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on 23 October 2012
For the price, these rechargeable AA batteries seem just fine. I use them with my Apple Magic Mouse and they don't last on average much longer than 24 hours (sometimes just shy of two days.) But that is because they are only 800mAh, as opposed to my other set which are 3000mAh and seem to last around a week. I guess the figures end up somewhere in the same ball park. They recharge without issue, and don't seem to take any longer than other battery I have owned. Only had them a few weeks so can't comment on how reliable they are over time, but should they explode in the next three to six months, you may find me updating this review...

As far as customer service goes, the product was delivered reasonably quickly, and there were no issues whatsoever. Packaging was sufficient and the product was exactly as described.

Would buy from this seller again, and confidently recommend. I give four stars instead of five, as the delivery wasn't 'super' quick like some companies, and the product is merely average, yet I have no complaints with either price, product, or service.

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on 2 August 2017
Saw the bad reviews but decided to try anyway. Should have listened, I've charged them fully 3 times now and they don't hold any charge in them. Put them in my cat flap this morning as the batteries in that had gone flat, straight away they showed red, low charge, even though they'd been charged but I hoped they'd last the day while I charged my other batteries. Nope, they were total flat when I got home. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY.
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on 18 April 2014
Amazing price and charge in a Battery Charger of a different brand I've had for ages. Bought several more packets so I have batteries for my remote, toothbrush, nephews leapfrog console, a torch, and a face cleansing system, so if any of the vital things (toothbrush, face cleanser) run out, I can just charge them overnight and be grand.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 24 March 2016
I used to spend a fortune on batteries until I decided to invest in a Lloytron home charger. It's been one of the best money-saving devices I've ever bought. It came with a pack of AA & a pack of AAA but since buying it I've bought several more packs in order to make them last longer. It's so convenient to always have batteries charged and at the ready. Can't praise these highly enough!

Update - Over six months on and I use this several times a week. I've bought several extra packs of batteries to go with it. One of my best purchases ever.
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on 16 January 2012
I am glad that i have bought these batteries as they have been a godsend.
I was forever buying batteries that did not last five minutes but having bought these i no longer need to waste any more money.
I plugged these in to the charger i also have purchased and after a charge of 24hrs i have used them in things that needed batteries.
I am in fact going to buy some more as i dont think you can go wrong with them.
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on 29 December 2014
I bought these to replace the spent batteries in my cordless phone, I was on the brink of replacing the phone, when I decided to try replacing the batteries, they were very reasonably priced and the reviews were quite good, so I bought them, they arrived within the time stated, and I put them in the phone, so far they have been brilliant they hold the charge well and stay full for ages even if you leave the phone off the charger and have long telephone conversations, if you need a great set of batteries get these.
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on 2 November 2014
This is the second lot of these I have brought and I must say, I won't be buying disposable ones ever again as these are great.
They don't seem to last as long as the disposables but as long as you always have a few charged I don't see the problem.
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on 7 February 2013
Used in solar lights and have worked well. Considering the cost a good buy. I Would recommend for light applications.
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on 28 April 2014
These batteries do the job. They recharge without issue and they work in all our items. The one thing we found is that they do not hold a charge nearly as long as our Energizer rechargeable batteries. They work fine, just not as long. We use them primarily in the controllers for our Wii and they will last for 3-5 sessions (with quite a bit of downtime between) then need a recharge, but our energizers can do probably double that.
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on 28 July 2015
I got these to replace rechargeable's in a baby video monitor but they haven't been that great. It could be the monitor not charging them properly I don't know but they don't hold a charge very long (about 10 minutes). I have never tried them in your standard battery charger so they may work a lot better like that but just didn't do the job for me with the monitor.
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