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on 16 August 2017
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on 1 December 2010
Update: 7/11/12. fails to boot up, have to turn on off 3 or 4 time to get it to work.

Very Good player, but the wireless set up could drive you insane -
Setting up the wifi to connect to my router was the WORST experience of my wifi life.
I could set up wired connection with no problems but the wifi! I could only get it to work with no security set or with WEP only. After some research on line, I found that I may have been lucky to get this far.
If you are not technical, don't know the way round the setting of your router, don't have access to good technical support for your router,then you will end up depending completely on Samsung "Technical" support then God have mercy on your soul! The Samsung "Technical" support are a joke! Words (not English anyway) cannot describe the ineptitude of these people. I have a Samsung netbook which worked fine on my router with security but Samsung say it my router! They kept asking if I wanted to contect the bluray player to my TV via wifi - WHAT!
The CNET forums seem to be the best (and only) source to guide you towards the light on this issue.
If you are one of the lucky ones whose wireless works in a snap, take a moment of silence to pray for the souls of those poor people who are grappling with this issue and post how you did it on a web site .
Internet@TV. Don't be fooled, if you buying this player for the Samsung apps there are only 16. Most are games which are on a par with a zx spectrum, you do get facebook and twiter and google maps, but no BBCiplayer, current apps are: YouTube, Picasa Web Albums, Facebook,, google maps, Rovi TV listings, AccuWeather, Dracula's Coffin, GettyImages, History channel, LoveFilm.com(app say Coming soon), Mahjong Fruits, Memory Quizz Master, Rock Swap Sudoko, Texas Hold'em, Twitter, USA Today
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on 12 June 2010
Far better picture quality than the PS3, just turn up the sharpness setting a little and all the little details pop out at you that I never saw on the PS3. It literally felt like I had bought a new TV there was so much more detail, real detail not just over-sharpening. G-Force was so underwhelming on the PS3 after watching it in 3D at the cinema, but it felt almost 3D again on the Samsung.

Plays DivX, XVID and many MKV files (does have problems if they have more than one audio track, just needs remuxing on the PC to remove the extra tracks) from USB, DVD or over the network (seems to have more problems with formats playing over network so not really used it much). Supposedly can play WMV9 but I haven't found any that work, but I rarely use them anyway and can always use the Xbox for those.

The only reason I do not rate this 5 star is the Samsung Apps are far behind schedule and no word from Samsung as to what is going on. Facebook suddenly auto-downloaded after I installed the latest firmware update to which I thought "cool" but all that happens when I launch it is a message saying "Coming in April". A similar situation with Lovefilm, it states "Coming in May", despite the fact its already available on their TVs. Not cool Samsung, not cool at all considering these features were a major selling point of this model over the older ones. Even worse is that everywhere seems to be claiming this player has BBC iPlayer yet Samsung has not even announced a date for it yet. Bearing in mind the apps that have supposed to have launched already still not actually working, I fear we might not actually see iPlayer until the end of the year.

Another silly decision is that the YouTube app seems to only work in SD mode so looks dreadful if you put it into full screen. For a Blu-ray player to not support YouTube HD resolutions seems pretty silly. It also is missing the ability to look at my subscriptions, despite the fact I am actually logged in to my YouTube account on it. So while the playback itself is fine (for SD) the app is about as hard to use as they could have made it, as you have to search for everything typing slowly on a remote control, eek.

So as long as Samsung Apps was not a big selling point for you (or at least you are willing to wait for it to get sorted) then its an excellent near-silent player that uses hardly any power, about 11W playing Blu-rays, and is also really small. It is also near-silent playing Blu-ray movies, the only time it is loud is if you are using badly manufactured DVDs which will rattle in any drive but is more noticeable here due to it normally being silent. I just hope it doesn't live up to the Samsung reputation of being prone to breaking like their older models, some reviews sadly claim it does.

[UPDATED 2013]
I actually got rid of this player in the end as after 6 months the missing apps still never materialised.

I moved to the Sony BDP-S370 which has an even better picture when playing Blurays and even better MKV support. I have since upgraded that to the BDP-S480 for 3D.
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on 31 August 2010
Having owned the BD-C6500 for 2 weeks now, I thought I would offer my opinions on the unit.
Firstly, the unit unit arrived well packaged and on removing it from the box, was more than happy with the build quality, having a beautiful matt black, brushed aluminium front panel.
When switched on, the player's illuminations are white which look good. There is an option to illuminate the blu ray logo on top of the unit too, which aesthetically is very nice. A range of eco functions regarding the illuminations are also present.
On initial hook up and plugging in, all went well. I was able to connect to my wireless router and access the internet via the player to update the firmware(without an additional dongle, WIFI is built in), which went without a hitch.

I bought this BD player to pair with a Samsung LE40C652 LCD TV, via the 'Anynet+' feature offered by this manufacturer.
These features work well with my Samsung TV. However, whilst the BD remote will allow you to turn on the TV and adjust the volume, beyond this confusion arises as the remotes for these devices are very similar with similarly named buttons on each. However, in most cases these control the respective functions of each device, so it is not a universal compatibility as I had previously understood. In other words, you still require both remotes unfortunately.

Playback wise, the quality is fine. I have noticed slight stuttering from time to time on playback, which I presume is just data being read from the disk. It's no biggy, but does mean that playback is not perfect 100% of the time. I have not noticed this anomaly on the few occasions I've used a Sony PS3 for playback but have spotted it on an earlier Samsung unit, so this is by no means unique to the BD-C6500.

Upscaling of standard DVDs is very good on the whole. I recently watched Ip Man on DVD through the player however and the frame rate did not look correct, stuttering slightly every second or so. This could be due to the 24P mode, I'm not sure, but it did spoil the viewing slightly.
playback of AVI files via the front USB port was very smooth and efficient, with no problems experiences.

The GUI interface is beautiful and works very well indeed.

In terms of the built in Samsung apps, I think we must wait a while before commenting on their usefulness. As previous reviewers have commented, these are very much in their infancy and the control over youtube and facebook in particular is convoluted to the point of rendering them useless to me.

To summarise, I am happy with the device. If you are pairing this with a Samsung TV it will communicate and function well. For other brands, I would encourage you to investigate drives of the same manufacturer and others as well as this one.
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on 2 July 2011
It maybe because Samsung now ships the BD-C6500 Blu-Ray Player with the right firmware, but this was a very easy piece of kit to set up, contrary to the experience of some reviewers here. That is, it was easy after I had abandoned attempts to get it to work on old computer monitors. As soon as I plugged it into an HDMI enabled monitor away it went.

That's the real reason for writing this review. The literature and sales guff talk a great deal about working with your TV. If, like me, you have never owned a TV, this is a very good companion to a decent monitor.

After the failed attempts with other monitors, it took about 10 minutes to set it up and start "maintenance". I connected it to the home LAN, told it to go and find updates. Connected immediately and retrieved new firmware. While I was at it, I also downloaded the "app" needed to get the BBC iPlayer working. (Unfortunately, Samsung also insists on downloading a pile of junk, such as poker games, that you will have to delete after the event.)

After confirming that iPlayer worked just fine, as did Lovefilm, I moved on to connecting it to the wireless network. That also proved to be a piece of cake, even though I complicate things by having three wireless access points, a modem/hub and two wireless extenders. The player found them all and connected to the hub without any problems. It failed on one extender because it was too far away. But it connected to that immediately when I moved into range and entered the magic password that I have set up for my network.

You do have to set up accounts on things like Lovefilm, Picasa and other services. It is easier to do that when you are on the LAN. The only fiddle is that to enter letters and numbers you have to use a remote control with numbers that double up as letters rather than a proper keyboard. But phone users are already familiar with that approach.

The only drawback I have found so far as is that there is no volume control on the remote control. The one there works with a TV rather than the box's own audio output. This is unlike the much cheaper DVD player this one replaces.

I haven't figured out the wrinkles of the "file sharing" application yet, but that is no big deal. It works. I just need to get to grips with Samsung's way of sharing files.

Only one more comment, the price I paid was not far from half the one billed here. And I got it from a well known upmarket retailer. Maybe that is why I find it such a good purchase.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 18 January 2011
Having owned a Samsung BD-C5500 Blu-Ray Player WiFi Ready Samsung player and had some recent experience with the BD6500 I feel in a position to compare the two. Both look similar and feel the same (though the 6500 is a tiny bit slightly larger), the main difference being the inclusion of Wifi with this model.

The BDC5500 is a very reasonably priced player and this Wifi model is over twice the price. However if you want WiFi on the BD-C5500 you need to invest in a proprietary Samsung WiFi Dongle, though it still works out to be a cheaper option. Having Wifi though you may be more likely to take advantage of the online features such as BD Live. BD Live is great for those who like bonus extras when watching a film, as well as the commentaries and interviews you get on the Blu-ray disk you can watch additional documentaries and interviews online. It's something which won't appeal to everyone as most people I know tend to just watch a film and not bother with the additional footage. Personally I've not used BD Live other than for the initial novelty value, I can see how the availability of a new commentary would be an attractive option to someone who enjoys them though.

I was looking forward to having this set up online in order to watch titles from my LoveFiLM list and catch up with things on BBC iPlayer but as it stands neither is currently available. This is a shame as they are on some other players - I have upgraded the machine firmware to the latest version (1020.1 released 27/12/2010) but these still aren't an option at the moment. Upgrading the firmware on the BD-C6500 is much easy than on the BD-C5500 as it was done automatically rather than me having to download it and install via a USB memory stick. This means you don't have to worry about updating any software, it will all happen without you having to search it out on the Samsung website.

I've seen some Blu-ray players which take quite a long while to load a disk, this is actually the quickest machine I've seen and I've had no problems with load times. It's obviously not as quick as a DVD player, but there's only a pause of a few seconds before the disk plays. Play back quality is spot on, I don't have a surround system so I can't give any great detail on audio quality, but picture-wise I have no complaints. The picture is incredibly sharp and you appreciate the difference Blu-ray makes to your viewing experience. My DVD player upscaled normal DVDs but this Samsung seems to do it better.

I have a lot of downloaded content too in the form of .AVI and .MKV and have played them back using the Blu-ray player. There is a USB port on the front and I simply plug my card reader in there (complete with memory card of course) and the player recognises the new media source. You can then browse the folder structure and select a file to view/play - you have to select a category first though (video, music, or photographs) and once you select one (e.g. video) although you can see any image or music files, you can only play video. In order to play the images/music you need to go back and select the image or music category.

The unit itself looks great. The disk drawer is concealed behind a panel which flips down when the tray opens - this keeps it looking sleek. The USB port is also covered and the line of buttons aren't actually buttons - it's a touch sensitive panel. The display is set to go blank after a few moments, so if you're watching a film in the dark you aren't distracted by a bright LCD display! The player isn't completely without distractions though...

My main gripe with this Blu-ray player is the noise which the BD-C5500 also suffers from, after loading a disk the machine makes a loud 'crunch' and throughout playback you can hear it grinding. If you decide to skip ahead a few chapters there's a bit of a mechanical grunting too. The noise was a bit disconcerting at first but I've got used to it now, it does impact on quiet scenes during a film though - it does tend to ruin the tension a bit when the atmospheric silence is interrupted by a loud whirring from the Blu-ray player!

In a nutshell: This is a great Blu-ray player. It might not be perfect yet (lack of iPlayer and Lovefilm for me are a disappointment) but those are due to be addressed in the future. The noise of the unit isn't enough to stop me from recommending it but it's still significant enough for me to point it out. Also - if you have a Samsung telly, you can use the TV remote to control the Blu-ray player, and the Blu-ray remote has (limited) control of the telly too! WiFi is easy to set up (the player guides you through it) but to be honest unless it's absolutely essential for you - I'd opt for the BD-C5500 instead and spend the £100 you'll save on some Blu-Ray titles, or even buy the WiFi adaptor which is around £45.
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on 22 August 2011
This machine is great for Blu ray discs, and upscales DVD's really well. It also plays an excellent selection of media files including AVI, through the USB connection on the front, and has wi-fi built in. But be warned, the BBC-i-player just DOES NOT WORK! so don't buy it if that's a big consideration. My i-player worked for a couple of days after updating the firmware and god knows what else, although it had no fast forward or rewind capability, but now it has no icon to play the programmes, even though all the info is there on screen! I can see the programmes but it won't let me play them! I've checked the forums and they are full of people dicussing this very issue. Very annoying! The blu ray player logs onto my router and connects to the internet just fine, and 'You tube' plays perfectly. I think it's a BBC issue, as they have rushed out the new i-player and obviously haven't bothered testing it properly. Samsung technical 'support' were a joke. I might as well have asked the cat! I'm sure it will get sorted in time, and as I can get i-player on my TV, it's not the end of the world for me personally. It is very good in all other areas, a nice solid and well made piece of kit, with a nice remote control and great picture and sound quality. It will probably also support ITV player and five on demand soon enough. Let's hope they plan a bit better than the BBC did! I will be keeping the player, but I can't give more than 3 stars when it has such a a major shortfall. With i-player working, I would have given it five stars!
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on 16 December 2010
Those expecting to see bbc iplayer and lovefilm will sadly be dissapointed as this player doesnt support either -yet, you get a app on the screen with love film and the words COMING SOON . when i googled this i found a forums back in May saying that this message had been saying the same thing . I have tried to phone samsung and like alot most reviews on this page got no answers. This was they main reason i bought this player and its decribed in the description as having links to both these apps iplayer & lovefilm. simply not true. do you self a favour and buy an alternative player . very dissapointed !
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on 20 November 2011
Our first blu ray player and a little disappointing to be honest. The wireless capability works a treat and it plays blu ray without fuss, which is what i'd expect. I'm very pleased with the quality of iPlayer on this, especially when compared to the lo fi picture quality we get on our Wii for iPlayer. However, trying to get it to play a dvd can be a real drag - it often gets stuck on the menu or the copyright notice. Our blu ray collection isn't exactly huge so playing dvds is this machine's main job. The software etc is up to date. The only solution is good old fashioned switch it off and on again. Considering that this is hardly the fastest machine on the planet, that is more than a little annoying.
Update - a further few months of ownership have confirmed for me that this is probably the worst piece of tat I've ever owned - electronic or otherwise. I seriously regret getting it. Avoid at all costs. Difficult to use, slow to respond and generally massively irritating. I usually have a lot of time for Samsung products but maybe they should steer clear of blu ray.
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on 26 April 2010
I've had this player for a month now and cannot recommend it highly enough. The picture quality and features are fantastic. It has built-in wifi connectivity, and it connected to my router simply and easily (I'm no techie). I have seen a negative review of this player on here, but my own experience of the player (my third blu-ray player to date over a period of a few years) has been nothing but positive - I'm absolutely delighted with it.
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