses VTuner or Reciva as the back end). The first thing I noticed with View Quest was that BBC podcasts (called "Shows" on the View Quest menu) would often stop and then restart (but always annoyingly from the beginning). On my Logik these listen again podcasts (called "On Demand in the Logik menu) seldom stopped, and if they did continued where the programme left off.

I then noticed two other weaknesses:

1. For locations I sampled, the View Quest has far fewer radio stations listed for e.g. under a particular country.

2. Even when listed I often got an error message saying that the programme was not streaming. The Logik managed to show them and play them just fine. For example, under Singapore (where I often travel on business) most of the 15 stations listed on View Quest would not play. All 17 listed on Logik played fine.

3. Under e.g. BBC Radio 7 Listen Again, the Logik shows dozens and dozens of podcasts available; the View Quest gave me only 5 or 6 and all children's programmes

The form factor is superb, but the actual core performance is very disappointing. I so like internet radio, that I wanted a smaller radio that I could take from room to room and into the garden - the Logik is a brick tethered to a mains lead. I even thought the View Quest is so small and light I would pop it in my suitcase for travels. But it is let down by performance. I don't know if this is the internal software (which is the latest 5.1 firmware) or bad integration with VTuner. Overall it is a waste of money and I will be sending it back to Amazon as a poor quality product. I may try the highly acclaimed Pure Evoke Flow, but is nowhere near the size and portability of the View Quest.

[Additional note: for those who want to travel with their internet radios, keep in mind very few wi-fi spots are easy to use for radio connection. Many these days have landing pages, (a browser page requiring you to agree T&C etc before connection) which are incompatible with devices without browsers such as radios]
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on 9 April 2012
I bought two of these products and both suffer from the same basic flaw. ALL Listen Again / Podcasts restart 3 times before the whole track plays. This happens without fail after listening to the track for the first time for around 45 seconds.


There is NO EXCUSE for selling a product that does not function correctly.

I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PRODUCT TO ANYONE. There are very many Internet Radios out there now. Look elsewhere...
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on 21 September 2013
I have found this radio very good. The only reservation I have is that I would have preferred to be able to store more than three codes for the pubs, hotels and cafés I visit.
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on 11 July 2010
Nice highly portable design but seems buggy. 1st unit had major problems connecting to wifi networks with WPA security, would only connect sporadically. Replacement unit connected without issue, but when taken abroad, discovered that BBC national radio ( eg Radio 1, 2, 3, 4 etc) wouldn't play, even though iPad radio app worked fine for these stations when connected to same wifi network. So, will be returning this unit as well.
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on 15 January 2012
I have 5 internet radios of various makes and happy with them all. Great tools for staying in touch with UK while living overseas, simply couldn't live without TalkSport Radio on the weekends. I was a little skeptical of such a tiny radio and some of the reviews were a little worrying.

I've only had it a couple of weeks but so far this is a superb machine. Good sound (not quite as good as some of my bigger radios, but not far off), easy to use (especially if you read the manual and understand how such radios work), very attractive, great battery life and via their internet site incredibly simple to update with new station favourites and amazingly flexible being able to add new stations not already on their server.

Highly recommended, one of my top toys!
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on 29 January 2012
I got my View Quest Wifi Radio as a present, which I had asked for. Initially I was surprised at how small it was I don't know why I was expecting it to be any bigger but it there you go. I initially didn't need to read the instructions as it was very intuitive to use - set it up to link with my wifi within minutes, and lots (100's, maybe 1000's?) of stations were available by browsing through the menu.

Since then I have read the instructions, and have added some stations I found on the net that weren't in the default list, and use it nearly every day. Occasionally it has a bit of trouble picking up my wifi in certain rooms, but this is rare.

In short, I love this radio. Have charged twice since getting at xmas, and it's now nearly Feb. Love the styling of this radio, it's really well made - I love it!
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on 23 January 2012
This is my 3rd Wifi/Internet radio so I am familiar with the pros & cons of these devices. I wanted something that was portable and was like an ordinary transistor radio is size.
Like another reviewer I wanted to badly love this device but it's drawbacks prevent me.
Firstly it is small and lightweight but it's sleek design has no thumb or finger grips so it can easily slide from your hand.
The display text is small so if like me you need reading glasses on to see or change the channels.
Entering in your Wifi code is best done with a magnifying glass and pay attention to upper and lower case and when ready to press the enter button (the middle of the jog wheel)watch you hit it dead on or you will enter in an extra character. Took 30 mins to get this right.
The Wifi reception is ok around the house and better than with my other plugged in wifi radios.
Sound is good enough for a small device.
If suffers from a lot of drop-outs - every few mins it goes dead for a few seconds but I can live with that.
Problem on listen again/shows is when a drop-out happens it reverts to the start! Hate that.
On line the Vtuner database allows to add station to your favourites list and it very easy to use.
It is possible to add stations not in the database if you can get audio stream url off the internet.
PROS: nice & small, great battery life, good wifi reception, good database online.
CONS: A little too small to see display, frequent drop off in playback is frustrating
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