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on 9 October 2011
I bought this for my Olympus XZ-1. The dimensions given in the product description seemed right for the camera. I also read a few of the user reviews and one of them specifically mentioned the XZ-1.

When I got the camera pouch I realized that it was far too small for the XZ-1. I went back to the website to re-check and realized that the user review I'd read was for the Lowepro Dublin 30 not the 20. Perhaps I should have read the review title more carefully before placing my order - however, since the product being advertized is the Lowepro Dublin 20 I think it's reasonable to assume that any user reviews should relate to that product and not to others in the same range.

I could have returned the case but it is, in fact, a nicely made one, obviously a good quality product, and fortunately it was the right size for one of my other cameras. The three star rating is not so much a comment on the camera case but a way of expressing my disappointment at the misleading entries on the Amazon page.

To any potential buyer I'd say - this is a good product but it's only suitable for smallish compact cameras (regardless of what the specs infer). Also, don't rely entirely on the user reviews!
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on 21 January 2015
This is a perfect case for the Panasonic TZ60. It is conveniently compact and the camera fits very snuggly. The fold over top allows it to be well-sealed against dust and rain. The back is reinforced and the padding all over suggests the case will offer a decent level of protection if you dropped it. The lens unit is very well protected.

The case doesn't have a strap or storage pockets and you rely on the camera's own wrist strap or the belt loop, but that is why it's the right size to be held, put in a pocket or bag.

Finally, my experience of other Lowepro bags has been excellent as they seem to last for ever.
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on 5 April 2012
I bought this case for my finepix 600EXR camera and I'm pleased that it is a very snug fit, and that the case is no bigger than necessary.

There is a little pocket for a spare SD card, and just enough room for a spare battery (tucked in beside the camera lens at the top). The case has a belt loop, but doesn't have anywhere to attach a carry strap or karabiner, however you can use the camera's carry strap. The quality of the materials, stitching etc. appears to be pretty good, and there is a card sewn into the back to offer more rigidity and protect the camera's LCD. I doubt this case would do much to protect the camera if you dropped it, but it will protect it from scratches, light bangs, etc. As this case is soft, there is also a risk that you could switch the camera on by accident, thus extending the lens within the case. I can for example easily press the shutter button. Thankfully the on/off button on my camera is recessed a little between the shutter button and a lump on the top of the camera. The case should offer some protection from rain, however the stitching will eventually allow water to creep through.
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on 5 July 2012
My requirements from this product were simple: Allow me to take my Canon Powershot with me everywhere plus a spare memory card.

The pouch has a permanent belt loop, not the type found on the larger Lowepro pouches that use Velcro to allow you to attach without undoing the belt itself. This pouch has to be put on the old way by threading the belt through. Initially I was disappointed by this but after one day of use very glad; the pouch is more secure and I could relax about it dropping off (not that my other Lowepro pouches have ever done that I hasten to add).

The pouch is soft yet well padded and perfectly sized for a Powershot S100. It's a little snug to begin with but after a week of use it relaxes a bit and becomes perfect. The camera is protected and cushioned and you absolutely need not worry about bumping or damaging it while on your belt. If you break the camera you've probably also just broken your hip. (If you don't wear a belt then just put it into your bag knowing that dropping your keys on top of it won't matter a bit.)

After a week of extensive daily use while on holiday I found I could remove the camera safely within a few (about 5) seconds and return it slower but with similar ease, including folding the wrist strap in half and tucking it under the flap. It really does do the job.

The spare card slot is slightly misleading in the photograph. What isn't shown is that the exposed corner of the card in the Lowepro image does actually tuck underneath the slot in the fabric thereby ensuring your card is completely encased. It's quite fiddly to do this and best performed with the camera out so you can bend the pouch to make it easier. Again initial irritation soon changed to "I'm so glad they did that" once I had filled a card with precious images. Lowepro products really aren't designed in 5 minutes on the back of an envelope; they are clearly tested and thought through.

Bottom line: If you have a Powershot or same-size camera and really do want to have it with you always (which is why you bought it surely?) then this pouch will absolutely do the job of carrying it safely for you.
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on 16 November 2012
It's a little roomier than I need for a Nikon S9100 but the camera fits fine and there's less likelihood of damaging the camera's delicate lens cover leaves with the Lowepro bag so it fits the bill.

Haven't discovered what the slots on the Velcro fastening are for yet.


Oh, if you have a compact camera that fits in such a case, always put the screen outermost as the closure's less-likely to damage the lens. And if your case shuts with a 'snap' clip, do it the other way around, as contstantly-pressing the screen might break it. "Google" my name if you question if I know anything about photography..
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on 20 July 2013
Dimensions listed are external and measured when flat. Internal lengths are...

H - 12.0 cm
W - 8.5 cm
D - 2.5 cm

It is a flexible case so can stretch a bit, but the Velcro fastening doesn't leave much room for adjustment, height is variable to approx 1 centimeter given what the width and depth of the device is.

Shame, but its a gamble with online stuff like this, at least its useful for other things.
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on 26 October 2016
Lowepro Dublin 20.
A great case BUT!.. Be warned the size is very tight.
Pocket inside size and I am being realistic:- L90mm x W 70mm x D 20mm, without stretching.
Product Dimensions in adverts state:- L 4.9 (122mm) x W 3.6 (95mm) x D 1.9 (48mm) x inches but that's the outside size and actually bigger than the case in real life. Main problem is the opening is W 60mm x D 15mm. Okay it does stretch but you have to use two hands to put camera away. My cameras that are a tight fit:- Canon S120 and Canon D30. A Canon Ixus 960is is a great fit.
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on 21 January 2013
I bought this pouch to supplement another Lowepro Napoli pouch I use more regularly as the latter is open on the sides at the top. This pouch provides greater protection when out and about on walks etc. although it isn't waterproof or dust-proof by any stretch. It is a snug fit and getting the camera out quickly can be a slight issue at first; however the pouch softens quickly with use and ultimately this is not a problem.
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on 1 August 2014
Well made except that the stitching on the belt loop at the back had loose stiching which means if you want to carry it looped over your belt that loop will, for sure, give way. Batch fault? Its for this reason that I have taken off a star.

For what I use it, its perfect - I carry 4 x DSLR batteries in this decently padded pouch.
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on 17 November 2013
very nice, cute looking, compact, slim, soft material's camera case for any compact digital camera, value for money. I'm very happy with this camera case. I strongly recommend all, buy and use this digital camera case for long lasting and trouble free performance, wont be disappointed, trust me.
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