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3.2 out of 5 stars
3.2 out of 5 stars
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on 14 September 2010
Firstly, I would say that this product could be fantastic.
I would rate the battery, audio and reception very highly. You can even use your own headphones.

So why 2 stars?
It's 3.5mm headphone socket becomes faulty after 2 weeks of reasonable usage.

I bought the Clipper on the 9th Aug, needed a replacement due to a faulty connection by the 26th Aug, now on the 14th Sept my second pair have gone the same way.
This is very frustrating, it was a good price, good audio. Looks like I'll have to send these back for good and get something more expensive.

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on 22 July 2010
Got this for my boyfriend and he loves it. He can hook it onto his t-shirt/shirt and the headphones can sit around your neck when not in use.
Sound quality is pretty good but you can get the occasional disruption when your phone is in your pocket.
He has the iphone 3GS and it works with it apart from the music forward and back doesn't which is an apple issue rather than a headset issue as it worked with the blackberry curve.
Overall, a good purchase.
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on 23 November 2011
I bought my first Clipper about a year ago. It was fine at first but gradually it started to deteriorate and within 6 months it just wasn't usable any more. At first there were problems with connecting to my phone and then the sound started to go in one ear phone. I thought maybe I was just unlucky so e-mailed Jabra and to be fair they did send me a new one. However within 6 months the same thing has happened to this one! In addition to the problems with connection, no sound in one ear phone, the two earphone wires splitting apart, the black part of the clipper has now become separated from the metal clip. I am finally giving up on Jabra, they wont replace the second one as it is now out of the 1 year warranty. I wouldn't recommend this device for anyone who wants to use it everyday, it clearly can't hack it!Jabra Clipper Bluetooth Stereo Headset
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* What this is and what this isn't
** Inspection and Testing
*** Conclusion

* I think it's important to point out that the description of this product is somewhat misleading. This is NOT a headphone/ earphone, per se. The CLIPPER set is a 3-piece set that is made up of the CLIPPER (a clothing-clip style receiver), a Danish-designed "Around The Neck" earphones and a charger for the unit.

The main piece, The CLIPPER --what the company calls "the headphone" -- is nothing but a Bluetooth receiver and transmitter. By itself, it is unable to allow you to hear music or speak to an incoming caller. It picks up the radio waves from a Bluetooth-enabled Smartphone, mp3/4 player such as an iPod Touch. (Although it doesn't work with the Mac's OSX operating system, Jabra supplies instruction for it to connect to Apple's iOS operating system for the iPhone 4, iPod Touch and presumably, the iPad.) It has two slots, one for a micro USB wall mount and a 3.5mm audio jack for the headphone/earphone connection.

About the included earphone: This is not to be considered an essential part of the product. Since in the quickstart guides and at Jabra's website there's only brief mention of it being packaged after a lengthy discussion on how the main piece works. It is my suspicion that it is merely a placeholder for your "better" earphone or earphone/speaker set. It is wiry thin and most likely will not stand up against normal use for more than a few days AND it doesn't have a speaker-line to receive any calls, which is the main selling point of the Clipper.

** Here is where the buying recommendation thing becomes very tricky.


1. (A2DP) The receiver/ transmitter works well with all of the earphones that I tested it out on from the cheap Blackberry supplied speaker earphones up to the Ultimate Ears: a total of 5 including the around-the-neck earphones that came with it. It reproduced the sound that I recognized were the strengths of the different earphones and the device alerted me with a nice chime and silenced the music after about 2 rings.
2. The wireless distance to receive a signal was precise at around 30 feet.
3. About the size of an iPod Shuffle.


1. The device is extreme difficult to pry open. (This issue, more than the next I suppose, would be a deal-breaker if anything.) For several days, my skinny fingers hurt from the impression left by arduously struggling to get it to open just enough to slide on to my shirt or waistband. It is very, very difficult to get open.
2. You'll need to supply your own headphone/ earphone for this device. (The supplied is largely for testing out the product and nothing more.)

*** I own the Jabra EXTREME Bluetooth headset I received last year and I still love it. Jabra makes fine products: stylish and well built. However, I think they made an engineering mistake with THE CLIPPER. The device although a bit bulky to wear if you're wearing thinner clothing, works as promised. But my main gripe is the product's [in]ability to clip on to clothing. This, for me, is a really, really big deal. For all that it promises technologically (and delivers) the principle design makes it a toss up as far as my recommendation is concerned. If you have a breast pocket that buttons down, then the Clipper is a good deal. If you want to put the Clipper in a pant pocket, it works well. But...To clip or not to clip...THAT is the question.

3.5 stars.
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on 8 September 2010
I'm onto my third one of these...

The first developed a fault inside 3 months whereby the left stereo channel drops out unless sideways pressure is applied to the 35mm jack.

The replacement from the purchaser died due to over heating during charging, admittedly this was me using a cheap unbranded charger so I'll chalk that one down to me.

I purchased a new one (from a different supplier this time) and that too has developed the left channel bad contact in less than two weeks!

Jabra's support site as I write this doesn't even bother listing the clipper on it's model list. But I'll see how they respond. When it's working the product really is great, but I don't want a 4th.
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on 10 September 2011
This is a great Product. I wanted something that gave me hands free control of my Mobile phone (LG Optimus One) as I spend a great deal of my time on a bike and my passion is Skiing. Didn't want all the cables threading through clothes, So opted for bluetooth...... Great decision.

The product advertisement states it has a 10m transmit, However I've tested this and I can only say that 10m transmit is only possible at straight line sight. Not really an issue as I personally want to use it with a transmitting device either in my pocket or rucksack.

I have submitted another review for a sound hat which I intend to use in colder weather with the Jabra Clipper. I can report that the clipper works with the hat.

I read one review on here stating the tension of the clip is to Strong? I sort of agree, It is hard to prize open and states on the instructions that it opens to a maximum of 4mm. I can't see any suitable item other than clothing/Rucksack straps etc being of use to clip it onto? I don't mind the strength of the clip as it makes it a very solid tether on clothing..... Particularly good for the Skiing!

I used the Clipper for a large part of the day after charging and it lasted until past midnight (At which point it cut out during a call).

Very happy and I would heartily recommend.
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on 2 August 2011
The Jabra Clipper looks good. It is a small, rubber-coated, metal clip. The design is supposed to allow you to wear it, but as other reviewers have mentioned, it is difficult to clip to any item of clothing. I settled for wearing it in a shirt pocket or in an inside pocket of a jacket (and effectively rendering the microphone useless). The clip has a built in microphone, up and down volume controls and a central button that allows you to control an ipod type of device. I was using it with an iphone 3GS successfully. The controls themselves were easy to work (unlike the fiddly inline-remote used in the original apple headsets). I was using the device with a pair of Bose on-ear headphones and, as far as I could tell, there was no further loss of quality in the music I was listening to. The problem with the device is the poor bluetooth connectivity which makes using the device in a real world setting impossible. When placed next to iphone, the connectivity was good and the devices paired easily, however when the iphone was placed in a bag (rucksack) or a pocket then the connectivity was intermittent. These can only really be used when the iphone and the device are colocated, which defeats the object of having the bluetooth remote.

Overall, the clipper is a nice design, but with a poorly implemented bluetooth interface. Best avoided.

I have returned the clipper, and instead, purchased a pair of wired headphones for listening to music on the go.
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on 16 November 2010
Brought this IRL-retail.
I love the look of the unit, it's covered in tactile silicon like the Desire, as a biker the big buttons can be operated with gloves and through clothing.
Unfortunately there seems to be some some connection issues with the Desire, when playing MP3s, or any kind of audio, the audio cuts out frequently, track rewinds, bluetooth disconnect, after a few minutes of operation this seems to disappear, but any use of the phone or swift change of the phones orientation will cause strange behavior.
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on 28 July 2010
I bought the Jabra Clipper so I can pipe Spotify from my laptop and still walk around the office. For that purpose, it works reasonably well. I get about 6-10m range before audio starts to drop. Battery lasts about 5 hours of continuous use, which is not bad. Solid build and simple to use. The rubber finish attracts dust.
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on 15 August 2011
The first clipper I received turned out to be faulty. The earphone circuit was wired wrong, so you only got stereo audio if the cable was only partly inserted.

I contacted Jabra directly. Their return instructions from their helpdesk weren't great. For example they didn't clarify that the receipt could only be sent to them in .JPG format or a PDF. I'd attached my Amazon email receipt as a .eml - seriously.

That aside though the returns procedure was painless, though it was probably 8 working days from start to I had a replacement.

I'd echo a lot of the prior comments on performance and design. The clip is too stiff - one handed fitting to a shirt is impossible. The ear-buds are very poor quality - though I'm using some Shures with mine so not a problem. I get the occasional drop-out, though on the whole it's pretty good signal wise, and the audio quality is good. For the price it's a neat solution, but it could be better.

I can get a day of "medium" audio use. That's approx 3 hours playing, 9 hours total. Not bad.

If you want a neat, reasonably discreet stereo Bluetooth headset, it's good value assuming you can accept the stiffness of the clip.
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