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on 9 June 2010
After alot of deliberation and research I opted to buy the Sony Bravia KDL40EX503U. Some of the negative reviews did worry me, but thankfully I bit the bullet and ordered it from Amazon. I'm totally in love with it. It was easy to set up and tune in. I was worried about the picture I would get, but I can't fault it at all, both analogue and digital pictures are clear. The sound is crisp and clear. Do yourself a favour and buy it!
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on 3 November 2010
I spent a lot of time reading reviews to ensure that my new TV was both fully-featured whilst still having top picture quality. This Sony was the answer. No wonder it won What-HiFi? TV product of the year and has been featured as a best-buy in Which and highly-rated in other review sites.

* Best Features *

- Picture quality with a full HD source is astounding - crystal clear, natural and extremely detailed. Unlike some TVs the Sony doesn't over-saturate to colours to make it look appealing, it just clearly represents the image as intended. Black performance is amazing for an LCD - who needs OLED?

- Integrated FreeView HD tuner (though I use with Sky+ HD)

- Internet TV is more than a gimmick, it proves really useful. You can watch iPlayer (including HQ broadcasts) and, if you have a LoveFilm account, stream movies and TV directly to it (and even if you don't have a LoveFilm account, you can always watch trailers for free). YouTube is also great, though searching can be a pain. And recently they just added Piccasa support (Google's web photo-albums) so you can view your photos on TV. Brilliant!

- If you have Windows 7 you can easily stream media (music, videos, photos) direct to the TV. Or you can stick a USB stick into the USB slot and view stuff directly from there.

- The EPG and general interface is superb. Looks great and is very intuitive. Some people will miss a paper manual, but the on-screen manual is clever and always there to provide help.

- Plenty of inputs, including 2 scart as well as HDMI, USB etc.

- If you have a PS3 or other Sony BD player then the Bravia Sync facility is brilliant. I can control my PS3 slim blu-ray and DVD playback using the TV remote - no need to buy a separate PS3 remote.

* The Niggles *

Whilst I would highly recommend this TV, there are a few minor niggles you should be aware of:

- Sound quality is detailed but lacks low-end bass. This is typical for all LCDs, since the slim frame can't accommodate decent bass speakers.

- The remote looks stylish and is fully featured, but isn't very ergonomic in the hand. The buttons can be too close together. Definitely not a patch on the Sky remote in terms of comfort and ease-of-use.

- If you want wireless connection then you have to spend £70 on the Sony wi-fi dongle. Do what I did - get HomePlug from Amazon for around £40 and go wired.

- No fully off button, so it's always on stand-buy. But power consumption is very low.

All-in-all, couldn't be happier!
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I got this TV to replace a 6 year old Samsung 32" for the main TV. I was going for another Samsung, but the new ones appear to only have 1 scart. This is great if you only have 1 item that needs scart, but I have my Sky+ and a DVD/HD recorder, so reluctantly, had to discard the idea of Samsung.

After much deliberation between plasma and lcd, I finally stayed with lcd, as the power consumption was better and the clarity seems to be similar. As I also did not want to keep upgrading, I thought it best to get a TV that was full HD, 100 Hz for smooth scrolling of fast moving images and freeview hd. After much searching and reading reviews, finally settled on this model.

After the initial easy setup for searching the channels with the digital and analog tuners, you can start watching straight away. I must confess that the clarity of the pictures far exceeded my expectations. It could be a natural progression of the technology since my last purchase, but what a difference in detail. Sky seems to be clearer, the normal channels seem more defined and the 3 freeview hd channels are amazing. It depends upon what is being transmitted on the freeview hd, but the nature programs are amazing to see, the detail and clarity is superb. I have played normal DVD's through the scart connection, and again, cannot fault the picture. I was apprehensive as a larger screen means more chance of pixilation, but have not seen it as I though I would. I have connected me xbox via component and the gameplay is just as smooth as to be expected. Ramped the settings on the console to 1080p instead of 720p, and with motion flow on, the gameplay is smooth. To be honest, cannot see that great a difference between 720p and 1080p on gameplay, but it could be the games as not all are 1080p encoded.

This TV is internet ready, so you can connect direct to a router through the ethernet port, which is what I have done. You can then access youtube, 5 on demand, lovefilm (which you need a subscription) and other channels. You can also connect wirelessly, but you will have to purchase a Sony USB wifi dongle at extra cost. Its a shame that this function was not built in. Why advertise it as a selling point only to be informed you have to buy the extra piece to make it work? Searching youtube can take time, as you enter the search parameters using the remote, which can take time.

There are several scene modes, like movie, sport, standard, game, which change the settings of the contrast, brightness, colour etc, but generally keep it on standard.

I have not tried surround, as I have no surround system. The sound on the TV is loud enough for me, and find that normal viewing the volume is on 20-25, just about a quarter way up. There is a great option than normalises sound, so all the channels are output at the same sound level. No more loud adverts, as the volume stays the same throughout.

The menu is easy, and is designed around the Playstaion 3 menu system, so users of the PS3 will feel at home.

All in all, a great purchase that seems to be more future proof than others, producing vivid crisp displays and smooth scrolling. Very happy with the purchase and highly recommend it,.


I got a SanDisk Cruzer Blade USB Flash Drive 16GB and put about 20 avi movie files on. Just plug it in the TV and go to the menu and select movie menu, scroll to the usb and they are there. Highlight the film and press enter and you can watch your movies on the TV without streaming. Not all avi files work, but the most popular ones are supported as well as mp4 format. Now with iplayer also available this machine has got better.
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on 15 March 2011
Checked all the reviews and this was the one that always came out tops esp as i wanted freeview HD - TBH I'd find it very difficult to tell picture quality between this and a slightly lesser rated TV but having said that the picture quality is amazing - as people say the blacks really are black and quality in HD (either freesat input or freeview HD) is stunning esp on BBC HD,
Downsides -
The instruction manual is rubbish and the on screen manual is difficult to navigate- I had to earch the internet to work out how to do some things and phoned sony (who were very helpful) to help with others - I'm usually pretty good at working stuff out for myself but this has defeated me occassionally - disappointing.
The sound isn't great , pretty tinny with little bass - my old panasonic CRT was so much better - I would budget for a decent sound system - luckily my Onkyo mini system and speakers are in the same location so plugged that into the phono outs and with the subwoofer sounds very nice but you shouldnt really have to do that.
Reaction times are a bit slow , changing channels is slower than it should be but I can live with it.
All in all 5 stars for picture quality, 2 stars for the rest, I'm prepared to put up with the shortcomings because its very very good at doing what TV's should do - bring TV to life with an astounding picture
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on 16 April 2011
It has been a month since my new Sony Bravia KDL40EX503U arrived. The shipping was quick as always with Amazon and the stand was easy to assemble (I fitted the stand on the TV rather than trying to fix the TV on the stand).

Picture quality is spectacular when watching Blue Ray discs, sound can be better but I still need to play around to get it just right. A bit disappointing is not the TV but the non-HD channels which do get blurred; but nothing Sony can do about i guess.

The 100 Hz frequency DOES make a difference and the picture is smoother especially when watching football, cricket and tennis. Other than that the Wi-Fi feature I have not used since I am quite happy with the simple HDMI PC connectivity for now to surf the internet on the TV.

In a nutshell, I dont regret spending just a bit more than LG/Samsung since I know this one will last many years and its worth the money due to its quality
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on 5 July 2010
Excellent TV for an excellent price. Freeview HD is superb as is my SKY HD. Internet TV is also excellent, just need a Blu-Ray player to go with it now. No wonder this won best 40" buy in What Hi-Fi magazine. (It's 46" and 37" siblings won in their class too).
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on 19 November 2010
Got this TV yesterday, tried it out on every single function.
-TV watching
Brilliant picture quality, there are lots of set-up to play around with. The Vivid colour is too sharp making the image edge fluffy. So I stick with the dimmer standard colour. Bring the brightness level up, set colour temp to Cool.

Decent quality, obviously cannot ask more on the bass as I believe the flat screen cannot fit in a decent bass speaker.

Absolutely blown off! connect my PS3 to the TV and it switched to the gaming mode straight away. The picture quality is top notch!

-Internet TV
After reading all the reviews saying the fuzz of getting the only fitted Sony dongle, I ordered the Homeplug for the internet TV purpose (it has not arrived yet). However I realised that with my PS3 built-in wireless receiver, there is no need for such a thing! Turned on PS3,played BBCi-player, Youtube and any sort of live streaming video on internet browser, no problem what so ever at all. I will probably use the homeplug to my PS3 to get a constant connection for on-line gaming.

-other functions
The I-menu was really helpful in explaining the use of all functions of the TV. However I found the Favourite button (with the heart shape icon) is a bit slow reacted. It is meant to give you a quick access to things like favourite TV programs, Pictures and videos while you are watching TV. But the reaction speed is a bit lagging, maybe it is just me being fussy. Not a big problem after all.

Overall,I am pleased with this purchase as Sony is doing a VAT claim back so save me 100 pounds. The only thing not happy with was Amazon reduced the price 2 days in a role. 2nd day after I put the order I found the price dropped 15 pounds. I rang them up and got the refund to match. 3rd day when I got the TV, I found the price dropped 20 pounds more! Called them up, they refused to match again saying this is a one off exception. Nothing I can do but just feeling a bit unfair. I had similar situation before for my camcorder, I had my refund twice with 60 pounds credit back. So I suggest anyone who is buying things on Amazon, keep your eye on your purchase after you order it. Monitor the price for a few more days (not just the 1st day, don't rush), call them for the refund if you found a big difference (you only have one life, use it well)!
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on 30 October 2011
After much searching, I finally settled on this set as it had all the features I was looking for.

Upon its arrival, I unpacked and assembled the base before attaching it to the main unit. Contrary to other reports, I found assembly to be a breeze. I even put the base together with one hand (my weaker left hand too!), whilst holding the rest upright with my other hand. I had no problems sliding the base into the TV, it clicked a little loudly, but at least I knew it was there!

After turning it on for the first time, I went through the setup and found that, even though I'm in a weak signal area, the HD channels had a perfect signal. In fact, all of the channels had a perfect signal.

Standard freeview channels are what you'd expect from a large LCD with a high resolution, a little fluffy for the most part, but no worse than my last Sony, or either of the two large Toshibas in our house. But the Freeview HD channels.....wow, beautiful. After some fiddling with brightness, contrast and saturation, everything looked brilliant. Deep blacks, warm colours, without being too gaudy and overbearing and a panel with no obvious ugly spots or light bleeding.

Today was the main test of what I bought this TV for, to be used as my second monitor for PC gaming. I rigged it up via a 7.5m HDMI cable, plugged into a DVI convertor from the back of my GTX 470. I'd seen LCD horrors before when connecting PCs to large LCDs using HDMI, but the results for the sony were brilliant. Great colours with no tweaking required, and none of the horrid sharpness issues I'd witnessed before that had forced people to use overly long VGA leads instead.

My test game was Crysis 2 (all settings maxed, running at 1920x1080)).......something nice and pretty, as well as being quite fast and busy at times. The speed of the screen is excellent, and there is no lag, which others had complained about when using an HDMI lead. Compared to my last LCD, a five year old Sony 40" from the 720p generation, the difference is massive. This LCD even managed to look better than my 23" Samsung, a proper PC monitor, which is quite a feat considering it's the same number of pixels, only 17" bigger!

I haven't been able to test the internet connectivity yet, as I seem to have used all but my 30m LAN cables, and a 30m LAN cable isn't something I really want sprawled all around my room! I also can't comment on the sound, as I have it connected up to my Yamaha 7.1 reciever (via the handy optical out on the rear of the unit).

I have one minor complaint, which is that the menus are pretty slow to appear after the buttons are pressed, but really, when you're looking at a 40", 1080p, 100Hz, internet enabled, PC-monitor-worthy and pretty TV like this, at these low prices, I don't really think a little wait for the menus is something that should turn you off. The rest more than makes up for it.
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on 20 April 2010
Hello, I've had this TV for a month now and its very impressive. I've hooked mine up to my Sony Sony HTFS3.CEK 2.1ch 400W Home Cinema System, PS3 and stand alone blue ray player. Its stunning, watching blue rays it handles the blacks so well. I watched slumdog millionaire and with the HCS it was breathtaking to watch. On the PS3 I have not been disappointed at all. I've been playing Battlefield 2 and again the picture is stunning. I used netgear homeplugs to connect the TV directly to the Internet but at the moment there's not much really to shout about here. Hopefully a firmware upgrade will allow for BBC iplayer to be directly on the menu. There are lots of options for picture scene etc and the menu's are very easy to use.

All in all I'd give this 10/10

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on 19 June 2010
This is one great TV - I agree with all the other comments, great picture, no motion smearing, no backlight issues. HOWEVER, there is a flaw in the set up. I plugged TV into power and ariel, ran standard set up and......nothing. Failed to detect any TV programmes. Not a single one. Re-ran set up, same result. Plugged ariel into small portable, picture. I therefore dived into the menu system, altered the programme search from quick to full, waited for 30 mins (yes, half an hour) while this ran.... and bingo, 96 TV and radio channels detected. So, great product, but a star off for this flaw.
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