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on 21 September 2012
I bought these sensor swabs to clean the filthy sensor on a Canon EOS 5D Classic. Cleaning the sensor was a simple matter of locking up the mirror, applying cleaning solution to the swab by dipping each corner into the mouth of the bottle (as directed on the label), and then drawing the swab across the sensor.

The cleaning fluid evaporated off very quickly leaving no streaks, and the stubborn blobs that an air blower could not shift were moved easily. Some minor spots remained, which I did not see with the naked eye (I have no loupe), however they are small and very faint and probably won't require removing in post. All the large and highly visible debris was removed.

I have attached customer images to this product to show dirt before and after cleaning.

The package contains four swabs with a 1ml bottle of sensor cleaning solution (tiny yes, but more than enough). This pack is for cleaning sensors which are NOT greasy (e.g. contaminated with oil droplets from the shutter mechanism, or the dreaded accidental fingerprint). If your sensor is greasy, you need the Smear Away version of this product.

Also note this is the 1.0x version (24mm swabs) which is for full frame sensors. The version for cropped sensors is the 1.6x Sensor Cleaning Kit (16mm swabs).

This product made the job quick, easy, and I have to say... non-scary. Definitely one to consider if you need to clean your sensor. The only downside is the exorbitant price.
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on 27 June 2017

Ostensibly, this EZ Sensor Cleaning Kit looks to be a relatively cost-effective way of removing those tenacious spots and stains from your camera's sensor. Here are my thoughts and suggestions:

• This particular EZ Kit comprises 4 Green VSWABs and a small glass vial containing 1.15ml of Smear Away cleaning solution. The amount of cleaning solution provided is sufficient for the supplied number of swabs...but these will all disappear surprisingly quickly, and then you will of course find yourself in the position of needing to replenish supplies of both.

• As well as this EZ Sensor Cleaning Kit, you are going to need some additional items of equipment to effect a thorough clean. Firstly, a suitable magnifier or loupe (ideally, an illuminated version) to enable you to quickly and easily inspect the surface of your sensor. Secondly, a decent filtered air blower (I can personally vouch for the JJC CL-DF1 Professional Dust-free Air Blower for Removing Dirt and Dusts on Camera Lens, LCD, Sensor Keyboard Laptop etc. (Yellow)). Lastly, a comfortable face mask. Why a face mask...? At the risk of being indelicate, many of the more stubborn stains on your sensor (and on a mirrorless camera, especially) will not be mechanical lubricants but bodily secretions (perspiration, mucus, but particularly saliva.) So using a face mask when cleaning your sensor is a sensible precaution if you don't want to risk re-contaminating what you're trying to clean!

• If you are attempting this procedure on a mirrorless camera with IBIS (such as the Sony A7 or A9 series), it's essential that you engage the camera's sensor cleaning mode before you begin: the imaging layer of the sensor will not be live, but the stabilising mechanism's delicate micro coil drive motors will lock the sensor in position - providing a fixed working surface for easier cleaning and preventing possible damage to the IBIS system. (But remember to turn the camera OFF before you attach a lens!)

• The cleaning procedure that works for me (and which I therefore recommend) is as follows:

1) After donning the face mask, carefully examine the sensor surface using an appropriate magnifier/loupe, then apply a filtered air blower to remove as much of the dry surface dust and debris as you can manage

2) Unwrap the VSWAB without touching the material of the cleaning head itself. (Although the VSWAB will have been prepared and packaged in a Clean Room, it's a good idea to use a filtered air blower to dislodge any loose fibres that may still be present - but do this well away from your camera's sensor!)

3) Unplug the vial of Smear Away cleaning fluid. Insert one corner of the green VSWAB into the opening and slowly tilt the vial upwards until you start to see the white swab material saturate to the halfway point (this is easy to establish as the material will noticeably darken in colour.) Return the vial to the vertical, swap the corner of the VSWAB, and repeat the process until the whole of the swab is adequately moistened (This process becomes more difficult to judge when you get to the last VSWAB, because you do then have to tilt the vial almost horizontally for it to dispense.) Wait a few more seconds for any excess fluid to evaporate, then sweep the VSWAB across the sensor horizontally - in a single pass - using a gentle guiding pressure. If you need to go again, turn the VSWAB over (to its clean side) and repeat the cleaning application IN THE SAME DIRECTION.

4) Inspect the sensor and repeat the process, as necessary

• Smear Away is designed to impart both an anti-fogging and an anti-static coating on the sensor - but however much you try to avoid it, it's likely that the solution will leave a few slight streaks on the sensor as it evaporates. If you want to remove these as well, chances are you will probably need to resort to something like the company's Visible Dust Plus cleaning solution...

In summary:

It's easy to see the attraction of these all-in-one EZ Sensor Cleaning kits: a (comparatively) modest outlay buys you a sufficient supply of swabs and cleaning solution to enable you to restore a dusty or grubby camera sensor to pristine condition. Problem is, you only really get enough swabs and solution for a couple of good cleaning sessions. So whereas I'm sure that some people will regard these EZ Sensor Cleaning kits as a helpful convenience (and they are), they don't really justify themselves in terms of value for money when you sit down and do the maths. Although being initially much more expensive to buy, acquiring the swabs and cleaning solution separately - in larger quantities - makes much more sense, financially speaking. That said, the combination of these Green VSWABs and accompanying Visible Dust Smear Away solution is certainly capable of cleaning your camera's sensor very effectively, and this EZ Sensor Cleaning Kit must therefore earn my recommendation.
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on 10 May 2016
These were a God send to me, I had tried a puffa, I had tried the in camera sensor clean,I had tried cleaning the mirror etc the only thing I hadn't tried was directly wiping the sensor because I was scared to! I looked around on the Internet to see what could be done and it all boiled down to either send my camera away for a sensor clean or give these a go! I was going away on holiday shortly so didn't really want to send it away but I may have to if these didn't work! My camera had a common fault where some oil spots appeared on the sensor due to it being flicked off the shutter so I opted for this solution as its what was recommended to clean oils etc. When they arrived I read the instructions carefully over and over to make sure I got it right. I turned my camera on and put the mirror in the up position and steadied my hands and nerves! I added a drop or two of the solution to one side of the swab and very gently wiped it over my sensor, then with the reverse side of the swap I went back the other way to dry any solution. Left it for a few minutes to allow any moisture to escape and then put the lens back on and went outside to do the out of focus sky test! To my disbelief there were streaks all over the shot!!!!!!!!!! Oh no! Sooo I took the lens back off and repeated what I had done before but without the solutuion and bingo! It worked! So my advice would be only use ONE drop of solution and maybe instead of going back over the sensor with the back side of the same swab use a new dry one! I haven't needed to clean it again to try it this way yet so can't comment on the best out of the 2! Good thing is, it did exactly what it was mean to do which was get rid of the oil spots so that why it's a big thumbs up and 5*'s
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on 21 June 2017
I paid €25 to clean my sensor at my local camera shop and when I picked up my camera the sensor was almost as bad as when I dropped it off and so I got a refund.

I asked how they "cleaned" it and was told they did a "dry clean".

As there is nowhere else to get my sensor cleaned I was left with no other choice than to try to clean it myself - the prospect of which was terrifying as the chap in the shop said it was very easy to scratch the sensor and ruin the camera.

A friend recommended this product and I used it very apprehensively.

I ended up using two of the four swabs and half of the alcohol to get it clean (possibly due to inexperience) but not my sensor is spotless and I didn't damage it in the slightest.

There are website links with the product where you can find videos on how to clean your sensor with these products and you MUST look at these before any attempts - it's pretty simple when you know how and I suspect some of the negative reviewers of this product didn't bother watching the videos.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 15 December 2016
These are very good quality cleaning swabs that work well. Just make sure you get the right size (1.0x size is for a full frame sensor).

If you've never done this before then you really need to watch a Youtube video or research how others do it. You can seriously damage your camera if you damage the sensor.

In simple terms you'll probably need to find out how to lock the mirror out of the way within your camera to expose the sensor. Your instruction booklet will tell you how to do that. Then lightly wet a swab (don't soak it), place it on one side of the sensor and wipe across the face of the sensor. You do this at your own risk though and you can damage this very delicate part of your camera if you do not know what you are doing. If in doubt get a professional to do it.

I've sometimes had to do this more than once to remove stubborn dirt or oil deposits. Tiny oil specks can get splattered from moving parts controlling the shutter for example. With too much solution it's also possible to smear the sensor and the way I've got round this is to repeat the cleaning with a swab containing less cleaning fluid.

This is a great and reasonably priced kit for those wanting to save money on professional cleaning. Just take time to research how to do this as the instructions leave much to be desired. If in doubt get a professional to do it.
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on 24 December 2016
I've used a similar product for my crop sensor camera but this is the first time i've cleaned my 5D MKiii.

Product is well wrapped as you would expect/hope each cleaning pad is kept individually wrapped to keep the pads clean.

You put each corner into the bottle and tip fluid onto the pad, then you put your mirror in lock up and place the pad on one side and sweep to your left or right. I think I might have used too much fluid as others have said it left residue so I had to go back over it again. It dried off and is certainly cleaner than before so good product, easy to use and no mess.
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on 19 September 2012
I have had dust on my sensor for a long time, my camera Canon Eos 5d Mk 2 was sent to Canon for a clean, it came back in almost the same state as it was sent. Then I started searching for other options of cleaning my sensor and have found Visible Dust Canadian company: [...] I have been reading articles and watching videos on the net for over a month and then decided to try it myself. I have ordered the green swabs and one day in a minimum dust free environment of my therapy room I have statred cleaning my camera sensor. My hands were shaking a bit when I was performing the first swab, but with the next one I was more confident. It took me 4 swabs before I could remove even the spot which I had in the corner of my images almost from the moment I bought my camera. Then I took the camera for a test shots it was amazing day sky was as blue as the tropical sea, have set the ISO 100, F22 and took 15 shots of the sky. Came back home later that day downloaded the images to photoshop and scanned them milimiter after milimiter. Could not believe it, could not even find a tiny dot on them, before there were tens if not even a hundred small dots all over the image.

My experience and conclusion is simple; Visible Dust swabs are amazing and I don't even believe now that Canon itself have as good methods of cleaning the sensor as you can do yourself thanks to the Canadian company. I have made my mind and I have learnet how to to a job for which some photographic shops charge £60. Now I can do this myself whenever I think it is needed, it takes 10min with the proper preparation and it costs £4 per one swab(which now I am sure will be enough to remove most of the dust in the future after my first lesson). What else can I say, If you are reading my review now it means you have the same dilema with your camera as I had 3 months ago. You can sort it out yourself, everebody tries to make it sound extremely difficult so they can make money of people who don't know how to do the job. Before you do anything though please first read articles and watch videos how it works so you can understand the principles and so you get confidence in doing so, otherwise your hands will be shaking like mine while cleaning the sensor for the first time. When you buy your first cleaning kit from Visible Dust, please open it and follow the instruction provided add 1 drop of fluid included(not any other) to one corner of the swab as shown on the picture then to another corner, wait for 10 seconds and insert the swab into the chamber without touching anything, place it gently on the hot filter cover and wipe the sensor glass from one end to another. Use the other side of the swab doing the same movement, remove the swab gently and throw it to the bin. Dust is gone from your sensor now. If you are still have some, repeat the procedure until you are fully satisfied. Believe in yourself because you can learn something new, which will make you so happy.

I have bought another set to carry it with me on my next photo holiday to Asia.
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on 9 June 2016
Easy to use, camera sensor better than new! I was worried to begin with but it really is easy - just be careful.

I bought my canon camera and within a week of travelling it had noticeable dust marks on all my images. One swab of this and it's perfect (had to try it twice).

Tip: look online for videos of how to do this and follow them closely. Check and confirm all dust has been removed before binning or putting down the swab.
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on 4 July 2013
Well, cleaning your sensor is a little bit nerve wracking, but we'll all need to do it one time or another.

These swabs work really well, or should I say the cleaning solution works really well, as this is the main cleaning part to this kit.

Though a bit overpriced for what you're getting, at least it's a quality made product. The swabs CAN be re-used even though the manufacturer doesn't recommend this. But as long as there's no grains of sand on the swab, you'll be fine.

I haven't tried the 'water' mark solution yet but this 'oil' version works just fine and I think whether the marks on your sensor are water/oil or just spots, I would opt for this version.
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on 14 May 2016
Initially got dust on the sensor when changing lens, then when trying to clean managed to get a big smear over the sensor in the camera and couldn't clean it. Read online about taking it to a shop and being charged £50 ish to get it cleaned and decided to bite the bullet and try these. Really really impressed, small bit of the fluid and one swab, ran it over the sensor twice and camera is perfect. I bought it second hand and didn't realise it was actually dirty before the smear but these cleaned it right up and improved picture quality. If you are unsure about whether or not to give this a go before sending for a 'professional wet clean' then you should, it isn't difficult. Takes 10 mins. When you first run the swab over you will see a film of liquid, don't panic, it evaporates!
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