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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 9 August 2010
I have also been looking for this dvd for ages. It seems bizarre that it is not available here as I'm sure it would sell like "hot cakes"
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on 27 December 2010
It puzzles me why Amazon groups together irrelevant reviews - here from the DVD version and from the earlier Blu-ray edition - with reviews actually about this product. Well, never mind.

This is a review of the Blu-ray of Avatar, Extended Collector's Edition. First up, it must be said that the film is technically outstanding. The Blu-ray resolution, sound, and general immersion are practically second-to-none. Never mind Transformers 2 IMAX edition. Never mind other recent BD stunners. This is incredible stuff. Crisp. Colourful. Awesome fine detail. Etc. Etc. Absolutely 5-stars for picture and sound, without a doubt.

I've seen both the normal and two extended versions of the film. There are two separate versions here. One adds 8 minutes; the other 16 minutes. The additional material is great - and really adds to the story. Highly recommended if you've held back on getting Avatar so far. For an upgrade/double-dip though, it's probably the extra footage PLUS the extras that are of interest.

There's more material, really, than I have time to watch. I've watched about a quarter of what's on disc 2, and about the same of disc 3. I'm not going to run out of extra material any time soon, that's for sure! Most of what's there is great - although it does have a bit of a self-congratulatory tone to most of it. That's not really a problem, but just be forewarned. Everything is 'technical marvel'-this, 'breakthrough'-that, 'revolutionary'-do-da, and so on. Admittedly, what Cameron did with Avatar is breathtaking - from a purely technical standpoint. You also get an acute understanding of why the film cost so much - and took so long - to make after going through a sample of the extras, no doubt...

For the film and its story, well, I guess you've probably already made up your mind. I personally prefer 'New World' (with Christian Bale et al.). Still, it's OK. (Minor spoiler) It ends well. But an Ozu film it ain't. It's not subtle. It's not transcendental (except from an immersion point of view, as I say). It's not that clever. It's not that well-scripted. It doesn't really get under your skin - or make you think about conservation, botany, climate change, human nature etc. - much as Cameron and the crew might think that it does.

Still, if you go in with the right kind of expectations, it's a pretty stunning, quite unique kind of experience. Really special, in its own way.

So, for me, 5/5, very highly recommended. An excellent technical quality, good value Blu-ray!
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on 18 November 2010
Forget all of the negative reviews - Avatar Extended Collector Edition is a must see film.

Having seen Avatar several times at an IMAX, I wasn't prepared for how brilliant this would look on blu ray at home. The clarity and colours are amazing, and yes it's not in 3D, but this version is amazingly detailed and allows you to look around the screen and see much more (even I spotted new things, and I've seen Avatar many times).

This collectors extended version of the film is long - even longer than the re-release in August. So the big question is, is it worth watching? My opinion is yes, this version with extended battle and hunting scenes adds so much more depth to the movie. Grace's character is given more time and we find out about what happened to her school, which adds depth to her and Neytiri's characters. It shows us how Jake lives before coming to Pandora, and makes his joy at walking again and ultimately becoming one of the people so much more poignant. Tsu'tey's final scene is very moving, and throughout the film there are many moments that will bring tears to the eyes. It's such a pity these scenes ended up on the cutting room floor in the original version, since they add so much to the overall experience.

This is an amazing and beautiful film, which is so emersive and hugely enjoyable. It will be a long time before we receive another visual treat like this one(probably in 2014 when Avatar 2 is released). So I'd advise any waverers to not miss out - purchase the blu ray, and then sit back and enjoy!
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I can't believe that I can't get a copy of this! It's just unbelievable. I've just watched the Winds of War - and now have to stop dead just when things are really heating up. Shame Amazon!!!!
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VINE VOICEon 15 January 2011
At the time of review this isnt for sale,i own a copy as i bought a 3dtv and player from panasonic who were giving the 3d film away for a limited time.
I own a few 3d films 4 of which came free with the tv and a christmas carol,resident evil afterlife and Imax grand canyon adventure.Avatar and Christmas carol are the best film.
the quality of the film itself and the 3d are both brilliant,the 3d effect has real depth,where the imax film seems to be flat images just a few inches above other flat images.
Once this is released for sale,anyone who owns the right equipment cant go wrong having this film in their collection.Im not gonna review the film itself as most people have seen it,and either love it or hate it.
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on 15 October 2010
After the phenomenal theatrical run of Avatar not least in the US but worldwide, $2.7 billion and counting, Fox Pictures had to reluctantly withdraw the movie from exhibition on IMAX screens to make way for the 3D and IMAX presentation of Alice in Wonderland. Cameron claimed that pulling Avatar from screens.."left money on the table" has re-released this picture to scoop up the remaining dollars, and taken the opportunity to release a slightly longer cut of the picture, once again on DVD and Blu Ray. Although quite how much they need the extra money is another matter! I personally was very happy to return to Pandora again for another 2 hours and 30 minutes. I found the movie again very immersive, and very moving.

James Cameron's movies are always long and he always cuts them: Aliens, Terminator 2 and The Abyss are prime examples - the missing footage incorporated later in their respective Director's Cuts and DVD/Blue Ray Extended Versions. However, the additional footage on display in this Special Edition comprises only eight minutes. It features noticeable extra scenes only on a few occasions; a scene set in Grace Augustine's abandoned school with colouring books littering the floor and bullet holes in the wall. It points to an interesting back-story off screen, and explains Jake Sully's questions later on when asking Neytiri how she learnt English so well. Photos of Grace, Neytiri and some Na'vi children on the locker door at the Hallelujah Mountains mobile site also fleshes this small plot-line out. Other scenes feature a short segment showing a newly-initiated Jake hunting a stampede of Pandoran Buffalo-type creatures (Sturmbeasts) during a flying montage. Other little snippets see Jake and Neytiri exploring the jungle floor with Jake staring in wonder at some bizarre flora and fauna. The only additional scene of any note features the Na'vi warriors jubilant after setting ablaze a convoy of automated forest clearance ploughs, the aftermath of which sees a mobile camera mount showing a live feed of the corpses of the RDA soldiers riddled with arrows. The rest of the additional footage is merely extended scenes you've already seen with just a few more lines added that were probably cut originally due to time constraints. However, it does feel like a longer experience, and a very welcome one. There is one final scene, after the final battle that show Tsu'tey (Jake's rival for Neytiri's affections) dying on the floor of the jungle after falling from the RDA bomber after his brave attack. During this scene Tsu'tey asks Jake to kill him ceremonially and take leadership of the tribe. The only scene that is missing, and indeed, a scene that I very much wanted to see, is the scene set on earth (that was featured in the trailer) showing Jake in a bar in his wheel chair moving towards the camera before starting a fight with a fellow patron. Afterwards he shares a conversation the two RDA representatives that wish to discuss with him his `fresh start on a new world, where he will make a difference'. Both of the theatrical cuts only ever featured these two fellows fleetingly - so it will be interesting to finally see this scene that until this time has only been viewable on the internet on sites like 'youtube', where it has been subject to the usual foul-mouthed and illiterate insults by 'postees'. This scene will feature in another version of the movie within this pack that is a further 16 minutes long, and was originally intended to introduce the film.

What impacts upon you first is the sheer Deep Canvas of being surrounded by the environment of Pandora. Absolutely remarkable visual effects! The quality of Blu Ray discs will very likely bare out a very rich colour scheme, but I am sure the DVD will be equally as detailed. When 3D home viewing starts being introduced to the consumer I am sure this movie will be one of the first to be converted.

Avatar is a beautiful piece of work we hope that Cameron takes us back to Pandora soon, Fox Pictures have recently announced that Avatar 2 & 3 will be James Cameron's new projects, shot back-to-back and sadly due to arrive no sooner than 2014!! The DVD content features the First Theatrical Cut, the Special Edition Cut and the Collector's Edition Cut(with the additional 16 minutes) all presented on Disc 1 split into Parts 1 and 2, Part 2 of all the Cuts presented on the second disc. The third disc features a 90 minute documentary into the revolutionary 3D technology used to make the film and a very detailed Deleted Scenes Presentation featuring previously unseen footage, incomplete visual effects concepts and green screen shots. The other extras include access to the additional scenes that were cut, and then restored for the 2 latter cuts. The Blu Ray has more additional content which is unavailable on the DVD. This is frustrating but the 90 minute documentary is of a very high standard. Those who have a thirst for some additional materials will be quenched by this release (I have not upgraded to Blu Ray as yet), the additional Blu Ray features seem somewhat frivolous, and include some additional production featurettes, production notes and something referred to on the back of the Blu Ray case as 'a message from Pandora' - whatever that means?! The extra Blu Ray content is the kind of material that was originally standard on most Special Edition DVDs before the advent of Blu Ray enabled film companies to restrict content to the Blu Rays as way of compellling audiences to upgrade and therefore make more money out of us.
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on 14 May 2012
I bought the first series " The WInds of War " years ago at a local store for a normal dvd box price. Unbelievable and ridiculous that the second series is still not released. What is the point in selling only the first series?? This is one of the best World War2 series ever made, if only for the authentic material in it and an excellent role of Robert Mitchum. I know lots and lots of people would love to have this series complete so....hurry up please!
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Its been a very long time coming Avatar 3d BluRay having been exclusive to Panasonic for a long time. Now that its here its good to remember how much time and money James Cameron spent getting the 3d right in Avatar. Even now 3 years late only the stark but visually stunning Prometheus has come close to giving the consideration as to how the 3d should look.

The 3d box comes with 2d and 3d versions on bluray and a dvd; Im not sure why they include DVD's anymore and would far rather they had included a digital copy. THe heart of the matter is the 3d version; something i have been waiting for some time. The blu ray transfer is outstanding; with no motion juddering and the super bright colours of Pandora still look especially great. As the film progresses he alien environment comes to life with plants and flies buzzing around the actors.

The sound is as epic as the visuals; and as the film builds to its climatic ending if you have one your subwoofer gets more and more work.

Its an impressive visual feast; the plot is perhaps a little hokey; but its the 3d film you will show your friends to demonstrate your TV every time.
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on 16 March 2010
I've seen Avatar twice and would have seen it again if I had the time. Yes the plot is a little predictable and recycled, and the character development is a little bit wooden, but I have yet to see a film that provided such an experience as Avatar. For nearly 3 hours I was total gripped, and felt that I was actually there, experiencing Pandora first hand. Its hard to explain, but from the very beginning I was just taken by the story and surroundings that Cameron has created. The special effects were truly amazing, but, as can be found with some films, never once felt overdone and pointless exhibitions of technological capabilities.

In my opinion, the fact that you can feel so engaged with the film, is where Avatars brilliance lies. Its not the greatest film ever, that disrespectful to a range of truly great movies, but as an experience it's un - equalled. It was over-hyped for sure, but i came out from seeing it at the cinema with a big smile on my face, thoroughly entertained, and personally I think that is the ultimate measure of a good film.

Now I have the DVD, I still think that it is a great film. In 3D it was great, but it don't half look spectacular in BlueRay. I wasn't sure if on the small screen it would have the same impact as at the cinema, but I've watched about 10 time now and it works for me every time. It's a shame that there are no extras on the Disc. There must be a bag full of deleted scenes, and I'm sure there are quite a few mini - films about how they developed and filmed Pandora. It's clear that there will be at least another release before the end of this year.

But still it's a great film and when all things are said, I buy a DVD to primarily watch the film. I've got so many special edition DVD's with extra disks of content; deleted scenes, behind the scenes, the making of, and be honest I've never really watched them , I just don't have the time! The one's I have watched? Well half the time the extras can be a bit boring anyway.

9 times out of 10 the film is enough for me and in that that respect Avatar delivers.
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on 1 October 2012
This is milestone series, far outshining its prequel "Winds Of War". But until the price comes down significantly, I for one won't be buying.

I very short-sightedly sold on my VHS set some years ago and would love to own this on DVD. But I ain't THAT desperate, and at the current asking price of 95 Pounds, they can keep it. And I feel certain that many other potential punters feel the same.

Offer it at a fair and sensible price though, and it will fly off the shelves.
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