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on 27 July 2015
I really was quite excited as I received Enya's latest studio album , to date,2008, (excluding The Very Best Of which is brilliant)( and I hope it's not too long before maybe another album is released?). Don't let the winter theme put you off- I was (inbetween two days of rain) enjoying the song White Is The Winter Night in July with the sun shining the other day! After the album Amarantine, which I was disappointed with (and least favourite album), I feel Enya has come up with a with something wonderful and a joy to listen to here!When i heard the opening track And Winter Came- I instantly felt the magic of Enya had returned- this is my favourite song on the album. There isn't ! track I don't like, and Enya often sounds more angelic too- I guess the only thing I miss are there being just a few more songs where they are more so mainly just instumental though-but nonetheless- I really do recommend this album! Tracks 2 and 5 are other personal favourites- and 11. My! My! Time Flies! is quite unique- see for yourself!
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on 9 January 2010
Having listened to this album for a year, even during the summer months, and then reading the reviews by others, I found myself agreeing, particularly, with two of my fellow reviewers. As Lee Kaay said, "other reviewers have missed the point." Remember, "this is Enya, not different Enya". If you REALLY like Enya, why would you want something different? Me, I don't want anything different, I want her, in all of her glory - and this is a glorious album. In fact, this album is probably second only to Watermark, if not THE best.

Then, there is Julia Gemstone. I am not a stressed parent (my two lads have flown the nest), but I agree entirely with her when she says she loves Enya and find her music soothing. I find great peacefulness in her music. Strangely, I am not a fan of Christmas, but do like Christmas music; but I think this album, as the title states, goes beyond Christmas and goes into the whole winter season.

I find the whole album has great warmth and a variety of textures. It also feels like an album accessible to all - the children would like "One Toy Soldier", those who like a bit of tempo in their music have "My! My! Time Flies!" and "Trains and Winter Rains" to listen to, whilst those who want a hymnal slant can have the beauty that is "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" and the fantastic new, Chorale version of "Oiche Chiuin" (Silent Night in gaelic).

For us old romantics, I think the highlights of this album, and tracks I just can not stop playing are "Dreams Are More Precious" and "Last Time By Moonlight" - in my opinion, the two best tracks I have ever heard from Enya. The first has such beauty in the lyrics and are wonderfully sung as a single voice; the second, as with other tracks on this album, has a whole choir of Enya and is just the most magically romantic song - I get goosebumps listening to it.

Yes, I know it's all subjective and it may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I find this to be a beautifully produced album, with stunning music, singing and instrumentation. The CD booklet is even a masterpiece, in snow white, with great pictures of our heroine and containing Roma Ryan's lyrics.

For me, this is sheer bliss - New Age music at its very best. Thank you, Enya. Some may have doubted whether you, Roma and Nicky Ryan, still had the ability to come up with another great album, but you've done so here with something bordering on superlative. What I want now is a DVD of all the tracks....or is that one request too far?
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on 21 November 2015
I bought this album as soon as it came out in 2008. I've just bought another copy for a friend this Christmas, which i will give her with the new 'Dark Sky Island' release. I've got all Enya's albums, my favourite being 'The Memory of Trees'. For some reason, I hadn't listened to 'And winter Came' more than a few times, and even then, only a couple of tracks. It is only as the new album has started to be promoted I revisited this album and realised what I'd been missing. Yet another Enya masterpiece! My favourite tracks are "White is in the Winter Night' and 'One Toy Soldier'. But as I've started to listen to the whole of it again, all the songs have grown on me more and more. I just can't get over the consistently high quality and craft of these recordings. No wonder each album takes three years to make!

I suppose, in a way, I've got two new Enya albums to enjoy, since I overlooked this one for so long, and have 'Dark Sky Island' to look forward to any day now. So I would say to anyone about to buy their first Enya album, check out all the others too, they're well worth it, including, most definitely 'And Winter Came.'
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VINE VOICEon 14 December 2008
Don't be put off by any Christmas novelty vibes that you might be getting from this new Enya CD - it is very good. In fact I would say it is one of her best, a return to form after Amarantine which although good I found a little odd and dull.

The slow songs here are top quality, helped by the inclusion of traditional music (shame she didn't save the Christmas tracks on the expanded Amarantine for this CD). There are some real stunners here. I'm not overly fond of the new upbeat ones though, apart from My My Time Flies which is a jaunty grower (and features electric guitar!) The early track order does jar slightly, with a traditional song sandwiched between two upbeat numbers, but I soon got used to that.

If you're wondering where you might have heard the opening instrumental before, I can help you out. It was originally called 'Midnight Blue' and to my knowledge only appeared on the Wild Child CD single. It's a shame this is recycled but it's a good track, as good as the other CD openers, so it has now taken its rightful place.

In summary, as good as her other CDs, no major departure apart from the winter/Christmas theme.
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on 10 August 2017
Very atmospheric Christmas album with song very good new versions of old classics but also a couple of surprising up-beat catchy pop tunes (not exactly 'Rave' tracks from Enya but probably the closest you're ever going to get!). Looking forward to December when I'll be able to start listening to it again
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on 11 June 2016
The ghostly/spectral/haunting quality of Enya's voice and compositions is ideally suited to an album that whilst it does not exactly celebrate winter, definitely acknowledges the effect that it has. I listened to the CD on repeat for three or four hours when I first received it - absolutely loved it.
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on 29 August 2017
Excellent customer service. I love Enya music, it's really relaxing and this CD is a bit different from the usual christmas music you get, I can't wait to listen to it. Would definitely recommend.
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on 27 January 2017
Love this cd I want to buy all my sisters daughters and friends just like all her cd beautiful
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on 4 December 2011
Even though this has been out for a couple of years or so, I had never heard it until I heard it playing whilst I was having a massage recently. I asked for the title before coming home to order it immediately. It was so calming and also uplifting that I was almost 'walking on air'. The Christmas carols are all in my top ten all time favourites. The journey of the Angels and the tin soldier are my "enya" favourites. It had a profound effect on me and continues to do so. We bought the music book as well.
And Winter Came: (Piano,Vocal,Guitar) (Pvg)
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on 6 March 2017
CD was as described. would use this seller again.
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