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on 13 February 2017
I bought this mouse in December 2011, I have really hammered this thing, playing lots of fast paced FPS games as well as normal use. It has been reliable all that time. It is very precise comfortable and does a fine job with all that I ask of it. I never used any of the drivers for the extra features, but all the dpi functions works without it. 6 of the 7 buttons are also usable without the extra software too. As others have said this mouse just goes on and on. However in my case the laws of physics have caught up with it and finally after all the years of hard service it is now beginning to fail, in the form of the left mouse button, sometimes double clicking instead of a single click.(Obviously this is the hardest used part in any mouse) Of course I could probably go on using it for at least another 5 years if I was to switch button behaviour around in windows. However I shall just be buying another one of these instead.
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on 9 June 2012
tl;dr: Good mouse, has a little manufacturing kink, big range of DPI settings, weights are optional, and if you wish to use on Linux, maintain access to Windows for config purposes. Also, after nearly two years of use (it still works!) the rubbery coating on the large back surface has started to peel off and disintegrate. Mouse lasted 2 years and 4 months before giving erroneous clicks, bought a new one of the same model.

This mouse feels good to use - and fits my hand well. I bought it because my previous mouse started having problems. The left mouse button started registering false double-clicks.

This mouse does not have a merged body (the buttons are not merged with the back of the body) so I think it will last a little longer. I can see that the mouse isn't really well made, the strip of plastic (made from a different kind of plastic than the rest of the mouse) between the buttons of the mouse and the back part of the body is lifted as if the strip is too big, or it expanded in sunlight, or quality control missed something out. There is a significant difference in height between the back of the body and this strip.
However, the DPI setting is extremely convenient and has a wide range which can be adjusted by the mouse's configuration software.

One small ergonomic kink is that the two small leftmost buttons are a little high to reach. But unlike other mice of the same class, you can feel the difference between the two (the back one has a pattern on it).

The mouse also has weights on it, which can be adjusted by the use of a pen and some intuition. The weights aren't very heavy, so if you are looking for something more professional with very heavy weights, this may not be for you. But the weights currently in the mouse makes it feel very smooth and 'under control' while gaming.

If you wish to use this mouse on Linux, there is currently no software for configuring the mouse's buttons. You will need to have access to at least one Windows (Vista or later, I would think) system in order to configure it. The mouse has an internal memory, and it remembers its settings when you use it on Linux. If anyone has the guts to make Linux software for configuring this mouse, that would be awesome.

edit2: Also, after nearly two years of use (it still works!) the rubbery coating on the large back surface has started to peel off and disintegrate. This falls in line with the assumption that the manufacturing quality of the plastic case is poor, the coating on the mouse buttons are not coming off in the same way.

edit3: After 2 years and 4 months of moderate use (heavy usage in comparison to most end users, though), the buttons were registering single clicks twice. This could have been fixed by buying and soldering on new microswitches, but I opted to simply buy a new mouse of the same model because of the effort and delivery costs that would take and the rubber coating coming off (as mentioned in the last edit). The new mouse didn't come with the manufacturing defects of the previous one. RSI has also not been a problem again throughout my use, so I removed the section about RSI in my original review as I now see it as completely irrelevant.
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on 5 April 2016
I have had this mouse for 2 years and six months now. I have played lots of games with it and been using it heavily. the build quality on this mouse is VERY GOOD the rubber coating on it is one of the best I have seen, after playing 450 hours of CS:GO and 300 hours of TF2. and heavily using it day to day the rubber coating on this mouse has not warn of a bit also the sensor seems to be very accurate. When I first bought this mouse it was £35 and I thought this mouse is a steal for £35 but now its down to £25. if your thinking of getting this mouse as a budge option I highly recommend it


*Accurate sensor (make sure to turn of mouse acceleration/Enhanced pointer precision in windows)
*Very good build quality over long term usage
*They include 2 extra sets of Teflon feet and a mouse bag
*weight adjustable


*The two side thumb buttons are not so easy to reach
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on 6 November 2011
It took me a while to find a mouse that was exceptional value and not extortionaly priced and this Mouse fits that profile exactly. It is bigger than the one I previously owned but to be honest for me bigger is better. I have quite large hands and it feels very comfortable in my hand. The buttons are very well situated and I do agree with one of the reviews that the scroll wheel is slightly soft and but I suppose its like driving a new car. Once I'm used to it that something that I won't notice. The build quality is really good for the price. I haven't had to mess with the weights as it seems to be ok for movement. The sofware that comes with it is excellent. I am totally amazed at what you can do with the buttons. Sharkoon have really put alot of thought into this as it seems like a true gamer has designed this. There are 2 profiles one I have set for gaming and the other I've set for computer use. On the non gaming side I bought a Windows 7 remote control that has many features but this has many more. For the price this is well worth a buy. If you are looking at Razor then just get two of these. You wont be disappointed.
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on 5 March 2013
If the 130+ other positive reviews of this mouse don't convince you, let me offer a further glowing write-up. This mouse is brilliant, in its own right due to how well it works and also because of its price.

There are so many different mice on offer and I was a little dubious of a brand I've not really heard of and a price that seemed to good to be true. Fortunately the other reviews on here swayed me!

Enough of singing its praises. The mouse is a wired version, the wire feels of a decent quality and the sheath on the wire is fabric rather than plastic. I hope this means it's less prone to tangling and more resistant to perishing than other cables. The body is made of a tactile plastic with a grip position on the left hand side - definitely not suited to left hand use!

The mouse comes with software that lets you program each of the buttons, some more than others. For those that are fully programmable, the choices for function are almost endless. As well as having some basic options built in (e.g. forward/back/open program/sleep etc.) there is the option to program a macro. I was pleased to see you can import macros too, as there are no doubt people much more able than I at writing these.

The DPI settings are pretty good too - ranging from 800 (drag slowly across the screen) to 3600 (hyper-sensitive!). These can be customised, and cycled through using the button. A light on the mouse shows which setting is currently in use - this can be deactivated if desired.

The bottom of the mouse has a housing for weights (varied up to 20g I think) so you can have a lighter or heavier feel. I've tried both extremes and the difference is pretty small, but it's a nice touch. The feet used seem decent too, and seem quite easily replaceable for when they start to wear down.

So to summarise, this mouse is amazing. To repeat my witty (to me anyway) pun, it doesn't miss a click.
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on 31 July 2015
Obviously this mouse is quite cheap, so I wasn't expecting much.

Pleasantly surprised, mouse feels quite in the hand (medium sized hand!) and tracks accurately in a range of games (Borderlands:PS, Wolfenstein, CS:Go) and desktops tasks. Mine glows a nice green colour but you can switch it to yellow or red if you want.

There is a nicer rubberised grip where the thumb sits.

Only minor gripe is the smaller of the thumb buttons is out of reach in my natural resting position on the mouse, but I rarely have it bound to anything important anyway.
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on 23 August 2011
I already have the lovely flame coloured one and love it, even though it reminds of products from the 80s. Didn't notice the black one that time, and happier to pay the extra quid or so for it.

I've had the original for coming up to a year and with plenty of use during that time I would still class it as one of the best mouse I have every used. I have fairly big hands so just right for me and comfortable but those of you with smaller hands may find it a bit big.

Sharkoon is a German firm so you expect certain things from their products and this delivers. Quality and reliability are there.

As with most products I buy, I look for quality and price and do not move beyond my needs for a logo or extra sparkly bits. While you can't deny other products look better and have more flashing bits and extra buttons, this provides a quality product that meets all my needs. It's easy to use, the macros work fine, the dps settings are useful and the weight is easy to change.

Other than the size issue, which for me isn't an issue as perfect, I can't think of a negative point to make. It's all about functions you need on these, and if this has the options you are looking for, it's worth the investment over other brands.

I have never regretted buying my first Sharkoon mouse and I'm equally happy with the second for my new rig.
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on 3 August 2012
After being quite unimpressed at the 3 years I got out of my Razer diamondback mouse before it died (as well as the surface peeling off) I decided to go for this mouse. The reasons being it appeared to have good features for a brilliant price.

So 2 months in, the mouse performs as well as I hoped. I took all the weights out (a gimmick in my opinion) and use it on it the highest dpi with the sensitivity set to the default in Windows (slider in the middle). The jump up from 1800dpi was a little tricky at first but now I'm darting between my two 1920x1080 monitors with ease and comfort. It's nice and light and the buttons and scroll wheel work as well as you can expect (I really don't know what I can say about them!). The cable is nice and doesn't really snag on things too easily as it's braided fabric stuff. It also came with a nice pouch to carry it in. As the the build quality, it seems pretty reasonable and probably won't fall apart anytime soon.

As for gaming, I find that this mouse performs really well on my Razer mousemat. I enjoy the games and really don't notice any problems with the mouse, just as you want. I was also pleasantly surprised at its performance when I gave it a try with osu! (clicking targets in time with music) although I did find 3600 DPI too much for this but this is the kind of scenario where the button on the mouse to toggle the DPI comes into play (you can adjust how this works with the supplied software as well as macros and bindings for other buttons that I haven't felt the need to use yet).

Now for a little niggle. The left side of the mouse and the scroll wheel are a rubbery material with grooves and this obviously intended to improve grip which it certainly does. The downside is they collect dirt easily and it can be a little difficult to clean. It's a case of picking the dirt out with something rather than a simple wipe over. Yes, this the only "bad" thing I can really say...

So, if you're looking for something that's not too expensive and does the job pretty well, I think you certainly should consider this mouse. Also, this is my first attempt at reviewing a product so I'm happy to receive constructive criticism.

Edit: 20 months of daily use later, still as good as the day I got it. The cable has started fray ever so slightly but it's barely noticeable and certainly doesn't affect operation.
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on 8 May 2013
This mouse has been excellent. I have used wireless mice for a few years now, and swapping back to a wired mouse is lovely. No more running out of batteries in the middle of doing something. The quality is good, and the extra buttons are useful for gaming. I imagine if you played more involved games you might want more buttons for binding with, but this is more than adequate for my purposes. The variable weight thing in the bottom of the mouse seems a little bit unnecessary, and I'm not really sure who would even bother to use it, but I'm sure some people would find a use.

My only minor gripe with this mouse is that the default DPI (there are 4 settings changed by the little red button in the middle) is on the lowest setting. It's a really minor thing, but it would be nice if I could change the default.

Given that this mouse was around £20 cheaper than all the mice of a similar calibre, I'm absolutely delighted with it.
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on 18 October 2016
Been using this mouse for over 2 years (heavily!) and I don't really see a good excuse to replace it for some years unless a tragic accident happens to it. The coating has practically no wear and the buttons are as responsive as the day I got it. Brilliant bit of kit, and the DPI adjusting tool is handy to boot - not so many programmable buttons as other mice but it more that makes up for it in quality and not a big issue for someone who has macro keys elsewhere.
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