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Customer reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 24 May 2010
First track Between the Lines shows an admirable energy, bursting out of the speakers with considerable oomph. The riff between chorus and verse has a kind of Nirvana feel to it. Take A Load Off is one of those midpaced rockers with a choppy Dean DeLeo riff, which the band excelled at back in their prime. This one is a little reminiscent of Interstate Love Song, though it's let down somewhat by singer Scott Weiland's bland vocals.

Weiland's vocals are a little smoothed out over the course of the whole album, but worse are his lyrics which are really quite lazy (one example "yeah it's alright as we mosey on into the night", "awright awright awright come awn"). The sound of the album is a little smooth, I would have liked a little fuzz, a little distortion on the guitars but this has all been smoothed away, leaving the album sounding a little generic. Indeed some songs are alarmingly throwaway, Cinnamon and Bagman being the worst offenders, the former being a little cringey with a cheesy riff and vocal, and the latter apeing the Batman theme tune.

Weiland's vocal on Huckleberry Crumble has traces of Alice in Chains to it, and the song is an agreeable stomper, while Hickory Dichotomy sounds kind of like David Bowie speak-singing a Led Zeppelin-esque groove which threatens not to work but the band just about pull it off. Dare If You Dare has a decent verse and chorus structure, let down by the lyrics but it boasts a singalong poppy tune. It's light years from 1992's Core.

Fast As I Can is a definite improvement, sounding a bit like a sped up Tumble in the Rough (off Tiny Music), with a busy riff and a rasping vocal delivery from Weiland. First Kiss On Mars is a mid-paced chugalong but is a little unremarkable, while closer Maver is a fairly atypical song for Stone Temple Pilots with piano and banjo. I can't quite place which American band it reminds me of.

If this album had been a little heavier it might have worked better. There's nothing wrong with the quality of the musicianship, and perhaps the songs will grow on me over time but at the moment this reformation falls short of expectations.
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on 3 June 2010
90s grunge sensations return with there 6th studio. And with that, STP as ever evolving as the are, sees a slight shift in the change of their sound, thats not to say its not welcomed either. In an era where too many bands like to play it safe with their sound, STP take a change and shift into a great rock n roll record! Opener and single Between the lines, chugs along at great pace with short, sharp pace..which can be said for all of the songs on here. There are alot of sounds reminiscent from other records they have done. This album is for all sTP fans, but those wanting Core or Purple will be left scratching their heads...this is NOT an album that sounds like eithe of those. For me, i have always been a fan of STP and continue to do so, as no matter what, they always deliver a great slab of rock the way it should be! Highly recommended to STP lovers :-)
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on 5 June 2010
Couldn't wait to get my hands on the album.STP BACK!!!AFTER ALL THESE YEARS!!

sadly all i found was like listening to a bad alternative band from the yesteryears.
Man,if the band was called something else,i'd havesaid ok..allright band album..but STP..?
People feel free to dislike what i have to say but this is what i felt and i still love the Band.what's happened to weiland?probably the same thing that happened to chris cornell..

mind you there are some good catchy songs but Stone temple pilots..which begs the qn. what does one do when a band evolves? what does one do when u like the earlier stuff they did? Age old debate.
Can't wait for their next album..
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on 15 January 2012
Unfortunately, as I feared, this album is a pale shadow of previous efforts. It's tame, poppy rock which never engages or enthralls, save for a couple of stand-out tracks. If you're new to STP, don't waste time with this. Refer straight to Core, one of the best debut albums I've heard; and/or Purple and Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop. Even Shangri-La-Di-Da has enough cracking songs to justify buying it but this latest effort is a damp squib.
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on 31 January 2011
I feel this album is below par for Stone Temple Pilots. It just doesn't have quite the same feel as their old albums. It doesn't have that grungy feel that say, 'Core' had. I just hope the next album will be more like the Stone Temple Pilots we all know and love.
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on 11 February 2015
great and prompt service
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on 14 March 2012
I own all the STP albums, and having heard none of the material on this one before, on first listen I was disappointed....

Then I really started to like this album. This is a common feature of STP's latter albums. I rate them all as follows:-

Core 10/10
Purple 10/10
Tiny Music 7/10
No 4 8/10
Shangri-La 7/10
STP 7/10

Although 2 or 3 songs are poor on STP, the remainder are catchy and satisfying, making you want to keep listening over and over. Worth buying if you are a fan.
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on 5 June 2015
I have been with STP from the start and think they have produced some really great songs. Having said that, I felt most of their albums were a bit patchy; and also found the Velvet Revolver material mostly run-of-the-mill. I did not have particularly high expectations for this one, but was very much pleasantly surprised; I would say it is my favourite STP album. It is not particularly "grungy" and is certainly not their heaviest, so it may not suit everyone. Perhaps I have mellowed in my old age!!!
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on 4 August 2010
I've listened to STP for years and have all their albums, from the young, punked-up and angry debut 'Core' to the more polished, somewhat Doors-y 'Shangri la dee da'. STP are known for wearing their influences on their sleeve, be it Zeppelin or Sabbath, Bowie or The Beatles. Here is the bands 'fun' record. Their place in American music history assured (and with a sharply growing fanbase here in the UK) its time to kick back and have some fun. Listeners will find affectionate nods to the country-rock of Creedence, the 70's hard-blues of a coked-up Aerosmith or Berlin-era Bowie and in doing so will find the most consistently catchy set of choruses Weiland has yet written.

All but gone are the autobiographical drug memoirs of the previous records, replaced by upbeat rock n roll, the likes of which seems to be so rare in this day and age. STP are a band at their absolute peak, enjoying their stardom and success. Yes, it poppy as hell, but having said that, I defy you to find a fresher, more exuberant slice of classic rock this side of 1978. Critics have suggested that they have rushed this one out, that they aren't taking it seriously, maybe they shouldn't. Rock n roll should be fun, and you'll be hard pushed to find a more enjoyable band in the rock mainstream right now.
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on 27 May 2010
This is a amazing album everything about it tells me that Stone temple Pilots really wanted to be as big as they did and boy there back with a new kick arse rock n roll album. This went to number 1 in the US and it is the first STP album in 16 years since Purple so this shows that they still have it this a is so much better than Shangri-La Dee Da which just could not much up to the Brilliant No.4 which is one of there best. But they have definitely changed there sound but boy it is fresh and new and sounds great the band are on top form. Where i heard the single 'Between the Lines' i knew it would be good and when it arrived and i played boy it is a good. How can people not likes this album it seems that everyone that lived in the 90's hates every album that comes out because there still stuck in 1994. This is a must own for any STP fan and i really think there gonna take off where they landed this is the start of something special.
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