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on 8 September 2015
2 years later and they're still in perfect order! Thee best headphones I've Brought ever! No exaggeration

I'm still using the same cables that came with the headphones, both are still in perfect working order. (the mic is still working too)

Build quality... I used to go staking with these on (on my little cruiser, skating around town) and they've taken a few knocks... I'm not going to lie, the actual ear cups separate from the headband, but they just pop back into place.
I go cycling with them on, and they've survived many rainy days and still I can't fault the clarity they still give!

As for comfort and fit... I have a medium sized head and I have the band on the smallest setting (the headband adjustment clicks still hold them in place, no sign of wear). The memory foam hasn't started to sag at all. The around ear cushion are still... Cushioning haha

V-moda > dre beats any day

2 years of wear and tear, and in my opinion, they've aged very nicely :)

Photos to give you an idea of size and build quality :)
review image review image review image
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on 4 February 2013
I recently purchased these in order to have a decent pair of headphones that went over your ears rather than in them. I looked around at various manufacturers and reviews and decided that V moda seemed to have everything needed to use not only on portable devices but for PC and hifi. I am not disappointed. I have used them on a samsung galaxy 3 and given the EU max volume limits they are still plenty loud enough and no amplifier is needed (in fact given the low resistance of the headphones an amp may well reduce sound quality). The differing sound styles the phone has are clearly very different through these headphones and the equaliser settings have a profound impact on the sound produced. I tried them on my sons i phone5 with one of his very bassy tracks and felt the rumble down either side of my neck. Finally I put them into the PC and played various styles of music from low to max volume. On max volume there was no distortion of the sound at the higher frequencies and a tiny tiny amount with the big bass tracks , but to be honest my ears were beginning to bleed and the bass rumble through neck and head may well have played apart in this apparent distortion. Deafness would ensue very quickly at those volumes anyway.
As for comfort and style they are brilliant. Soft ear cups and lightweight chassis make them easy to wear for hours and apparently you need to bed them in for 24 hours before max comfort is reached and the best sound produced.
All in all I really like them and don't feel that I have had to follow the Beats crowd to great sound.....
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on 29 November 2014
Before I say anything I'll just say I picked these up for £49.99 as a lightning deal which was a complete bargain, it was 100% worth it.

There are a lot of reviews about this that complain about bass, muggy sound and things like that, but I promise you they're not the headphones, its just people not using them properly.

With headphones, especially premium ones, you have to be patient. Straight out the box the sound was disappointing BUT to me thats minor. You just have to plug them into something and leave music playing (preferably different genres) for at least 24 hours so the headphones "burn in" to properly allow the drivers to loosen up and perform how they should do (if something is designed to vibrate and it spends months not moving at all its obviously going to be stiff). After doing this an extremely noticeable improvement in audio quality occurs, Perhaps one of the most drastic improvements on any headphones I've owned (which is a lot).

After they've burned in if you're still not happy look at what you're plugging them into. The quality of audio from my iPod is much better than my phone so there's the sound improved further. Also your audio files, an MP3 at a low bit rate will sound awful in any half decent headphones let alone ones as premium as this. Aim for MP3's at 320Kbps for compressed audio. Even then if you're not satisfied look at your EQ preferences, I think these headphones really benefit from a treble increasing EQ, it honestly creates such a natural sound which still blows me away.

After you complete these steps and finetune the audio to your liking you can properly begin to critique the headphones.

The sound quality is phenomenal. Instrument separation is perfect, I can always tell what's being played at what time without straining, bass is present without overwhelming the rest of the tones creating a very satisfying umph behind the main tones of the music, the treble isn't over exaggerated and harsh on the ears, it just sounds natural. Mids are often lost in cheaper headphones, but not these, every tone is accurately reproduced and you will really hear the difference.

The headphones themselves are relatively heavy but not fatiguing to wear, the ear pads fit nicely around the ears and they are comfortable for long use. The build quality on the product is outstanding even the thin metal attaching headphone cup to headband feels so strong and this same strength applies to the carry case, and the cables.

I honestly cannot recommend these headphones, I've owned plenty earphones and headphones ranging from things like Klipsch Image x10i to Monster Gratitude in ears and none of them scratch what this headphone is.

To Summarise

+ Excellent, natural sound great for all music genres with multiple instruments (I listen to rock, metal, dance, indie and classical and some pop)
+ Very well built to the point where I don't see them breaking before the warranty period is over
+ Bundled case is great as you can hook it onto the outside of your bag so space isnt taken up inside and it has space for all the accessories and the headphones
+ Comes with a cleaning cloth, Cable with a mic/ 3-button control, longer cable with no control for things like a Hi-Fi
+ That it was only £49.99

- Sound has to be tinkered with (for me enjoyable but for most a nuisance)
- The cables are good quality but I don't think they Look as good as they possibly could
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on 2 December 2013

I have previously owned Beat studios, Beats executives and Soul SL 300 headphones and the V Modas not only match up to their quality it passes it. I was worried when I first got them as the sound sounded muddy, like it was being played in a large room but then I read online that the headphones require wearing in and once I listened to them for a while they turned out to be incredible. They do not take batteries like the previous three headphones I have owned and do not have active noise cancelling but the noise isolation is great, the beats/souls blocked more sound out but not by much and what do you expect? They took batteries, these don't. They looked great, you can customise the side shields, they come with kevlar cables which are much better than the ones that come with the other headphones I have owned and they are constructed very well.

Cheaper than beats but better than beats, don't fall for the big names like I did.

I guess the only problem I have with them is the fact that they don't fold up but if that was enough to stop you buying them then go for the upgrade, the M 100s. Sometimes the audio can sound unbalances slightly but unless you're an audiophile you will not notice.
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on 31 December 2014
Having used V-Moda headphones for around 4 years now, including the Crossfade LPs here, Crossfade LP2 and M-100s - I can only say that these are simply the best headphones available on the market today, even though relatively uncommon and classed as "designer headphones".

It's virtually impossible to find a fault with sound quality once the drivers are worn in (this process can take a few weeks if a light listener), especially if you're a bass head. For people that don't like too much bass, the headphones still provide great quality sound, particularly at the lower volumes, and the bass frequency may only be registered as slightly higher than usual. You do expect this from a good quality of headphones like this with such large drivers built almost specifically for boosting bass whilst not sounding artificial.

I think one of the best understated, and non-intentional features of these headphones is the ability to isolate background noise. It's not active, it's not passive - they're not even meant to do it. However, the seal that the headphones provide around the ears along with the high quality frame and subsequently tight fit do provide a quite nice level of isolation.

Sound leakage is minimal, but please note that they do have the "V Vents" on the side which leak a tiny bit of noise. The headphones are of course capable of playing extremely loud, almost like speakers with an amp without losing quality, at which point they would obviously leak noise like anything else.

The build quality of the headphones is impeccable with one downside only. At the tips of the headband is a plastic inner cover which *will* crack over time on the LPs. I have witnessed this in all 6 Crossfade LP headsets that I and others have used and it is simply caused by the repetitive stress placed on the ends of the band when you place them onto your head. I'm not sure why V-Moda haven't fixed this, but they do have their "Immortal Life" program if you feel you need a replacement at any time.

The headphones come with 2 cables (one with a single-button mic), a carry case, and a caribiner clip to carry on your belt, though the case is pretty chunky so not really that useful.

I can highly recommend these headphones, and if you're willing to spend a little more money for more features (such as folding into a smaller case, headphone chaining (it has an input/output on either side) and more refined soundspace) I would also highly recommend the M-100s.
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on 28 September 2014
After buying these I read a few other reviews on other sites and they weren't all as positive as I expected. Most were on audiophile sites though and I suspect that the standards expected by those carrying out the test are ridiculously high!

Since receiving mine I have enjoyed numerous hours listening to very varied music and I can honestly say that I'm over the moon with them. The bass is nice and deep without distortion at volume, mids are clear and not muddied by the bass at all and the highs are crisp and clear.

I have had numerous sets of high quality headphones from the likes of Sennheiser and Pioneer and these are easily comparable. Overall a fantastic pair of good quality headphones, very comfortable and feel built to last.
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I you enjoy live gigs as much as recorded music you may find that the V-Moda Crossfade LP headphones are just right for you. The LP stands for Live Play and if you find your recorded music collection sounds a bit flat after being at a live gig then the sound balance of these headphones can help redress the balance. The LP model is far from being a neutral studio reference headphone but packs an awesome audio punch that will make you wonder why your ribcage isn't vibrating along with the bass!

Now, although I'm not a huge fan of the bass you can get from some celebrity-endorsed headphones I find the bass from the V-Moda LP is extended rather than boomy and can hit low frequencies that other headphones struggle with. The whole balance of the sound is like being next to the PA stack when your favourite band is playing live. I listen via headphones quite a lot and although I wouldn't use the V-Moda LP all the time, when I'm in the mood for a bit of extra excitement in my listening they are my first choice.

As well as their distinctive sound they are as tough a set of headphones as you are likely to encounter. They come with a solid protective case, two connecting cables - Apple and others - a 1/4" jack adapter and even a cleaning cloth! Tough, very stylish and with a unique sound signature I would recommend the V-Moda very highly to fans of live music - I love them!
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on 6 December 2013
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I come from an era of the Sony Walkman and headphones that would be covered in a foam you would inevitably lose. I moved with the times to the in-ear earphones, but stopped when the massive headphones came. I did get a pair, but they were so large they made my ears sweat and no one wants to listen to music underwater. Thankfully, a medium has appeared to have been reached in recent years as over the head(phones) have come down slightly in size, but are still large enough to make a fashion statement.

And don't the `V-MODA Crossfade LP Over-Ear Noise-Isolating Metal Headphones' make a great statement. These are headphones influenced by the Italians and it shows because they look great. The `V-Moda' comes in a lovely case - half H.R. Geiger, half bullet proof vest. You also get alternative plugs so that you can use them in your Hi-Fi or the more traditional headphone style connections. They feel great to wear, are not too heavy and more importantly do not make your head sweat.

The look and feel is one thing, but the vital element of any headphone for me is do they achieve what they are made for? There are certain headphones that come packaged with very high selling phones that are awful for noise pollution. I sit on the bus listening to the tinny afterglow of some unaware nincompoop. Not with the `V-Moda', they may be big, but they keep the sound in, and this sound is great, just the right mix of levels for me (but I am a bass and treble fan). A lovely bit of kit.
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on 15 May 2014
I have just received these headphones (reliably informed they are known as `cans` on the street, which is where I live (I live in a house on the street(not in the street itself))). Word.

I tend to listen to indie rock and classic rap, so do appreciate a decent bass level. Albums tested were Buhloone Mindstape (De La Soul) and Seldom Seen Kid (Elbow).

Most of the negative reviews (7 out of 74 are three stars or below at time of review) comment on the bass-heavy soundstage, which is valid. I feel that this does depend on the equaliser settings of the source that the `cans` are fed from, as well as the source itself (what device MP3 is installed on, and possibly media player used)... Personally, I've had to use Bass Boost when using earphones to achieve bass levels commensurate with my expectations.

What I can confirm is that the sound is pretty good for a reasonably priced set of headphones (around £50 cost at time of review), much better than the Skullcandy devices (bought during sales, average cost £25) I have been using for the last couple of years The soundscape is fairly good, but I hope it will improve as the speakers are used over time...

Build quality is excellent - I would say that using these headphones is a commitment, as you will need to factor in carrying them around when you're out and about. You can't just throw them into a bag, so you need room for them in a rucksack or be prepared to wear them casually around your neck.

UPDATE (August): They've now been worn in, and now sound a lot more fluid than they did - it's hard to quantify that objectively, but as they wear in the overall sound does integrate in a more harmonious manner... Mellow, man!
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on 24 March 2015
Brilliant headphones, I have had these for well over a year now and they are still my main set of headphones. I use them for PC gaming and for portable HI-FI.

The foam cups are the most comfortable I have ever found on a set of headphones and they clamp over your ears nicely to isolate the sound.

The drivers are VERY powerful, I use an external portable DAC and amplifier with my ipod on them and the volume these things can go to and the bass they put out is insane. I can actually take them off crank up the external amp and use them as speakers they are that loud and clear.

Anyhow, the listening experience especially with a decent DAC is fantastic, at first the sound a bit muffled with very heavy bass and supressed mids and highs, but after 100 or so hours and loosening them up they just sound better every time.

If you are into your bass heavy music these are a must, I tried them without my external DAC and AMP and even on a standard IPOD the bass reproduction was very nice.

I listen to all types of music and these can produce a clear, soothing sound or a thumping club like sound whenever you want.

They look very smart too, especially with the polished plates on the ear cups. They aren't too heavy either although they do clamp on your head tightly. Sometimes after extended gaming sessions they can make the top of my head ache a bit.

Build quality is great, all metal frame with thick plastic shell, although a very small corner since the 1000's of hrs use has chipped off of the case just near the metal mount for the ear cup.

Very smart, brilliant sounding high quality headphones, a must for any bass head or gamer.
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