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on 12 January 2012
Having recently bought an eTrex 30 I was keen to get obtain some mapping to use its full potential. The new Garmin GPS units allow you to download 1:25K OS maps at a cost of £20 for a user defined area of 600km2. This is actually a very small area making the Birdseye Mapping extremely expensive. The Birdseye maps are also very poor quality.

The Garmin GB Discoverer maps are 1:50K scale, but I find that this is perfectly adequate for walking with a GPS. The GPS tells you where you are so the level of detail is less important compared with using a paper map and compass. Garmin sell this product for £200 on their website, but it is available for £150 on Amazon making it good value compared with other options.

In my opinion, buying the full GB mapping will make me more likely to use my GPS as I have made a one off investment that I might as well use. The alternative of downloading Birdseye maps at £20 for a small area, would make me think twice about whether I needed the map and I probably wouldn't bother for small walks. For example, if I went to Scotland for a week and planned on doing 4 walks, I would be faced with a bill of £80. GB Discoverer is good value in comparison.

The main downside to the product is the fact that is stored on a micro SD card which can not be backed up on a spare card or PC. I you lose your GPS or wipe the card the data is lost. Personally, I would prefer to be able to store the data on my PC and just transfer the relevant data to the GPS when I need it, but this option is not available.

Overall, I am happy with my purchase.
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on 9 April 2014
maps received and everything works BUT the maps are several years out of date which has a huge impact in the area I bought it for as there have been some major changes (new road put in along a different route [gen 3 road], old roads removed completely [gen 2 raod], very old unmettled roads [gen 1 road] converted to cycle tracks) - so in most areas it is probably fine but in mine the maps are incorrect from day 1

As I had some issues around the handheld GPS unit I bought the maps for, I did not find this out until it was too late to return the map
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on 21 August 2013
Treated myself to a Garmin eTrex 20 a while ago and found to my horror that the rubbish map inside it was about as much use as a chocolate fireguard. I am a hill-walker, hiker and I like to go off the beaten track and after a few times getting lost and rescued (my natural sense of direction is bordering on the ridiculous!) I realised that I needed something a bit better than the apps and maps in my iPhone. Plus my iPhone battery was getting drained far too quickly which left me feeling vulnerable.

I have also recently got into Geocaching, which is much fun :)

After researching what was best for my needs I finally settled on this: Garmin's OS Landranger 1:50 scale map of the entire UK on a micro SD memory card. I'll admit I was a bit shocked at the price but nothing from Garmin has ever been particularly cheap (I'm thinking here of the map updates I have to buy for my Garmin car GPS) but I have always found Garmin stuff to be the best and ultimately whatever I have bought from them has been fit for purpose and found to be worth the price tag.

I was quite excited when I received this having struggled to do anything with the basemap that came ready installed in my Garmin GPS. This is the dogs nuts! I've had it just a few days now and already I am loving it. It works seamlessly with Basecamp, Garmin's free software that is available for either Mac or PC. I am a Mac user.

Simple to install. I had to remove the micro SD card from the larger card it came in and it was the work of seconds to install inside my eTrex 20. Now my eTrex 20 is working to capacity.

Excellent, very pleased.
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on 10 May 2014
after exposing my lack of technical knowledge and asking the seller who was very good how to load the maps the maps work well and though I have only placed them on the one instrument I believe they should work on others. The price was good. I do though have many reservations about Garmin and find them very consumer unfriendly and confusing when it being able to use their products they are certainly do not have an 'apple' or 'google' approach and will probably become out dated unless they change for example you cannot get free updates or properly use the maps should your maps be locked to one instrument so if your navigation device breaks and you buy another one you will then need to pay for the maps again
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on 8 August 2014
An excellent product that In itself I cannot fault for my walking and trekking trips. However, the single application licence is really unacceptable and appalling when you have to pay twice for wanting to use it between handheld devices depending on what exercise to adopt. This should be a one user licence and not a one application especially for the cost of this item. At least if you buy a hard copy map you don't pay again to put it in another bag or pocket!
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on 15 August 2016
A definite must for anyone keen on walking with a handheld Garmin GPS. You can plan walks on the computer and transfer the GPX files as tracks or routes onto your GPS. the scale is 1:50,000 which is approximately one and a quarter inches to the mile. This is a pricey but worthwhile bit of kit.
You can get other cheaper mapping cards but they lack the detail that this Ordnance Survey mapping card has.
It comes in a micro sd card format inside a larger adapter.
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on 24 July 2014
Map approximately 10 years old, was told by supplier that this is the latest version that garmin have issued, if this is true then Garmin is not the trustworthy company that I previously thought it was.there is bypass road not too far from where I live that is clearly marked on the map as due to open 2005.

Tony Smith
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on 10 March 2012
As a keen hill walker this is ideal. I've always used 1:50000 maps and so I am happy with the scale and the fact that you can zoom right in means that I don't miss the detail. In reality outside of a built up area if you can't work out where you are on a 1:50 and especially with a GPS you shouldn't be on the hill in the first place - white out or no white out. That said its not cheap and the lack of printing option is frustrating - I frequently lead groups of differing skill levels and the ability to have a route on a map as opposed to a way point list would be a bonus and at this price point you'd have thought that limited print outs would be possible
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on 24 February 2013
I currently use the eTrex 20 so like others, wanted to use mapping to improve its usage. I saw all previous reviews about the Garmin GB Discoverer maps and finally settled on this one (scale 1:50K), and as others say, this is perfectly fine for most walks within the UK. In my view this is excellent value for money, when compared to other options, and the 1:50 scale fine for what I need. The create routes and tracks using Garmin's base camp is really easy to use on your computer, and to download onto your GPS, and has 2 & 3D options, which I find great for checking contours and other features of your proposed walk.

As others have already said, improvements could be made to allow the micro SD card to be backed up on a spare card, or to allow copies of the area you want to walk, to be printed out for reference on your walk.
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on 2 February 2018
Great Product.
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