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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
HP 343 Tri-color Original Ink Cartridge (C8766EE)
Size: Standard|Change
Price:£22.79+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 1 September 2016
I bought these because we needed some cartridges quickly and they were a similar price to our usual supplier.
The good news is they were a good price and they arrived quickly. The problem is that when I installed both the
black 337 and the colour 343 I kept getting error messages "Please install the correct cartridges" so I'd open the
printer, click them out, reinsert them and off we'd go again for a few pages before the same error message would
bounce up again. Having gone back to my original supplier this problem no longer occurs. Coincidence??
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on 27 August 2017
I hate having to buy an HP dedicated print cartridge. Nothing else works on my HP printer. Corporate greed. Had to replace colour cartridge just to be able to continue using the black ink cartridge. Not happy with making millions of profit they want to make billions. I'm investing in a mono laser printer so I only have to use the HP Colour printer when absolutely necessary. As for the ink itself and the delivery and price -all excellent.
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on 3 October 2013
HP originals are ok but can be a bit light on ink.I refill these cartridges with Tescoe's ink which I find compatible. Pulling the label down reveals the holes for the ink, make sure you get the colours right [poke a piece of paper down the hole if not sure the top hole is yellow]. My wife is a crafter and if I did not refill these cartridges she would have to be very carefull as to what she printed out whereas now she just prints as she likes. When refilling I push the needle into the pad and withdraw it a little then fill the hole very slowly if you then overfill just pull the syringe plunger back and withdraw the surplus ink. When You are printing and the colour changes it is normally the yellow, but refill all the colours at the same time. I have made a test sheet of a block of the three colours and print this out after refilling. Good luck.
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on 30 January 2011
I have had my HP printer for almost 4 years now, in that time I have tried various ways, types, brands of ink cartridge. I tried refilling my own, this sometimes worked great, but about 40 percent of the time the refilling process was unsuccessful due to another colour bleeding into the other chamber thus rendering the cartridge useless (and yes I had followed the instructions EXACTLY).

I have used third party compatible cartridges. These at best did not last anywhere has long has the original HP cartridge or they simply refused to be accepted/recognised by my printer.

I also tried using a large well known worldwide company who refill cartridges. From my experience, the cartridges I got from them had a 50/50 chance they would work/be recognised when installed in my printer these. This then meant I had to travel back to the shop to get them exchanged, which isn't very convenient, I also found the cartridges rather expensive too.

In my opinion after trying all of the above methods, the original HP cartridge is the best, trouble free way of changing ink cartridges. Admittedly the HP cartridge is the most expensive, but you only get what you pay for comes to mind.

I find Amazon to be MASSIVELY cheaper than buying from most places including the high street.

The quality of these HP cartridges is simple superb, you get what you pay for don't forget. The colours are excellent, vivid and are an excellent match for the colours which you see on your computer monitor before printing out. If you can get a twin pack of colour HP ink cartridges for less than 24 pounds, then why bother using compatibles or getting your ink cartridges refilled.

I have seen and tried various other brands of printer too, Epson, Brother, but when compared to an HP printer, the Epson and the Brother were in my opinion providing less sharp printouts, graphics, text than the HP. Admittedly the Epson and the Brother have cheaper cartridges available for them than the HP, but it comes down to if you are willing to pay the extra to give you the higher print quality of the HP printer, the reason HP printers have excellent lasting print quality, is because the printhead is built into the cartridge and this is renewed every time the ink cartridge is changed, but the downside is this makes the HP cartridge more expensive.

Apologise for the long review but I wanted to provide my experience of using other cartridges/ways of refilling, so that other people would save themselves the hassle I have had.
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on 9 November 2016
Wasn't impressed that I had to buy this, although I don't print out in colour these days, just because my HP Vivera printer would not work without a full colour cartridge and I had had to use colour just to "align" the print cartridges before I could get it to print.
Having said that it did get the printer to work. American wastefulness as usual I guess.
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on 7 April 2017
Very disappointing. Both cartridges arrived without their original cartons - I wasn't concerned about this at the time, but neither have printed out properly. In both cases I've had to waste a lot of paper in cleaning the print heads over and over just to get the cartridges to print, and they've both had faulty yellow elements. Inkjet ink is never cheap, but these were a pricey mistake. I will not be buying from this supplier again.
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on 7 June 2015
spot on for what they are. printed about 80 6x4 photo's from the first cartridge.( the ink warning came on at about 65 prints, but then it didn't lose any colour until print 81, when it went off suddenly. This is good. it means you don't get a slowly fainter set of prints, but one bad one, which saves loads of spoilt paper ! The second cartridge is plodding away yet, but then we have nearly done printing - for now ! I would say Thumbs up to this. we will be re-ordering soon.
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on 8 November 2014
Pricey! I tried substitute ink once, and only once, from a reputable seller and my, then, printer, an Epson, refused to print in colour ever again. A coincidence maybe. I have always used HP printers apart from my one foray with Epsom and have found them to be reliable when using HP ink. Its a pity that the ink is so expensive. I print in 'fast draft' mode mainly so as to save ink. I regret that HP no longer provides postage paid envelopes back to HP so that used ink cartridges can be recycled.
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None of us like buying printer ink!

But I have one rule which is to only use the manufacturers inks as they are less prone to problems.

These last forever in my HP Officejet H470 mobile printer.

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on 28 June 2014
I hve yet to use this but I note that it has a very long shelf life, expiring in over a year. There is still ink left in old cartridge but I'll be printing out some photos shortly. I wish I could have got the larger size but only available in a dual pack. HP inks are always pretty good, just very expensive hence 3 stars, and I find the refilled cartridges won't work in my printer any more.
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